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A lot of entrepreneurs consider online gambling business as one of the most profitable ones. As a result, more people today eager to launch their own online gambling company. But desire is not enough for starting your own business. You need to follow several steps and demonstrate special effort as opening an online casino is a long process. If you show patience and does every step correctly, then you will probably manage to get profit from the casino software solutions. Generally speaking, opening online casino development contains five general steps. Now in this article, you will know all the requirements to get your online business started. 

The first step – business plan

While establishing your business, you may make a lot of mistakes. These mistakes may not seem so destructive, yet you could end up facing the failure of the business. Therefore, in order not to lose your business, you need to prepare a detailed business plan for the future of your company. It should contain how you are going to make money, what is your target audience, etc. You should also include the functionality of your casino, detailed description of the campaign, all the risks, their potential casino software solutions, your income, and even operating expenditures. If you do not have capital initially, you need to gain the interest of investors. 

Creating a business plan

casino software solutions

The first step to include in the business plan process is about gambling license. A gambling license is essential to make your business legal. If you do not have gambling certification, then your customers will not trust your platform. Each country has different regulations and laws when it comes to the gambling business. Additionally, there are various jurisdictions you could get the certification. Some states do not accept the certification of certain jurisdictions. It also depends on where you want to build your business and what will be your target customers. Each domain requires different documentation and different prizes. You need to open a bank account, pay for application form and gambling license, and register a company. After all, jurisdiction will review your application and provide you a gambling license. 

Payment System

The next part of your online casino business plan should be deciding on the payment system. It is an essential part because the payment system should be reliable and safe. You should provide flexibility and freedom to the customers but at the same time, secure payment experience. If customers are not sure about the security level of your platform’s payment system, they will switch to your competitors. Also, it is better to offer a wide variety of payment options so that you could attract more customers. Now, most online casinos provide crypto payment system. You should also consider adding the latest technologies to your business to gain a competitive advantage. If you ignore the international payment system, you may end up losing your reputation. For getting a secure payment system, you will sign an agreement with one of the payment system providers. 

Website Creation

casino software solutions

One of the essential factors that attract customers is your website. You need to take both time and money for website creation. The site provides information about your business. It also helps you to increase your brand reputation. The website should have the perfect design, color choices so that players could differentiate your platform from others. But do not use certain graphical elements a lot. It could push players away and decrease the reputation of your business. Another essential part is to pay the integration of front-end with the database. Your aim should have smooth transitions and better user experience while developing the website. 

Marketing and Promotions / Casino Software Solutions

As we have mentioned online casino is a profitable business, yet without promotions and marketing strategy, you will not be able to earn money from it. Your marketing strategy is about how you will maximize your profit from that business. It should be ready before you launch your business. If you are not sure what you can include to the marketing strategy you can ask help from one of the marketing consulting companies. They will help you to create an effective strategy to increase website traffic. There are a lot of marketing tools you can refer, including SMM, SEO, email newsletter, and loyalty programs. The most crucial point is to make your customers loyal ones and continuously bring new players to your platform.

One of the effective marketing strategies for all kinds of business types is content marketing. You can create exciting and engaging content to promote your platform and increase traffic on your website. Materials could be about the latest games, how to win certain games so that gambling lovers could find them interesting to read. While providing contents, you need to find topics that users prefer and love to read. If you could manage to provide exciting content, you can eventually create a healthy relationship with your customers and make them loyal. Keep in mind that your loyal customers can promote your brand more effectively than any other marketing strategies.  

Bonus and free play systems

casino bonus

As you are new in the gambling industry, it would be better for you to research your competitors and understand how they are doing things. For example, most companies use the different bonus and free plays systems to attract customers. You can also provide bonuses for newcomers and make them come back to your platform frequently. Gifts could make your customers sign up to your website and promote your brand. It is an ideal way to attract more users and make them try your product freely before purchasing it. 

Casino Tournaments

We are continuing with another essential marketing strategy that companies use, which is about organizing casino tournaments. It is about collecting hundreds of players from different countries for a competition where players compete with each other for various prizes. The most popular game among gambling lovers is poker tournaments where competitors gain a chance to win up to millions of dollars. Sports could be between 2 people or between thousands of ones. In slot games competitions thousands of players pay a small fee to join the race, and that collected fee from players go the winner at the end. There are casino tournaments for almost all kinds of casino games, including roulette, blackjack, bingo, etc. Casino owners value these tournaments highly as an effective marketing strategy.  

Email marketing

email marketing

You can use players email address to notify them about your upcoming casino tournaments, about your contents and other promotional events. May players prefer mobile phones for playing casino games, and you can take advantage of that while sending a notification to their phones about your games. To attract mobile users initially, you need to provide mobile gaming and make your website accessible through mobile phones. That way you will double the number of traffic to your website and increase the number of customers. But note that these emails should not bother your customer, so avoid sending disturbing mail. Your email marketing can target  the latest tournaments, games, and the latest news of the gambling industry. 

Casino Software Solutions Choice

Now we would like to announce the essential part of the online casino business, which is your software. Your casino software solutions should meet the requirements of your customers, should be secure, and from the trusted software provider. You need to engage in every step of software selection from price to the quality of online casino software. Try to evaluate every aspect of the software, including security, reviews, gaming content, technical support, and certification. We want to mention some elements that you can pay attention while choosing casino games. There are different types of casino games you can get to your platforms, such as poker games, roulette, blackjack, slot games, and all-in-one.

As a business owner, you need to decide on the right solutions as it will directly influence the profit of your business. While choosing the right casino software solutions, you could consider yourself as a player. It may help you to understand the customers and make the game selection process more comfortable. Your online casino platform should contain games that have a high graphic resolution, perfect sound effects, secure payment method. Before signing the contract with software, the provider does not forget to ask whether they could add more games and update the current ones as time passes. 

Importance of user experience

user experience

Every develops needs to follow several standards while creating casino games and at the same time, need to add some uniqueness to it. Development companies are continuously working on the advancing sound effects, graphics, gaming content of their products to keep their customers satisfied. All these advancements aim to provide a smoother gaming experience and make your customers loyal to your platform. Before choosing casino games for your business, try to learn more about companies and their products. Try to meet with those companies and test their games for free. Only in this way you can differentiate games and decide which one is suitable for you. 

Payment System

The payment system is the lifeblood of the online casino business. Your casino software solutions should be able to perform international financial transactions and provide multi-currency payment system to offer different game choices for your customers. Also, note that governments regulate the payment system of online casinos. Therefore, you can always be ready for the testing and auditing of your payment system by third party organizations. 

Multi-device support

device support

If you aim to get a lot of customers internationally, then you need to offer casino games for all kinds of devices. Different OS users, including Android, IOS, and Windows, should be able to open their mobile phones and start playing your games. 

Exclusiveness of Casino Software Solutions

It is important to consider obtaining casino software solutions that will be available for all kinds of devices and operating systems. Each development company has experience in one direction. For example, some providers specialize only in live casino applications, yet others develop only mobile games. We recommend you to choose the online casino software company which can provide you with the casino games that all device users could play. 

Offer instant play and download options.

If you want to make huge profits from the online casino industry, you can include both instant play and download options. That way, customers could download games on their devices and also play games through their favorite browsers. Browsers are more convenient than the downloadable versions. The player does not need to install and wait for the installation to play the games. Lighting takes up a place in computer and if the customer has limited memory installation could slow down the process. The best part about the browser is that player can enter your platform and start playing within a second and without performing so much support. Also, while playing through the browser, the player does not need to worry about the OS of the computer. 

As we have mentioned, downloadable games are not favorable in terms of computer space. Another disadvantage of downloadable games is that players need to consider the OS of the device before downloading the game. Most installers are incompatible with operating systems other than Windows, which creates a problem for different operating system users. However, these game versions offer better playability and game experience. When players download the game on their device, the sound, and graphics, the overall game experience becomes several times better than browser games. Also, users will have access to some features that they could not have while playing instantly. Therefore, players need to decide whether they want better game experience or convenience. 

Diversity in casino software solutions

different software providers

Up until now, online casinos were choosing one software provider and getting all the games as one package from that provider. Now business does not work like that. Most of the online casino companies work with several casino software providers and get different games from each company. The aim here is to offer a diversity of games to their customers and satisfy more customers with different tastes. Some online casinos develop their casino software solutions but get different games from various providers. It highly depends on your business plan and how you want to manage your business. 

Criteria for evaluating the casino software solutions

Now we are introducing game features that players pay attention to while choosing the game to play. First of all, it is essential to provide a wide variety of games for players. Your platform should contain different online slot games, poker games, table games for players. The other feature that players pay attention is the game graphics. When initially casino games appeared providers were using 2D, but nowadays they have switched to the 3D even in some cases to VR. 

The next characteristic we would like to mention is the audio and sound effects. Without a sound, any perfect game could be annoying to your customers. It does not depend whether your games have excellent graphics or not without sound effects; they will not be able to attract many customers. Luckily, casino software solutions providers integrate the sound effects to the games to complete the perfectness and offer better and more real gaming experience for your players. Sounds could be classical music or some popular music. It highly depends on the content of the game and the target audience of it. 

The next point we want to mention is about cross-platform games. We live in the digital age that every person has access to smartphones. Users want to access everything from their mobile phones, and it applies to casino games as well. Therefore, your online casino games should be available for smartphones to get more customers. But it does not mean that players can play casino games only from their smartphones, but they can play from both tablets and desktop. 

Language Support

language support

Let’s switch to the last feature that plays a vital role while evaluating casino games. If your native language is English, you would probably like to play games that offer English. It is the same with other language speakers as well. Therefore, online casino providers consider it and enlarge the number of languages that their casino software solutions support.  

Can online casino exist without software developers?

As we have mentioned, earlier today, casino owners know the value of working with different partners. That is because the owners do not want to spend their time concerning about the updates and maintenance of the casino software solutions. Online casino software developers are responsible for that process, which make them a valuable partner for the casino owners. 

Top 10 Best Mobile Casinos 2019

mobile casinos

Nowadays, people mostly use their mobile devices for playing games on mobile casinos. According to statistics, more than 65 percent of mobile phone users have downloaded game apps on their smartphones. Therefore, casino software providers consider the case and develop websites and online casino games according to user requirements. Most of the gambling companies have casino sites that support by smartphones, yet others do not have that option. Even some of them provide bonuses for mobile phone users. Users claim these bonuses by adding and verifying their phone number on the online casino website.

It is not mandatory to give the mobile version of your website, but you need to consider that by not doing this, you lose a vast amount of customers. In the case of players, it is challenging to decide which online casino is the best option for them. If you are one of these users, there are several factors you can consider while deciding on mobile casinos.

Firstly pay attention to whether online casino loads fast or not. Usually, the loading time of the same casino website for laptops and mobile phones are different. Therefore, it is crucial for mobile casinos to load no slower than it loads on notebooks. Players should see the casino page within a matter of seconds. Slow loading indicates that the casino is not for mobile devices and contains some features that mobile phones do not support. The second feature you need to pay attention is whether you see the whole screen of online casino on your mobile device or not. If you cannot see the entire screen and you need to scroll sideways for viewing the casino website, then it shows that you should not continue using this online casino.

Design and support

One of the worst nightmares of mobile users is large pop-ups. While entering the mobile casinos if you see pop-up appearing on the top of the page, then this is an unprofessional mobile casino. Good mobile casinos should contain simple design and should be easy to use for users. It should provide good color choices, and several straightforward buttons to show the user where to click to start the game.

Also, it is not enough to have a website that mobile phones support. You should also offer mobile casino games within your casino website. If your customers could enter your site through mobile phone but could not play the games, then there is no meaning to offer an online casino. Nowadays most of the companies use HTML5 language for mobile games for better graphics, and visuals. There are several ways you can play casino games through your mobile phone. You can play a play by entering the online casino from your browser, or you can play by downloading the mobile app. Do you like playing slots on your smartphone? Or you prefer mobile Blackjack? Not depending on your choice, you can play all of them on your device easily with the help of mobile casinos. And the article will introduce top 10 best mobile casinos for your choice.

Mr. Green Mobile Casino

cards and dices

Mr. Green is one of the bests in the gambling industry for its online casino. It offers casino available through a web browser. Additionally, customers of the company enjoy playing games on two winning apps for Android and iPhone. According to customers, the company provides the best casino apps in the gambling industry. Some online casinos offer a limited number of game selections to their customers and have a bug in the games for mobile devices. But it is not the case for Mr. Green. Developers are so professional in their work and provide on the of the best user experience for the customers. They almost have 500 different game selections available for smartphones, and all of them are any bug, error-free.

They offer 600 games choices for the desktop version, and more than half of the games are available for mobile users. Games have progressive jackpots, Siberian Storm, Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, and other famous slots. They offer different slots from top giants of online casino software providers. One of them is Microgaming, which also has several games developed for Mr. Green. Game of Thrones, Rugby Star, and Mermaid Millions are all famous Microgaming games that available through MR Green online casino. Other matches in the online casino are from Netent including Starbursts and Aliens, Gonzo’s Guests, and from IGT such as Da Vinci’s Diamonds, Miss White, etc.

Variety of choice

Slots are not the only type of gambling games that Mr. Green offers. They offer different kinds of games. In their online casino, you can see various variety of Roulette such as European Roulette, Suite Roulette, and Roulette Touch. Customers of Mr. Green also enjoy playing Blackjacks one their smartphones. European Blackjack Gold, Blackjack Touch, Blackjack Player’s Choice, and Player’s Suite Blackjack are just a few samples of Blackjack games that Mr. Green mobile casinos offer for its customers. Of course, it is not possible to imagine an online casino without Poker games. Several of them include Double Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, and others. Most of the poker games are available for both desktop and mobile. You can easily download the app and play the games for both free and real money.

Note that the Android version of the app is not available on the Google App Store, but you can download it from Mr. Green’s casino website.

mobile casinos is another reputable online casino provider in the industry. Their web and mobile casinos are among the most visited ones. It has started operation since 2008 and owned by an Asian company called Mansion Gaming. Mansion Gaming is famous for its both land-based and online casinos and has gained immense reputation recently. Although some of the games focus on the Asian audience, online casino is for global customers. It puts great importance on safety and security of the games. Therefore, the company has two licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Gibraltar authorities. Therefore if you are a customer of, you can ensure that company policy is protecting your all account data from any fraudulent actions. If you have faced any issue related security, you can report the problem to the authorities, and they will open an investigation about the case.

Another certificate for is from one of the strict agencies called eCogra. eCogra has tested and verified that everything in the online casino is transparent, and you can rely on the company. provides more than 200 games for your choice. They are not the company that offers thousands of games, but we assure you about the quality of their games. They work with the Microgaming software provider company as well. It not only ensures the security level of games but also indicates that their games are exciting and enjoyable to play. They offer more than 150 slot games and table games and live games.

JackpotCity Casino

mobile casinos

JackpotCity Casino does not offer a mobile app, but they have online casino for smartphones so that you can easily choose among hundreds of games and play comfortably. Their offered games include exciting slot games, progressive jackpot games, different variety of Roulettes, Pokers games, and Blackjacks. JackpotCity is another online casino that works with Microgaming company. It means we do not have any doubt about the quality of available games. Hundreds of slot games for the mobile casinos are the product of Microgaming.

Some of them include Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Oranges and Lemons, Double Magic Mega City, and many other slots. For playing these games, you do not need to download an app. They all are available for your mobile devices. You can play these games for both free and real money. The mobile casino also offers different payment options for you. Also, you will get a 100 percent match bonus as a welcome bonus.


It has an original name as Virtual Holdings Ltd and has started to operate since 1997. Later the company has changed its name as 888casino. As a part of 888 Group, the online casino is one of the reputable and reliable in the gambling industry. For a long time, they have used in-house developed games called Dragonfish. But later they started to work with different online casino giants including Netent, Playtech, Blueprint, and NextGen. They offer different slots, jackpots, blackjacks, roulettes, and video poker games from the companies mentioned above. By providing these games, they assure that you will get the best user experience and enjoy the games.

They have several certificates from Denmark, USA, Malta, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Gibraltar. Therefore, you can be sure that you are dealing with a safe and reliable mobile casino.  Also, the company has one of the best customer support among its competitors. They will answer your emails, phone calls, and messages immediately. Generally, they provide all the necessary features to keep their customers satisfied. You can play their games via browser and mobile app. You can even play games without registration. Their games offer players demo mode for testing.

Wunderino Casino

mobile casinos

Wunderino is an excellent cartoon-themed online casino. Some clients call the Wunderino online casino as Magic online casino. We do not make sure about the Magic part, but it is evident that they offer one of the successful online casinos for smartphones. Additionally, they have developed a mobile app both for iPhone and Android. While playing Wunderino mobile casinos, you do not wait for the page to load as their online casino software has a fast and excellent mobile interface. As the desktop version mobile one also contains hundreds of different games, promotions, free spins, free plays, and fast loading. We do not have any doubt that the mobile-friendly casino will satisfy you a lot.

The app supports different languages, including English, French, Germany, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

You will not be able to find their Android App on Google App Store. You can download the app from only Wunderino website. It has less slot offering (250) than IOS app, but there are new live casino games, Roulette, Blackjack, and baccarat.

Betfair Casino

This online casino is an excellent option for players that love card and table games. But Betfair does not limit itself with only table and card games. It also offers different slot games which are available through the casino website, Android, and iPhone apps. We could not find any problem with the Betfair online casino for mobile users. It is easy to have, has excellent design, loads fast, and works smoothly. You can play even in the demo mode before signing up. You can play all the games smoothly without the need to download. If you want, there are also Android and iPhone mobile app versions as well. They offer two different mobile apps.

One mobile app is for people from all over the world, and another app is only available to the local people of New Jersey. For downloading the iPhone app, you need 9.0 IOS or above versions.

PartyCasino Mobile Gambling

With its secure, safe payments, excellent game choices, comprehensive customer support PartyCasino is one of the bests in the gambling industry. They also have developed a mobile casino version of the online casino, which is quite successful as well. Unfortunately, there is no free play in the mobile version; you need to sign up for enjoying the games of PartyCasino. You can open your mobile browser and quickly sign up and play from hundreds of games. Additionally, the company offers two apps for both Android and IOS users. For IOS app you need 9.0 or later version. It provides different choices to slots games, Roulette, Blackjacks, Baccarat, and Poker games.

There exist 20 different language option in the game, including English, French, Germany, Spanish, to name a few. If you use an Android phone, you need 4.0.3 version and 8 Mb of your memory to install the app. It also offers a wide variety of games.

BGO Casino Option

You will love BGO online casino if you are a fan of slots, slot tournaments and also bingo games. They offer hundreds of different games, but their slots are the ones that made them famous in the gambling industry. Their strategy is to provide classic games from the best developers in the industry. You can access their games in different ways: from your browser, and also from downloaded apps. IOS app is available for devices with at least 9.0 version, and it operates in two languages: English and Swedish. For Android, users app require 4.2 or later Android version. Android app also offers hundreds of slots, table games, and bingo games.

Grosvenor Casino Gambling

slot game

The Grosvenor online casino is known probably to everyone who lives in the United Kingdom. The company owns more than 50 land-based casinos in the area. Having several such casinos requires experience in the industry and Grosvenor company a lot of experience. Additionally, they are quite successful in online gambling as well. You can get their games from both desktop and mobile devices. Playing Grosvenor games through smartphones is even more comfortable because of their mobile-friendly solutions. You can play favorite games including Book of Ra Deluxe or Lucky Lady’s Charm by both accessing Grosvenor mobile casino version and desktop version.

The only way to obtain free play and real money games is by signing up with your mobile phone. For mobile apps, you have two option: downloading Grovenur mobile app, or Live Casino app. But if you love to play live casino games, you can access those games also from the casino app. For downloading the Android app initially, you will need to decide whether you love to play live casino, slots, or table games. After making your choice, you can download the app according to your preference.

LeoVegas Casino

LEoVegas is the favorite one of the favorite ones among gambling lovers. They have fast and excellent mobile casinos with attractive design and graphics. The loading time is so fast, and mobile version contains hundreds of options. You do not need to download the app version as their browser version will make you feel like you play through the app. Another favorite feature by LeoVegas is free plays. You can try free games without downloading and signing up requirement. It has both IOS and Android apps. Their IOS app won the award of Best Native App in 2017 and has 4.8 starts in the App Store. If you have an iPhone with 8.0 IOS or later you can download the app and enjoy the games by LeoVegas.

White Label Online Casino Solution

cards and chips

When it comes to starting an online casino business, white label online casino seems to be the best solution. It is a commonly known fact that the online gambling industry is growing every year, so more and more entrepreneurs jump in and are willing to test its waters. Most people have little to moderate knowledge about developing an online casino platform, so online casino software companies are here to help. White label is a popular method among new casino launches because it allows businesspeople to focus on marketing and promoting their brand without worrying about other aspects like software, security, or interface. Sure, everyone can start their business from scratch, but what if we tell you that you can benefit from a ready-to-operate platform that you can lease and start making profits from it right away?

In this article, we are going to find out what white label online casinos are all about, which are the best white label solutions and what makes them such an excellent option for people interested in opening an online casino business.

White label meaning

White Label Online Casino

For starts, let’s see what white label actually means. A specific company produces any white label product, and it is available for purchase by other marketers. The marketers rebrand this product and design it in such way that it expresses their ideas and work ethic. The white label concept is spread all around the business world from traveling companies to make up products, and so on.

White label casinos

White label casinos follow the concept behind them: a third party provides the online casino software all the technological aspects that contribute to that platform. As a business owner, you rent the product and the services and worry about the marketing strategy and the branding behind it. Because the online casino market increased over the years, white label casinos are a viable option for entrepreneurs, but they need some research done and a reasonably good budget to start.

Who is involved?

So far, it is clear that in a white label casino business, at least two parties take shares: the operator or the business owner and the service provider. This connection is very important because, without it, owners can never achieve a high-quality finished product. This means that the operator has to state its needs, intentions clearly, and future expectations for the white label casino software developer to know what they want.

The software provider or the supplier has to offer a complete white label casino solution. The casino platform should cover a license, gaming content, payment options, front-end development, and a control panel. From the owner’s point of view, the control panel is necessary because it allows them to manage their white label casino platform, ensuring that their website is up and running 24/7 without any problems or malicious encounters.

The operator needs to know which the best software provider is and which the best white label casino solutions are. For an entrepreneur, this is the purpose of white label casinos: an already developed product that only needs marketing, branding, and promotion to gain popularity. Usually, operators can customize the white label software according to their needs, but before that, they need an in-depth study of the market.

What should entrepreneurs know?

chips casino

Before launching their white label casino, the operators need to know which the geography of his business is. This aspect concerns the targeted market, meaning where are the players coming from and what games are they looking for. The business geography holds matters like language and currency as well. Owners need to know which games are trending in the online casino world and even further, which casino games are trending in the targeted country. A relevant game variety is crucial for an online casino business because this is how you gain popularity and increase the client base.

White label casino software providers know this aspect already, and most of them offer a full gaming set. Market determination takes account of marketing issues as well.  If an operator studies his market, he will know how to brand and promote his venture. Design features like color schemes, website layout, and graphics are vital, so knowing what the targeted players are looking for is a big step ahead on the road to success.


Like in every business project, management is essential in white label casino start-ups as well. Managers have to determine the scale they are going to work at and how many employees they need. Consulting with the online casino software provider is a good idea for getting insights regarding this issue. Hiring staff is not enough in white label casinos; operators have to separate employees’ rights meaning that they need to know what every employee is doing. For example, a casino administrator is in charge of the games and the online traffic reports while a manager can access data regarding finances, payouts, and player information. Every online casino platform has a bonus system, and this issue concerns both parties involved in the white label casino. Most white label casino solution services include the bonus system from the get-go allowing the operator to change deposit amounts, game volatility or turn them off.

Lastly, operators define the payment processing system. Money transactions are under specific law regulations; therefore, this asset needs a license. White label casino producers implement their payment system in their software, processing the transactions through the operator. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can handle the payment options on their own by getting their personal license and cooperating with the payment systems of choice.

Benefits of white label casino solutions

White Label Online Casino

If we compare white label casinos to start-ups built from scratch, its benefits are very rewarding. Asides from operators getting to choose from so many online casino software providers, here are the general advantages white label casinos possess:

Legislation Concerns

Generally, obtaining a license for any casino is a complicated task. Officials ask for tons of documents, and in countries like the United States, license fees are extremely expensive. Also, the law regulations concerning online casino business are very tricky and need a lot of time for understanding how they work and what they imply. Choosing a white label solution is going to save you a lot of time and peace of mind because the software comes with its own license and approvals.

Payment Systems

Even if payment processing sounds easy and operators can choose if they want to take care of it themselves, it is in fact, a tricky task. Online casinos need to cover both accepting and transferring payments on a user-friendly interface and a secure environment. On top of that, the payment system has to include multiple pay lines available for numerous countries. White label casino solutions handle the payment processing system and asides that they include server security precautions and risk management, making sure your business is fraud-free.

Customer support

We all know how this works; if we are in a store and we need help but no one’s there to help us, we’re either leaving or making a complaint. It goes the same way in the online casino world; reliable customer support is crucial. Providing a professional customer support team for your business is typically expensive, takes a lot of time and requires a lot of staff. As an entrepreneur, you need to realize that you are dealing with the online medium so that you can have 1000 players on your platform, and they are all looking for help at the same time. Therefore, the customer support service is vital, and luckily, white label casinos come with this pre-packed feature.

Operators can customize this service, for example, they can choose if they want a 24/7 hotline, a non-stop chat box available or a simple email inbox where players can state their problems and ask for help.


White casino solutions take care of everything except marketing and branding, which is the operator’s job. Managers need to check the technical features of the software to know what is possible and what is not, in design-terms. White label solutions are time-tested gaming platforms, so the engineers behind it made it easy to brand with multiple design features. This type of software usually comes with high-end graphics, state-of-the-art animations, and great sound effects.


White Label Online Casino

It is one of the most significant benefits of white label casinos. The products don’t take a lot of time setting up because they come in their final shape. If the operator chooses an excellent online casino software developer, the white label casino set-up can take around two weeks, which is a very short time compared to other platforms. This news is great for owners because not many businesses can start making profits and earning customers in under one month.

Custom features

White label solutions are customizable; this being one of the reasons they are so popular. Operators have the freedom to add new games or change some game aspects along the way. White label casinos providers allow managers to shift the website interest if they want to, for example, moving from sports bets to sweepstakes slot games. This is not something owners opt for usually, but just the fact that software providers are open at changes like this is just another reason to choose a white label casino solution for your company.


This aspect is something every owner likes because it saves them a lot of time. White label casino solutions are pre-packaged deals, so entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with juridical formalities or stuff regarding technical features. Operators can invest their time in solving marketing issues and branding matters.

Disadvantages of White Label Casino Solutions


Operators stumble upon some restrictions when it comes to their white label casino preferences. The software provider selects most features such as payment options, the game variety, and so on. Lately, this policy changed for some white label casino suppliers that give their partners more freedom of choice.

Fixed range of settings

This is one of the major cons of white label casinos. White labels come as finished products, so the operator has little to no access to the game settings. The developer is the only entity that can make changes, and if the operator asks for this,  things are for sure going to happen.

Developer Control

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, most entrepreneurs don’t agree with it. When dealing with a start-up, operators are very concerned about how their white label casino works and how many people it reaches. Therefore, in the beginning, the developer offers solutions and different services to help the operator, but this also means a full developer take-over on the business.

White Label vs. Turnkey


White label casinos pass as turnkey casinos quite often, and this is a wrong impression. Even though the solutions look a lot like each other, they don’t offer the same services or advantages. Turnkey casino solutions are typically more expensive and time-consuming, and owners need to find third-party partners on their own. While turnkey software offers more liberty to the owner, overall white label solutions are most people’s favorites compared to the first ones. Entrepreneurs want a high-quality product that installs quickly. Even if the general audience frowns on the fact that white label casinos tend to look the same and work the same, it is the manager’s job to rebrand the platform and give it a more personal edge.


In conclusion, white label casinos are a good choice for any entrepreneur interested in this business area. As studies show, the budgets for white label casinos start at 15,000 dollars, reaching a maximum of 50,000 dollars. Even if the maximum amount sounds like a lot of money, in the business world, it’s not. Take in account that we are talking about a pre-packaged deal. Each white label solutions provider has more than one offering for their clients. The owner’s choice depends on his dedication and seriousness in intentions. However, white label casinos are substantially cheaper than a start-up developed by the operator.

There are significant advantages in using white label casino solutions. For example, the already-established technical features, but every owner knows that there is more than this. Entrepreneurs need to know that accessing the online casino industry is like a bumpy road. Competitors are everywhere, and without a strong online presence and a smart marketing campaign, it is difficult to make a name out of a young brand. Choosing an easy-to-remember domain name, a catchy brand name, and a relatable logo is just a few steps on this journey. Developing the gaming website and continue working hard on marketing campaigns and promotional add-ons will pay off and make your white label casino a landmark in the online gambling world.

Why white label casinos are great option

Even if these steps seem easy to follow, in reality, this is an entrepreneur only shot to success when it comes to attributing original ideas in the white label casino market. Every operator needs to know which the best white label solutions are and what online casino software they should choose to meet their needs. The online casino scene overloads with white label casinos, and this makes the market incredibly competitive. But also, turns the players into some sort of “spoiled brats.” Players continuously seek unique gaming experiences and new game features. Sometimes is better to invest in unique software.

Nevertheless, white label casinos are still a great option because it has some customizable settings. It gives operators the chance of building their own brand. Like in a basic slot games, the first thing that catches the eye is the graphic design of the game and not the technical features. It is the same for white label casinos, good promoting campaigns, pop-up color schemes and modern, relatable designs are what the players see first. Business owners that know this will surely invest in branding. Also, they already realized that white label casino solutions are in fact, the ace up their sleeve.

About RiverSweeps Platinium

RiverSweeps Platinium is a great software provider for operators interested in opening a white label online casino. We provide and maintain high-quality software at an affordable price. Our passion for technology and care for customers places us among top online casino software providers because we always know what’s best for our clients. The RiverSweeps Platinium software has excellent graphics and animations features, offering a significant impact on the users gaming experience. Our company fully supports entrepreneurs with reliable solutions and advice. If you want to start your own online casino empire starting from a white label casino, we would be happy to assist you.

Top Online Casino Software Developers and Why They Are Important

Online Casino Software Developers-6

Many lovers of gambling do not even realize that every best online casino software is only a partner of major online casino software developers, where the betting games take place. This format of doing business is used in the absolute majority of cases, and it looks much better than the rare instances in which operators offer their software versions with an incomprehensible origin. Having a basic knowledge of popular online casino software developers, users can easily navigate online casino sites and choose suitable entertainment options.


Primary functions, bonus modes, as well as the subject and appearance,  were always considered the main criteria for selecting games. Against the background of the high popularity of online casinos, the software industry is in a fierce competition, so online casino software developers seek to add individual features to its products by implementing unique features and signing copyright agreements from well-known film studios, music groups or television series.

An innovative approach to the creation of its solutions will allow the young manufacturer of gaming machines to be among the leaders, as well as to receive several awards at international software exhibitions.


Online Casino Software Developers-6


Each software provider seeks to give its gaming machines individual features, so slot games of the same brand often have a similar set of characteristics or interface design style. This approach contributes to the recognition of a particular product of online casino software developers among thousands of other titles. New online gambling establishments practice a clear division according to the brand of the manufacturer, so players do not need to waste time searching for the desired video slot. In rare cases, supplier companies add unique slots and roulettes that have been developed exclusively for a specific club and cannot be on other sites under the terms of the contract.

Moreover, remember that new Playtech games continuously appear on the Internet, the software for which purchases separately. In contracts with development companies, they often point out that after they sell you a set for a game resource, Playtech casino software will be replenished with continually emerging new games.


Playtech Ltd


Playtech Ltd. is one of the hugest manufacturers of online gaming software in the world. The success of it lies in the constant search for new successful partners which are large casinos, a wide variation of products presented: poker room, bingo casino, live games, sports betting, and much more. Playtech is experiencing dynamic growth because of the modern software that allows you to adapt the elements of the platform to mobile devices. Thousands of people are involved in the development of Playtech. Playtech continues to grow, continually offers fresh products and adds new companies to its empire.


Online Casino Software Developers-6


The manufacturer of slot machines Microgaming company is known worldwide. Slots produced by him often become legendary. During its existence, the company employees released more than six hundred slot machines. They are continually changing, reincarnating, improving and becoming better. So the Playtech casino games managed to evolve so much that from the classic “sevens” they grew into new 3D slots and unique emulators that are with all the latest developments.


Reasons why casino software is Important

What we see when opening the site, what are the steps we need to implement to register and make a deposit, which games and bonuses we have, how long the winnings are displayed, how efficiently the support works in live chat – all the factors affect whether we become a regular customer this casino.

1. Design

Design affects the first impression of the site. Should the design be unusual to surprise and stay in memory for a long time, or is a more standard look preferable? There is no definite answer. Some players feel better in traditional design, but there are also those who appreciate the innovative approach and innovative solutions. Therefore, the operator himself decides whether to use a time-tested template of the design and hit the players with a non-standard solution.

2. Game selection

Even though each casino has its own set of favorite games that bring the most profit to the casino, players respect the variations of choices. The more games a casino offers, the larger the audience it can attract.

3. Payment methods variations

Players must have a selection not only of games but also of payment methods. The more payment methods the casino offers, the higher deposits it receives. Which payment methods should be supported depends on the specific regions in which the casino operates.

4. Quick withdrawal

This factor is of particular importance. The lower time involves the removal of funds, and the more loyal players will be. Any player will prefer a casino in which the prize will appear within 15-20 minutes than where a large number of documents is required to be submitted or where payments are delayed for several days. To avoid fraud attempts, and one should never neglect the procedure for checking personal documents before withdrawing funds. Customer support should do this as quickly and efficiently as possible so that players are satisfied with the service.

5. Excellent customer support

Efficient service and smart customer support managers are one of the essential reasons why players come back to the casino. It is necessary to have a well-trained round-the-clock customer support service so that it can always answer any question and resolve any situation peacefully. Please note that managers respond to requests within a minute or minute and a half and can promptly offer a solution to even the most demanding customers in difficult situations.


Online Casino Software Developers

6. Promotions and bonuses

What is the casino without free spins and bonuses? The more generous your offers, the happier the customers. Tip: information about the most attractive bonuses should be displayed on the main page with links to the deposit pages and registration.


7. Support for cryptocurrency

Because of the growing bitcoin popularity, the possibility to accept deposits in cryptocurrency is practically necessary for an online casino if it wants to be “on the front line” among competitors. Sites that work with bitcoin casino, players associated with innovation, a high degree of protection of personal information and much faster processing of payments.


No matter how obvious the success factors listed above may seem, not every casino can boast a full set of them. All elements are both critical (although quick withdrawals and excellent customer support still play a crucial role for avid players), and the lack of such can seriously harm the reputation and attractiveness of online casinos.


Online casino software developers, of course, have a heavy burden of ensuring the effective operation of the online casino from creating the first-class design to properly building customer support. Online casino software developers do not always possess all the necessary skills and knowledge for this, but this is not important as long as there are specialists with experience in various fields of online gambling who can provide professional support in every narrow segment of the business.


What is the Price Per Head Online Casino Software?

Online Casino Software

Since the scope of online casino software is overgrowing, new ways to make money this way appear every day. Different variations of existing games are being created, the creation of new games is developing, each time offering players unique advantages and differences in earnings. online casino software Price Per Head was created solely to enable casino software providers to entrust customer service to a provider. Following the scheme, payment occurs every time users ask for help. There are many advantages that such a scheme brings. The pros at this moment occur both for the casino and the provider and the client. Let’s take a look at customer benefits.


Variations of online slots

Online Casino Software

Although there are many other gambling games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and so on, slot machines are staying on the top as users prefer choosing them instead of different variations of online games. As slot machines are easy to use it is not essential to practice skills and learn sophisticated strategies.


First of all, there are many online slots. They include everything from “classic” three-drum slots that most closely resemble the famous “one-armed bandits” who are well-known in gambling, and there are other types of slot machines, including excellent five-drum games that provide for many paylines, which may be included by the client. It gives you more ways to win, and it’s tempting that your players have to invest some money in cars and make you more profit.


Classic slots are mostly a virtual equivalent of a “one-armed gangster.” This concept can also be attributed to any offline or online slot machine with three reels and one gaming line. Multi-reel slots are models of online devices, the playing field of which consists of 5, 7, nine reels. Much less often there are slots with an even number of coils. Multiline slots – already from the name it becomes clear that these models will have several paylines. Progressive slots are not much different from their real counterparts. For instance, to hit the jackpot, it is necessary to play at maximum bets, only in progressive online slots the bet limits can be smaller.


3D Slots

Online Casino Software


3D slots are models with more sophisticated graphics and detailed drawing. During their development, 3D technologies are used, which allows creating a unique, dynamic atmosphere and enhances the sense of the reality of what is happening. AWP (Amusement with Prizes) – these machines came to online casinos from British bars, where they were trendy among visitors. The playing field in these devices was not covered with glass, so the players loved to cheat and hold the drum with their fingers or push it so that the symbol would become in an advantageous position.


In general, the slot industry is developing very dynamically, and it is simply impossible to list all the slot options. Besides, the online gaming software range of sites sometimes includes very unusual models that can hardly be qualified. Thus, by providing variations of gaming slots to customers, online casino software can easily attract a customer. Having a large number of choices customers will be satisfied and will come back to you again and again. Using Pay Per Head you choose which customers you want to offer specific slots. Also using this system, you will have the opportunity to define constraints.


A Quick Guide To Online Casino Software

online casino software

Today internet casino gaming is one of the most profitable business among other types of the game industry. In comparison with classic kind of casino games, internet casino games are getting more and more popular day-by-day. Thanks to the advancement of information communication technology and enhanced usage of Internet-based devices, demand for online casino games maintains a significant upward trend. It is an obvious fact that a high-quality online casino game significantly depends on the software provided on the background. There is no doubt that online casino software is utmost important in terms of not only for casino owners but also game experience of players. As a casino business owner, the software allows you to manage and control your business which directly leads to high customer satisfaction. On the other hand, for the players, online gaming software has a significant impact on the quality of gaming experience.


Why is online casino software important?


online casino software


Internet casino gaming business is an intensively competitive industry, so each year it generates billions of dollar. Generally speaking, it is a boiling market and, naturally, there is a vast number of participants competing or struggling with each other to become a market leader. The question is why casino gaming software is so essential and accessible. The answer is quite simple – technology. Technology especially, the advancement of the internet has been making the usage of mobile devices more accessible and affordable for all people.

That is why from both casino business owners and the game player, casino software starts to play an essential role. If we take into account that the players gamble with money, he or she expect any reward or gaining in return along with having the fun of playing. That is why the software is so essential to provide user-friendly interface, secure and reliable privacy terms and conditions, and more importantly the game fairness and winnings. However, the quality and structural functions of casino software considerably depend on the casino providers.


Online casino software providers


online casino software


The providers stand behind the scene of producing and providing of online gaming software. Despite there are many players in the casino software business, only a few of them could have been successful in becoming a market leader. If we take a look at the different lists of the best gambling software, we can see almost the same names. For example, the following companies such as:

  • Novomatic
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • NextGen

These software providers are the greatest and the most reputable companies that produce a wide range of solutions for online gambling games. Besides these solutions, they are providing game platforms for casinos which are used by both online and land-based casinos all around the world. In addition to this, these software providers are also making various series of tools for the gaming business. For example, it includes online gambling software, internet cafe software, sweepstakes software, etc. On the other hand, casino software providers are the primary source and developers of the infinite number of casino or internet games.

How to choose the best software


online casino software


Let us approach the casino software from the player’s point of view. As we mentioned earlier, finding the right software significantly impacts your gaming experience. When you make the right choice on software, you are going to have both tons of fun of playing the game, and infinite size of winnings such as slot bonuses, prizes, awards, etc. However, it is not so easy as it sounds to choose the best online casino software among many alternatives. It is recommended to take into account the following considerations such as security, game variety, game fairness, bonus, and awards, etc.

What Is Slot Variance at Online Casino Software?

online casino software

Variance is called volatility in another name. It is certain that people who play multiple slots of online casino software a lot; they have probably seen variance every time. These online slots are divided into two parts. One of them is high volatility slots, and the other is low volatility or variance slots. There are some differences between these two types. Due to their variousness according to each game, casino fans sometimes have some problems by selecting the excellent game.  Some players do not even know what the effect of variance to the slots is. But it is essential to understand it before choosing any game to play. It is because some games may not be well for your playing skills due to volatility. By learning this term, you will precisely pick the right slot game for raising your bank account.


Slots can be at high variance or low variance. The casino player can select the slot he wants to play in the game. The preference depends on the person’s taste and expectation from the casino game.


Slots with high variance


online casino software


There are some severe casino gamers that they always want to earn more. Therefore, small volatility games are not for them, so they prefer the slots with high variance. Their main goal is to double their account by hitting the most significant money in the game. But of course, it is not that easy as you should take more risk. High variance slots are essential for getting those significant jackpots. The player should be patient and mentally prepared for everything, because of the unpredictability of the casino games. Anything can happen, and the result may be either positive or negative.


Low-level Variance


online casino software


If there is a low volatility or variance level in the slot machine, meaning that it has less winning chances for players as well as less risk. When the casino lover plays any slots with a low variance; indeed, he will not see the significant amount of wins. All the winning combinations will contain a small number of awards. It is because there is no more risk here, so these games are suitable for new casino players that are inexperienced with online casinos. Mostly they dont have enough cash or dont want to spend most of their money as it is their first time in gambling. Even if the slot variance is low at online casino software, but the game connected with bonus games they may raise their account by big wins that come from the progressive jackpots.


How to know the variance in the game?


online casino software


Sometimes casino players have difficulties in identifying the slot variance at online casino software. Even they know the meaning of this term and understand it but have problems to differ the types of slot variances. There are some software providers in the gambling business that they give all the related information in the online platform. It includes information about slot variances as well. In the games page in the online casino website, the level of volatility for the casino games is shown. But unfortunately, not all providers do the same thing. As it requires high work, some do not focus on writing all the structures. So, in case of not finding out information about variance, make sure to play the game for a while. In this way, you will see whether it is a high variance or low variance slot game. It is easy to realize it with the help of the winnings, and if there are more winning chances come to you, then it is high volatility with more risks.

5 Reasons Why Many People Prefer Using Online Casino Software

Online Casino Software

In today’s life, many of us like to play games. Mainly, online casino games are top-rated these days, and it is normal as these games own lots of advantages. In this case, online casino software plays a significant role in the gaming industry. The online casino software is very beneficial to both gamers and business owners. With the help of these software systems, players get great pleasure with gaming. At the same time, the software system help the online casino business owner take care of his or her business activity. It quite hard to handles all processes related to online casino gaming. As you expect, there are lots of advantages to the software system which very necessary to manage the gaming sector. In this topic, we will inform you about these points.


Online gambling system gives the player a proper convenience


Online Casino Software


So, all of us want to make sure about adequate comfort for any, and in this case, online gaming is one of the best examples. Online gaming sector provides lots of features and interface which make the gamer get immense pleasure. Online gaming system gives the chance to choose a different type of options. For example, there are thousands of game models provided by online casino software providers. The games differ from each other, and another right side of these games is that they are online.


What is the best side of online gambling?


Online Casino Software


As we mentioned above, there are lots of online games and each of them has its interface and qualifications. For example, like other things, quality is one of the essential features of online gaming. All of the gamers want high-quality gaming experience and the visual elements also impact the expectations. So, the quality of the online game depends on background, interface, functionality, design, graphic and sound effects. Without these qualifications, the game could not get quite high demand. So, it had better solve such kind of problems before introducing the game to the players.


Online gaming helps the interaction of the people


Online gaming is popular as these games are played all over the world, and everywhere you imagine. Of course, as they online you only need is the internet. Besides, you could play online gambling games with everyone does not matter where you live. Most of the online casino providers offer free games for those who play these games for the first time. So, the gamer might experience online casino games for free and get essential knowledge about them.


Bonuses and free spins another advantage of the online gambling system


Online Casino Software


Majority of the companies provide free spins and bonuses when the gamer enters the website for the first time or play frequently. These offers make the gamer play more and win. The player could play as long as possible with the help of these bonuses and prizes. Of course, it helps the gamer win lots and enjoy the game. There are lots of options to get rewards and prizes. For example, you can invite your friends and the person who interested in online gaming which beneficial for both player and online casino owner.


It offers deposit options


There are lots of different type of deposit options which means another advantage. The player may purchase the deposit with the help of credit card or cash. There is another type of payment system like bitcoin which is more reliable and useful for money transaction. This system is credible as the scammers could not steal the money. Of course, all of these payment options advantageous but the online casino software owner should pay into account the demand of the clients.

How to build Online Casino Software: Simple tips and easy solutions

Online Casino Software

It is obvious that online casino software business has been increasing throughout the years, and if you are an entrepreneur or game developer this kind of online game idea may come to your attention in the first place. Building online casino software requires at least five steps. However, having this type of online entertainment is not enough to be popular because there is plenty of online casino games that you need to challenge so you should build a perfect one to challenge others.


Find a reliable software provider


Online Casino Software


So, in the first step, you need to find a more reliable software provider to create software. It is the first step and more important one because you will need more research to determine which ones offer and price are more suitable for your budget and how their features can help you build the best one. A reliable software provider should be budget friendly and its experience in online games, especially in casino games, play a crucial role to continue with that software provider. Then, what kind of features are reliable for your project? Well, this provider should have a better gaming control service. Having customer care policy, access to the international online casino gaming market, secure payment methods, gambling license, and a well-designed land-page structure are also necessary for this business.


Content is a king


If you plan to create online casino software, keep in mind that content is all above because a good sense of content creation will attract more users to your online game. Your online match should offer various types of contents that make customers more enjoyable and entertain. Start searching about some casino terms and integrate those feature to your game. For instance, try to integrate the most popular poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, baccarat and slots in the game. Then having live and online casino game among users are so crucial because nowadays live platforms are more attractive so you can provide a live environment for your players and make them feel they are in a real casino environment.


Payment verification


Online Casino Software


A payment system is a vital side for an online game platform. When you create sweepstakes software, you should be careful about the payment system. The payment system should have experience in the online industry as well. No doubt having so many features is more suitable for your business. Therefore, you should choose a payment system that should provide a smoother transaction for players. So a payment system you want should have fraud detection policy, risk management feature, multi-currency and various payment options and fast transaction process. In the first place, your payment process should give your customers that their money is in a reliable platform.


An attractive website


As with other steps, having a good website is also appealing. Create a high-quality website that contains more about the game. Do not put a lot of things to your website because lagging is inevitable. Integrate your PC version of a website to mobile style, namely responsive web design or mobile friendly so people can use surf on the site by phone as well. Do not overload your website with high resolution of videos and photos. Be sure that, your website front end has an integration with your database.


Marketing and promotion


Online Casino Software


When everything is ready to launch, you will need to do a good marketing and promotion strategy to attract more people and challenge your competitors. If you want to focus on more promotion strategy, you should provide a proper budget to do so. As a marketing strategy, analyze the market and your platform to find which plan you need to put. So you first need to do comprehensive market research to understand what your competitors do and how they do, and then you will detect their failures and try to avoid to do those fails. Also, creating promotional events, loyal programs and putting assistance for new players can lead the game platform to the best one.


Creating online casino software is not easy because you should consider all perspectives range from legalization to payment methods. In an online game, players have to know that they are in a more comfortable and secure website that can prevent them from frauds. So having a good quality of the platform, payment method, content, designed website, marketing strategies, and easy accessibility can help your business to attract more people.  

Meet the world’s best casino software providers

Casino Software Providers

The casino software development industry is currently experiencing some of the best periods in its development history. And this is not by chance. After all, this area of ​​the entertainment industry occupies one of the leading positions in the global market. Several activities demonstrate high progress even in challenging economic circumstances. This area is one of them. For all the time of its development, bulky casino software providers have emerged to this day in the field of creating software for gambling games, which are competing among themselves for attracting a growing number of consumers. Thus, the primary function of casino software providers is the creation and development of games and the sale of licenses and rights to them to a virtual online casino. It plays a vital role in the world of online gambling.


Without a doubt, there are specific criteria by which customers prefer a particular company. Among the main criteria, you can list such as innovation, methods for depositing and withdrawing money, interface design, a diverse range of services, the size and speed of payments, the presence of certain discounts. An important criterion is also the reliability of the software because with it the trust of customers to the company arises. The company’s reputation is a key element of its competitiveness.


These vendors try to develop games with high-quality content, video and sound, attractive animation and a realistic graphical interface. Besides, some companies also specialize in developing online gambling using 3D technologies. Of course, among the vast number of casino software providers offering their services, it will be challenging to make a choice. Therefore, we have selected for you a list of the best casino software providers, so that it is much easier for you to navigate in this space.



Software Providers


This company can be deservedly attributed to one of the best and most reliable in the world in the field of creating software for the online entertainment industry. In the entire history of its development, it has grown into a very large supplier of games for virtual gambling establishments and, to the present, it maintains a leading position in this field. They develop most of their game based on HTML5 and CSS. Since the browser perfectly understands these languages, these games can be efficiently run in it.


Also, among the development of Microgaming, there are games with the ability to download to tablets and mobile devices. All developed games are translated into different languages ​​of the world, which indicates the company’s desire to acquire a wide international audience. The portfolio of this company is more and more often enriched with such types of online casino games as roulette, slots, poker, etc. Also, Microgaming also supplies board games, which makes it a serious contender among its counterparts in the online gambling market. The portfolio of the company consists of approximately 900 games.




Casino Software Providers


Playtech occupies one of the leading positions in the world along with such giants of the gambling industry as Microgaming and NetEnt. The company is known to the world of online casinos due to the safety and reliability of its games. This company has certificates from influential international organizations that are engaged in ensuring security and integrity in the field of online casinos. Besides, the offices of Playtech are located in different countries of the world, which is credible at the legislative level. Games from the company are famous for multiplatform and supported on many computer and mobile devices.


The unique graphical interface and great sound, along with fantastic animation, are the reason for the presence of a huge number of fans of this software provider. The company annually pleases its customers with innovation in the field of game development, and some of them even become hits. Also, Playtech has a fair amount of awards, which contributes to increasing its reputation among customers in this industry. The colorful special effects introduced by the developers of the company in the games they create have contributed to the popularization of Playtech in the world of the online casino industry. The portfolio consists of over 500 games.



Casino Software Providers


This company was founded in Sweden. Its main office is in the same country. Its full name is Net Entertainment. However, among users, it has gained great popularity as NetEnt. The innovativeness of the products created by the company greatly influenced its recognition in the online gambling industry. The portfolio includes more than 200 games. The software for online casinos developed by the specialists of the company is of high quality and reliability. The presence of a convenient user interface has attracted the attention of a huge number of users of the industry throughout the planet.


Excellent video and audio effects, as well as rich content using a multifunctional interface,  make you remain indifferent to this company. It is these qualities that made NetEnt company one of the most recognizable casino software providers in the online entertainment industry. Employees of the company are highly qualified specialists who value the opinions of users and take into account all their requirements. The company confidently takes the position of one of the best in the business. It has a considerable number of awards. The developments of the company are subject to frequent inspections and thus deserve the trust of millions of users around the world.



Casino Software


Novomatic Group of Companies produces software for online casinos, as well as operates in the field of land gambling. The number of games developed by it is more than 200. Novomatic is a pioneer in the gambling industry and has achieved impressive success in the casino industry over the entire period of its activity. Several games developed by its support free mode. The main features that make this brand one of the best in the world market are high-quality graphics, impeccable sound, extraordinary and exciting game plots, safety, reliability and honesty of the gameplay.


You also need to pay attention to the fact that Novomatic received wide distribution among users of the CIS countries. The high quality of its products has always distinguished this group of companies. The group has a large staff, which is the reason for its high performance. There can not be a gambling lover who would not hear this brand. Novomatic received especially great fame due to the online slots that it developed. It should be noted that the mobile platforms Android and IOS also support many slot games of this group of casino software providers. This turns Novomatic into a universal gambling brand, for which the interests of users are important.


Evolution Gaming


The company specializes in creating live casino games for users. Live casino games are live dealer games. In these games, there is no random number generator. Webcams are used for broadcasting live casino games. That is, these games are analogous to land-based casinos, but you can participate in them without leaving your home. Thus, participation in such games creates an effect of presence, which is the reason for the high demand for them. Evolution Gaming occupies a leading position in the world in the development of such games. Also, this kind of game gives the gameplay even more honesty and openness.


Also, the company has three licenses from reliable international organizations. The portfolio includes about 30 games. To play live games, only two conditions are necessary: an Internet connection and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Browsers launch this kind of games without any problems. Evolution Gaming has various awards, which draws the attention of the gambling public to it even more. Of course, casino software providers are the starting point for the online gambling industry.