Best Online Video Slots That Pay Real Money

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Slot games are favorites of many gamblers. The joy and entertainment they bring to regular players are incalculable. But besides emotional pleasure, people want to win too. That is why slots that pay real money have a higher value for them. When it comes to spending real money, some slot games are ahead of others. In our article, we will try to look at the list of these kinds of slot games. Among them, there will be the best payouts, the hottest slots, and the most popular ones. So, let us start.

Da Vinci’s Vault one of the best slots that pay real money

Ever heard of the bestselling novel of famous author Dan Brown? Most probably, if you have read and liked it, you will love this game too. This slot game makes the players enter a fascinating, mysterious world. The set comes straight from the book. And as the bestselling novel, the game is thrilling from the start to the end as well. As we have mentioned in the article before, the game pays real money. But we recommend Da Vinci’s Vault to the people that mostly play for fun, not for a big prize or jackpot. 

However, although the game is among the slots that pay real money, winning is not easy at all. It is also important to mention that the online casino software Playtech developed this fantastic game. And the victory takes time. Because the frequency of winning is not so high. That is why we can not put the game among the hot slots. Despite all these, there is a lot to say on the positive side. The graphics are great, the plot is exciting, and the soundtrack is lovely. There are symbols like Mona Lisa and the Holy Grails. The game includes five reels and twenty paylines, and RTP is more than 95 percent. So, if you love mystery and using intellect, this game is for you.

Chinese Kitchen 

Searching for innovative, colorful, and entertaining game? This one is for you. In the online casino business, all these three are equally important. The critics may say that the characters look more like Japanese. If we skip this, the game is almost perfect. It is a 3×3 game that includes eight paylines. And the fascinating fact is about the bets. You can begin at 0.08 and may go up to forty credits in a short time. 

So why the Chinese Kitchen is among the best slots that pay real money? First of all, the game is so cheap that there is no reason for not trying it. The action is at the top level, which attracts more gambling lovers. The gameplay is so smooth that you can learn it in a couple of minutes. And the animals in the tiles are astonishingly lovely. It is available everywhere; you can play it on either desktop, IOS, or Android. The RTP for this game is above 96 percent. If you want to get on an Eastern Journey, the game is definitely for you. 

Lie Yan Zuan Shi

Most people love the classic slots and the feelings they bring with themselves. Sense of nostalgia and old pleasure are always unique for some people. If you are one of them, Lie Yan Zuan Shi is for you. Once again, Playtech developed this game, and it has become a gem. According to some reviewers, it is even one of the best online casino games recently. You can start with 0.25 as a bet in this classic slot machine. There are five reels in this game too. But the paylines are more than the other games we have talked about. There are 25 of them, and there is a jackpot available.

When you play for the maximum, you should take into account 3000 credits. Visual effects are decent, but the soundtrack is above the standard. Playtech has remade the graphics recently. All the elements look modern and attractive at the same time. There is a free spin that can make your win 6x more. The game is among the best online video slots that pay real money because of 96 percent of RTP. With no registration needed, you can get up to 1000 free credits. With these opportunities, why not to give Lie Yan Zuan Shi a chance?

Extra Chilli

Admittedly the game has a funny and appealing name. Among the best slots that pay real money, the slot game is also super hot. Some factors make this game a popular slot game. First of all, there are more than 117 thousand ways to win, which is an unbelievable number. The casino software Big time Gaming has created this gem. There are six reels and features that make players play more and more. There are lots of free spins available in the game, which is a crucial factor. Even while playing with them, you can win real cash. So there is no reason to skip this game if you are looking for a slot that pays real money. Extra Chilli is also available at the desktop, Android, and IOS if you want to give it a try. 

Terminator: Genisys

No, there is no problem with the name of the game. If you love the blockbuster Terminator movies and wait for the franchise, the game should be exciting to you. Because it is for the gamers that are ready to play against machines. This slot game will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end. There is an overdramatic Terminator Car Chase Bonus. You can win it only if you hit the T-1000 in the game.

The game is full of these kinds of features that attract more players. The reason why this game is a top slot game that pays real money is the RTP. It is an impressive number, over 95 percent. There is a possibility to win real cash with no deposit bonus. But it is not available for all people, only for the ones from the UK and Ireland. If you pass the registration, you will immediately get ten spins to start. And surely, you will not leave the game for hours. 

Age of the Gods

If you have done a little research about the slots to play for real money, you have already heard about it. The age of the Gods is that famous. This game is a massive part of the 3D slot games industry. And fair to say, it is over the expectations. People who love sports with brilliant effects and the exciting plot will admit that it never fails to deliver. The storyline is captivating, and the game is full of bonuses and prizes. There are free spins you can take advantage of too. If you are interested in history and ancient Greek symbolism, this game will become an addiction for you.


Although we have mentioned some of the most popular slot games, they may not be enough. The gaming industry, especially online gambling has changed a lot recently. We have seen a lot of twists and turns. And it is no exception that we will see sudden rises and falls. However, the games we have mentioned look stable at the moment. They are some of the best slots that pay real money. After all, it is up to your taste to decide which one is best for you.

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