The Bananas slot game is one of the most exciting games that are available in Rivesweeps Platinium. The Bananas game is simple as well as 3-reel gambler with single payline. Apart from this,  features of the bananas in the slot game, such as being crazy and wacky bananas makes it entertaining to play. When you look at this game at first, from its screen page loading, it can be seen funny, but for real casino players, it is considered a strict game. The design of the game is with fruit themes, and it is one of the slot machine games that offer real casino game experience. The game is developed in the place where blue skies, seas, palm trees and beach with blue ocean are the main design characters behind the game.

Playing Bananas

If you are interested in taking a fruity holiday, then Bananas slot game is the best choice to travel one of the Caribbean tourist destinations. In the game, the banana which is on the front page screen is the main character, and you will play with him and his friends in the tropical Bahamas. Although in the game they are all separated,  you have a chance to win prizes for finding them. Some Wild Bonuses that are available, when you see them you may have a Free Game Feature. The spinning of the wheels on the slot game will create opportunities to develop your game with winning more prizes. The prizes are increasing while you find Bananas friends’. By exploring his friends, you can double the original award. Due to its well-designed features, we are sure that you will enjoy the game by winning prizes in Riversweeps Platinium.