Quick Hit Slots: The Ultimate Guide

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Online casino slots are taking the gaming industry by storm. This is especially the case with the newest slot machine games like VR, 3D, and quick hit slots versions. In this article, we will focus mainly on the quick hit slot topic and share our take on this popular slot machine genre. But before that, let us introduce the quick hit slots for our readers who have not tried them yet. 

What are the Quick Hit Slots? 

Quick-hit slots is a relatively new version of classic slot machines developed by Bally Gaming. Nowadays, you can encounter these slot machine games in almost all the popular land-based as well as riversweeps casino platforms. 

They are unique in nature as they mainly provide classic symbols on their themes. However, the addition of modern slot machine mechanics, bonuses, and features makes these slots so addictive. Due to these features, it is a great genre applicable to both old and new generations of slot game players. 

Mainly, you will recognize these casino slot games from a mile because of the colorful and bold symbol collection that includes cherries, bar icons, lucky seven, and such classics. Mainly, each of the quick hit slots games has its unique features, but almost all of them have that same old-school vibe, making them a great addition to today’s gambling industry. 

Those features allow quick hit slots to stay relevant in a market that is going absolutely insane in terms of the implementation of modern technology. The adaptation process for these slot games helps them grow and attract even more players each year. 

Free vs. Real Money Quick Hit Slots

quick hit slots

Quick-hit slots provide users with two options in terms of preference. You can either choose the demo versions or go with the real money version. These slot machine games are both equally entertaining and have somewhat similar features. However, as you might expect, the intensity for the real money version is a little bit higher as it allows you to put your money at stake to have a chance to earn more. 

Free versions of the quick-hit slots do not ask for registration, and you do not have to download any app to enjoy them. It is safer to enjoy these casino games for casual slot fans because they can skip the somehow complicated registration process and get right into the gameplay. 

The entertainment level for these games is higher than most free online slot machines as they are replicating the real money version by allowing you to play with quick hit slots with free coins that do not hold any monetary value. In addition to that, you can check out these free versions on both your mobile and desktop device and enjoy them wherever and whenever you want. 

The most popular examples of free quick hit online slot games are The Super Wheel, Ultra Pays, and Platinum slots. On the other hand, real money versions are also very exciting. These games offer countless bonuses and multiplier effects that give you a shot at major jackpot rewards. Depending on your needs, you can pick any version and try it out whenever you want. 

What About the Pro Version?

In addition to the free and real money version of the quick-hit slots, you also have a pro option to choose from. So, what is it all about? The pro version includes five reels and four rows for players. In addition to that, you will also have 20 active pay lines to deposit on. It is relatively more sophisticated than the other two options. 

Therefore, it is recommended to play the free version first to learn the basic rules before jumping right into the pro version. The basic slot mechanics applied to these games. That means you need to load on the pay lines and press the spin button to reveal the results. 

Because of the bonus offers like free spins, you might actually end up winning twice as much as you initially deposited while you are playing pro quick hit slots. 

One of the unique features that have been added to this version is the Prochincos. These are the bonus balls that you collect on each completed line. Whenever you collect these balls, you can exchange them for other bonus options like multipliers and free spins. 

Quick Hit Slots Cheat Codes: How to Boost Budget

quick hit slots

Quick hit slots cheat codes refer to bonus opportunities that can help you to boost your budget. Many online casinos offer a chance to activate a number of promotions using bonus codes. These codes are sometimes distributed via email. So make sure to sign up for the email newsletter of a casino you are playing at in order not to miss out on any promotions.

In addition to quick hit slots cheat codes, there are a couple of other ways to increase your gaming budget. For example, you can look for deposit match bonuses. Thanks to them, you will be eligible for bonus money after making an initial deposit. 

Other than that, there are also sign-up bonuses. These welcome promotions award newly-registered players with bonus money. So when looking for a casino for quick hit slots online real money, try to pick a platform with such a bonus offer.

Quick Hit Slots Online Real Money: Where to Find Them

If you are convinced that you really need to try out quick hit slots online real money, then let’s discuss two platforms where you can access them. 

quick hit slots online real money

Two top-notch online casinos where you can enjoy quick hit slots best games are BitBetWin and BitSpinWin. BitBetWin and BitSpinWin offer various platforms, so you will have an opportunity to explore different gaming spaces. 

These online casinos are packed with top-notch games developed by the leading companies in the online gambling industry. BitBetWin and BitSpinWin offer various gambling genres, including the newest slot machine games, online fish games, arcade-style games, bingo, keno, and many more.

They also offer some of the most generous promotions out there. This includes sign-up bonuses, as well as deposit match bonuses. It should be noted that the deposit bonuses on BitBetWin and BitSpinWin don’t only apply to your first installment; you can take advantage of them for your subsequent deposits too.

These platforms also have referral bonus offers. The referral bonus can be activated upon registering. So if you have a friend who already has an account on either BitBetWin or BitSpinWin, get a referral code from him/her. 

Thanks to these bonus opportunities, you will be able to accumulate free credits, which you can later use for quick hits slots big win!

In addition to a wide selection of games and generous bonus offers, BitBetWin and BitSpinWin offer compatibility with various devices. These platforms can be accessed from PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. The ease of access makes these online casinos a number one choice for those players who are always on the go and use different devices for gambling. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, quick hit slots are a new wave that changes and improves the online casino industry for the better. From the player’s standpoint, these games are great because they allow you to choose the version that is most convenient for your playing style. If you have never tried these internet casino games before, make sure to enter an online sweepstakes platform that provides quick-hit slots and try your luck at them. 


What are quick hit slots best games?

There are many quick hit slots. However, the list of quick hit slots best games include Platinum Quick Hit Casino Slots, Quit Hit Las Vegas, and Quit Hit Cash Wheel. 

How to hit quick hits slots big win?

Like most of other gambling genres, quick hit online slots are also games of chance. This means that players can have no impact on the outcome. However, you can try to take advantage of bonus opportunities, boost your budget and this way increase your chances of quick hits slots big win!

Does quick hit online slots pay real money?

Yes, quick hit online slots pay real money. This means that you will have to wager real cash in order to claim real money winning. That said, you can also try out free quick hit online casino slots. In this case, you will be playing with virtual coins with no real value.

Are quick hit casino slots profitable?

Yes, quick hit casino slots can be quite profitable. This is because most of them come with high Return to Player (RTP) rates. However, as we noted above, they are a game of chance, so everything depends on luck.

What casinos have quick hit online slots?

Many casinos offer quick hit online slots. But if you are looking for a safe place to play this casino genre, we once against recommend trying BitSpinWin and BitBetWin. These casinos ensure the full protection of users from privacy breaches, so you will be able to enjoy your favorite quick hit slots in peace. 

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