Online Casino Games That Pay Real Money

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Online gambling is very entertaining for players as a type of imitation of the real casino experience. They play those games mainly to have fun and earn money. While trying to find casino games that can provide us with those qualities, we often do not know where to start. For those of you who are thinking about those aspects, we got you on this. This article will focus on the best online casino games that pay efficiently. By learning about some of the casino games with higher payout percentages, you will be able to compare them to the ones you are already playing and make better choices next time. 


As you might remember, the title of this slot machine, Jumanji, is not only among the most interesting movies of all time but is also one of the effective online casino games that pay real money. The title and the storyline of the game are inspired by the 1995 movie Jumanji. A movie that captured the story of a boy who finds a mystic book of Jumanji. Then, he gets abandoned inside it for 30 years. 

The main attributes from the movie and the house of our main character are available in the slot machine design. You will have five reels and three rows in the slot. The slot machine comes with 36 different pay lines that you can deposit on in addition to them. The interface and the backside of the main game table will remind you of a Jumanji book design. You will remember the black dot in the middle. There are two types of slot symbols in the game, which are the main and complementary ones. The complementary symbols are the slot machines’ classics, such as letters A, K, J, and numbers like 9, 10. 

On the other hand, the main symbols are portrayed as the characters from the movie itself. You will see the mystic hunter, a lion, monkey boy, pelican, rhino, crocodile, and Sara. Net Entertainment developed this slot machine. To this day, it is one of the online casino games to play that pay real money and has a very interesting storyline that keeps players busy. You can enter this game in any of the online casino platforms powered through Net Entertainment and experience the live action of real money slots. 

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Most of us are familiar with the concept of the Wheel of Fortune from movies or popular TV shows that displayed it over the years. One of the fan-favorite online casino software providers developed the game in the market, which is International Gaming Technologies. This is among the online casino games that pay real money, and it is a very efficient one from the player’s standpoint. Wheel of Fortune: On Tour is the continuation of the sequel. With every addition to the existing game, IGT made it even more fun. There are five reels and three rows in this casino slot machine game. In addition to that, fans will have a variety of options regarding the active pay lines. 

There are as many as 30 different pay-lines on which you can deposit from 0.10 up to 15 dollars in cash. It is an ideal game for high rollers considering the low variance and high payout rate. You can earn extensive rewards while playing Wheel of Fortune: On Tour on the online gambling platforms. It is one of the slot games that is loaded with interactive features and bonus opportunities. By utilizing the scatter and wild symbols effectively, you can achieve free cash or free spin chances effortlessly. A winning combination in this game is determined regardless of the shape of the combination you can make. If it is covered by one of the pay lines, then the player will have a shot at great prizes. 

Monopoly: Mega Movers

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games that thousands of people worldwide love to play in their spare time. Just like the game that they have been inspired by, Monopoly: Mega movers is a very interesting slot machine game that you need to try at least once. Based on Monopoly, numerous casino game titles portrayed some of the ideas and looked from the game. This one is among the top tier Monopoly slot games because it also features the updated version. Besides, you will see pieces to the game such as t-Rex Rubber Duck and the Cat. 

Features of the Monopoly: Mega Movers 

The popular Australian online casino provider WMS created this slot machine. There are five reels and five rows in the slot game. In addition to them, players can access 30 pay lines that are fixed. It means that you do not have the choice but to play all of them simultaneously. Fortunately, both high and low rollers can enjoy this game without having a flexible budget because Monopoly: Mega Lovers offers various coin denominations for depositing. Although it is called mega lovers, it is also a suitable slot machine for those who enter casinos with a limited budget. 

The game offers high rollers immersive chances at big jackpots while allowing them to wager a maximum of 20 dollars on every pay line. Besides that, there are many lucrative bonus opportunities that you can find in these online casino games that pay real money. By utilizing the wild symbol in the game, players can activate the bonus round to have a shot at earning 100 free spin chances. If you like playing monopoly, but this earns real money, this slot machine is ideal for you. In casinos like Tropicana, you can find and enjoy various casino games, including Monopoly: Mega Lovers.

Final Thoughts on the Online Casino Games That Pay Real Money

As you can see, many opportunities are waiting for casino players on online gambling platforms. To find the best casino games that are available on the market, you need to be selective. Online casino games that pay real money are topics that many people have a variety of opinions about. Some might choose to play the games mentioned above, while others like to take a differnt approach to the case. Regardless of the casino title you choose, you need to have assessment criteria to have fun and earn real cash. 

First of all, your main concern should be Return to Player Rate and online slot variance. These two are the main components that help you to win or lose games. As a rule of thumb, you need to go with the video slots offering at least 96 percent of RTP. Depending on your objective, you can go with the low, medium, or high variance slots games accordingly. No matter the type of theme of the game, make sure to find the best online casino games that pay real money and offer adventure storylines to keep you interacted with the game’s flow. 

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