Top 6 Trusted Websites for Online Gambling Real Money

online gambling real money
online gambling real money

Online Gambling is a delightful and exciting activity for leisure and fun. However, it is perilous too because you put your real money at stake that you earn by working hard. It is essential to select a suitable website for gambling online. Also, you need to be a little careful with your money. Do not put higher amounts at stake, especially if you are a beginner in the game. With these two things in mind, you can look forward to having your best experience at online gambling real money.

Although there are thousands of online casinos available on the web, only a few of them are useful if you want to buy gambling software. Only some of the web portals can offer you advanced technology and high-quality games. They have the potential to make your gambling experience the best with lots of fun.

Below are the top six trusted websites that you can use for gambling online with ease. Try them, and don’t forget to use your money sensitively.

These websites are mentioned below after considering several factors such as security, online payment, game functions, and game variety.

#1 Vegas-X

Vegas-X is an online portal to play high-quality online casino games. Here, customers are provided credits to play casino games and earn exciting cash prizes.

  • Their user interface is amicable and well-designed.
  • The firm has specialization in 3D casino and poker games.
  • The casino games are available for users on a safe and secure platform.
  • The best gambling platform runs on advanced-technology and is scalable.
  • You will get all the popular slot games and casino games on this platform.
  • The games can be customized, too, so that the user can play according to his/her preferences.

The portal is running with a legal license. They have also taken all allowances for providing online gambling real money services to users. There is 24*7 customer support. The company aims to give users a convenient platform that will allow them to bet and earn some real money.

#2 SkillMine Games

SkillMine Games is another platform that offers gaming technology. They provide a variety of casino and poker games on their platform. The structure of the portal is secure as it applies to advanced technology.

  • Their online casino makes use of colorful designs and engaging storytelling to arouse the excitement of customers.
  • They make sure of the user’s involvement in the game from the very beginning.
  • They offer classic slot machines, card games, video slots, and video poker to users.
  • Alongside offering excellent functions, the portal aims to attract players for online gambling real money by giving bonuses.
  • There is flexibility, high-security, and high-speed that is made available to users.

It makes SkillMine Games stand out as an excellent platform in the online gambling market. The portal tries to build a trustful relationship with its customers. Their customer service department involves experienced professionals. The professionals possess a piece of sound knowledge in the area of online casino games.

#3 Royal Panda

online gambling real money

Royal Panda Casino is another online casino. Launched in the year 2014, and since then it has earned a great fan following.

  • It includes some of the best real money online games ever created.
  • The portal consists of a wide range of games under its roof; so that users can have the benefit of choosing according to their interests.
  • It allows users to have a great time and fun playing online casino games.
  • Players can also connect with others in the world while they gamble online.
  • It is a secure platform for gambling and offers welcome bonuses to its customers.

Besides this, hundreds of games are available on Royal Panda that attracts several users to this platform. It is possible for different mobile devices users.

#4 Spin Palace Casino

The launch of the Spin Palace was in 2001. It is one of that rare online casinos that you can trust to put in your hard-earned money. It is a licensed and reputable platform running in the global world.

  • For providing quality games and excellent features, the portal has earned recognition and appreciation in the gambling industry.
  • It is a great platform to play online casino games and have some fun time.
  • It is open for 24*7, so the users can get to play any games at any time.
  • Around 400 games and 250 slots are available on the portal. That makes it confusing for players what to start with and what not to apply.
  • The games are available for both Android and iOS users and offer an exciting mobile experience to them.
  • The welcome bonuses and other incentives are available for the users to increase their engagement and interest in the game.

So, try this if you are looking for online gambling real money.

#5 Betway Casino

Betway Casino is one of those platforms that is enjoying a good record and loyal followers for several years. This online casino is providing quality services to people interested in online gambling real money since the year 2006.

  • Due to its amazing services, it has gained the trust and satisfaction of lots of customers. The players come back again and again on the portal.
  • It offers a first-class experience of playing games to users.
  • The company receives customers from different countries such as Canada, UK, and New Zealand.
  • Like its competitors, Betway Casino avails a variety of online casinos, table games, and poker games to the users.
  • It is open for 24*7 so that the players can strike the games whenever they are in a mood to.

Whether you have a craving for playing poker or casino games, try all of it with Betway Casino.

#6 Riversweeps Platinium

sweepstakes slot machines

If we talk about the topmost online casino service providers, the Riversweeps Platinium cannot be missed out on. They don’t just offer online casino games but also have an internet cafe. They provide their services to the top internet cafe providers as well as online gambling companies as well. 

The reasons why one should choose Riverweeps Platinium are:

  • One gets an option of full-HD graphics, as well as am amazing experience regarding sound effects. Also, every software is tested before it is finally launched. The games are quite interesting with the final effects.
  • There is an option where one can recover the previous game, in case they had to pause it for some reason. Many other software providers do not have this option.
  • One can become an owner of their own sweepstakes cafe as the online casino software provider provides the option of gambling business to their users too.
  • The system requirements to launch their games are minimal which means there is no additional cost. One can save a huge deal of money.
  • Riversweeps Platinium has various payment options that also includes cryptocurrencies. This makes it easier for a player in any country to swiftly make any transactions that are required.

Some other features include the facility to play games online, personalizing the game, works on both iOS and Android devices, and security.


It might take you a lot of time, effort, and patience to find the best website for online gambling real money; if you don’t have any reference. But, with the above guide, now it is easier for you to find one. These websites will satisfy your online gambling experience by offering games according to your preferences. Preparation of the list occurred after analyzing several portals that provide online casino games. It will surely help you to find the best online casino for you. Now, you can make the right choice by choosing any of these top online slot providers.

How to Win Real Cash in Online Casino Slots

real cash online casino
real cash online casino

Online casinos are one of the entertaining activities to spend leisure time on the Internet. Online casino, known as virtual casinos are the online version of the traditional land-based casinos. Real cash online casino is one of the reasons that people play slot games. 

The rapid development of the Internet casino industry led many companies to enter the market. Thanks to the competition over customers, online casino companies create expeditious development in the games. While enjoying a virtual casino, the players want to win real cash online casino games. In this article, I will give a piece of brief information about tips and tricks of winning Internet casino games for real money. Before going to the winning tips, let’s look at how to choose your virtual casinos.

Win Real Cash Online Casino – Tips to Choose an Online Casino

Winning online slots for real money is essential. But, there is a more important thing you should consider before playing online casino games. This is choosing an online casino. Choosing an online casino is challenging because you may lose your precious time while deciding on the platform. Below mentioned tips will help you to save your time while searching for a casino that meets your requirements:

·      Payment methods

·      Trust

·      Game variety

What is the Casino’s Payment Method?

To earn in real cash online casino, it is crucial to consider the payment method of the casino you are using. Several online casino companies pay their players as bonuses, free games, or spins instead of real money. Thus, if you want to make cash from online casino slots, it is better to read their terms of use page. 

Trust – Security, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy

Before registering to any online casino platform, make sure that you read their privacy policy. If you want to make real money, then you will need to put your credit card information. Thus, read their privacy with every detail and look for a security certificate. You need to be sure that any private and personal information you provide online casino will be confidential.

Moreover, you also need to read the terms and conditions part very carefully to prevent future misunderstanding. The terms and conditions page should well-detailed and self-explanatory. So, while searching for real cash in online casinos, terms and conditions are vital to consider. 

Game Variety

real cash online casino

Game variety is a vital factor when choosing an online casino. There are several types of Internet casino games, and each one of them is different for their difficulty level or customer’s taste. Online casino games are the following: Baccarat, Blackjack, Slot Machines, Poker, Keno, and more. Also, you need to find a kind of game that you like to play. Without getting excited about the game, you will be demotivated by your mood. As a result, your mood will affect your playing behavior, which in turn determines the outcome of the play. 

Bonus System

If you want to win real cash online casino, you need to choose a virtual casino that has a considerable bonus system. Some sweepstakes slots offer free spins, bonus games to play more without an additional charge. Bonus games are one of the best ways to practice your gameplay. The more you play the games, the sooner you will get used to play and win.

Moreover, it is possible to make money from bonus games or spins. What is better than playing for free and making money? Thus, while looking for an online casino to play, consider the bonus system. Several casinos also give daily bonuses or a certain amount of budget when you register. 

Win Real Cash Online Casino

We have looked at some tips on how to choose our online casino. We have chosen the casino that pays wins in cash, has a considerable bonus system, and high security. Now it is time to learn how to earn real cash online casino. There are many online slots, gambling tips that every player needs to know. The following tips on how to win at slots are helpful, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Let’s get into them. 

Read the Rules

As I mentioned above, there are different types of online casino games. Take an example of slot machines type games. Every game development company has its style of producing slot games. Even though the essence is the same, slot games in different online casino platforms may have a little difference. Not reading the rule looks like entering an exam without getting prepared. Do not forget that being over-confident is not good; it causes failures. Thus, do not think that you already know the gameplay rules. Reading the rules take only a couple of minutes. Therefore, keep your chance of winning real cash online casino slots with reading every gameplay rule before starting the game.

Do Not Be Afraid of Maximizing Your Bets

Maximizing your chances is another excellent way to earn real cash in online casinos. This rule is simple as the following: you maximize your bets, and you maximize your wins. In other words, the more you put into the game, the more you will earn after a win. Also, sometimes, you need to take a risk.

As you know, higher risks involve higher wins. You need to play casino games that have a higher risk. Higher risk gives the player more jackpots and real money when they win. For your information, many advanced gamblers maximize their bets in progressive slots to earn much more money. 


real cash online casino

As I said above, to win more, you need to play more. Also, it is better to play more when it is free. Many internet cafe gaming platforms give free entries to their customers. To take advantage of this chance, you need to follow them because the time they offer free entries is different. In other words, there is a specific time to enter these games.

Moreover, some online casinos give free entries when you register at their platform. River Slot which offers an exciting sweepstakes games tools, offers bonuses, cashback, real money once a day, free bonuses during the games, etc. When you have a chance to play for free, do not think twice to play. There are high chances to earn real cash online casinos when you continuously play and practice.


Some people want to get rich quickly, which most of the time ends with a failure. Winning real cash online casino is not impossible; rather, it is achievable. For getting success at online casinos, do not forget that you need time to play and practice. Sometimes you will lose, and sometimes you will win. The critical point is that you do not quit when you lose. Do not forget that positive results depend on the efforts and believe you put in your actions.

Learn How To Play Online Slots | Casino Slots Near Me

casino slots
casino slots

Technology, progression, social values, everything is changing over the years. The only thing that’s stable in modern society is “change” itself. Therefore, moving of the entertainment sector from brick and mortar casinos to online casinos has been a smooth transition. Since the first date of emergence, online casino business can ingratiate all gamblers in the short-run. Even people who have not ever been in land-based casinos began to enjoy in the sector by playing various casino slots. Both the popularity and lucrative side of the gambling industry have resulted in a vast range of online casino. However, not all casinos can comply with the expectations and requirements of the sector. More precisely, some casino slots cannot offer a high quality of gaming experience to the players. Therefore, gamblers need to spend more time and effort to find a proper casino and online slot which can satisfy them. 

Suitable online slots refer to games with high design quality, cutting edge systems, profitable bonuses, and much more. Most of the online casino slots are straightforward for being game experts in the gambling industry. More precisely, there are no complicated rules or betting methods for practicing. All of these features make an online slot suitable for everyone. Even people who have never experienced playing a casino slot can easily hit the jackpot. It means any online slot games do not require a particular type of skill and knowledge for mastering. All you need is to gain the support of Lady Luck. Then you will thrill the whole gaming universe. Nevertheless, learning some particular strategies about casino games will help you to earn more. For example, if you know how slot machines actually perform or when they bring more revenue will increase your opportunity yielding a considerable amount of profit. 

The Main Goal of Casino Slots 

It is a fact that before starting any activity you need to understand how the system works. There is not any exception to this topic. You have to figure out how they work and what you should do for winning before playing stage. For instance, you need to know that the card worth 21 for getting success before playing blackjack. Moreover, you should recognize which symbols will bring you more bonuses when you play casino slots. Although it sounds difficult, you will notice that everything is so simple when you practice. All you need is to hit a particular set of symbols on the screen. Besides, choosing more bet lines will increase your chance to win in an online casino.

Unfortunately, winning combinations of each game are different. Also, diverse sets and symbols refer to mixed results. While it is hard to hit some of them, you can quickly get basic ones. At the same time, the value of each winning combination, symbols even bonuses differ from each other substantially. Meanwhile, the winning combination of an online slot makes you millionaires. The other one can bring only a few dollars. Thus, you need to be sure about studying features of a casino slot before starting to play the games.

We would like to remind you that the minimum level of the bet required by casino slots can modify based on the machine. Casino software developers define the level of maximum and minimum betting amount through the structure of the online slot. For example, meanwhile, a range of a casino slot is between a min. of $0.10 to a max. of $1. The other game can offer a range between $1 and $10. Hence, you need to clarify the betting an amount of a slot game before thrilling the gambling world.

Paylines of Online Slot Games

casino slots

As mentioned above, pay lines are one of the most significant features of the best slot games. Casino developers mainly call them to pay lines or bet lines. They developed pay lines in the chart of symbols in which you can observe the account of winning combinations. Online casino games will be able to several bet lines based on their structure. Thus, you can choose multiple set lines through video slots. However, keep in mind that you have to put an additional bet for each bet line. If you are a newbie, the process will be a little bit strange for you. More precisely, just sitting behind the computer, press a button, and seeing different combinations of symbols look awkward. Besides, failed gaming experience results in a mess and disappointment at the end. However, you can fix this process quickly by gaining enough knowledge about slot machines before the adventure.

Kinds of Casino Slots 

Another advantageous side of online video slots games is an enormous variety in the gambling sector. In other words, there are a plethora of the best slot games in the gambling universe. Each of them provides customers with unique features and creative themes. Additionally, most of them can offer players the best and joyful gaming experience. Regardless of the type of slot game, every player is looking for a video slot which will bring them the highest payouts besides entertainment. As a result, the diversity of the gambling industry complies with almost all expectations of the customers. There are mainly four kinds of slot games such as Classic (3-reel) games, Progressive slots, Multi-Payline games, 3D slot games. Each of them has different designs, opportunities, and structures for the players. 

Classic Slots

Just like each sector, the gambling industry also has classic slot games. They are the original version of whole casino games. More precisely, they are diverse forms of the slot machine developed by Charles Fey. As you have already assumed, most of the features of the classic video slot are limited. You will experience only three reels structure while playing these games accompany with one pay line. Nevertheless, some of the casino slots can provide players with three or even five bet lines. It is an ideal choice for the new gamblers for gaining more experience without losing a considerable amount of money.

3D Slots

casino slots

It is a fact that 3D slots are more advanced manufacture of online casinos. Therefore, these games have more sophisticated features when we compare them with other kinds. Besides technical tools, the design of the 3D slot games can grab the attention of players quickly. More precisely, these slots provide gamblers with creative themes and charming storylines that can keep them at the end of the game.

Multi-Payline Slots

Another popular form of the slot machine is multi-pay line games which offer mainly have five reels. Nevertheless, there are seven reels forms of the multi-pay line video slots. As mentioned above, a higher amount of reels enable gamblers to experience more winning combinations or bet lines. Therefore, this category is one of the favorites of experienced players.

Progressive Video Slots

Progressive games are one of the favorite casino slots based on search data in the online casino. These video slots offer players a wide variety of progressive jackpots which can rise incrementally. Even, these jackpots can connect multiple online casino providers that running based on the same online casino software. However, you can find a progressive slot offered by only one casino. They will also offer you the same level of gaming entertainment.

Top 5 Online Slots That Pay Real Money

online slots that pay real money
online slots that pay real money

Have you ever played online slots for real money online, or do you believe them not worth the risk? Today you’ll know the best video slot casinos that have real money games. In a matter of seconds, you can be betting and winning real dollars if you know the right place to look online. Not all casinos deliver on their promises, and many players are skeptical about the claims. However, if you know the places to look, you are guaranteed a good time and online slots that pay real money. More people are trusting online slots that pay real money because of the enjoyable gaming experience, secure features, and constant casino bonuses to spice up gameplay.

Somewhere in this top 10 list, you’ll find the perfect online slots that pay real money. You can relax and enjoy online gambling with these expert-approved video slot games and casinos. Mind you; it takes the best video slot casinos to find online slots win real money. Some may ask why online slots win real money? Many players fail to appreciate the many benefits of gambling in video slot casinos.

By the end of this article, you should be able to win real money by playing gambling games, even if you previously thought it was impossible.

Why choose real money slots?

Perhaps the most popular kind of entertainment activity in the world now is online gambling. Over the world, many gamblers visit video slot casinos online to entertain themselves and win some fantastic prizes. However, not all of them gamblers reap the real benefits of gambling by winning real money. For some, they have lost money. Others are only afraid of losing. Whatever your fears are, you can prevent them if you play the right kind of online slots that pay real money and avoid recklessness. When there is real money on the line, plays describe a type of adrenaline rush that is hard to find elsewhere. Add to this, the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot, and you have the perfect form of entertainment in the world.

Winning is by far the biggest reason to play real money video slot machine games. That’s why you can always find a lucky guy in the news that bets a small amount of about $10-$20. Goes on his second spin and gets the winning combination that payout tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t have to break the bank to win big. It only takes knowing the right video slot casinos and choosing the right online slots that pay real money.

Casinos to find online slots that pay real money

Sloto Cash Casino

online slots that pay real money

Sloto Casino was founded about ten years ago with a wide variety of online casino games on offer. You don’t have to play the same games due to the lack of choice repeatedly. Talking about slots, this casino took things to a new level. With these kinds of online slots that pay real money, low rollers and high rollers alike can find their match. So, irrespective of the size of your bankroll, you can afford to entertain yourself and see some bonus wins nonetheless. There are bets and games within your financial level.

Also, every new sign up gets a welcome bonus. Sloto Cash is very popular for this. The bonus money supercharges your gameplay and sets you ahead of the game. Some have even made the most of their bonuses and scored some good wins. Some of its premium slot games are Caesar’s Empire, Achilles, Triple Seven Inferno Slot, Basketbull, and Triple Toucan Slot.

Riversweep Platinum

Apart from specializing in the provision of casino software and sweepstakes software, Riversweep also has its fair share of excellent games. Most of the most popular games are video slot games. Which is why Riversweep Platinum is one of the best video slot casinos on the internet. Some of the best video slot machine games include Buffalo Thunder, Riches of East, and Wolf Reels.

888 Casino

The 888 casino has no room for compromise on quality and high standards. The casino always has new and amazing features ready to entertain members. The customer base of this casino is not only satisfied but have enough to spend on more slot games. At 888, you get to play your online dream slots that pay real money based on your bets and payouts. One of the key features is its proprietary software. It is called cassava software and is the backbone of all that this casino has achieved. The software gets updated with the latest video slot games.

Video Slot casinos like the 888 believe in a practical approach to gameplay. Mainly because there is real money at stake. Therefore, they ensure you understand the terms and conditions, rules of the game, and the minimum bets. All other minor details, including slot game tips and tricks, are included in the rules and regulations files too. Therefore you know what to expect. Some of the tops featured online slots that pay real money are Labyrinth of Egypt Slot, Ocean Odds Slot, and Irish Riches Slot.

Spin Palace

Spin Palace is one kind of an online casino. They’ve been able to carve out a place for themselves in the gambling industry. You can trace this to their ability to provide gamblers with excellent games and good payouts. The online world has many casinos that make claims they don’t keep. Spin Palace and the other casinos in this list aren’t one of those. A good reputation and many good reviews have enabled them to gain the trust and loyalty of many gamblers.

Also, they have a long list of video slots games with exclusive bonuses. If you’re after long hours of uninterrupted fun and the opportunity to try out online slots that pay real money, then look no further than Spin Palace. Though they keep adding new games to their portfolio, all their current games are from Microgaming.

Vegas –X

online slots that pay real money

The Vegas X casino is the online platform many gamblers and businesses trust to supply top quality video slot games. Their games and platform are easy to operate on all devices, with very low system requirements. Even your ancient CRT system can run their slot games with ease. You will fall in love with the graphics and sound. And if your internet connectivity isn’t fast, your games will operate smoothly. Some of their best video slot games include Wild 7, Always Fruits, and Bells on Fire.

Why you are safe at our top video slot casinos

As stated earlier, many are concerned about the safety of playing in online casinos. Some of the frequently asked questions include, is the money safe? Are the video slot games fair? Is the information accurate?

You can relax and take a rest in the fact that there is nothing to be worried about. The online casino business is a very lucrative one. Not only for gamblers or players but also these video slot casinos. Ten of thousands of dollars are made every month by playing online slots that pay real money. Therefore it’s actually in the best interest of these casinos to spend good money on their gaming license and getting the best casino software money can buy.

Indeed these go a long way to reduce the likelihood of shady deals and scams. Even though it doesn’t completely rule out the possibility, another way to safeguard yourself is to ensure you only sign up with the best video slot casinos. All the best video slot machine games will be at your disposal. You no longer have to worry about security and fraud. Other than that, follow your instincts.


Generally speaking, gambling for real money is a straightforward process. It begins with choosing the right casino. Followed by selecting the right online slots that pay real money If you are able to get these steps right, the others take care of themselves. That’s why you should try out some free spins in traditional slots before going in for the kill. When you become more comfortable with the game you will also get to appreciate it more. Fully coming to the knowledge of the decisive attractions of video slot games. Go ahead, play online slots, and earn real money today.

Best Online Video Slots That Pay Real Money

Slots That Pay Real Money
Slots That Pay Real Money

Slot games are favorites of many gamblers. The joy and entertainment they bring to regular players are incalculable. But besides emotional pleasure, people want to win too. That is why slots that pay real money have a higher value for them. When it comes to spending real money, some slot games are ahead of others. In our article, we will try to look at the list of these kinds of slot games. Among them, there will be the best payouts, the hottest slots, and the most popular ones. So, let us start.

Da Vinci’s Vault one of the best slots that pay real money

Ever heard of the bestselling novel of famous author Dan Brown? Most probably, if you have read and liked it, you will love this game too. This slot game makes the players enter a fascinating, mysterious world. The set comes straight from the book. And as the bestselling novel, the game is thrilling from the start to the end as well. As we have mentioned in the article before, the game pays real money. But we recommend Da Vinci’s Vault to the people that mostly play for fun, not for a big prize or jackpot. 

However, although the game is among the slots that pay real money, winning is not easy at all. It is also important to mention that the online casino software Playtech developed this fantastic game. And the victory takes time. Because the frequency of winning is not so high. That is why we can not put the game among the hot slots. Despite all these, there is a lot to say on the positive side. The graphics are great, the plot is exciting, and the soundtrack is lovely. There are symbols like Mona Lisa and the Holy Grails. The game includes five reels and twenty paylines, and RTP is more than 95 percent. So, if you love mystery and using intellect, this game is for you.

Chinese Kitchen 

Searching for innovative, colorful, and entertaining game? This one is for you. In the online casino business, all these three are equally important. The critics may say that the characters look more like Japanese. If we skip this, the game is almost perfect. It is a 3×3 game that includes eight paylines. And the fascinating fact is about the bets. You can begin at 0.08 and may go up to forty credits in a short time. 

So why the Chinese Kitchen is among the best slots that pay real money? First of all, the game is so cheap that there is no reason for not trying it. The action is at the top level, which attracts more gambling lovers. The gameplay is so smooth that you can learn it in a couple of minutes. And the animals in the tiles are astonishingly lovely. It is available everywhere; you can play it on either desktop, IOS, or Android. The RTP for this game is above 96 percent. If you want to get on an Eastern Journey, the game is definitely for you. 

Lie Yan Zuan Shi

Slots That Pay Real Money

Most people love the classic slots and the feelings they bring with themselves. Sense of nostalgia and old pleasure are always unique for some people. If you are one of them, Lie Yan Zuan Shi is for you. Once again, Playtech developed this game, and it has become a gem. According to some reviewers, it is even one of the best online casino games recently. You can start with 0.25 as a bet in this classic slot machine. There are five reels in this game too. But the paylines are more than the other games we have talked about. There are 25 of them, and there is a jackpot available.

When you play for the maximum, you should take into account 3000 credits. Visual effects are decent, but the soundtrack is above the standard. Playtech has remade the graphics recently. All the elements look modern and attractive at the same time. There is a free spin that can make your win 6x more. The game is among the best online video slots that pay real money because of 96 percent of RTP. With no registration needed, you can get up to 1000 free credits. With these opportunities, why not to give Lie Yan Zuan Shi a chance?

Extra Chilli

Admittedly the game has a funny and appealing name. Among the best slots that pay real money, the slot game is also super hot. Some factors make this game a popular slot game. First of all, there are more than 117 thousand ways to win, which is an unbelievable number. The casino software Big time Gaming has created this gem. There are six reels and features that make players play more and more. There are lots of free spins available in the game, which is a crucial factor. Even while playing with them, you can win real cash. So there is no reason to skip this game if you are looking for a slot that pays real money. Extra Chilli is also available at the desktop, Android, and IOS if you want to give it a try. 

Terminator: Genisys

No, there is no problem with the name of the game. If you love the blockbuster Terminator movies and wait for the franchise, the game should be exciting to you. Because it is for the gamers that are ready to play against machines. This slot game will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end. There is an overdramatic Terminator Car Chase Bonus. You can win it only if you hit the T-1000 in the game.

The game is full of these kinds of features that attract more players. The reason why this game is a top slot game that pays real money is the RTP. It is an impressive number, over 95 percent. There is a possibility to win real cash with no deposit bonus. But it is not available for all people, only for the ones from the UK and Ireland. If you pass the registration, you will immediately get ten spins to start. And surely, you will not leave the game for hours. 

Age of the Gods

age of the gods

If you have done a little research about the slots to play for real money, you have already heard about it. The age of the Gods is that famous. This game is a massive part of the 3D slot games industry. And fair to say, it is over the expectations. People who love sports with brilliant effects and the exciting plot will admit that it never fails to deliver. The storyline is captivating, and the game is full of bonuses and prizes. There are free spins you can take advantage of too. If you are interested in history and ancient Greek symbolism, this game will become an addiction for you.


Although we have mentioned some of the most popular slot games, they may not be enough. The gaming industry, especially online gambling has changed a lot recently. We have seen a lot of twists and turns. And it is no exception that we will see sudden rises and falls. However, the games we have mentioned look stable at the moment. They are some of the best slots that pay real money. After all, it is up to your taste to decide which one is best for you.

Casino Slots Online – A Quick Guide To Win Big Money

casino slots online

Since the first day of launching, online casinos have thrilled the gambling world. The growing popularity, number of gamers, and casino slots online have boomed the whole entertainment sector. Technological advancement, globalization, and innovation process have also played a crucial role in this progression. Meanwhile, the numbers are increasing; the selection process is turning a hard and challenging process. There are millions of casino slots on online platforms, and some of them have recently emerged. Thus, it’s a complicated task to find the best slot games and online casino sites among a plethora of options. Especially newbies have a chance to waste a considerable amount of money and time. However, none plays online slots for losing money and getting upset. On the contrary, there is a phrase that the best activity which players can do in online casinos besides having fun is to slip the minimum amount as possible.

What is Online Casino?

casino slots online

Before starting the adventure in the gambling industry, you need to figure out what the online casino is and how it works. Online casino is an internet-based game platform which enables gamblers to play casino slots online in a virtual universe. It is not mandatory to use financial resources in an online casino. However, there is an enormous variety of casino slot which performs through real money. Thus you can bet money in the online slot and lose or receive extra profit. 

One of the favorite sides of online casinos is classic gambling games. More precisely, the online version of best casino games which have been popular in land-based casinos. It mainly includes online games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Casino Slot, and much more. However, players can find newly developed casino slots online on the gambling platform. Hence, you can both enjoy and yield profit in the online casinos through either classic or recent best slot games.

Types of Internet Casinos

Unlike game variety, only two kinds of online casinos exist in the gambling industry. These two types differ based on the features of the casino software. The first type is download casinos which contain the plurality of online casinos. Gamblers should download and install the software for playing casino slots online in download casinos. It is the first and primary requirement of these casinos. Keep in mind that downloading and installing process will take only 15 minutes. When you notice the quality of the design, graphics, sound effects, you will not surely regret it. The other type of online casino is no download casinos. 

Distinct from the first one, these casinos provide gamblers with immediate gaming opportunities through several web browsers. Programming languages such as Flash or Java enable no download casinos to offer these features. Hence, casino users can enjoy the best slot games without wasting time in installing process. 

Is It Secure to Play Casino Slots Online? 

casino slots online

When people start to surf the online casino, they can be worried about security. It can be their system safety or security of their personal data, etc. Uniquely, newbies of the gambling sector cannot define which casinos are secure to play and which aren’t. However, experienced gamblers can quickly determine the safety level. It’s a fact that the majority of online casinos are safe. There are only a few percentages of individuals who have experienced fraud in the gambling market. When we say fraud, we mean misusing personal information, deception of credit card or bank account, and much more. However, it is an undeniable fact that none of the top casino software providers or online casinos can take this risk. Any kind of fraud issue can damage their reputation permanently in the sector. Therefore, they pay extra attention to the system assurance and security of personal data of customers.

The safety of online casinos also entails money transactions. It does not relate to the deposit transition by customers for the real-money based casino slots online. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of most people to play an online slot is to make a profit. You cannot receive any revenue with the system, which has a lack of security. Thus, one of the issues that online casino owners should take care of is financial transitions. It is not only for the reputation of the company or the reliability of customers. The income of the business is also under question in this case. However, we would like to remind you that most casinos apply 128-bit encryption which cheating probability. Therefore, playing the top slot games in an online casino is more reliable than land-based casinos. Keep in mind that the internet universe is becoming more trustworthy over the last years.

Is It Legal to Play Casino Slots Online?

As mentioned above, the safety of online casinos has improved themselves. What about the legalization issues. Actually, there is no precise response for this question. As you have already known, each country has a different policy for the gambling industry. It includes not only brick and mortar but also online casinos. Thus, you need to research the rules and policies of the country directly. Local authorities, even the constitution of the country can clear up. 

Generally, all online casinos should receive a gambling license from responsible authorities. There are a lot of casino authorities with diverse reputation levels. Most reputable casino holders try to obtain a gambling license from well-known jurisdictions such as the UK, Malta, etc. However, it does not matter on the topic of online casino legality. Besides, in the case of illegitimacy, the casino will be the only target if you are not aware of the situation. 

How Fair Are Casino Games?

how fair are online casinos

As mentioned before, there are thousands of casino slots in the gambling market. This growing variety makes the gaming sector more competitive for both owners and users. The online casino system can define the satisfaction level of clients based on the number of clicks. In other words, whether a gambler continues to surf on the website or leave it for another one. That is why almost all casino software developers try to ensure the quality of the online slot.

Moreover, they take into account the payouts, bonuses, RTP, and velocity of casino slots online. Even, most of them hire a professional accountant for handling payout issues. Besides, casino owners try to work the best game development team for ensuring the design quality of the online video slots. We want to remind you that the standards of the game highly depend on game developers.  

According to statistics, gamblers can take more amount of revenue by playing casino slots online. In other words, the payout level of online casinos is higher than brick and mortar casinos. Even, some resources claim that you can benefit from the online game platform 96-98 percent more. The main reason behind it is the level of rivalry in the sector and the lower number of costs. Nevertheless, the online casino business is one of the lucrative sectors for entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, they will be able to bring enormous profits to the holders, and they can also provide gamers with fair payouts.

Top 8 Online Casino Games For Money in 2019

Online Casino Games For Money

The game world is one of the most diversified fields of the entertainment industry. Several categories exist in the gaming industry, such as casual games, casino games, strategy games, etc. Every group has millions of users. These players move from one game to another and usually stay in the same category. But what factors affect the decision making of players in the choice of the game? The answer depends on the expectation of players from the gameplay scenario. Online casinos differ from other games with paying out winnings to their players. So, if the player wants to earn money and enjoy his leisure time, he should find online casino games for money. Today, the internet contains dozens of online casinos and gambling games. 

However, some of them have gained more subscribers compared with others. In this article, we will mention some of the best online casino providers and games for real money in 2019.

How players choose online casino games for money?

Online Casino Games For Money

One of the most significant features that influence the decision making of online gamblers is how casino games give money out. One of these key performance indicators is volatility which is the most crucial feature of online casino software. Volatility shows paying out the frequency of the game. It means the game with high volatility will pay out money to players more frequently. Some slot games even give out per each spin. Reversely, low volatile online casino games for money will pay out less intense.

Both types may have advantages and disadvantages. For example, high volatility slot games will let you earn constant money and prevent from losing mass amounts. However, the player should not expect crazy payouts from that game and should agree with small winnings. On the other hand, low volatile casinos may end you up with zero budget until you face with the next victory. Online slots have random payout algorithms so you cannot predict which spin will gift you happiness. But, if you catch up the winning combination, it will undoubtedly give more money than the game with higher volatility. The choice between these two types of games depends on the budget of the player and his risk ratio.

Return to Player Percentage

Another significant feature of online casino games is the return to player percentage. The games we will mention below mostly provide players with high return to player percentage. RTP percentage shows the amount that a particular casino game gives back to players from overall biddings. Logically, high RTP is always better and grabs more attention. However, some casino games still gain many subscribers regardless of giving a little money back. Such casino games may have a unique design with characters of famous movies, singers, or something else which have many fans in the world. As a result, they gain players because of their designs, not for technical features.

Buffalo Thunder – The most Well-known Online Casino Games for Money

As we already mentioned, players especially check the volatility and RTP values of the game if they desire to earn a lot of money. Buffalo Thunder may be the best option that suits this interest. It is a video slot game with very low volatility, and its payout percentage is up to 95%. The player will face winnings in almost every spin of the game. Those winnings frequency is shallow. Therefore your budget can rarely decrease below the initial bidding amount. Every slot game contains reels and rows. Some of these rows are payable. When you bring payable rows from spinning, you will earn money. Buffalo thunder provides 50 possible winning combinations, which is one of the highest paying video slot games in the casino world.

The game has a desert-themed display. You will see different characters and voices of wildlife in the valley. Some of them are lizards, buffalos, and vultures. These characters give the highest winning if you bring enough of them in a row. Buffalo is the jackpot symbol and the most vulnerable animals in the game. The following icons are the highest card numbers and letters from the set.

Game Bonuses

Additionally, the game has one bonus character. If you can bring three colorful buffalo icons in a row, you will get five spinnings for free. This combination will also multiply your winnings four times in that spin.

We want to finalize the Buffalo Thunder part with some gambling tips to increase winning possibility in the game. First of all, you should be careful about bidding value. Since this game has high RTP and low volatility, the best option is to bid the highest value. Because your investment amount influences winning chance. The best strategy is to start with smaller amounts. If the game pays out good deals, gradually increase the money to the highest.

Magic 81 – the most liked casino game

Online Casino Games For Money

Sometimes players ignore focusing on earning money and enter the game just for fun. The only feature they consider is impressive design and gameplay. Magic 81 is the most famous casino game as an example of this structure. This video slot has very classical gameplay with fruits themed design. Old school players mostly prefer this slot game because of its traditional form. The game offers 81 possible winning combinations as it is evident from the name. Besides having many payout lines, playing rules are so simple. You should choose your initial bidding amount, convert it into online coins to play the game. 

The rest is to decide how many coins you bid per one spin and start spinning. So, if you want to play more complex slot game with additional risk game features, Magic 81 may not be the best choice. Anyway, 81 winning lines will let you face more frequent winnings in this online casino games for money if you apply suitable gambling strategies to the slot. 

777 Slots

As we mentioned before, the game has a simple design with fruity characters. Watermelon, grape and the seven are the highest paying symbols in the slot. The number “7” gives you the jackpot if you can bring 4 of them in a row. The jackpot is 160 times of your bidding per spin. Respectively, four watermelons give 60 times, and four grapes give 40 times of your bidding value. The following characters are cherry, orange, lemon, and plum. They give you 4x winning if you see one of them four times in a row. 

The lowest winning possibility is to have three the same character in one spin. These fruits pay your bidding value back in this case. There is an additional Magic 81 logo character in the game. It is a wild symbol and plays a bridge role among other symbols. As a result of having wild symbol between 2 same characters, the game accepts three same characters and pays for it.

Wild Diamonds

So far, we have mentioned many online slot games with traditional design and theme. Now we would like to say about other popular online casino games for money. This game is Wild Diamonds which has gained lots of popularity in 2019. Its theme, design, color choices, and graphics has managed to attract gambling lovers from all over the world. Its high paying out percentage is another factor which makes the game one of the most demanded slot games. The casino software for sale has five reels with a simple fruit design. One is enough to start the game.

As you can see, Wild Diamonds is an excellent choice for all kinds of players, including for players with a lower budget. While playing Wild Diamonds, the game will amaze you with its symbols and color choices. The wild symbol in the game is a diamond which means it is the most paying symbol you could get while playing.

If you hit the wild symbol, it will substitute all other symbols in this online casino games for money. You will observe the traditional slot design and lots of fruit symbols, including grapes, oranges, watermelons, cherries, and many other fruits. In the wild, the Diamonds diamond is also a jackpot which costs two million coins. If your gambling players, then you know that the highest paying symbols are usually wild symbols. It is the same in Wild Symbols as well. Diamond here is the highest paying character. Other than diamond, there are other high paying symbols like bar symbols and seven. To win the money from Wild Symbol, you need to hit at least three same symbols in a single row. Generally speaking, Wild Symbol is a traditional slot game. However, we are sure that it will provide an excellent gaming experience for slot games lovers.

50 Lions

50 lions

We are continuing with the other best online casino games for money in 2019. Like Wild Symbol 50 Lions also has simple design and rules. It will not take so long to learn its rules and start playing. The game contains five reels and also provides fifty winning combinations for its players. As you could guess from its name 50 Lions has a design which includes wildlife animal symbols and design. You will see lots of safari animals, including lions, giraffe, zebra, wildflowers and many other animals. 

Other than wild animals, there are other symbols, including landscape, people icons, and card letters. The main advantage of 50 Lions is that you could get money once you hit the two same symbol in a single row. But in other slot games, the minimum number of symbols in a row is three. You need to hit three symbols to get money. 50 Lions have very classical slot features.

The highest paying symbol in 50 Lions is lion character. You could also get profit from other wild animals. However, card letter symbols will give you the minimum amount of winning. The wild symbol in the game is the diamond symbol and is one of the most profitable symbols. It creates a connection between the same symbols. The other essential symbol in the 50 lions is a wildflower. It is a central character which brings you lots of bonuses. If you could hit the same three wildflowers in the same row, you will manage to both get money and earn free plays at the same time. Because of its high chance of winning and exciting prizes, 50 Lions has managed to gain lots of attention from gambling lovers.

Wild Respin

For players who want to try mobile casinos with creative design, we are offering you Wild Respin. The game is an excellent option for players who get tired of traditional games and wants to try new online casino games for money. Once you start playing Wild Respin, you will immediately notice that it is different from other slot games. The set contains a particular structure and different rules from other slot games. First of all, you will see two different parts of the casino software for sale. First part is about a regular slot game. Initially, you choose bet value for a single spin and then start the game. Depending on the combination, you could get winning or not. If you get a winning combination, then you could switch to the second part of the gameplay. 

The second gameplay is all about luck. You can take the winning and stop playing. Or you could rely on your success and continue playing. If you choose to keep the game, there will be a chance to increase your winning. The second is a risk game and offer you a 25% chance of winning. It also has a simple rule. All you should do is to choose the color for a suit of cards. If you guess the color correctly, you will win. In the end, you will get four times of your winning if you suppose if wrong, you will lose the game. Because of its unregular rules and structure, Wild Respin has become one of the preferable among real money casino games.


Columbus is another exciting slot game by, which has a historical theme. It is mainly the best option for history lovers. If you love to play slot games with ancient symbols, then Columbus will be an excellent option. The game has five reels. However, the number of paying combinations in the game is only ten which makes the winning a little bit challenging. On the other hand, Columbus has high volatility which provides a longer duration between two payouts. At the same time, you will observe lots of free plays which will give a more exciting gaming experience in online casino games for money.

As you could realize from the name, Columbus symbol is the highest paying character in the game. If you could hit five of that symbol in a single row, then you will manage to hit the jackpot. Other than Columbus, there will be other high paying symbols which include necklace, Queen Isabella, and sextant symbols. Also, you could see three ships logo and that icon will give you free plays while playing. Once you get the three ships in the single row, you will gain ten free plays as a bonus. There will also be lettered cards in the game to help you to increase your winning.

Pharaoh’s Ring

pharons ring

Pharaoh’s Ring will help you to travel to Ancient Egypt and observe the beauty of this historical place. The idea may seem a little bit crazy to you. However, the game will offer you even crazier times. Because of its unusual theme and graphics, Pharaoh’s Ring is one of the most popular games among Ancient Egypt slots. However, if you want to earn lots of winning from a slot game, Pharaoh’s Ring may disappoint you a little bit because the game does not like to provide players with huge payouts. Also, some players may not like its simple rules and design. Therefore, we would like to add that Pharaoh’s Ring is the best option for classic slot lovers who want to play traditional online casino for money.

Generally, there are five reels, and the game provides twenty winning combinations for its players. If you hit five Pharaoh’s Ring symbols in a single row, you will get the jackpot and earn 5000 times of your betting amount. Ring symbol in the game is a wild symbol and replaces other symbols. If you get three of the ring symbols in a row, you will get ten free plays. 

Arising Phoenix

Additionally, Arising Phoenix is an excellent choice for jackpot lovers as there is high paying jackpot. Perfect gaming strategy will give you the highest profit in this game sooner or later. More specifically, you could get two million coins once you get the twenty girl symbol. While considering its pot and design, it is not surprising why Arising Phoenix has gained so much attention recently.

The theme of the next exciting online casino games for money is about Egyptian firebird called Phoenix. There is a famous tale about firebird. According to it, the bird has been reborn from the ashes, and it represents the wars. In the slot games, it represents power, and many players believe that this firebird is the source of luck. You could choose the winning combination yourself. They are paying combinations to change between ten and forty.

Gaminator Slots Online: How To Win Easy Money

gaminator slots

Gaminator slot games are very famous all over the world that the company has won the gaming market with its high-quality products. Gaminator, also known as Novomatic, was founded twenty years ago, which has turned into one of the most successful brands in the land-based casino history. Some experts claim that more than 70% of annual casino revenue comes from slot machines provided by Gaminator. The famous developer also transferred its land-based games into online slots after a number of countries considered gambling as an illegal activity. The Internet age has made Gaminator slots become available online and give joy to veteran slot players by delivering live casino experience.

Gaminator slots offer the players to win progressive jackpots and profitable bonuses which do not require leaving the house and wasting time and money. It is the combination of real casino experience and comfort of the home, which constitutes the ultimate gaming experience with certain advantages.

Currently, Gaminator slots are so successful. Therefore any online casino operator is proud to have them among their games. Gaminator slot games cannot be compared with other opponents because of a huge variety of themes, colorful animation, professional graphics, and great sound support. The majority of the online games designed by Gaminator are ports of their real casino games. Each online casino offers 50 different kinds of games by Gaminator which you may have seen in land-based casinos before. Most of the slots are five-reel slots with multiple paylines that also suggest progressive jackpots. The Gaminator games are based on instant play software, which means that it eliminates the need to download software. They have a large range of slot games with innovative themes as well as features. The company’s games run quite well on mobile platforms, which provides the opportunity to enjoy the live casino experience on the go.

High-Quality Machines of Gaminator Slots

gaminator slots

Gaminator slot machines were designed by the experienced production and design teams that used the latest technology available. Production teams analyzed all land-based casino games and identified their key features before they developed their online versions. Gaminator slots are different from the competitors due to their free spins, lucrative bonuses, progressive jackpots, and gambling rounds. These features became the trademark of the online Gaminator games and contributed to their reputation among all slot players.

Deluxe versions of the top-recommended Gaminator slots offer constant upgrades and improvements with awesome graphics, gameplay and also design. They also contain additional features like instant flash gaming that allows playing slot games using any kind of device with the Internet connection. Every Gaminator slot game has a special theme that is particularly designed for that game. These themes make the games a distinct and unique piece of gaming art. Some of the most popular slot machines established by Gaminator are mentioned below.

1. Book of Ra

The Book of Ra has a classic Gaminator control panel that is easy to use. Every player has the chance to use from one to nine active paylines in the game. If the player activates more of them during the spin, s/he has higher chances to win the jackpot. The highest-paid symbol in the game is a picture of a hero that resembles Indiana Jones. The combinations made with this symbol can earn 5,000 credits to the player. The wild symbol of the game is a book, and it can replace all of the symbols in winning combinations. The book symbol is also considered a scatter symbol. It is commonly known that combinations of scatter symbols trigger free spins, and they appear often. Thus, the winning strategy for the Book of Ra can be like this:

·  Player should activate all nine lines.

·  You should raise the bet until the scatters combinations appear

2. Golden Sevens

Golden Sevens is a video slot game. In this video slot, there are from 1 to 20 lines per spin. You can bet from 1 to 100 credits on each of the active lines, and the highest total bet per spin is 2000 credits. There is risk game opportunity in the game, and it is related to combinations with small payouts that are more profitable. With the help of the Gamble button, the risk game is activated. As in other games in this genre, the most expensive symbol is the seven. Its coefficients are 250, 2500, and 5000.

Even sometimes it lets you win the jackpot. Other than this symbol, the cherry symbol has multipliers of 2, 25, 125, 750; an orange has 20, 100, 400; and apple has 15, 75, and 250. In order to win the jackpot, it is important to make the image of the seven appear on each cell of the playing field. To realize this, you should activate all paylines during the main game.

3. The Alchemist

The Alchemist is also a popular video game by Gaminator slots. In this game, users have to manage to get combinations of matching symbols from 2 to 5 and use twenty pay lines while playing.  The symbol with the highest payoff is called the Mage symbol. Combinations with these symbols have winnings multiplied by 10, 100, 1000, and 5000. The book symbol represents Scatter and Wild symbols. There is also a dragon symbol that multiplies the bet by an index of 40x, 400x, and even 2000x.

Symbols with the smallest payoff are card value symbols, and their indices are between 5x and 40x. When three Scatters symbols appear anywhere on the screen, it starts free spins for the player. Scatter symbol combinations determine the number of spins. Three, four, and five Scatter trigger ten, twelve, and fifteen spins accordingly. Two functions – risk game and free spins are the highest payoffs in Alchemist and guarantee winning more often.

4. Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe

gaminator slots

Improved quality of the graphics is the first thing that attracts the attention of the gambler in the Dolphins Pearl Deluxe. It is one of the Gaminator slots that gamblers can play both at land-based casinos and online. The online slot software is especially suitable for the ones who adore nature. The symbols are the same as in other slots, but they are a lot more realistic. The dolphin symbol brings the largest payouts in the game. Some marine dweller symbols offer rewards to gamblers the winnings between 10 and 9000, and these symbols also double wild symbols.

Other marine dwellers give coefficients like fish, cancer, stingray, and seahorse. They bring the payouts with the multipliers between 15 and 750. The shell with a pearl is a scatter symbol that has two interesting features. One of them is launching 15 free spins with the triple multiplication of the winnings. The other feature is multiplying the bet in all directions by 20, 50, 200, and even 5000 times. The way to win in Dolphins Pearl Deluxe is making the maximum bet. If the players make the highest bet before the series of free spins, they are especially lucky.

5. Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Sizzling Hot Deluxe has a convenient control panel, and it is easy to use. Players can include two basic settings, such as the size of the best and the number of paylines. There are not many paylines; thus, you can bet on five paylines that range between 1 to 400 credits. The maximum bet during the game can be 2,000. Demo version gives 5,000 credits to the player’s account and when it expires players need to restart the session.

Seven is the lucky number Sizzling Hot Deluxe, and it brings from 100 to 5,000 credits. The scatter symbol is the star, and there is no wild symbol in the game. Scatter symbol does not activate free spins, but it multiplies the bet by 10, 50, and 250. There are also different symbols like watermelon, grapes, oranges, lemon, and cherry. These fruit icons carry coefficients from 5 to 500. The easiest way to win at this game is to use all five paylines and play the risk game.

6. Reel King

Reel King Slot consists of five reels and twenty paylines. Three, four, and five icons of one type trigger the winning combinations. The wild symbol of Reel King is The Joker cap that contains the inscription Wild. This symbol does not have any independent coefficients, and it can replace all other icons. The most expensive symbol of the slot is the wallet with the Jackpot inscription. Combinations of three, four, and five bring the coefficients of 100, 200, and 500 credits, respectively.

When this symbol appears on all of the reels, players get a fixed jackpot of 10,000 credits. In this online slot game, there are both letter and fruit symbols like K, Q, J, Plum, and Cherry. The easiest way to increase the winnings in this slot is the following two recommendations. The first one is using all the available paylines, and the second one is playing a risk game from time to time. Also, if the bet size is larger, there are more chances that the jackpot gets bigger.

7. Lord of the Ocean

gaminator slots

The structure of the Lord of the Ocean consists of ten paylines and five reels. The winning combination in this video slot should meet certain criteria. Thus, it must start from the leftmost reel and go from left to right. Also, it should contain two to five same symbols. The wild symbol in the Lord of the Ocean is an amulet that was made of sea stones. It can bring up to 9,000 credits. Amulet symbols can also substitute all other icons in winning combinations.

Other symbols like Mermaid, Chest, and Statue have coefficients of 2000, 750, and 1000 respectively. The scatter is the same symbol as the Wild in this slot. It can multiply the total bet by up to 500 times. When three scatters appear anywhere on the reels, ten free spins automatically start. The most appealing feature of this video slot is the series of free spins. It is significant to raise the bet as high as possible until this feature is activated.

8. Power Stars

When playing Power Stars, you can activate from one to ten paylines. As winning in Power Stars require just collecting a combination of three identical symbols on an active payline, using more paylines increase your chances to win. The star icon represents the wild symbol in this Gaminator slot. This symbol only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels and can replace all the symbols that form winning combinations. Moreover, the star symbol can trigger the re-spin bonus function. Other than that, there are lucky number seven, bell, watermelon, and grape icons that multiply the bet by a significant amount. Winning combinations are frequent in Power Stars. The more the lines you activate, the higher you get out of a successful spin. Finally, the respin function increases the possibility of getting bigger wins.

9. Fairy Queen

In the Fairy Queen slot, the players are expected to get the payouts for combinations of the same symbols in the active line. The number of icons ranges between two and five. Gamblers need to pay attention to the line bet sum and the number of paylines before the start of the spins. The line bet is for representing the number of credits withdrawn from the balance. It is used to multiply the winning coefficient when there is a paid combination. The number of active lines is between one and ten and controlled by the Lines element.

The female portrait represents the wild symbol of this Gaminator slot. It can replace all other icons except scatters. This symbol gives the highest coefficients of 10, 250, 2500, and 9000. The scatter symbol is the forest landscape. It can multiply the total bet by 2, 5, 75, and 750 times. Fairy Queen is a simpler Gaminator slot than others, and you do not need to use a complex strategy to win the game. It is recommended to increase the bet before the free spins start. This round holds the opportunity to give the most impressive winnings.

10. 4 King Cash

gaminator slots

One of the most different Gaminator slots is the 4 King Cash. This game differs due to the fact that it has a total of twenty reels which makes the appearance of the game unique. The game includes images related to royalty. The symbols of the game are J, Q, K, A, plum, cherry, lucky 7, and 10. 4 King Cash has excellent sound effects that add to the elite feel of the online slot software. The gameplay of the 4 King Cash game is also very different in comparison with other Gaminator games. As the format of the slot is twenty reels, it contains a huge amount of win lines. The major bonus in the game is called Sack of Gold. Players need to collect gold sacks to enable that bonus. Sack of Gold ensures winnings between 5x to 500x the stake.

Unique Features of Gaminator Slots

Gaminator has long been known as one of the most famous, if not the most renowned gaming developer in the entire world. This is clearly a unique label on its own for the company. However, many things make Gaminator slots differ among gaming providers. As of today, Gaminator has an increasing revenue of two billion euros and over 25.000 casino employees in more than 45 various countries over the world. These employees are famously known because they are developing high-end gaming equipment, and they make sure that operators can provide players with the best in the entire industry. Gaminator, as one of the largest game developers, focuses on slot games, table games, social and mobile gaming, and downloadable online gaming. As we said, Gaminator operates on the international market, and it focuses mainly on the European Union, Asian, Latin American, and Central and Southern Europe markets.

Gaminator slots online have distinct features both from the design and gaming perspective. The appearance of its games set them apart from other slot developers. The intense use of vivid colors and impressive sound effects change the very facade of Gaminator slots. Another unique feature is the gamble feature that allows gamblers to increase their winnings just by guessing the facedown card color. A correct prediction brings 4x of the winning sum. Gaminator slots do not only surprise players with the opportunity of winning massive payouts, but it also serves as mere entertainment.

Almost three decades of experience within the online casino games industry added a lot to the company. Gaminator software suppliers emphasize the importance of ensuring a safe and secure environment for their users. One of the most significant features is the advanced SSL encryption protocols. The function does not only provide the fairness and safety of the games, but it also secures data protection. Famous companies like eCOGRA both audit and certify the games of Gaminator. The support of such a powerful company takes the gambling experience to a higher level. Moreover, Random Number Generators tests ensure that all the games are highly fair, and there can be no manipulation in any of the online slot games.

Presenting new games and new features alongside with these games are the key factors that make Gaminator different than others. New Gaminator releases attract thousands of players in the gambling industry. Cleopatra’s Choice is a new and popular Gaminator slot game that has five reels and five paylines. In this slot, the Cleopatra icon represents the wild symbol. More than three scatters trigger a mystery prize. Also, the bonus pyramid symbols bring Pick & Win Bonuses.

Pharaoh’s Tomb is the game that attracts its players with wild symbols and free spin features. Three and more tomb symbols trigger free spins, but extra free spins are given during the bonus. Ancient Treasures slot has five reels and ten paylines, which makes it be considered a fun expedition theme. There are wild symbols and scatter symbols. More than three scatters produce the bonus feature that also brings expanding wilds and give up to seventeen free spins.

One more new game, Sizzling Gold slot, offers its players a fun game who love classic games with five reels and five paylines. Players can benefit from Scatter and star symbols. The golden seven icon triggers the most significant wins during the game. Another newly released slot game is called Golden Ark. It has ten paylines across five reels, and its bonus feature with free spins gives huge rewards generously. In this bonus feature, a wild icon can be an expanding symbol that fills the reel, which increases the excitement of the whole game.  

Winning Easy Money

winning easy money

It is not guaranteed that players can win easily; however, they can get directions. In Gaminator slots, you can earn a lot. For example, in the Book of Ra online slot software, you can win up to €500,000 for just a single spin. You need to develop a strategy for the slots and understand their characteristics. Gaminator slots generally have the same functions, and you need to become acquainted with them. One of them is above-average volatility.

This function means that the winnings fall less often than other online slot machines; however, they are huge, and the maximum payout is also high. Thus, you need to be very careful and distribute your gaming budget correctly. Simplicity is another function that represents that the company continually releases new versions of classic slots. One of the key features in Gaminator slots is the expanding wilds. When they appear in the game, these wild symbols cover the whole reel. They often appear in bonus rounds that enhance their values further.

Some recommendations and tactics can be applied based on the mentioned features above. Choosing one of the most popular games, namely The Book of Ra, will make presenting the tactics much easier. There are a wild symbol and a scatter in this online slot software. Three identical symbols trigger a bonus game with ten free spins. This bonus game is crucial as it activates the expanding wild symbol. When you land five of those symbols on all reels, you can win a huge jackpot of 5000 bets.

Moreover, the payout percentage is one of the primary matters in online slot machines. If a slot gives an average of 95%, you should rely on luck to win at the Gaminator slots. This payout percentage means that at a distance the game developer will take 6% of your investment in the slot bets. That’s why your bankroll will melt faster. The only way to increase your chances to get a high amount of money is to catch a big win and a tie.

Furthermore, in order to win at the Gaminator slots, gamblers should have a proper understanding of how the games work. You need to cope with the long and tiring periods of continuous discharges that are common for most of the games. You can quickly lose most of your money without the bonus games. Therefore, you need to have strong patience and experience with previous monetary losses as well as winnings.

Where to Play Gaminator Slots – Casino List

Gamblers can find Gaminator games in many famous online casinos all around the world. More popular games of Gaminator developers are also available on mobile devices and tablets. There are a lot of casino websites that support Gaminator games such as LeoVegas, Casumo, Guts, SlotsMillion, Dunder, Energy Casino, William Hill, and NetBet.  However, three major casinos promote the products of this supplier and guarantee full safety and fun. They are Quasar, Stargames and MyBet casino.

Quasar Casino

Quasar Casino is a very modern and entertaining online casino platform.  It offers players a secure and safe gaming environment that ensures the most generous payouts. Hosting amazing games from Gaminator has brought fame to this casino. Quasar casino games provide very modern and creative features alongside high-quality graphics that entertain their users.

Stargames Casino

Stargames casino is considered to be one of the biggest and most famous online casinos in entire Europe. The website hosts more than twelve million players. It offers more than seventy exclusive games from the prominent online casino slots software developer Gaminator. These games include a representative of popular land-based casino slots. They also contain new themed slots such as Oliver’s Bar, The Money Game, Book of Ra, and Lucky Lady’s Charm.

MyBet Casino


MyBet casino started to first operate in the online casino business more than ten years ago. The kinds of online games available on this website include slots, table games, and also video poker. The slots that MyBet casino stocks are from a lot of reputable software providers, including Gaminator. Some of the games available from Gaminator Company on the website include Dolphin’s Pearl, Xtra Hot, and Columbus.


To sum up, Gaminator is the one online casino provider that stands out in the online casino business. It’s been a long time that Gaminator has been in existence, and it is still strong in its field. Their games have the highest quality and offer very innovative features. It is also fun to play them, and they give large cash payouts. Gaminator’s game collection is big in variety and includes both themed slots and classic table-based online slots. Gaminator games are a favorite choice for many players around the world because they attract big payouts and ensure entertainment. Fantastic bonus features such as the free spins help gamblers to gain lucrative jackpots. Other characteristic bonus features, including scatters and wild symbols, attract great multipliers. Online slot software enthusiasts can also benefit from different promotions and cashback reward programs.  

Things You Should Know About Custom Slot Machine Software

slot machine software

Slot machines are an ongoing presence in the casino world for as long as we know. These machines were there at the beginning of land-based casinos and online websites as well. These games of chance, as many people know them, are the easiest way to get rich once you stepped in a casino. Slots are easy to play, and they can keep you in front of the screen for hours in a row if you’ve got enough quarters. The pop-up colors, the shiny lights, and the catchy backstories are just the things you see at first glance, and you’re captivated already. Nowadays, these features and many more belong to the slot machine software, which does everything. Nevertheless, gambling software generated a whole new industry that keeps on growing from year to year.

In this article, we’re going to explore the features of slot machine software and what made it so useful.  

Typical slot features

slot machine software

Most people know that slot machines used to be entirely mechanical. Everything was bound together and activated by reels and some metal stops. However, as technology developed, the automatic brain transformed into a digital one. Slot machine software or the slot computer makes everything come together and payout the big jackpot for you. But, theoretically, developers didn’t change much because the principles are the same. The critical factor is the random number generator that sits on top of the slot machine pyramid. The RNG makes jackpots possible and decides how many of your spins possess the lucky number combination. In today’s world, the software controls how the RNG works, but the algorithm is the same, and it is more unbreakable than ever.

Throughout time many people tried to break the number generator and find out its tricks. However, the RNG moves too fast and selects only 16 to 500 numbers from billions of characters. This is the factor that gave slot machines the name of “games of chance,” because you can never know what will show up on the screen. Also, as you will see in the following pages, security is one of the top priorities of gambling software developers along with graphics and secure payment options. And what’s great about this industry is that you can customize the product you want to buy and adapt it to your preferences and vision. 

Slot game design

Not a lot of people know this fact, but slot games are designed with a purpose and hold behind them specific psychological details. The color palettes are not randomly chosen and instead, are meant to attract and also engage with the player. Most game designers use colors such as purple or yellow because they positively affect our brains. Slot games are all about having fun, and these visual and audio aids are meant to ease up the atmosphere and maximize enjoyment. Also, sound effects make no exception to this rule, and they are all inspired by real life.

The number one inspirational idea is the land-based casinos; therefore, a lot of online websites resemble these venues. We are talking about dimmed lighting, virtual lobbies that feature luxury furniture or velvety poker tables. Therefore, the keynote of slots design is relatability and the player’s state of being. Slot machine software developers upgrade their products quite often, so people can enjoy every single innovation available as we speak. That’s why, in the past year, features like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and even live hosts, are more and more featured on online platforms. Also, thanks to technology, investors are now able to customize their desired product.

Game developers can build up an online gambling platform from scratch, according to your needs and vision. Even your wildest idea can come true if you work with the right team and understand some specific sweepstakes games strategies. Customization services extend to the slot games, where you can choose from different color palettes, characters, and even betting options. Nowadays, more than ever, investors have freedom of choice. For example, white label casinos are an easy way to start a business in the gambling world because they come as a finished product. 

Payment Details

slot machine software

Every player that tried playing slot games got there with one intention: to get rich in the blink of an eye. Slot machines are well known for their big payouts and jackpots that made history, especially in the online world. These games require a few tokens that rarely cost over 1$ dollar. Some slot games require a minimum and maximum bets, but you can find this information anywhere on the website or when the game begins. More often than not, they come with free bonuses such as hundreds of free spins, benefiting the player.

However, gamblers shouldn’t forget that they are investing in real money. Whether you win or lose, the final step represents money transactions to and from the online casino. At this point, we have to face reality and acknowledge the fraud and scam potential of the online medium. Not all casino websites are fully approved and also, not all of them possess multiple banking solutions and services. Renowned online casinos offer a wide selection of bank-partners and transaction solutions. You can pick the provider and even the currency you want to play with. The websites that provide these options show how excellent their customer service is.

Also, as a business owner, customizable slot machine software allows you to select the payment details and the banks you want to work with. You can even decide the processing time you need for deposits and transactions, alongside other information that features money. As we already mentioned, safe payments are a top priority, and customers need to feel safe and know that their data is secure. Blockchain casinos represent a new release on the market, and they benefit the player because they allow transparency. For the first time, players have access to sufficiently detailed payment statuses and other useful information. 

Games and bonuses

We finally got to the part that excites the players: slot games and their excellent bonuses. Online slot machines are top-rated for the variety that they come in, but also for the rewards they produce. You can pick from hundreds of games and game categories while browsing on only one online casino platform. Some gambling websites create gaming sections depending on the bonuses and how often they appear. This is because custom slot machines hold a wide selection of gifts, that are vital in every game out there. The most popular free rewards are free spins because they give you a new winning chance.

In other cases, these free spins maximize your bet or multiply it several hundred times. Every player gets excited when they win such things because they are free, and they represent a real helping hand. Slot machine software developers noticed this trend and started emphasizing bonuses and other helping widgets more. Therefore, in some slots, you will find special secondary characters that offer online casino tricks and tips or just motivational phrases to keep you going. Also, more and more online casinos give out free spins for daily sign-ins or registrations. There’s also VIP membership available on most platforms, that offers even more rewards or benefits. However, you need to pay a monthly fee to have access to those features.

But, don’t you worry, there are a lot of other free bonuses that you can take advantage of. Bonus rounds are also grand for multiplying bets or even trying to win the grand pot. You will also find built-in bonus games, that share the same features as the other rewards, but in exchange for something. To be able to get those prizes, you need to play a relatively short and simple game. Sometimes it’s another slot game or card games that resemble blackjack and other table games. When you choose a customizable product, you can decide on the bonuses and how often they appear throughout the game. 

Slot Machine Software Security

software companies

As we mentioned earlier, security is on the priority list for every online casino software company out there. Because we are talking about the online environment of the year 2019, we need to be aware of the hackers trying to scam us every day. Online fraud reached the public’s attention because it develops at a fast pace and affects every market. The gambling industry makes no exception, and that is because there is money involved. You can get scammed by an external factor like a virus or a hacker, but you can also end up on a blacklisted website.

This type of sites have shady policies and regulations, all kinds of max bets and deposits and also, unprofessional software partners. This kind of venture is only for fast profits so that the investor will opt for cheap products. Fortunately, as a gambler, you have many tools that track these blacklisted websites.

A good example is reviews sites; you’ll get expert-certified reviews from players, companies, and casino software providers. These are some of the best guidelines you can get asides specialty articles and guides. This kind of post always exposes unprofessional online casinos or websites with reported wrongdoings. Read the statements carefully before deciding where you’ll play slots.

From an investor’s point of view, safety is vital as well. If you don’t provide safe gaming experiences, your clients won’t bother coming back. Customization comes in very handy when it comes to the safety issue because you can decide on it. You can ask for a fully detailed service sheet and more information about server protection. This includes bug-free games, efficient firewalls, and safe payment processes. A reliable slot machine software company offers high-quality protection services and non-stop technical support teams. While you know that your online casino business is doing good, you need to know that someone will back you up in case of emergency.

Other details

Custom slot machine software may come pricier than usual products you’ll find on the market. However, they are 100% worth it if you do your research correctly. Nowadays, you can easily access the information online and decide which software companies suit you better. Follow certain aspects like ratings, customer reviews, and notoriety. Besides, you can check out their game catalogs and see what they offer. A professional company will provide at least 10 to 15 games, covering classic themes to modern ones. Their customization services should allow you to make your vision come true up to 70% or more. And lastly, professionals take care of your needs and show 5-star customer services. If you can’t communicate or agree to anything, it means that you should keep on looking. 


custom slot machine

In conclusion, if you want to be successful in today’s online gambling market, you need to choose a customizable slot machine software. Research shows that people react and engage with specific colors and sound effects when it comes to slot games. Besides, it was revealed that the most popular casino slots out there are the ones that people can relate to. They all look for something that reminds them of something else that’s part of their lives. For example, classic slot games are still popular because they make people reminisce of real-life experiences.

Maybe they remember land-based casinos or their last Las Vegas trip and the beautiful casinos they have there. Perhaps you are a Star Wars fan, and the latest slot game on the market has that exact theme. Slot machine software companies make sure that they keep their customers engaged with the product for as long as possible. This statement refers to the fact that they do a lot of research to figure out what’s trending right now and what people like. Also, they put a lot of emphasis on security and safe payment processes. Online slot games use real money, and if the website doesn’t team up with a trusted software company, you could easily get scammed or frauded.

As a gambler, you should ask second opinions or read some reviews before signing up to any online casino platform. Your fellow gamers know what they are talking about, and most definitely they won’t lie when it comes to blacklisted online casinos. However, slot games are about having fun, so choose the ones that bring out the most in you and leave you with great gaming experiences. Value your safety as well and keep an eye on whatever seems wrong or makes you feel unprotected.

Riversweeps Platinium

This article was all about slot machine software and its features, and it showed a straightforward approach to them. Riversweeps Platinium is our software of choice and a company we heartily recommend to investors and other new-comers on the online gambling industry. This company not only produces slots software but offers marketing services and strategies to their clients. Their extensive game collection and professionalism recommends them, as well as the years they spent researching and branding their products.

When choosing Riversweeps Platinium, you can only think of high-quality slot games from every aspect. State-of-the-art 3D animations, surreal sound effects, and intriguing storylines are just a few headlines when it comes to their games. The Riversweeps game collection covers everything from classic slots then take us back to old school land-based casinos to gambling games featuring our favorite movie characters and more. Besides, everything they offer is customizable, including management settings. Not a lot of people talk about what it’s like running an online casino business, but RIversweeps has got you covered.

We are talking about full control administrator panels, customizable business charts, and other useful business data, vital for any manager. You can control everything, from the RTP to max bet information and payment details. A partnership can take you a long way, and this company knows that this is the key to success. Customizable gaming and business patterns backed up by reinforced security, and a 24/7 technical support team can never go wrong. If you ever had an idea that features an online casino, this is the slot machine software you want to choose. Riversweeps Platinium aspires to be one of the market’s leaders and so can you if you partner up with them. Fill out a form or contact Riversweeps Platinium today!

Top 10 video slot Games in 2019

video slot games

If you ever searched for video slot games, you probably noticed that there are millions of games available on the internet. The number of people who is a fan of playing them increases day by day. That is why companies keep designing and introducing new ones. When it comes to online video slot games, many people turn to blogs and articles for advice. It is because everyone wants to make their time worth spending, and it is not easy to find the best option out of many. Most of the time, users are facing some difficulties in the process of finding a perfect game, and they spend more time to search for it rather than playing it. For that reason, this article will provide you with top video slot games, and help you to make an easy choice. 

Video Slot Games

Video slot games are very trendy today, and the reason probably is that it is a perfect way of keeping yourself amused. And if you are lucky, you have a chance of winning, too. Nowadays, there are millions of different slot machines to play, anything and everything from classic fruit machines to amazing slots with new features, graphics, and sound effects. 

For the beginners who do know what video slot games are and how these games work, we encourage you to keep reading to get an understanding of online gambling business. In these games, there are typically three or five wheels with full of symbols which have different values. Player bet a particular amount of money for each line and start spinning and waiting for matching results. 

More about video slots

Depending on your winning combination these machines offer you alternative features and additional rounds. It happens either you won or just unexpectedly, which gives the gamer motivation and excitement at the same time. What other features does online casino business offers? Another essential thing about online casino is volatility. It provides information about how often and how much a slot pays out and help you to keep track of it. So what is the difference between high and low volatility? High volatility means whenever you win the prize will be significant. However, it is not a high possibility that you can win very often. In contrary to that, low volatility offers you to win very often and reduces the risk of losing, but if you win the prizes will be smaller. Each has its advantages, and the choice is yours. 

There are lots of video slot games available on the online gambling platforms, and it is not possible to play all of them and be successful. Even though it is good to have a lot of options to choose depending on your taste, to win, you need time, attention, and strategies for online casino games. Therefore, this article will give you a limited list of games which are the best in 2019 till now. This list is updated often with the most popular and latest slot games, so make sure you get updated information regularly. 

Top online slot games to enter

Fireball Keno 

video slot games

The list starts with a fantastic choice for the ones who like to play with numbers and predict them. The Fireball Keno is one of the joyful games, which makes think strategically and play wisely. This game is all about numbers. The numbers start from 1 to 80, and the user has to sign a ticket with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 numbers. Then you can see ten randomly drawn Keno balls on the Winning Box. When the player chooses numbers and hit the quantity, he or she wins. 

Most people find Fireball Keno thrilling and outstanding, and this kind of video slot games could be an excellent choice for online casinos and internet cafes, as well. Fireball Keno might be everything you expect from an online game if you are good with numbers, want to rule while playing, and enjoy thinking deeply. It is also an incredible option for people who are looking for Online Internet Cafe Games. If all these features still do not satisfy you enough, keep reading our article because we have other things to say about Fireball Keno. It provides gamers with a fantastic chance to win more and more prizes and bonuses, which encourages continuing the game and gain as much as possible. If you want to play and win, do not miss this outstanding chance and give Fireball Keno a try. 

Rich Life

If you are seeking for having fun, we found an incredible option for you! Rich Life slot machine is an excellent chance to enjoy fully and feel the excitement. It is designed in a way that both inexperienced and professional can play easily. Rich Life introduces you secrets of getting rich in an online way and cheers you up by giving a positive and amusing message. We can say it has low volatility because it makes earning profit very easy and regularly so creates no high risk of losing. It is a high-quality gambling game which promises outstanding productivity and does not put any restriction.

Rich Life is a five-reel thirty line game, and its symbols exist on one, three, and five reels. We would recommend you to play it for free online rather than playing it on real bets. Moreover, Rich Life will draw your attention with its bright color choices, beautiful music, and graphics.

All you need for Rich Life is a computer and access to the internet. If you want to find an easy way to enjoy without putting any extraordinary efforts, then try to play the Rich Life slot game. Once you start to play it, you are not going to regret. 

Hot as Devil

video slot games

Hot as Devil is one of the recently launched video slot games designed and introduced by Riversweeps Platinium. It is an online casino platform with approximately more than 100 games which offers players chances of winning a lot of bonuses and free rounds. You probably noticed from its name Hot as Devil has Hell theme and it is designed in a way that looks like a real-life machine.

There are five reels, and it has all lines pay from left to right, and it starts with the left reel and pays to the right on consecutive reels. Furthermore, dysfunction causes all the plays and pays become invalid. Other than that Hot as Devil provides users with additional spins and prizes throughout the game. 

There is also a symbol named HOT FREE SPINS which means if it appears more than two times repeatedly, the player will get the free spin. Moreover, it has an auto-spin function which gives the requested number of auto-spins. The users can cancel auto-spin mode any time they want by just clicking the “stop” button. For detailed information and visual demonstration, we recommend you to visit the official website and watch the actual gameplay video. More importantly, while having a good time with Hot as Devil, you have great possibilities to win a lot of prizes. So whenever you have free time, do not forget to give it a try. 

Totally wild 

Are you a fan of nature and love to travel through the jungle? If yes, Totally Wild is totally the most appropriate game for you. Our great gaming machine Totally Wild’s has the main character that is considered the king of this jungle – the magnificent Jaguar. Thanks to the Totally Wild because now you can feel like you are in the Amazon jungle whenever you want. All you need to do is just starting the game. This machine is ready to provide you with the most memorable adventures, indescribable emotions, and most significantly huge gains on bets. While you begin to play it for money and prize you are going to catch the atmosphere. Its mystic and dark look will attract you immediately. 

Do not forget to play in the bonus round, because you can make massive profits there. These rounds are not tricky; just by following the waterfall which fell along with distributed symbols you can go to the additional round. You will have fifteen free spins. In general, in Totally Wild there are 20 lines and five reels, but the player has to select the ones that will give him or her wealth. Then you should choose a bet, after that, click on Start and let the adventure begin! 

Vegas Vacation

Casino player especially, retro lovers this recommendation is for you. Vegas Vacation has a retro-styled design, and it has many gamblers from 70s TV Shows. The Vegas Vacation is one of the most fascinating online casino games with a lot of symbols. There are a lot of main characters such as the robbers, police, and dogs, and they are considered symbols of the game. Other than that, you will have free spins, various bonus rounds, wild symbols, and prizes.

Although Vegas Vacation has twenty pay lines, you have an opportunity to increase it till forty with the help of free rounds. In other word, it has any features that gamers can expect from video slot games. All you need to win the highest award in Vegas Vacation is to find the robber as a Wild Symbol. Play wisely, and you may find available bonuses on spins, as well. But how is it possible to find those bonuses? There are different ways like digging for items and playing with dice. 

Shining princess 

If you still like fairytales and trying to find something related to their magical world, Shining Princess is designed for you. It is about the Middle Kingdom fairytales. You can enjoy the stories while winning amazing prizes. Shining Princess has the main character, in other words, the heroine – Princess will be with you throughout the game, standing on the left side of reels during all rounds. The symbols of the Shining Princess are statuettes, coins, and oriental talismans. The most important symbol here is the Golden Tiger and brings you bonuses. Other than theme, it will also attract you with its bright colors and graphic designs. In an easy word, if 4 of this symbol fill the whole 1st drum, then you will get two times spinning chance. 

There is also a Fish sign in the Shining Princess which makes random combinations, and when three combination drops at the same time, you will get 12 free spins. Do not miss this incredible chance of winning and having fun in the magical world. 

Ocean Monster

Next game in our list is known for its fascinating ocean design, and underwater themed called Ocean Monster. It is one of the best video slot games related to fish haunting introduced by Riversweeps Platinium. If you like unique music and sound effects, Ocean Monster is totally for you. The best thing about Ocean Monster is that you do not need to be a professional to win prizes there. There are three main characters: fish; crocodiles; and dragons. Those characters are turning into bonuses and double spins during the play, which is a fantastic feature that attracts users most. As an every casino lover if you want to win the jackpots, you better pick the word letters. Wouldn’t it be great to increase your bank account while having fun? Try to escape from daily routines and stress, throw the dice, and do not miss the opportunity to experience Ocean Monster

Hot Chance 

If you are retro casino lover, Hot Chance is the best choice for you. It offers five pay lines with changing a considerable amount of prize and comes with 3×3 reels. Hot Chance is all about high volatility, which means when you win, you win big. As classic retro slot machines, its symbols are fruits and stars mainly. Hot Chance offers you bonuses to double your winnings. One of the unique bonuses is The Hot Chance Feature. If you use it, you will get an opportunity to raise your chance of winning three times more.

The Hot Chance provides you with the ability to get 32, 00,000 with coins, which means increases your prizes till eight times more than your own. There is another excellent feature named Flaming Fortune. When flames and symbols combine Flaming Fortunes activates, and you get a chance to win awards such as coins which comes with the maximum amount of 400,000 depending on the kind of chosen symbol. 

The best thing about Hot Chance is that you do not need to have a computer to play it. It is available on mobile phones and considered mobile casino, too. So whenever you feel like you need to get out of the real world, have some fun and adrenaline, feel free to check the Hot Chance. 

Gold Records

We have something here for Elvis Presley fans, too, because the theme of the Gold Records is all about famous American talent Elvis Presley. It has characters like a pink Cadillac, Elvis himself, his boots, glasses, and other nine ordinary characters. So how does this work? It has five reels, and to win, you need to have chains of more than three images on the line. There will be demonstrated two separate areas. One of them is the control panel, and the other one is drums. On the first one, you will be able to control line numbers as well as the size of the bets. That’s because they are not fixed and then start the game. There are ten lines, and If the combination begins from the left side, it means it is to your benefit. 

When you get the prize Gold record will invite you to play the double game which is a bit risky. There will be two choices for you: either you have to choose a red or black card. If you select the correct cart your prize will be doubled, if not, then you would lose all the money. 

Lobster Party

Like Ocean Monster, Lobster Party is one of the most popular slot games related to fish hunting. The game was first introduced by Riversweeps Platinium. It offers the player to catch different kinds of sea creatures, especially lobsters and get prizes simultaneously. The design, adjustable sound, and music effects, and quality color combination will help you enjoy the atmosphere. Lobster Party’s fun starts right from the start. 

You will enjoy more and have less stress and adrenaline while playing Lobster Party. Because, you will not face the risk of losing a tremendous amount of money. The maximum amount is five hundred for one spin, and you can raise or decrease it whenever you want. There are twenty paylines and five reels, which mean you have more chance to get the winning combination. All you need to do is to match symbols on the same paylines. If you are on your lucky day, you could win the 250000 times more than you bet. It is the maximum amount of prize. 

Lobster Party is impressive because it also lets you experience the features before you download it. Thus you have a chance to try it for free on the website without spending any money. Do not miss this chance and catch some lobsters to earn huge prizes and have fun. 

In this article, we gave a list of the most popular video slot games in 2019. We chose the best-reviewed and favorite games out of many. Some of them are for fun and others for earning a massive amount of awards. Make sure you find something matching with your requirements and taste.