The Most Lucrative Vegas Slots Online That You Can Play Anywhere

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The universe of online casino slots is full of entertainment and joy; however, it might be slightly overwhelming at these times, mightn’t it? In the last few years, we all experience the confusion of wealth in the gambling industry. There is a wide variety of vegas slots online, which sometimes can make the selection process challenging. Even after you have made your decision, you will probably be worried about if you have made the most proper selection. Nowadays, game developers design and launch more and more new casino slots on every day and offer gamblers something new and different. Besides, they bring a new kind of gaming jargon, which is not always understandable.

All these advancements raise one common question. How can we choose the best vegas slots online games which will bring more profit while not endangering our money? This article will provide you with some useful tips for selecting the best casino slots.

The Type of Vegas Slots Online 

The first thing that we need to focus on is the type of slot. Firstly, you need to clarify what you would like to get out of your game. If you want to play for spending a joyful time, then you should prefer three-reel slots. These online games mainly include the classic fruit slots with three reels and a much funnier gaming process. Nevertheless, if you prefer more severe gameplay from your online casino, then you should pick up a 5-reel vegas slots online games, which will enable you to make a higher profit.

 At the same time, you should also consider design features, although your main aim to win and gain money. Because the quality of graphics and sound effects will engage you in the vegas slots online more. Finally, you should select casino slots based on the bonus features. More precisely, you need to consider how much these bonus features expand your benefit. Keep in mind that these features play an essential role in your gameplay through financial terms and adrenaline rush.

Number of Online Vegas Bet lines

Firstly, you can ask what the bet lines are. A bet line is the range of symbols that you should establish for getting paid. The classic form of bet line consists of the three glitter dollar symbols across the center: (like $$$). Meanwhile, some vegas slots online offer just one or few bet lines. Most of them provide gamblers with a quite high number of bet lines.

Moreover, there are some online vegas slots that enable gamers to decide the number of bet lines. Thus, you will not play based on a fixed amount of pay lines that dictated by the online slot. You have already understood that there are two kinds of pay lines: flexible and fixed. Flexible pay lines enable users to define the number of lines up to the highest amount permitted. On the other hand, fixed ones do you let gamers adjust the number of lines for betting. 

Maximum Win at Vegas Slots

If you have ever visited an online casino, you might know that jackpot slots bring the highest gain. However, only amateur gamers can come to this conclusion about vegas slots online. There are many other gambling slots that offer you a considerably significant amount of payoffs. For example, games such as Book of Dead will provide you with the max bet amount of $40 and max payoff of $200,000. On the other hand, casino slot, Wild Slot, will offer you a maximum payoff of $450,000 with the max bet of $250.


As mentioned above, casino slots with jackpots will bring you higher profits. You will encounter many types of jackpots while you are performing online slots. The most common type is a progressive jackpot, which is offered by most games, including vegas slots online for free play. When you play these online slots, the jackpot will progress in value. Another type is network or pooled jackpot, in which various games supply the reward store.

Return to Player (RTP) 

The abbreviation RTP stands for Return to Player rate of the slot games. It is the portion of bet money that you will get back on average over time. The most significant point on this issue is the word “on average.” Nonetheless, if you want to know about the high and low amount, continue to read this article. There is no exact data about the min and max RTP rates. Nevertheless, after our quick research, we define the number as following: The lowest Return to Player rate for casino slots is 94%, while the highest one is 97% and up. On the other hand, we have defined the average RTP rate for most of the vegas slots online is 95%. Therefore, we do not advise you to play casino slots with less than 95% RTP rate even though they are vegas slots online for free play.  

The Most Lucrative Casino Slots

Cleopatra Online Slot

Cleopatra is a popular casino slot which offers both high joy and profit to gamblers. The game consists of five reels and 20 winning bet lines structure. Besides a plethora of bonuses, it provides gamers with free spins in the round called Cleopatra. IGT game developers have designed in a way that will make you feel the spirit of ancient Egypt. Return to Player rate of the two versions ( Cleopatra I and II ) is more than average, 95,03%. You will see three and more Sphinx symbols with 15 free spins in the bonus games. As mentioned above, vegas slots online with free spins have more potential to deliver a higher gain. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is also one of the famous casino slots which ensure exciting gameplay. It provides gamblers who play slot games for real money with various ways to raise their profit. As a beginner, you can enjoy multiple Mayan themed symbols. The pay line structure of this casino slot is flexible, and players can adjust it from 10 to 20 bet lines. The most important symbol of Gonzo’s Quest is blue and gold masks because they will give you x2500 for each winning combination. Avalanche feature is one of the software solutions of Gonzo’s Quest, which recognizes symbols drop into place rather than spin. When you hit a winning combination, the symbols blast and more drop from above to fulfill their empty spots. 

Zuma Slot

Zuma Slot is another favorite one of the online casino slots. It consists of 20 bet lines and a 5-reel slot structure. You can achieve a bonus round by hitting three frog symbols. The game also offers free spins, and you need to hit one of 4 Tiki bosses for getting a certain number of free spins. Based on the Gamble feature, you can raise your gain after each round. It will enable you to boost your profit for max10 times. Besides, Zuma Slots deliver Autoplay feature, which lets gamblers set 50 spins and just enjoy the game by sitting back.


In conclusion, game designers have developed numerous types of vegas slots online with numerous dynamic features over time. The best decision is to pick up a casino slot that complies with your gaming requirements. If your main aim is to gain winnings, you should consider the mentioned factors. Nevertheless, do not forget that the essential thing in the gaming world is to entertain. 

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