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One of today’s leading businesses is an Internet Cafe or also called as a Cyber Cafe one. But running the internet cafe software does not make you a millionaire unless you have the right software. Big problems arise especially in the larger places where there are many computers connected. At some point, you will get into trouble with managing them considering an increasing number of customers. Therefore, you need to buy such software which can ease your effort dramatically and help you with your stressful work. Riverslot software has all the properties we counted above. Riverslot software will assist you in controlling your cafe and doing your tasks smoothly.  Internet cafe software is the need of each businessman who operates an internet cafe.

How does Riverslot work?

internet cafe software

First of all, the software that Riversweeps suggests you is the most experienced and preferred one you can ever encounter. Our internet cafe software distinguishes itself with high security. You can monitor all the computers with this software inside of the building. First, those computers are linked to the cashier station so that all the machines are checked and supervised from one point. Let us say, your consumer comes in and goes up to the treasurer.

Then that person pays exchange to the cashier for using the computer. This process is done manually. The amount of money depends on the client. After that, an account is created for that client and deposit is put to that account. The opened account is not to use only one computer, but also other computers.

What are the features of Riverslot?


In the past, the main problem was that people could play games only in internet cafes. Thus owners were not able to earn too much money. Because after all, you had been closing your place and no one had been entering your internet cafe. But at present owners and other businessmen do not worry about it altogether. The situation is different mainly in the internet sweepstakes cafe. So what changed? The coming of internet cafe software affected many things. At first, by buying software, your achievement will be that your consumers will pay a deposit.

This deposit made by cash will let those people play games at the places they want, for example, home, work, yard, park and so on. And the perfect side of this is that you will gain money even when you sleep! Second is that this software also supplies mobile apps. So your customers will be able to play online casino games, too! However, we have to tell you that all these beautiful things might happen with only advanced software. What we recommend you at this spot is to use Riverslot Software.

What reasons do I have to open Riverslot Internet Cafe for?


There are many reasons to be engaged in this business. Let us talk about them a bit:

  • Did you know that over one billion people have enthusiasm for gambling? Some are even addicted to it and cannot stop doing that, either. Being honest, a certain amount of people think that gambling is wrong and sinful. They consider whoever is in this swamp is also a sinner. But again, this kind of thought does not hold anyone from being engaged with gambling.
  • As it is evident to all of us, most of the people are addicted to gaming if they are out of control. Even some of them apply to the psychologist to escape this according to science. So is not it a good idea to collect these people to one place and make lots of money? Think about it.
  • Other than the reasons above, internet cafes are the best places to make friends. Because you can find any person there no matter poor, rich, adult, or young. Everyone can become friends with the one they want.

Are there any benefits of gambling?

Yes, there are! We will give several reasons below so that you will understand:

  • Gaming is the best way to contribute to local economies. The idea is that many people come together, so actually, gambling makes them gather. They play, and some of them win and make money. So that this victory encourages them and next time they bet more money. As a result, that helps those people to do business and conduces money to the local area. Some of them lose the game and forfeit a lot of money. The lost money goes to the local community. These communities are the result of the casinos and other internet cafes where many people may find a job.
  • Gambling is also assumed as one of the entertainment methods. People take part in it and enjoy it even though they lose.
  • The most joyful part of the gaming is winning. Those who have greate chances, make a huge amount of money and this tempts them quickly to try one more time. Although gaming is so hard, people do not quit it. Because they know that to win at the game they have to put this activity into the center of their lives. That is, they have to make it their lifestyle. After being a master, there will be no game that they can lose.

Is it essential to use Riverslot software for success?


Without using sophisticated and experienced internet cafe software, you will not go on too much in this business. It is a crucial part of this field. Riverslot software of the Company Riversweeps is the only way to progress. What we aspire to make mention is that Riverslot software is not for only internet cafe usage. It is also meant for the places where there are quite many computers connected to one another, such as libraries, sweepstakes cafes, various community places, or cyber cafes. We want to mention that our online casino software is well-developed one and professional programmers have tested it. In the places where you have hundreds of computers, it is strongly recommended to use this software not to make an error. As you know making a small mistake in the business could lead to the big undesirable consequences.

What about security?

In our software security comes in the first place undoubtedly. One of our greatest options is restricting access and increasing or decreasing the limitations. But when do I have to that? For example, if you see things go badly, you might automatically consider that somebody does not maybe feel like to follow the cafe codes. At that moment you may immediately limit or restrict the access to one or more computers in the cafe. As this is for security, the deposit is not taken into account. After knowing what is going on, restriction or limit can be removed, and everything can last how it was. On the other hand, you could be afraid of other issues, for example, someone can inject anything to your computer without your permission by using USB. These can happen:

  • Someone can steal your data.
  • Your network will be in danger.
  • The whole system can be destroyed.

But you will not an unsafe situation if you get Riverslot software. Our main additional feature is that your clients have to ask you for permission to use any device on your computers.


Do you have an internet cafe? Do you maybe want to get engaged with online casino business? It must be hard to start from the point which you do not know what software you have to buy. We have an excellent solution for you. Company Riversweeps is an online casino software provider. This company can help you to improve your business quickly. We should not forget that in order to get success all you have to do is to choose the best software in the online internet sweepstakes cafe. With Riverslot, your clients will feel real-time casino. With the aid of this company, you can run your business even though your cafe that physically exists gets closed. If you are saying “But how can it be possible?”, It is time to learn about this conversant company.  Riversweeps offers a Riverslot Software which is a gaming platform with a simple installation process. Undoubtedly these games will boost your business immediately.

What is internet sweepstakes?



Internet sweepstakes games are designed at Cyber bars & Gaming Center. Clients come and purchase the prepaid cards or Web access time in them and gain “free entries.” Then those people enter in-store stations to play sweepstakes tournaments or at their house. These means whether the gamers will win money or lose that money.

But while talking about internet sweepstakes we have to make mention of illegal issues. In some places gaining profit from this kind of activity is banned completely. But there are also rather many areas that people can freely engage with it. In internet sweepstakes, people start betting or playing on casino-style games. The main difference is that the player’s skills are considered. After that, the player may go on towards what that person is good at. Among online internet casino, Riverslot casino is the most interesting one.

Am I supposed to use any software for online gambling?



Many people love playing gambling games and Riverslot app is the most popular one. But playing these games in casinos becomes annoying sometimes rather than playing at home. Actually, there are many reasons.

  • Familiar screen: While playing some people get nervous and commence complaining of things around them because of losing the game. But if they are at home then, they get comfortable with the familiar screen that they see each day and they do not blame you for anything even if the things do not go well.
  • The coziness of home: Home is the best place for spending time if you love playing games… But if your customer is lazy enough to go out, then there is nothing to do but bring the game to his home. Here we say the importance of buying new software.
  • Dirty Environment: Some gamblers smoke, some stub their cigarettes and some consume alcohol in the casinos. All these can bother and annoy others. But think that your clients play at their sweet home. To get this kind of home atmosphere for your consumers you have to trust reliable software to meet their wishes.
  • Concentration in gaming: In casinos, there is too much noise. People want to win what they are playing like everyone else. For this, they have to concentrate fully to get what they want. But inside these noisy circumstances, it is almost impossible to pay attention to the game. However, if you have good enough software then your customers might intensify to the game at their silent home.
  • No disruption: Seeing ill-mannered behavior and habits of others could discommode you in the casino. But online Riverslot application will remove all the things described above. This app at home is everyone’s desire. All you need is to get the perfect software.

How to find the software that I need?



Do not forget that if you want to progress and a successful business then you have to choose the right software! At this spot, many businessmen or businesswomen run away from the expensive software. They think that by doing that they will save more. Actually, they are right somehow. However, what they do not know is that they will not attract too many consumers. The reason is that each and every one of your clients requires the gaming experience with high quality. So believe or not, this is what they are looking for.

What we recommend to you is that you have to choose such a reliable sweepstakes software that your customers will enjoy it. Just know that we are not telling you to go for the most expensive one. So before you buy the new software for your online business, you have to check the specifications and features of the software you want.

Another note is that to participate in gambling there is a predefined structure which is called the betting system or you can also call it a gambling system. There are few strategies such as “Martingale”, “Sports-Handicapping”, “Card Games”, “Oscar’s grind”, ”Kelly ” and so on.

Why Riversweeps Software?

Our software is developed and tested by professionals by using the latest technologies. So we show our hard work for our customers. Just we feel like to make sure you that your consumers will be satisfied with this software. This software contains Full-HD graphics and fabulous sound experience. On the other hand, what differentiates us from other companies is that as we use cutting-edge technologies in case of any interrupting.

While playing the game our recovery option can help your customers to continue the game where they stopped.  Our recovery option is new and it is not in older versions of casino software. It is super easy to use our software with the access code. As we know this app for iPhone and Android are available now. Even you can find it for pc. With Riversweeps software there is no need for customers to download these apps to their phone or computer. Your clients can gather in one place.

As we use highly optimized software, this will help you to reduce unnecessary costs in a short time. Thus this optimization that gets rid of high system requirements could be run on any machine. It might bring you many clients that will use this application. You will save your money with this.

This Riversweeps software can assist you in many manners as follows:

  •    Getting reports
  •    Handling lottery terminals
  •    Including different games and many more.

What do Riversweeps offer?



Riversweeps suggests a different kind of great and exciting games. Your customers will not get bored, for example, “Reel Rider”, “Gold Records”, “Northern Light”, ”Hot Chance”, “Heart of Cleopatra” and many more. At this point, we have to persuade you to use Riverslot sweepstakes to get more customers.

While playing Riverslot casino the first thing that comes to mind is a deposit. But if you use the software of Riversweeps we have an additional mind-blowing choice for you! This software will let your clients take 25 percent of the initial deposit back and you will not care about its deposit. Due to this superb feature, you will magnetize your clients and gain more money. As a conclusion, our tip for you is that you should take into account to buy the online casino software. Our software is based on trustworthy, experienced and customer satisfaction in order to get more customers.

Riverslots Casino Software and Games

Riverslots casino

Riverslots casino is a popular internet cafe software and games. It specialized in the development of video lottery and slot games by providing the latest online casino games to the players. Riverslots casino offers next-generation games, slots, video pokers for online casino players. This gaming platform gives the opportunity for players to entertain with gaining a lot of prizes. Riverslots casino consists of 70 top quality casino-style games, and it is not hard to install it. It will just take 20 minutes of your time to set up it. Numerous slot games, as well as various poker types, are available in the online casino. They are all contains different Jackpots, Bonuses, and mini-games to attract more customers.

With the help of these marketing tools for drawing players, casinos take advantages of it. People play these online slot games, and they benefit by winning lots of prizes and growing their bank account.

Advantages of River slot casino

Riverslots casino

River slots casino has many advantages. It is considered the best high-quality software that is a game club system in the gambling industry. The benefits are the following:

  • The design and appearance of the online casino slot machines are over 80 full HD. They are a bright and simple interface that is available for every player, even for first players as well.
  • Riverslots casino games are developed on C++ language, meaning that they are suitable for Android, IOS and other platforms as well. They are in the highest standard, and all of them are integrated with the latest version of Windows. Therefore, it is easy for players to download them as they do not require any environment or a particular system for supporting the games.
  • Riverslot casino games are possible to play and pay with electronic payments system. Besides, you can use e-wallet as well.   
  • River slots casino give you a change of winnings with the help of bonus and loyalty programs. It attracts new visitors to play online slot games.
  • This gaming platform is very flexible and adaptive. In case of changing your software provider, it is possible to convert your game platform. In this way, you will not lose any of your players.
  • Another advantage for Riverslot Casino is that this game platform allows you to have an internet connection from any appliance. That is why you will easily play your online slot game whenever you want.

Features of River Slot Internet Cafe Software

Riverslots casino

  1. Hardware requirements are low. There is no demand for players to buy an expensive computer.
  2. You can pay with any currency. There is a multicurrency and multidenominational opportunity.
  3. Graphics and sounds in internet casino software are in high quality. Full HD graphics is available. They imitate the real slot machine.
  4. In case of any interrupted spins, there is a recovery system in each game. It allows players to return the same position if there was an internet breakdown.
  5. As a player, you make your deposit and withdraw all the winnings. But you play the game at home with comfort.


Riverslots casino is operating with the help of River Slot Cloud store. It is the system that helps to regulate entire casino management. The Cloud store consists of some elements. They are the following:

      Rewards for Online Slot Players:

Riverslots casino

  • Bonuses are available with no deposit for players.
  • If the players lose the game, they will receive cashback up to 25% from the first deposit.
  • Different bonus systems are available for player retention.
  • 4-tier progressive jackpots for customers.


Why choose River Slot internet cafe software and games?

Immediate access to the gaming platform

Costs are low for hardware and software. It is because of the nature of players as a client.

You have the opportunity to disable the software, hardware remotely. The players take benefit of more control over the games.

Secure system. No one can manipulate game logic.

You may control the game transactions in real time.

There is no risk of privacy.

Players use their profiles efficiently with personalization.

Riverslots casino is an online platform that cooperates with a cloud server with the help of the encryption protocol.

  • Payment processes;
  • Player Monitoring System for operators;
  • Content Management System;
  • E-newsletters tools;
  • digital marketing module.


Riverslots casino

There are some significant advantages of River Slot Bitcoin Casino. They include the following features:

  • Payment systems with no taxation
  • Privacy for online slot players
  • Availability of digital money into any currency
  • Financial Control
  • Immediate confirmation of game transactions
  • Bitcoin Casino regularly updates its online slot games lines for attracting more customers. There is easy access for River slot games.

Riverslots casino online internet cafe software regularly and actively updates its Bitcoin Casino product. Because of it, it becomes the leader in the gambling industry. It is possible to use digital currency for casino slot machines, video pokers, bets. There is unique content for gambling, and it provides useful online mode casino. That is why River Slot games have competitive advantages.  On the system, you can either buy any game from a wide range of online slot games or develop your one.

Riverslot game platform includes 40 casino games. The majority of the online slot games are brand new. The special effects, high-quality designs and graphics and background sounds of each online slot game make it more appealing for players.  Besides these, there is a simple and intuitive administrative interface. With the help of this accessibility, even the beginner players can cope. For long period players, it will be more interesting that new things will surprise them and attract them to play more.  You can control the gameplay by yourself, as it is allowed by the admin of the game system.

It is possible to create new rooms with the director as well as the administrator. Also, you can change decline or increase the returns. Everything is suitable for players and comfortable for anyone.  The current version of the online casino software even has changed a lot, and it increased the number of games, and they are over 40 now. All the sounds, graphics match to the original 100%.

Even it is easy to say it by the video descriptions of the games. The slot games are continuously updated. The payout is various from game to game. But it is in the range of 90-94, with an individual request it is possible to reduce it to 75%. In this case, there will not be any damage to the player.


There are few providers of this online gambling that offers affiliation service to their clients. The system is recognized as the Riverslots casino Affiliate System, and it is connected to the general casino system. It has some components, and they are the following:

  • statistics and reports;
  • promotional campaign marketing and setup tools;
  • passive and active method of referral system;

The competitive advantage of the Riverslot that makes it differ from other online gambling software is the security system. The protection of the players’ private data makes them use their money transfers comfortably. It also gives the advantage to monitor the percentage of return payments.

The gaming content of the Riverslot casino and software games provides the most innovative slot games to its customers. These games are full of unique features as well as the fantastic effects that allow players to grow their bank account and increase their winnings.