Best Bitcoin Casino Software Solutions For Online Casinos

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Are you planning to open a Bitcoin casino online? One of the most critical stages you need to look at is the Bitcoin casino software. As you are probably aware, software is the backbone of digital products. 

The development of your Bitcoin casino, reputation, growth, and profitability will depend on the software’s reliability and quality. So it’s essential to understand and choose the best Bitcoin casino software for your business. And that’s what this guide seeks to do. 

Bitcoin Casino Software And Diversity Of Casino Games 

The casino industry is centered on diversity that grows quickly, giving players an extensive collection of exciting games. But the range of casino software is also comprehensive, and it can be pretty challenging to choose. 

Regardless, what you have to note is how the players interact on your platform. Consider the following options: 

  • Browser Bitcoin casino 
  • Downloadable Bitcoin casino 
  • Mobile Bitcoin casino 

Browser Bitcoin Casino Software 

Most online casinos apply the browser casino software. Browser casinos allow players to play instantly on their web browser. 

You don’t need to download any applications. 

The advantages are the simplicity and speed at the beginning of the game. By “speed,” we don’t mean the game speed. And that brings the disadvantages into play. That’s because your internet connection can be to your disadvantage. 

Furthermore, the speed and how colorful a casino game is will always be constricted by the browser. Nonetheless, the browser Bitcoin casino is hugely popular at the moment. The reason is that it costs less to implement the software, and the development of technologies neutralizes its disadvantages. 

Downloadable Bitcoin Casino Software 

Bitcoin casino software

Applications and software are usually optional in modern casinos. However, you can find online casinos that need to be downloaded. This software is typically compatible with the Windows operating system. 

The downloadable casino software is colorful and guarantees speed. However, if you look at it objectively, almost all players have a PC, and it’s the most productive machine. Also, you should create your Bitcoin casino for profit, not aesthetics. 

Mobile Bitcoin Casino Software 

Recently, more online casinos have been developing mobile applications for their online platforms. And that’s causing them to reach more players, hence expanding their reach. In addition, some casino providers have developed numerous games built exclusively for mobile devices. 

However, developing applications can be pretty expensive. And that’s why it’s advisable to put that on hold when starting your online casino. 

Bitcoin Casino Software: Develop Or Purchase One? 

After choosing the platform you want to interact with your players, the next step is to figure out the software. You have two options: develop the software yourself or buy an already built one. To know which one is the right option for you, let’s take a closer look at both. 

Creating A Casino Site Yourself 

When you decide to develop your gambling site, you have to bear the cost for all the various stages of the operation and development of the site. A well-developed plan, market analysis, and economic calculation can cost around $5,000 or more. 

The market research will help you get extensive detailed information about your competitors, including your target audience. That will help you understand countries that are better to focus on, including the license to obtain. 

Choosing the license to use can cost you between $20,000 – $30,000. You also have to spend about $20,000 every year on banking services and license renewals. Developing a Bitcoin casino can be costly and requires you to close contact with the IT contractor. 

During the process, you have to choose the payment methods and game providers available to your customers. Live casino games, including online slots with progressive jackpots, often come in a different package, which means additional costs. 

So the development phase can cost you about $20,000. Also, keep in mind that the visual design, mobile version, and other relevant elements are essential parts of any modern Bitcoin online casino. 

Ready-Built Software 

You can avoid these massive expenses when you opt for the software that’s already developed. We are not talking about the white-label software where the owner gives over 90% of the profit. 

We are referring to the companies that are professionally involved in the development of Bitcoin casinos. They can help you connect payment systems, customize desired casino games, develop a design, and even provide their license. 

The price is usually lower compared to other options, and most brands typically choose this option. So this method doesn’t come with any disadvantage, except choosing the right casino developer. 

How To Choose Bitcoin Casino Software Providers 

The company you sign the contract with will be your partner since the entire process will rely on them. But, as you probably know, one of the biggest mistakes is to rush when choosing a business partner. Instead, you need to carry out comprehensive research before you make any decision. 

You need to look at the following features when choosing a software provider. 


If you want to run your business smoothly, you need to choose a license with adequate permissions. It’s always best to invest in the right licensed product that won’t malfunction along the way. 

Customer Support 

Bitcoin casino software

If you don’t have well-functioning customer support, you could lose your players faster than you got them. It’s an essential part of your online casino that you should not ignore. The software developer should provide 24/7 technical assistance since problems must be solved immediately and at any time. 

Game Selection 

It’s essential to know the game your players or customers love to play. Failure to do so means plummeting your casino business. Any Bitcoin casino has popular casino games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, baccarat, etc. 


When choosing the right Bitcoin casino software, it’s more helpful to do more research before you finally make your choice. You need to consider the interface and ensure that it’s easy to use. Any player will move to other casinos if the platform is challenging to navigate. You also need to consider the sound quality and if it’s adaptable to mobile devices. That said, if you’re searching for the best casino software for establishing your Bitcoin casino business, we recommend Riversweeps. They offer state-of-the-art solutions that can help your business grow. So contact us right now, and build your casino business. 

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