How to Start an Online Casino Business in 2021

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It is the 21st century, the new age of technology and the Internet. Due to the vast opportunities that the Internet provides us, people tend to use it for countless reasons. For example, they use it for social media, playing online casino games, reaching broad information with just one click, so on and so forth. If I say that is it possible to have your own online casino business and make money, would you believe it? In that article, I am going to show you how to start an online casino business and make money. Making money from the Internet is one of the reasons for people using the Internet since almost everyone can use the Internet anytime and anywhere.

With dedication and the right mindset, you can have your own online casino and earn money. It seems simple while saying it, and in truth, it is. In the article, I will try my best to explain every step clearly.

The Advantages of Having an Online Casino Business Opportunity

Before talking about the steps of how to open online casino business, let’s talk about the advantages of having an online casino. If there is a disadvantage of having an online casino business opportunity, it is the fact that you are not alone in the market. Since it takes only a few weeks to have everything done, it makes you earn money, and many people have online casinos. You need to put your creativeness and marketing skills in the work to be ahead of your competitors in the market. 

It is Preferable by the People

People prefer online casino because it is not land-based; they do not have to get out of their home. Thus, nowadays people prefer playing online casino at home comfortably. Therefore, the customers of the online casinos are getting bigger and bigger, and more customers mean earning much real money from online casinos.

How To Start an Online Casino Business?

Here are the crucial steps that you should meet:

Legal Issues 

Luckily some laws allow business owners to make money while the business owners’ clients make money too. In other words, there are some countries that allow people to launch gambling, but it depends on the country. 

From both payers and owners’ view, the legality of playing or owning an online casino is top priority consideration. In some countries, online gambling is not only illegal but also have adverse consequences. For example, there are some countries that online betting ends with incarceration. Luckily, there are some countries where gambling is legal or not regulated; meaning that you should not worry about online gambling. Before going through the steps of how to start an online casino business, let’s look at the countries and their attitudes toward the online casino.

In Which Countries It Is Legal to Play Online Casino Games? 

Besides Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, and Cambodia, if you live in other countries, you should not worry about playing online casino or online gambling. In these eight countries, online gambling players end up with prosecution such as fine. Moreover, in Turkey, Belarus, and Cuba, although there is no active prosecution, their governments are hostile towards online gambling. Thus, it is better to consider betting online twice.

Gambling License 

The gambling license is a key to launch your online casino website, meaning that without it, it is impossible to do so. This gambling license is a document that allows you to prove that your online business is legal and follow the law. The first thing you should do is to register your business; after that procedure, you can ask for a license. 

License is another crucial step of how to start an online casino business that without it the players will not trust your website, and as a consequence, you will lose your potential clients. Also, if you do not have a license, there is a high chance that your business is likely to be closed. Thus, it is better to set all the legal issues, including license first before going to other steps.

Applying For a License

You can contact consultants and lawyers to help you have your terms and conditions and other required documents. You need to have all the related documents ready before applying for the license because jurisdiction will need to look at your documents after letting you have a license. Also, in your online casino website, you need to have all the terms and conditions and policies well-written before applying for a permit. Moreover, it also depends on the country about what conditions are required. Thus, get a consultant for your business and research well about the needed requirements. 

Getting a license is not free, and it also depends on the country you live in. Roughly it will cost between $5,000 and $50,000 depending on the region, including your country and the jurisdiction. If you do not have this much budget, you can find an investor who is willing to pay for your business. However, it is not as easy as it is said. You need you to convince the potential investor that your online casino will make money. Before presenting your ideas to potential investors, you need to research the market competitors carefully. You need to show your uniqueness to the investors to choose you. You need to work on your business plan that I will talk about later in this article.

Other Steps Beside Legality

In previous paragraphs, I talked mainly about the legal steps of how to start an online casino business, including the advantages of online casinos and the legal side of the business. So far, we understand why it is important to have a license and consider the legality of gambling. Now it is time to move on more technical issues.


You have registered your business, got a license for it, and launched your online casino; now it is time to find a reliable gambling software provider for your company. In that step, you should pay attention to the overall strength of the company. You need to look for its IT system because your company must consider that aspect of the software providers. Without proper IT skills, as an entrepreneur, your online business is likely to fail. 

In general, while finding online casino software providers, you should consider the following issues: Firstly, a software provider must have a high skilled IT system. Without it, it will not satisfy both you and your client players. Secondly, there should be high-skilled software developers who will not fail your business by providing a high-speed working website. These two factors affect the overall quality of your online casino.

You will need to find an excellent online casino software provider company that will meet your requirements, from the games’ sound effects to the customer service. Thus, do not make a contract until you find your best online casino software development company.

A good company will offer an online gambling license, satisfactory customer support, high-quality payment options, and customized front-end. One of the 

Have a Need-based Platform

Because you are not the only one in the online business market, you need to be positively different than others to have more customers. Here come your marketing skills.

Digital Marketing

If you know the deep digital marketing techniques, then you may work for your online casino. If you are not, then, do not think twice to hire high skilled digital marketing specialist. Because it is the Internet age, as an online business owner, your target audience must cover the people on the Internet. You need not hesitate to pay for a professional digital marketing service since it is the most crucial way for your online gambling business. With the right marketing techniques, your online casino will reach thousands of players.

Marketing techniques play a massive role. Imagine you have an online casino that has a high secure payment form, all the trending and demanding online games, high-speed working websites, good sound and lighting systems, and etc. But if online casino games lovers do not know about your online casino, then you will not make money. Therefore, get a high-skilled internet marketing specialist that will make your online casino well known.


You or your content creator need always to work with trends. To satisfy your customers, your website needs to follow the trends and have online games that are loved by many players. There are different types of online casino games; online slots are one of the examples. 

Website Design

If not the most but one of the crucial steps of how to start an online casino is to have a user-friendly website. It should be easy to use but at the same time quite catchy to be remembered and grab the attention of players. Get a high-skilled website designer that will consider marketing techniques as well. It must have well-chosen colors and graphics.

During this process, you need to work and cooperate with developers in order to get the best results. Without having a plan on your mind, it will be harder for you to give out the tasks for them. While choosing the web development team for designing your casino platform, there are a few things that you need to focus on. First of all, you need to consider the budget that you can put on this stage of development. According to that, you will estimate how much money you can spare for online gambling website developers. There are thousands of options in front of you so, you will have a variety of personnel to choose from.

Whom do you Need to Hire?

You can create a team full of freelancers or hire developers one by one according to the needs. In this stage, you need to look at their skillset and the price of employing them. If the developer is too expensive and you do not have that many financial resources, there is no reason to choose them. You need to look for alternatives and select the best one out of them. Generally, freelance web developers charge less than full-time employees. However, the major concern that employers are facing them is accountability. You need to make sure that your website will be ready at the deadline so that you can do final touches and launch your business. That is why, working with responsible developers is the key to this stage.

What are the Key Aspects of Successful Gambling Website?

As we already mentioned, you need to assign certain tasks to developers while building your gambling website. It is one of the key stages of how to start an online casino platform. Keep in mind that players have a variety of options and if your website is not providing them with high-quality content and user-friendly interface, they will drop it and go to another one. The first case that you need to focus on is to build a light website. Do not go deep into the complicated graphics and do not include any unnecessary elements in your platform.

These mistakes will lead to a negative impact on the overall gaming experience of the players which is the first thing that we need to avoid while starting an online casino. As a rule of thumb, these unnecessary elements will add up to the loading time of the website. As a result, players will enter and wait for the gambling platform to load for several seconds. It would take them too much and they will eventually close the tab and go check out other options. This is what you need to avoid. In order to showcase the quality of your games and entertainment value that they could offer to players, your platform needs to be accessible as soon as they click on it. So, be careful about this aspect while you are designing the website.

Keep a Close Eye on the Front end Development of Your Gambling Website

Another crucial aspect is the front end development process of your gambling platform. If you are an amateur in this business it is advisable to contact your software developer so that they can provide you with predefined template. In this stage it is important to ensure that the frontend of the gambling website has seamless integration with your database. That is why, you need to work with professionals.

Gambling Games

Besides good design and trend games, your website needs to have games that offer a lot of prizes and bonuses. Keep in mind that it is crucial for customer satisfaction since it will keep your customer players coming back to your online casino to play. As we already know, customers come to the gambling website in order to have a good time and enjoy the best quality games that you offer.

That being said, it is a no brainer that online casino games should be on your priority list while you trying to build a gambling platform. As we mentioned in earlier passages, high-quality software is the key to the success of your business in both the short and long run. With higher quality software, you will manage to get the fan-favorite games right away. The quality is one of the ingredients that make a gambling game worth paying for. However, that is not the only criterium that we are looking for.

Why do you need to Consider Demographics While Designing Your Gaming Library?

You need to have variety in your gambling platform so that players from various backgrounds and demographics can come and enjoy it. It can either include games from all the gambling branches or focus on one specific kind of casino game that your target audience likes to play. For instance, if you want to attract mostly older customers, the key here is to keep things as simple as possible. We are not saying that elderly people cannot enjoy VR slots. However, only a small portion of them actually knows how to use those devices and complex game plans.

So, if you aim to target those people, you need to focus on the games that are actually played in real-time casinos like fruit slots, arcade-style gambling games, poker, baccarat, and so on. On the other hand, if your target audience is in their 20s or 30s, you can put an emphasis on more complex and modern games and include avalanche slots, video slots, video poker, cascading reels, specific variations of baccarat, and so on. I think you get the point about the variety and the importance of it for your whole business. Besides the game variety, one of the most crucial things that you need to focus on is the bonuses and promotions. In the next paragraph, we will analyze this aspect in detail and help you to understand the concept better.

How to Start an Online Casino By Utilizing Casino Bonuses?

This is another area that you need to focus on in order to maximize the gains. Profitable online casinos are mainly generate that money off of gambling players. The reason why so many of them choose exactly same brands to play the gambling games is not the website design or anything. It is solely based on the promotions and bonus opportunities that those platforms provides them with. Just think about it. Would you rather play in online gambling platform that gives out fifty free spin chances or in the one that you can only get five or ten? I think the answer is obvious. Of course, you would choose the one that offers more potential for winning. Think like a player while designing bonus opportunities. By doing so, you would be able to come up with better ideas and could potentially grab the attention of actual players.

Customer service

It is also essential to have customer service. From the customers’ perspective, no one would trust and want to visit a service website that does not reply to their e-mails, messages, etc. Thus, it is essential to have a high-quality working customer service to satisfy your customers’ needs. 

Business Plan

One of the crucial ways to open online casino is to prepare a business plan. For any business you want to start before registering your business, you need to have a good business plan. As an entrepreneur, you need to consider risk, financial aspects, marketing tools, etc. A business plan contains four factors: business concept, market research, financial plan, operations plan. 

Business Concept 

The business concept is used to show the necessary information about the product or service, the target, and its uniqueness. When saying uniqueness, it is meant that what makes your business different from others in the market. Target means who your customers will be and where your company will locate; in other words, it is the target demographic. It may be a new or existing product or service, but ready for the clients.

Market research

In this stage, you will need to research a lot. You will need to find your target audience, the real competitors, the needs of your target, etc. While researching, keep in mind that it is good to learn from the big companies, and discover their difference in the market. 

Financial plan

In the financial plan stage, you will carefully make a plan for your expected revenue and costs. Bear in mind that a lot of new businesses get out of the market. There is a period that the companies do not make revenues at all, and they cannot sustain, or their expectations do not meet reality. As a result, they withdraw from the online casino business. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to sustain your business even, it does not make money. Additionally, be realistic, do not have high expectations when planning cost and revenues. 

Payment Options

If not the secure payment is one of the essential steps of how to start an online casino business. A high secure payment system is one of the customers’ concerns. If your clients want to pay and play a game on your website, the payment must be secure; otherwise, they will not choose your online casino, which means you will lose your customers. 

In addition to the security of payment form, your website needs to support multiple currencies. Because your customers will be from all over the world, it is essential to have a multi-currency payment form. This slot payment system offers high-level security based on blockchain technology. Also, your payment system needs to have fraud detection, advanced risk management, etc. to earn the customers’ trust. 

Although traditional payment options are not preferable by the customers, you can firstly begin with it, and then you can add cryptocurrency to payment options. Cryptocurrency, operating independently from a central bank, is a digital currency that regulates the generation of units of money, and it verifies funds transfer by using encryption techniques.

How Much Is It To Establish a Casino Business

Having read all the articles above, now you know how to start an online casino business. Here is the question that you may probably have in your mind even before beginning to read the article: how much money should you have to start your casino business? It is essential to know that it depends on the country, online casino software providers, and development companies you will work. 

There are different options you can choose to launch your casino business. One of the options is that you can buy ready established online casino. Their prices also vary; if their customers are huge in number, these ready online casinos will be expensive. 

There are many companies that offer a service for your online casino. Their service also differs; if they help from the beginning, it will cost much. You can choose what services you want to buy from them. Keep in mind that you need to find a trustworthy online casino software developer that has a good experience. The cost depends on the service you choose will vary from $200 to $5000. 

As I stated above, the cost is hugely different for every country. For example, in Antigua and Barbuda, the application fee itself is just $15,000. As I stated before, if you do not have enough budget, you can find an investor who is willing to contribute to your casino business.


In this article, I tried to explain how to start an online casino business in easy steps. The budget depends on the country you live in and its government. Almost in all countries, except

  • Cyprus
  • Poland
  • North Korea
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • and Cambodian

you can start your casino business and online gambling. The steps you should follow are :

  • getting a gambling license
  • having a good business plan
  • finding trustworthy gambling service and high-skilled gambling software companies, and etc.

Besides law regulations and technical issues, you also need to hire an internet marketing specialist to boost traffic to your online casino. 

How to start an online casino business also includes creativity and excellent internet marketing skills. You can hire a digital marketing specialist or deals with it on your own. Keep in mind that it is crucial to winning in the casino business market that you are different than other competitors, and you are unique.

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