Why You Should Play Slots Online Without Leaving Home

play slots online
play slots online

Slot games are among the most favorite casino games of all time. They are entertaining, and most importantly, they are giving away prizes. It is fun to play them at the land-based casino, but have you ever tried them at your house? Imagine that you are sitting at your home, and somehow you decide to play slots online. It is an excellent chance for people who do not like land-based casinos or want to compete in their own houses. If it gets your attention, play slots online, and only after that, you will enjoy them to the fullest. This post will cover the benefits of playing online slots from a distance and the reasons why you need to do so. So let’s start with the first benefit that is ease of playing.

Ease of Playing Slots Online

As a player, we want to get the best services while taking care of our convenience. Gamers and gambling players like to access games quickly and play as much as they want. So, if you play gambling slots from your house, you will avoid losing time, energy, and convenience. Visiting distant casinos and playing is hard; that is why this advantage of online slots is an excellent feature that helps players. Almost any casino slot game is available on both desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones. That is why you can play slots online for real money whenever and wherever you are. 

Low Betting

Another advantage of playing online slots is a bankroll. For any casino player, it is always important to play slots online for real cash within a bankroll. In online slots, betting and wagering system is a little bit different from land-based casinos. The difference can be seen in prices regarding minimum wagering requirements. While sitting at your house, you can quickly enter online casino slots and start playing while just wagering only zero point twenty-five cents for each for a pay line. What if you are playing to get huge rewards? Can an online casino system maintain it just like land-based ones? The answer to this question is a big yes, and we will elaborate on the issue in the next paragraph. 

Play Slots Online and Win Massive Jackpots

Progressive casino slots are one of the reasons why people are fond of online casino games. First of all, it is easy to play. Secondly, you can win them without paying much. Even with lower wagering limits, online slots are connecting an extensive network of players that are contributing to massive progressive jackpots. In these games, some portion of the lost bet of players adds to the jackpot, so it grows until someone hits it. Best of all, players are getting higher as millions of dollars, if they play slots online

Huge Selection of Games 

play slots online

Playing online casino slots is giving you a chance to examine a massive selection of games that are available 24/7. In land-based casinos, you would not find any match that you would like to play because they are offering only specific and popular slot games in their machines. Though, in online casino platforms, you can play slots online without having any problem. If you are sitting at your house and getting bored, there is always an escape from that mood. The best thing is registering for an online casino and having fun. Whether you like classic three-reel slots or new video, 3D, animation slots, they are all available in almost any high-quality online casinos. Keep in mind that fabulous online slots for real money games are one click away from you. 

Higher Payout Percentages

The payout percentage is a win rate that a player expects from a particular game. In slot games, there is a high chance to win rewards in the long run, if the player chooses to play in online casinos that have high payout percentages. Online slots have approximately ten percent higher payout rates than land-based casino games. That being said, on average, there is at least a ten percent difference between those two. Another advantage of playing is that players can see the payout percentages of online casinos while they play slots online for real money. In land-based casinos, you do not have this feature, so the payout percentage of the slot machine can be fifty or sixty, and you will never know. 


Almost in any online casino, players will get deposit bonuses for registering. Welcome bonuses are one of the advantages that help newcomers to establish their game plan and practice casino slots. If you play slots online for real money, it is always better to play for free or by using bonuses. While doing so, you will avoid losing any cash until you master the game rules and regulations. In land-based casinos, you will not get a chance for a free pass or such bonuses as online casino platforms. Without depositing any money, players are enjoying great rewards thanks to modern technology. 

Switching Casinos Has Never been That Easy

There are so many online casino portals that are available on the internet. This feature leads to having a wide variety of slot games while also choosing among the best online casinos for your gaming style. At the same time, players can join and play in many online casinos from their house. In land-based casinos, it is hard to move from one casino to another. You will not encounter these problems if you choose to play slots online at your house. The player can enter any online casino and start searching for payout rates, bonuses, a variety of games, etc. Afterward, they will have the advantage of comparing and choosing the best online casino that fits them well.  

Having Better Control of Your Gameplay

play slots online

In land-based casinos, there are some strategies that owners use to take the money from customers. They are offering free drinks for players who are trying to focus on their game. That will create a disadvantage for those players because while being drunk possibility of spending more money on casino slots is higher. Instead, you can sit at your house and enjoy playing casino slots for real money without any significant distraction. It is one of the best sites of online casinos because they are giving you better control over casino games rather than land-based ones. 

No Crowd Waiting to Play

While you are playing online casino slots at your house, you do not have to worry about smoky casinos, noisy crowds, or anything else in that nature. One of the benefits of playing online instead of land-based casinos is a chance for devoting all your attention to your game. There is no distraction when you decide to play slots online for real cash. That is why you need to choose online casino slots for better results.

Playing casino games is fun. Whether you are in your house or a land-based casino, many factors increase your entertainment value regarding slot games. Though it is more convenient to play in your own home rather than land-based casino places. You will get more bonuses, higher payout rates, a great variety of games/casinos, low betting advantages, and massive jackpots while playing online casino slots. So, if you want to increase your chances of winning, choose to play slots online at your house.

6 Types of Slot Games

slot games
slot games

Slot games have been advancing right from the classic three-reel games to cutting edge 3D slots. The graphics, designs, and sound effects of last launched slots offer players unforgettable gaming experience. On the other hand, players are expected to have basic knowledge about the different types of slot games for better gaming experience. This basic knowledge will help you choose the perfect type of slot game for your needs. For helping you to find out your way in the gaming universe, we will introduce and clarify six types of slot games that you would probably encounter.

#1 – Classic Three-Reel Slot Games

If you have ever visited an online casino website or land-based casino, you have probably encountered the name, three-reel slots. Three-reel slots or classic casino slots emerged at the end of the 20th century, and since then, they could keep their popularity. If you enjoy playing more straightforward games, then three-reel slots should be your game choice. The structure of these online slots is based on three turning reels. They consist of one payline, which mainly offers a little amount of reward. It is obvious that jackpots of classic slots are also poor. It usually changes between $100 to $1,000. However, the simplicity and ease features of three-reel slots have made them favorite of most players. Although five-reel or seven-reel online slots have prevailed classic slot games, they maintain the traditional structure of three-reel slot machines. Nevertheless, players will find more diversity and joy in five-reel or seven-reel casino games.

#2 – 5-Reel Slot Machines

slot games

As distinct from the classic 3-reel slot machines, nowadays, game developers prefer to design slot games for PC, which typically have five reels. The games which have more reels which enable developers to set up more symbols, bet lines, and winning combinations. Five-reel slots typically consist of from 10 to 50 bet lines. Even, some of them which have been launched recently offer more than 50 paylines. Having more bet lines lets users put higher bets and get more payoff. More precisely, more reels mean harder gaming, more costs, and a larger payout. 

At the same time, these online slots provide players with more sophisticated and smooth gaming experience through advanced graphics or sounds effects. Another advantage that 5 online reel slots include is bonuses, free games, and jackpots opportunities. They enable users who play slot games for real money to enjoy a more realistic gaming environment while making more earnings. 

#3 – Multi Payline Slots

As mentioned above, classic slot games provide players with only one bet line. In other words, if players hit the three same symbols on the one line, they will win. Nonetheless, playing seven online reel slots with multiple bet lines has become a more common situation in the last few years. Gamers who play slot games for real money usually prefer multi payline slots, which present more potential to get higher wins. Unfortunately, not all multi payline slots can provide users with this feature. Nevertheless, the ones who have this capacity will multiply your gain to twice, treble, or X 10. 

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is related to the number of pay lines. More precisely, an increasing number of bet lines is also rising the level of the risk for gamers. However, in the case of winning, they will get more amount of money in return. For instance, if you decide to play 20 bet lines slot, you will have more chances to gain a higher payoff.

#4 – Progressive Slots

Just like other online slots, progressive slots also offer players an opportunity to gain profit. Yet, they have one more feature which differentiates them from other online slot games – a jackpot. The number of the jackpot is fixed regardless of the slot game. Nevertheless, progressives increase when players turn the reels each time. Indeed, when you play more on them, you will have more chances to get higher jackpot. How will it occur? Each time you start to play the game, you put a certain amount of bet.

Then, the slot takes out a particular portion of the bet and attaches to the jackpot till you hit it. The rate of the portion can modify depending on the slot machine. The highest amount that some of the games offers is 15%. Then, what happens when you win? The game resets the amount of jackpot with a new one. Then, it keeps going to rise until you hit the jackpot again and win.

#5 – Video Slot Games

Video slots usually differ from other slot games for PC for their advanced features. We can mention limpid visuals and delightful storylines that emerge through charming design, creative themes, and matching sound effects. Video slots are entirely distinct from the classic slot games, especially since they may even offer up to 1025 winning opportunities. These games also include a variety of incredible symbols that fascinate users into the themes of the slot. 

Additionally, video slot games are typically extremely profitable based on different secret bonus prizes. These prizes mainly include wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters, and free spins. Just as progressive slots, online video slots provide users with bigger jackpots for raising their chances of gaining more money. Slot games such as Gladiators of Rome, Twisted Pays, Dark Thirst, and much more can be an example for the video slots which provide players with higher jackpots. 

#6 – 3D Slot Games

We should be thankful for the technological advancement for bringing more effectual gaming devices. With the support of these devices, game developers could design 3D online slots. These games are between the most advanced and most desired types in the gaming world. As you have already assumed, these games appear with complex and advanced three-dimensional graphical interfaces. These interfaces allow users to feel as lifelike when they play 3D slot games. Most of the 3D slot games begin with a great intro video to help you to understand the storyline of the game. 

Besides, the sound effects of 3D slot games also differ from other slots through their smooth coherence with game themes and effects. Additionally, just as video slots, they also provide users with a lot of rewarding opportunities such as multipliers, wilds, bonus rounds, scatters, and free spins. Popular slot games such as Pinocchio, Gonzo’s Quest, EggoMatic, and Enchanted will let you experience the best 3D gaming adventure.


In conclusion, slot games have a lengthy and interesting background and history. Most people evaluate them as an engaging output of the industrial revolution. To this day, game designers have developed numerous types of slot games with numberless dynamic features. The best decision is just to select the slot which complies with your gaming taste. Keep in mind that regardless of the type, the most important thing in the gaming world is to entertain. 

5 Best Slots to Play Online and Win Real Money

best slots to play
best slots to play

As we know, slot games are the most popular casino games out there. They are favorites of gambling lovers and have been that way for years. How to determine the best slots to play has been an issue for the last few years. Because as the slot games have gained massive popularity in the industry, the variety of slot games widens. And now, it is complicated to distinguish between high and low-quality slots. 

But one of the first things you should notice is the payouts of slots. Because no matter how brilliant the game is, you want to win and get your money. The last thing you want to do is to throw your money away on the slots that do not pay. In this article, we will look at some of the best slots to play online. After looking through our list of top slots, you will manage to identify the most suitable slots for you. And we will also mention what makes these games the best.

Choosing the Best Slots to Play

How you choose the best slot games for you? Are they the ones with movie themes? Or with a historical theme and background? The answer is that you should not rush your opinion based on these. Entertainment is fresh, and you should take care of your gaming experience. However, while choosing the best slot games, you should look at these criteria the most: 

  1. The slots should have a high percentage of payouts.
  2. They should be cool.
  3. The slots should be accessible.

Before we go on with our list, we should make the term “popular” clear here. Being famous does not mean that if millions of people play this game, it is decent. You should check on the reviews of people continuously. Especially if the experienced critics rate the game positively, it means you should give it a try. 

Book of Ra Deluxe 6

We are talking about one of the most iconic slot games of all time. When you consider sound and visual effects, the background, it seems like everything about this game will satisfy you. It is the last episode of slot classics, Book of Ra. The famous game development company Novomatic has developed the whole series. It is available on Windows. Also, you can play it as a mobile slot

You can download it to your Android or IOS devices. The game is like a journey to Egypt, one of the most ancient places in the world. The theme is enough to put the competition among the best slots to play. You should be working on to find the lost civilization during the game. And as a slot game, it gives you what you want the most: free spins. The game has 120 of them. And if you assume that winning is easy in this game, you should give up from the start. Because that is not the case at all. 

Trump It

best slots to play

Online casino games may gain a reputation in different forms. Being a classic online slot may be enough for some of them. But a dozen of games do this by having an iconic title. If you are a 21st-century game developer, it is one of the best strategies to apply to political agenda. What else can make your game accessible other than the president of the greatest country in the world? Probably, nothing. That is why it has been the best in 2018 and continues to be one of the best online slots this year.

Who is this game for? Well, probably not for Trump lovers. If you are eager to play the game but not sure, there is a demo version for free. Without a deposit, you may give the game a try and consider if it is worth going on. There are 20 free spins in the game and many other bonuses. The symbols of the games are what keep people play it. Seeing the presidents and ex-presidents of the highest countries is quite fun. But to win real money, you should make a deposit. 

Once upon a Dime

We have already mentioned how significant the title of the slot game is. Once upon a Dime is quite a new name to attract people from the first glance. But the theme of the game and the gameplay are even better. 

If you like fairy tales where you can slay a dragon and rescue the princess, this game is for you. This fantastic progressive slot has nearly everything to be experienced players’ favorite. Once you start, it becomes an addiction, and you do not want to give up. 888Casino developed the game in a way that it became popular in only a few months. It is available on Windows and mobile devices. So no matter where you are, you may try this game comfortably. There is no demo version, but you can start to play with no deposit. That is safe and has no risks. 

Ocean Monster

We go on with a game that will make people adore the underwater theme. If you are eager to enter the sea, you should try Ocean Monster. What makes it one of the best slot machines to play is the sound and visual effects. They give you an impression of being around the fish. It is one of the best slots that pay real money that exist in Riversweeps Platinum. The symbols of the game are also excellent as you have wild symbols. These are fish dragons in the game, which may substitute every other symbol of the game. Also, they increase your chances of winning. With the possibility of playing as a beginner in the online casino software, you can start betting with no concern. Because once you get attached to the game, it is hard to give it up. 

Jammin’ Jars

best slots to play

One of the first features of the slot games people should know about is the RTP. That means if a slot machine pays you your winnings. All the games above have an RTP of 90-95 percent, which is a prime number. But this game has an astonishing record of 97 percent. And there are less than 64 symbols in the game, which makes it complicated to be one of the best slots to play online. 

There are free spins and bonuses to keep you in the game. It is also available on mobile devices, and there is no reason not to try it. The game has a particular, unique reputation in the gambling industry. Once you play it, you will be sure why people consider it one of the best slot machines to play.


These were some of the best slots that pay real money. There could have been some others worth mentioning. Bush Telegraph, South Park, Ancient Egypt Classic, Book of Dead, Gladiator: Road to Rome may also be among the best slots to play. They have all we have mentioned before: high RTP, reputation, and positive reviews. But for our list, we have picked mostly the underrated, but worth-to-try games. The others are honorable mentions. After all, we live in a data-based society, and you may find the best match for your taste in a matter of minutes on the web. However, you should focus on all the 3 criteria we have mentioned while choosing the best one for you.

8 Useful Tips on How to Beat Casino Slot Games

casino slot games
casino slot games

Casino slots are one of the most popular genres of gambling games. Whether you are playing in brick and mortar or online casinos, you will see high demand for those games by players. In casino games, winning are essential. Some people are getting experience while playing, and some want to learn quick tips before starting to play the games. If you are one of those players that are looking for tips to beat casino slot games, then you are at the right place. This post will focus on valuable tips that will inspire casino slot games players to improve their chances of winning. Let’s start with the first tip, that is mentioning the importance of no deposit bonus codes. 

Tip #1- Use No Deposit Bonus Codes

An effective winning slot strategy is what gives you the best chance at earning rewards in online casino portals. If you are a player that wants to trick casino slots, first try to trick actual casino before. How to do it? If you are looking for the right things, the possibility of finding it will increase. So, many free items in an online casino can be helpful for you. As a player, you need to find online casinos that offer no casino deposit bonus codes. 

No deposit bonus codes are free tickets, and players should use it to their advantage. Most of the time, the value of the bonus codes varies from five to ten dollars. By acquiring those tickets, players can easily play casino slot games for free. The main advantage of using this tip is that you can win real money by spending zero dimes for deposits in an online casino. 

Tip #2 Use Welcome Bonuses

In the online gambling business, casinos are attracting people for playing in their specific gambling portal. For doing that, they are using welcome bonuses that players are airing after the registration process. Players can use this to their advantage. Not in every country, rewards are standing for the same amounts. The legal system of that country and gambling laws are restricting online casinos to offer some of those services. Imagine that you are in the US and playing casino games. In that case, you can use this tip for your advantage and get the best out of welcome bonuses. First of all, players need to identify fantastic welcome bonuses from good ones. To do that, you need to look at the wagering requirements of different casino slot games.

Tip #3 Choose online casino games with low or no wagering requirement

casino slot games

The amount that the player needs to bet before cashing out called Wagering Requirement. For example, if you play with a welcome bonus and win some cash, you will not be allowed to withdraw immediately. That is why; the safest bet is to find legal casino slot games that have low wagering requirements. By doing so, players could manage to get the winning and also the cash that they took from welcome bonuses. 

Try to find online casinos that do not have wagering requirements. In other words, if a player gets a ten-dollar welcome bonus and wagering requirement in the particular casino is fifty times, that player needs to deposit at least five hundred dollars to cash out. This tip will help you to know the difference between low and high wagering requirements in casino slots. If you see the difference, you can easily choose the best available option that is also applicable to your budget.

Tip #4 Play Loose Casino Slot Games Online

Back in the days of mechanical slot machines, people believed that defects could make some slot games loose. Loose Slot games mean that the game plays more often in comparison with its companions. Some people think that it is an urban myth, though; many would argue that the concept is real. It is an industrial secret for online and land-based casinos, and they do not want customers to know about which slot is loose and which is not. The tip is straightforward and worth trying; you need to find the free casino slot games and earn considerably more rewards. 

Tip #5 Go Random in Casino Slot Games Online

While playing slot games, you will see that there are two significant types of casino slots. The first one is random, and the second one is progressive slots. Random slot games, as it can be understood from the term are coming randomly. Progressive casino slots instead, developed through many players’ bonuses as a final reward. The tip is to play random slots. Even though the award is smaller, there is a high possibility that in random slots, you will win the jackpot instead of progressive ones. Progressive slot rewards can be ten, twenty million, however, only a few people out of thousand players earned it. The overall chance of a player is increasing by playing pop up casino slot games.

Tip #6 Checking Pay Tables

Players need to check the paytables of various online casino portals before playing a slot game. It is always a good idea to compare different pay tables that are offered by casinos. It will help players to define the fair casino slot games and play. As we know, each slot machine is different from others, just like their pay tables. If you can manage to find out casino slot that has a paytable with low wagering requirements, try to play that game. In the long run, this tip will help players to maintain good standing in their bankroll. 

Tip #7 Pick Slot Machine Games with Smallest Jackpots

casino slot games

Slot machines that offer huge prizes are less likely to pay frequently to their players. That is why it is better to choose slot machines or bots in online casinos that have the smallest jackpots. By doing so, players can make sure that their winning percentage is getting higher. As many gamblers would say, it is hard to get a bigger prize rather than a smaller one. Volatility and variance are a defining factor for this matter. If a casino game has high volatility, that means it is less likely to pay more, though the winnings will be more frequently and vice versa. Before starting to play slot games, make sure to check the maximum jackpot level of the particular online casino slot games

Tip #8 Be Careful About Payout Percentages

If you want to trick casino slot games, you need to first know about payout percentages on different slot machines. Players can access detailed information about this matter through the internet. A slot machine or gambling slot can be the same, but in various online casinos, their payout percentages may vary. Payout percentages start from eighty and go up to ninety-eight percent in many online casino slots. The term refers to the portion of the deposit that would be returned to the customers. In other words, imagine a case where the payout percentage for the X casino slot is ninety percent. That means that ninety percent of the entire deposited amount will return to players who are also playing that same casino games online

Online casino slots are entertaining, and the main objective of all those games is winning. Players are focusing on winning strategies and try to increase their chances of getting the highest rewards. This post covered eight tips for casino slot games that you can use for improving the results of the games. If you are one of those players that struggle to real money slot games, make sure to read all the points in the article. Hopefully, they will help you to develop winning strategies on your own. 

5 Video Slots Online that Changed Gambling

online video slots mobile
online video slots mobile

The gambling industry has seen a gradual but significant change over the years. One defining moment along the line was the introduction of some revolutionary games. One cannot mention groundbreaking games without mentions what video slots online contributed to the gambling industry. Some of these games have lost their popularity over the years with the introduction of newer online casino slots. The popularity of slots is directly proportional to the level of their importance to the industry.

The classic slot has been able to make significant strides into a more refined and diversified version. Take to many creatives, developers, game studios, and casino software providing companies. In short, you will never get to fully appreciate the top video slots online until you know where ‘whence’ they come. Today, we pay special tribute to the online casino slots that are the heroes of gambling. These games have entertained, rewarded, and challenged players over the years. The lives of some gamblers took a different turn thanks to massive jackpot wins from one or more of these slots.

Without much ado, here are the six video slots online that changed the face of online gambling forever.

List of the most revolutionary video slots online

In 2019, it’s easy to be carried away by the grand picture of video slots online due to their current simplicity. But you only need to grasp the basics of the predecessors of the present-day slots. Especially if you are into casino business and might be looking for video slots for sale. In-Depth knowledge of the industry will surely come in handy. The following are the giants in the gambling industry from back in the day.

Fortune Coin

The best to begin such a list is with the first-ever video slot game, which was introduced in 1976 by an entertainment and gaming company called Fortune Coin Co. Though the Fortune Coin wasn’t an internet-based slot, it is the mother of today’s online casino slots. As such deserves the rightful place at the top of this list since it determined the precedent for all subsequent slot game releases. A look at online gambling statistics reveals how many online video slots of today took inspirations from this the Fortune Coin.

Indeed the Fortune Coin had a 19-inch Sony Trinitron color receiver and another ingenious engineering like logic boards. It debuted at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. It soon rose to fame, and the titan of gambling industry IGT (International Gaming Technology) acquired Fortune Co.


online video slots

Fast forward several years, and you find the Cleopatra, which was from the renowned gambling software provider IGT. IGT is well known for releasing software of both land-based and online casinos all over the world. They first released the Cleopatra in land-based casinos before introducing its video slots online. The game is an adaptation from one of history’s most beautiful queens, the Egyptian queen called Cleopatra. As such, it incorporates the beautiful architecture and design of ancient Egyptian designs.

Like other slot games on this list, Cleopatra took a lot of inspiration from the classic slots. But instead of three reels, it came with five reels. It also had 20 paylines, and players had their winning odds skyrocketed. Little wonder it endeared itself to lots of gamblers both online and offline. If ever any video slots for sale drew the attention of masses, it was Cleopatra. Players were able to place a minimum bet of one penny and a maximum bet of $10 per payline. Usually, the betting lies between $0.10 to $50. For every payline you bet, gamblers have the opportunity to win up to 10,000 credits, which is also the maximum amount the game was able to payout.

Gameplay, too, introduced several new and improved experiences for gamblers. Gamblers of the various online casino slot providers quickly appreciated the Egyptian figures, theme, and music. Another major attraction was a very seductive voice that was believed to be that of Cleopatra herself. Explains why many were able to spend hours transfixed to the slot. You can still find many updated versions of the original Cleopatra among video slots online. Casino companies online that wish to find Cleopatra video slot for sale can contact the parent company IGT.

Sushi Bar

Are you a fan of virtual reality (VR)? If yes, then you surely couldn’t have missed the Sushi Bar when Betsoft Gaming led the innovative way and released this game in 2012. This act revolutionized the way gamblers interacted with video slot games online. The company released a whole array of 3D slot games. However, the Sushi Bar emerged as the most successful of its online casino slots. Some of the other slots from Betsoft include Bad Girl, Mamma Mia, More Gold Diggin’, and Good Girl. Games like Sushi Bar brought new life and features to the visual side of slots gaming.

If you are keen on keeping up with the 3D revolution, then you want to keep an eye on the gaming industry too because the industry has caught up with innovation in this area and has its proverbial fingers on the pulse.

Mega Fortune

20th January 2013 went done in history as the date on which a single player won the largest progressive jackpot in online casino slots. While the winner of the €17,860,868 mega jackpot remained anonymous but the gambling industry will forever remember Mega Fortune as the slot game that payout that amount. One can now begin to comprehend the reason behind the popularity of video slots online, and why gamblers choose games like Mega Fortune. The game still holds the record for the highest progressive jackpot payout in history.

Until any other online casino game breaks this record, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune will comfortably sit in the slot hall of fame. You can see why this was a defining moment for online casino slots because gamblers saw the possibility of a life-changing win at the single click of a button. Mind you, the largest current progressive jackpot in the world is Playtech’s £6.5 million jackpot. So if you have hopes of breaking this record anytime soon, you’ll have to be a bit patient.

Iron Man

online video slots

Licensing deals in the gambling industry can be a very tricky business. But when Playtech successfully bagged a deal with Marvel in 2014 for some superhero-themed video lots online, things took on a new and exciting turn. With this new deal, Playtech released a couple of Marvel-themed slots like Hulk, The Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America. However, the Iron Man slot game emerged more successful than all the others. Even if they all got very positive reviews from critics, and as far as entertaining slots go, these games changing the landscape of online gambling.

Also, their land-based casino releases got excellent feedback from players. Presently, Marvel is looking at taking a more family-friendly course in the future for the video slots online. Nevertheless, this new era of online casino slots is very sitting, and players can expect great things in the future.


Many do not know that the first slot machine was brought on the gambling scene in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt. Today, video slots online are an indispensable part of every casino. A walk down memory lane always helps us appreciate how far we’ve come and provides enough hope you look ahead into the future. If you’ve ever played any of these iconic online casino slots for interested in sweepstakes games, let’s know in the comments. Please don’t forget to check out the list of cool slot games available.

Hot Slot Games: Top 9 Hot Slots Online

hot slot games
hot slot games

Nowadays, people play slot games more than before. They are the gamers’ favorite casino game type. Easy to play, slot games attract more people recently. The only thing you should do to win is to anticipate the winning combination. Now we see terms like hot slot games and cold ones. What exactly are hot slot games? How do we determine them? In our article, we will try to define the term. After that, we will mention some of the hot slots online that deserves your attention. 

What do we call hot slot games?

We should say that casinos are unpredictable places. In the case of online casinos, they are variable as well. You never know what will happen with your luck during the game. Although many people think the chance is the critical factor in gambling, professional gamblers say otherwise. To them, there is always a trick in something, especially when there is real money at the end of it. So talking from experience, they assume that they can identify the slots that have higher chances of winning. The term hot slot games come from precisely this assumption but in a professional way. 

So, hot slots are the ones that have a higher frequency of winning. Cool slot games are vice versa. In casino games, people aim winning more than they invest. Hot slot games can satisfy this desire. 

Which factors make slot games hot or cold?

The concept of hot slot games comes from the experience of the regular player. Because he is the one who knows different ways to look at the slots. So, the number of free spins, counts, the processing time, and the behavior of the machine could be crucial. But in truth, the turns of the slot machines are random. There is no way to identify the pattern to win continuously, which makes gambling even more enjoyable. That is only statistics that may show that some slot games are hotter than the others. And according to them, people may have an impression of these games. So, it is up to you to believe the gambling statistics or not. The games we will mention below are among the hot slots online. 

Dead or Alive 2

This game is a kind of sequel, we may say. After popular Dead or Alive by NetEnt, the second episode is equally brilliant. There is everything you want in a hot slot game. Visual effects, sound effects, and the big prizes in the game itself. There is no doubt that this game will become a classic. Not only this is the best online gambling that came out in April 2019. For many people, this is among the best slot games ever. So it is worth to give a try. 


Over the past decades, there was a football game that kept many people busy. So the same theme, this time in a slot game will undoubtedly attract people again. This game does not need an introduction for people over 35. Maybe underrated or unrecognized, this slot game is probably one of the hottest ones.


The game is available in one of the newest slot machines. But that does not prevent it from being a hot slot online. Among the video slots, it has already gained a decent reputation. The Japanese developer Ganapati created this unique and peculiar game that deserves recognition. With a theme about Japanese tradition, this game will take you to an unforgettable journey. Although many people in the West do not know this game, it is still one of the hot slot games recently. 

Mega Pyramid

hot slot games

As we have mentioned before, hot slot games are the ones with higher frequency to win. This game is what is all about. With a unique Egypt theme, it is almost the same as the super classic Book of Ra. But we may say that in terms of winning frequency, Mega Pyramid is a step ahead. 

Queen’s Day Tilt

This game is out since February 2019. But in less than a year, it has gained extreme popularity among the players. With an RTP of 96 percent and a maximum win of 5000 coins, this game will attract you. Play’n Go has developed this original, 3×3 hot slot game. With a historical theme, great sound and visual effects, Queen’s Day Tilt are definitely among the best. 

Strolling Staxx 

It is around since January 2019 and does not fail to deliver. The online casino software provider NetEnt behind the game says a lot to us. When you are talking about hot slot online, NetEnt games should be on top. Being reliable and high-quality, they also have a higher frequency of winning. With classic five reel and ten paylines, the visuals seem classic. Fruits like strawberries, cherries, watermelons will make you feel the nostalgic atmosphere of the game. And they have an RTP of 95 percent, which may be a pivotal factor to most people. 

Excalibur’s Choice

Everything about this game screams early 2000’s, but the game is around only for a year. It is tough to believe that the game is one of the newest. Because it carries so many excellent characteristics of the sets of past decades. However, you may argue that the images in the game look outdated. That is only a false impression. With great features, free spins, bonus games and many more, this game is among the hot slot games nowadays.

Luminous Life

luminous life

With an ocean theme, this game will make you feel like you are in deep waters. Casino software provider Playtech has developed this brilliant game. With a massive jackpot, free spins and dazzling effects, Luminous Life will keep you playing for hours. 

Buffalo Rising

Blueprint had developed Buffalo Slots in 2018 successfully, so it is their second in the series. When you search for hot slots online, it is significant to look through the statistics of the game. There are positive statistics of winning frequencies of this game for gamers. There are more than 117 thousand ways to win! And the RTP is 96.5 percent, which makes Buffalo Rising among the best and hot slot games available right now. 


Some honorable mentions did not make this list. Tiki Vikings, Magic of Sahara, Gold Factory and others are easily among the hottest slot games too. So not being on the file does not decrease their quality. 

As we have mentioned before, the statistics can be deceiving. You may research some of the hot slot games and end up losing in the game with the highest rating. In slot games, you may see one combination repeatedly. And this may create a pattern in your brain as a player. However, this is only an illusion. Because there is no intention in the creation of slot games that they should either have hot or cold cycles. Some players may think that they have analyzed the slot machines well. They may take notes of winning times and patterns, but that would seem meaningless. Also, gamers have different opinions on investing. Some think that to spend at cold slots is more beneficial because the winning will start now. 

No matter what, as a gamer, you should understand that it is all about luck and intuition. No matter how long the list of hot slot games can be. 

How to Play Slot Machines: Best Slot Games

how to play slot machines

Slot machines became more popular among the players in very recent years. If you check statistics, more than three-quarters of gamblers choose to play slot games. This number is even higher among the players who join to casinos for the first time. Therefore, understanding how to play slot machines becomes so crucial. It is clear that the rules are quite direct, so, the players have no difficulties in learning them.

Several years ago, gamblers did not prefer playing slot machines as much as the other ones. The main reasons are the little number of earnings and a terrible level of payouts. Moreover, slot machine players also do not have the opportunity to get side benefits such as free food, etc.

The popularity of online slot games in the 21st century

how to play slot machines

In the modern world, playing online slots is also very well-known among risk-takers. The essential factor is that players are so lazy to go to casinos each time. Therefore, developers created many online casino games which are the almost exact substitute of the real ones. Even there is stiff competition to produce the best slot games. And the aim is to create an environment that will satisfy the gamers’ needs. Online players require clear guidelines to know how to play slot machines. So, gamers need to get all the information before starting to play online slots.

How to play slot machines?

Most parts of gamers love online slot games because of their simplicity. The rules are elementary; you do not need to focus on the game a lot. The basic rule is to click the spin button in almost all slot games. Afterward, the places of the symbols will change automatically. Before pushing the spin button, players should decide how much money they want to bet. Players should pair at least three characters on a line to win. After learning how to play slot machines, gamers only think about prizes. The total earning amount depends on the two main factors. The first one is the overall value of money that you want to bet. Secondly, different types of figures have various benefits, so, the gain also changes according to the matched symbols. Therefore, understanding the payment table is so crucial to know detailed information about tokens.

Myths about online slot games

Winning money in online video slots depends on pure luck or not is always a controversial issue. However, there are still some myths about these games which are not real at all. Firstly, some players assume that if you bet more money, you will have more chances to win. When you bet more, you can earn a lot very quickly. But the vice-versa is also correct, so, it does not increase the probability of winning. Moreover, there is a common perception that it is easier to pair symbols in some lines. It is false, too because the chance of earning money is absolutely the same in every line. Finally, some gamers believe that there are hot and cold slots. Nevertheless, selecting the symbols is entirely random, so, this belief is also wrong.

How to play slot machines smartly?

Several years ago, gamblers did not prefer playing slot machines as much as the other ones. The main reasons are the little number of earnings and a terrible level of payouts. Moreover, slot machine players also do not have the opportunity to get side benefits such as free food, etc.

Luck is one of the factors in online gambling. However, there are a few strategies, which may increase the probability of winning. The first aspect is to consider the RTP rate. It means a return to player rate. So, if you select a slot that has quite high RTP, your chances of winning will go up for sure. It is one of the crucial indicators which you should focus on more. Furthermore, the other tip for gamers is to make as simple moves as possible. If you play like this, it will be so easy for you to understand the whole process. In more complicated ways, there are lots of various effects that can impact the slots. And defining what is going on is quite hard. Even if you are playing one of the best online slot games, try to ignore challenging modes.

Best slot games

There are many points, which make the slot games popular among gamers. One of the most important factors is the maximum winning amount that grabs players’ attention very quickly. On the other side, sound and graphic effects, user-friendly interface, etc. are other crucial characteristics of best online slot games. Active gamers prioritize factors, as mentioned above while selecting what to play.

Hot Chance

Professional developers created the game for the gamblers who like the old-school style. The graphics of the game are so attractive, which does not let you get bored. Using a different type of color makes the design very esthetic. If you are familiar with how to play slot machines, you will have no problem with the rules. This game is definitely for the online gamblers who want to earn a huge amount of money in the short run. So that you have an opportunity to select the special bonus type-The Hot Chance Feature. It is possible to get two or three times more rewards if you choose this feature. In short, Hot Chance is one of the best slot games, which you can find in RiversweepS Platinium.

Treasure Jewels

treasure jewels

Another exciting game for online slot machine lovers is Treasure Jewels. This game perfectly fits the ones who prefer feeling classic ambiance while playing. Moreover, the active gamblers who prefer playing five reels and nine line slots also like this game. The interface of the game is extremely user-friendly. You can easily change the amount of bet by just clicking minus or plus buttons. The main advantage of the game is about winning strategy. So, you do not need to pair the symbols starting from the beginning of the line. Even if you can match three figures in the middle, you will still win. Moreover, the total amount of bet also changes depending on preference. You can bet starting from one to nine hundred. In this game, the return to player rate is ninety-five percent. So, it is a quite high number if you compare it with other similar games.

The Catsino

Famous slot games among gamblers are The Catsino. You can enjoy this lovely game in RiversweepS Platinium. The Catsino is one of the best online slot games among the players. If you play this game, there are different bonuses that you may enjoy. You will see four various types of earnings when you start playing: red, silver, gold, platinum. For instance, when you pass from red to silver, you will have a chance to win more amount of money.

Another specification of this game is an attractive background design. Even If you play this game for several hours every day, you will still feel excited and comfortable. As it is clear, the rules will be quite straightforward for you if you know how to play slot machines beforehand. Moreover, the game offers lots of in-game bonuses, which will help you to upgrade your level. Besides, there is the “Wild” function in this game. If you can hit it quickly when needed, the total winning amount will also go up. To sum up, if you like slot machine games, The Catsino will be the perfect choice for spending high-quality time.