Top 8 Online Casino Games For Money in 2021

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The game world is one of the most diversified fields of the entertainment industry. Several categories exist in the gaming industry, such as casual games, casino games, strategy games, etc. Every group has millions of users. These players move from one game to another and usually stay in the same category. But what factors affect the decision making of players in the choice of the game? The answer depends on the expectation of players from the gameplay scenario. Online casinos differ from other games with paying out winnings to their players. So, if the player wants to earn money and enjoy his leisure time, he should find online casino games for money. Today, the internet contains dozens of online casinos and gambling games. 

However, some of them have gained more subscribers compared with others. In this article, we will mention some of the best online casino providers and games for real money in 2019.

How players choose online casino games for money?

One of the most significant features that influence the decision making of online gamblers is how casino games give money out. One of these key performance indicators is volatility which is the most crucial feature of online casino software. Volatility shows paying out the frequency of the game. It means the game with high volatility will pay out money to players more frequently. Some slot games even give out per each spin. Reversely, low volatile online casino games for money will pay out less intense.

Both types may have advantages and disadvantages. For example, high volatility slot games will let you earn constant money and prevent from losing mass amounts. However, the player should not expect crazy payouts from that game and should agree with small winnings. On the other hand, low volatile casinos may end you up with zero budget until you face the next victory. Online slots have random payout algorithms so you cannot predict which spin will gift you happiness. But, if you catch up with the winning combination, it will undoubtedly give more money than the game with higher volatility. The choice between these two types of games depends on the budget of the player and his risk ratio.

Return to Player Percentage

Another significant feature of online casino games is the return to player percentage. The games we will mention below mostly provide players with a high return to player percentage. RTP percentage shows the amount that a particular casino game gives back to players from overall biddings. Logically, high RTP is always better and grabs more attention. However, some casino games still gain many subscribers regardless of giving a little money back. Such casino games may have a unique design with characters of famous movies, singers, or something else which have many fans in the world. As a result, they gain players because of their designs, not for technical features.

Buffalo Thunder – The most Well-known Online Casino Games for Money

As we already mentioned, players especially check the volatility and RTP values of the game if they desire to earn a lot of money. Buffalo Thunder may be the best option that suits this interest. It is a video slot game with very low volatility, and its payout percentage is up to 95%. The player will face winnings in almost every spin of the game. Those winnings frequency is shallow. Therefore your budget can rarely decrease below the initial bidding amount. Every slot game contains reels and rows. Some of these rows are payable. When you bring payable rows from spinning, you will earn money. Buffalo thunder provides 50 possible winning combinations, which is one of the highest paying video slot games in the casino world.

The game has a desert-themed display. You will see different characters and voices of wildlife in the valley. Some of them are lizards, buffalos, and vultures. These characters give the highest winning if you bring enough of them in a row. Buffalo is the jackpot symbol and the most vulnerable animals in the game. The following icons are the highest card numbers and letters from the set.

Game Bonuses

Additionally, the game has one bonus character. If you can bring three colorful buffalo icons in a row, you will get five spinnings for free. This combination will also multiply your winnings four times in that spin.

We want to finalize the Buffalo Thunder part with some online gambling tips to increase winning possibility in the game. First of all, you should be careful about bidding value. Since this game has high RTP and low volatility, the best option is to bid the highest value. Because your investment amount influences winning chance. The best strategy is to start with smaller amounts. If the game pays out good deals, gradually increase the money to the highest.

Magic 81 – the most liked casino game

Sometimes players ignore focusing on earning money and enter the game just for fun. The only feature they consider is impressive design and gameplay. Magic 81 is the most famous casino game as an example of this structure. This video slot has very classical gameplay with fruits themed design. Old school players mostly prefer this slot game because of its traditional form. The game offers 81 possible winning combinations as it is evident from the name. Besides having many payout lines, playing rules are so simple. You should choose your initial bidding amount, convert it into online coins to play the game. 

The rest is to decide how many coins you bid per one spin and start spinning. So, if you want to play a more complex slot game with additional risk game features, Magic 81 may not be the best choice. Anyway, 81 winning lines will let you face more frequent winnings in these online casino games for money if you apply suitable gambling strategies to the slot. 

777 Slots

As we mentioned before, the game has a simple design with fruity characters. Watermelon, grape and the seven are the highest paying symbols in the slot. The number “7” gives you the jackpot if you can bring 4 of them in a row. The jackpot is 160 times of your bidding per spin. Respectively, four watermelons give 60 times, and four grapes give 40 times of your bidding value. The following characters are cherry, orange, lemon, and plum. They give you 4x winning if you see one of them four times in a row. 

The lowest winning possibility is to have three the same character in one spin. These fruits pay your bidding value back in this case. There is an additional Magic 81 logo character in the game. It is a wild symbol and plays a bridge role among other symbols. As a result of having wild symbol between 2 same characters, the game accepts three same characters and pays for it.

Wild Diamonds


So far, we have mentioned many online slot games with traditional design and theme. Now we would like to say about other popular online casino games for money. This game is Wild Diamonds which has gained lots of popularity in 2019. Its theme, design, color choices, and graphics has managed to attract gambling lovers from all over the world. Its high paying out percentage is another factor that makes the game one of the most demanded slot games. The casino software for sale has five reels with a simple fruit design. One is enough to start the game.

As you can see, Wild Diamonds is an excellent choice for all kinds of players, including for players with a lower budget. While playing Wild Diamonds, the game will amaze you with its symbols and color choices. The wild symbol in the game is a diamond which means it is the most paying symbol you could get while playing.


If you hit the wild symbol, it will substitute all other symbols in this online casino games for money. You will observe the inferno slot design and lots of fruit symbols, including grapes, oranges, watermelons, cherries, and many other fruits. In the wild, the Diamonds diamond is also a jackpot which costs two million coins. If your gambling players, then you know that the highest paying symbols are usually wild symbols. It is the same in Wild Symbols as well. Diamond here is the highest paying character. Other than diamonds, there are other high paying symbols like bar symbols and seven. To win the money from Wild Symbol, you need to hit at least three same symbols in a single row. Generally speaking, Wild Symbol is a traditional slot game. However, we are sure that it will provide an excellent gaming experience for slot game lovers.

50 Lions

We are continuing with the other best online casino games for money in 2019. Like Wild Symbol 50 Lions also has simple design and rules. It will not take so long to learn its rules and start playing. The game contains five reels and also provides fifty winning combinations for its players. As you could guess from its name 50 Lions has a design which includes wildlife animal symbols and design. You will see lots of safari animals, including lions, giraffe, zebra, wildflowers and many other animals. 

Other than wild animals, there are other symbols, including landscape, people icons, and card letters. The main advantage of 50 Lions is that you could get money once you hit the two same symbol in a single row. But in other slot games, the minimum number of symbols in a row is three. You need to hit three symbols to get money. 50 Lions have very classical slot features.

The highest paying symbol in 50 Lions is lion character. You could also get profit from other wild animals. However, card letter symbols will give you the minimum amount of winning. The wild symbol in the game is the diamond symbol and is one of the most profitable symbols. It creates a connection between the same symbols. The other essential symbol in the 50 lions is a wildflower. It is a central character which brings you lots of bonuses. If you could hit the same three wildflowers in the same row, you will manage to both get money and earn free plays at the same time. Because of its high chance of winning and exciting prizes, 50 Lions has managed to gain lots of attention from gambling lovers.

Wild Respin

For players who want to try mobile casinos with creative design, we are offering you Wild Respin. The game is an excellent option for players who get tired of traditional games and wants to try new online casino games for money. Once you start playing Wild Respin, you will immediately notice that it is different from other slot games. The set contains a particular structure and different rules from other slot games. First of all, you will see two different parts of the casino software for sale. The first part is about a regular slot game. Initially, you choose bet value for a single spin and then start the game. Depending on the combination, you could get winning or not. If you get a winning combination, then you could switch to the second part of the gameplay. 

The second gameplay is all about luck. You can take the winning and stop playing. Or you could rely on your success and continue playing. If you choose to keep the game, there will be a chance to increase your winning. The second is a risk game and offer you a 25% chance of winning. It also has a simple rule. All you should do is to choose the color for a suit of cards. If you guess the color correctly, you will win. In the end, you will get four times your winning if you suppose if wrong, you will lose the game. Because of its unregular rules and structure, Wild Respin has become one of the preferable among real money online casino games.


Columbus is another exciting slot game by, which has a historical theme. It is mainly the best option for history lovers. If you love to play slot games with ancient symbols, then Columbus will be an excellent option. The game has five reels. However, the number of paying combinations in the game is only ten which makes the winning a little bit challenging. On the other hand, Columbus has high volatility which provides a longer duration between two payouts. At the same time, you will observe lots of free plays that will give a more exciting gaming experience in online casino games for money.

As you could realize from the name, Columbus symbol is the highest paying character in the game. If you could hit five of that symbol in a single row, then you will manage to hit the jackpot. Other than Columbus, there will be other high paying symbols which include necklace, Queen Isabella, and sextant symbols. Also, you could see three ships logo and that icon will give you free plays while playing. Once you get the three ships in the single row, you will gain ten free plays as a bonus. There will also be lettered cards in the game to help you to increase your winning.

Pharaoh’s Ring

Pharaoh’s Ring will help you to travel to Ancient Egypt and observe the beauty of this historical place. The idea may seem a little bit crazy to you. However, the game will offer you even crazier times. Because of its unusual theme and graphics, Pharaoh’s Ring is one of the most popular games among Ancient Egypt slots. However, if you want to earn lots of winning from a slot game, Pharaoh’s Ring may disappoint you a little bit because the game does not like to provide players with huge payouts. Also, some players may not like its simple rules and design. Therefore, we would like to add that Pharaoh’s Ring is the best option for classic slot lovers who want to play traditional online casinos for money.

Generally, there are five reels, and the game provides twenty winning combinations for its players. If you hit five Pharaoh’s Ring symbols in a single row, you will get the jackpot and earn 5000 times of your betting amount. Ring symbol in the game is a wild symbol and replaces other symbols. If you get three of the ring symbols in a row, you will get ten free plays. 

Arising Phoenix

Additionally, Arising Phoenix is an excellent choice for jackpot lovers as there is high paying jackpot. Perfect gaming strategy will give you the highest profit in this game sooner or later. More specifically, you could get two million coins once you get the twenty girl symbol. While considering its pot and design, it is not surprising why Arising Phoenix has gained so much attention recently.

The theme of the next exciting online casino games for money is about Egyptian firebird called Phoenix. There is a famous tale about firebird. According to it, the bird has been reborn from the ashes, and it represents the wars. In the slot games, it represents power, and many players believe that this firebird is the source of luck. You could choose the winning combination yourself. They are paying combinations to change between ten and forty.

Final Thoughts

Online Casinos provide mainly two types of games. The first one is online casino games for money and the second one is free demo games. Free demos are fun but why someone miss the chance at real money by choosing them. Sure there are many players that are entertain themselves by free games as hobbies. However majority of the online gambling fans go toward real money games. If you are one of those people, check out above mentioned games and enjoy your experience in Riversweeps Platinum.

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