4 Ways to Increase Your Winnings with Online Gambling Slots

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The internet has become the perfect platform for the entertainment of people without going outside the home. There are a lot of options to spend your leisure time interesting on the internet. Online Casinos are one of these options. These casino sites have many different slot games. But, the question arises from this gaining about how much the amount will be? In this article, we will mention four essential tactics to increase winning with gambling slot. Any gambling site does not guarantee you with the exact amount of dollars coming back to you from spins.

You may face with jackpot and earn a lot of deal, or only meet your nightly snack costs from the slot. But, for sure, there are some powerful hints for your online gambling experience to manipulate your winning amount. In this article, we will mention four essential tactics to increase winning with gambling slot.

1. Return to Player percentage of Gambling Slot.

The first step to achieve our goal should start by choosing a group of slots on the internet. There are many different types of features in slot games to choose the best one to meet your desire. Your criteria could be brand usage in the design such as Game of Thrones slots, or slot games with soft music. Anyway, all of them give money to players with probability and works with the same system. But our goal is to earn a profit, so we should look at the payment amount of different slot games which affect winning chance. Games apply some mathematical algorithms to give their players winning. Return to Player (RTP) percentage is the most important measurement to learn this chance.

More about RTPs

RTP is the best feature for decision-makers who wants to make good deals from slot games. Regardless of being real or mobile casinos, players intend to clarify how much chance do they have to earn from each spin. Therefore, they should know return to player percentage of slots. RTP shows percentage amount of overall spending in the slot game that will come back to the players. Information about RTP of different slots is evident for regular online gambling players, but we should mention it in this article.

Because it is the most crucial factor that affects the number of winnings, return to player percentage of slots changes between 92 to 97% and even up to 99%. For example, one particular slot game gives 95 percent return to the player. It means, from 100 dollars of the overall betting casino will give 95 dollars back to the players. The rest 5 dollars is the revenue of the casino and go to the budget. This process is how online casino software earns their money with a simple system. What is up to play is to find a slot with the highest return and push the spin button.

How to Know Return to Player of Gambling Slot?

Several webpages post a review about the performance of different slots and also write about their RTP percentage. You may google the name of the specific slot game and find some information and player reviews about its RTP. The game also gives return percentage if you look at its “about” or “settings” part. 

Additionally, you can also guess the RTP percentage of slot machine by their player numbers. Gambling sites usually create one additional window for their top playing slot games. Of course, there could be other reasons to see any game on this list. For example, Game of Thrones slot game could be top playing, but its players are mostly coming from TV fans. Therefore, its RTP could be lower. However, if there is an ordinary game with a simple design and in the top playing list, it probably gives high return to player. Therefore this game deserves to be checked whether it will provide high profit or not.

Return to Player Percentages

On the other hand, it is also possible to guess the RTP of online gambling slot if you do not find any blog about it on the internet. The way is looking at its coin value. Coin value of slots gives a clue about your winning probability. Games that demand more money per their coin have more RTP percentage and will relatively give more payouts. More money could be 5 dollars or higher amount per spinning. Online gambling statistics show that those slots tend to have between 97 to 99 percent of return. Winning possibility decreases together with the coin value of slots relatively. It means slot game with one dollar valued coin will have lower RTP than games with 5 dollars per coin.

2. Volatility of Slots

What does volatility mean?: We finalize the first step by identifying a group of slots with the highest chance of profitability. Now the following action comes about grouping these slots according to their volatility. The volatility of slots determines the frequency of winning from spins. This feature is also related to the risk level of each slot.

For example, you play XYZ online gambling slot which has 95% of return to payment. Its volatility shows how often you will face with winnings from spins. Slots with high volatility will give less frequent winnings, but each winning value will be higher. Low volatile slots have more often won, but such slots pay the smaller amount of profits.

So, we have two groups of slots: high volatility slots with the high-risk level and less risky low volatility slots. Each player has a distinctive risk level according to their desire. People who are inpatient and seek for instant profit will choose slots with more volatility. However, risk-averse players will tend to play lower volatile slots.

How volatile are we talking here?

But, to maintain a constant increase of winning in internet casino games, the player should be able to manage the risk level. Therefore, each type has specific strategies. It is suitable to start with low volatile slots if you do not want to risk a considerable amount of money and will satisfy with small wins. More or less, those slots will pay you a few winnings. If you want to play high volatile slots and get more deal, you should be more strategic. Initially, you should be patient when you enter the game. Start betting with a low value of coins for each spin. If you observe constant winnings, increase your bet value little by little. It should be mentioned that winning volatility does not have any relation with day hour. Gambling slot give winning random, and you can earn jackpot any hour during the day.

How to Determine the Volatility of Slots?

Google: The same option with RTP is also suitable for this one. You may find some blogs and reviews about the volatility of particular slot when you search it on google. Players may share information about their own experience in the specific slot game in their blog. Managers of online gambling slot may also share something about the volatility of their slots. However, you can less probably find useful information in this way, because gambling sites do not disclose the volatility ratio of their slots themselves mostly.

Free Spins: this way is the most suitable one if you have a little experience on gambling slot. Regular players have some domination on guessing volatility of different games. Therefore they do not need to search for reviews of other players. However, new movers have to lack knowledge about winning frequencies of slots, so the most efficient way is to learn it by real experience. Free spins solve this problem. Online casinos offer these bonuses to new entrants and help them to get used to the mechanism of the slot. When you sign in to the specific slot game, it gives you some amount of free spins. It means you can turn the slot given amount of time without payment and you can earn money from those free spins.

More about free spins

Free spins have two significant advantages for players. Firstly, you can start earning from slots without any cost to some extent. Secondly, and more useful one for us, you can analyse the behaviour of specific slots risk-free. In this way, you can guess the volatility of every slot game. Of course, you cannot find the exact volatility ratio from limited free spins. But it still gives you some inference and helps for decision making. Free spins let you check more online gambling slot and choose the most efficient one suitable to your risk level.

3. The amount you bet matters

We already learned some healthy strategies to choose the best online slot game to increase our winning in online casino software. The rest process is to decide how many coins you will drive for a particular slot and how much money you will invest for overall experience in this slot. We know that slot games give victories randomly. But, there exist one more important choice to increase winning profit. The question is how much to spend in one slot game. Betting value directly affect the possibility of winning amount.

Nobody can expect huge earnings in exchange for a little bit. We also agree with the risk that player can lose all his money if he keeps betting with maximum coin amount. But logically you should give more money to the game and expect for a higher payout. On the other hand, the working system of slot games also proves the advantage of top betting to winning more. Let’s analyze how payment of gambling slot work.

Multiplying System of Gambling Slot

The reward of online gambling slot works with the multiplying system. The more coin you put, the more money you can earn. For example, you may get 1000 coins jackpot in exchange for one coin. However, betting two coins may give you 2000 coins jackpot. Value of winning rises with multiply effect as your betting value increases. Winning probability also increases as you bet higher amounts. This relation is the tricky part of the game.

Let’s say you have two options to play; one is 0.25 dollar per coin, and the other one is 1 dollar per coin. The better option is to play for a cheaper one with four coins. In this case, you can maximize your jackpot winning probability. According to the reviews and experiences of many online gambling players, it is clear that you should bid the maximum coin amount to win the jackpot. So, bid the biggest deal to take all the money to the pocket.

4. Branded Gambling Slot vs. Ordinary Slots

We move on steps to increase our winning very well. The main factor in this elimination process is not to forget what was our purpose; to maintain earning from online gambling slot. Let’s say; we have chosen a bunch of suitable slots to our interest and personal taste. So, which one suits the best for our purpose? There is one significant feature that differentiates all slots from one another, and this will help to choose the best online slot games. This feature is brands of icons used to design and organize the appearance of game page. What could those brands be? They could be slot games from movies everybody watch, foods mostly preferred,or music and musicians top listened in all over the world.

Branded slots could use some influencers in their design or music in the background of the game. All of the online gambling slot are used to keep you entertained while you play and attract your attention. Casino managers are also interested in using the most famous music or icons to attract the attention of more fan group. If you love Harry Potter movie and your room is full of its characters, definitely you will choose a slot designed with Harry Potter icons. However, you miss one part of this choice. Usage of branded symbols in the game demands more money for copyrights and other payments.

How do managers control RTP

This additional cost will inevitably increase the price of specific slots. Therefore, gambling managers will put relatively lower return to player percentage, which will decrease your winning chance in online casino gaming. If you are a new player, the more likely you will make a mistake in this part. So, what to do? The solution is to avoid branded slots and focus more on slots designed with ordinary icons which do not integrate the interest of millions of people. As simple icons do not need for huge copyright payments, the slot will provide their players with more return.

Riversweep.org is the best example which provides gamers with the most suitable online gambling slot. A wide variety of games are ideal for the taste of their players. Having both types of slot games let people make a choice. Their branded games include movie slots, musicians, etc. Beside branded designs, they also offer slot games structured with simple icons like fish games with ocean items, forest animals, etc. Wacky Billy is one of these examples. The slot has a simple design with iconic characters of typical farm items. All you can see in the structure are farmers, numbers, and letters. In this game, you have a high chance to get winnings. Its dynamic and colorful design creates an entertaining experience for players and motivates to keep playing.


All of the strategies above show that gambling slot could be not only entertainment games for their players but also way to earn money. This mostly depends on the player’s strategies that he applies. If the player enters to slot games just for fun, he does not have any tactic to use. All slot games have a pretty simple working system. You choose your betting amount per slot. Then you buy coins in exchange for that money and start playing by betting some coins per spinning.

But if the purpose is to earn good money from slot games, you should follow the rules that we have written above. Some people really earned million dollars from slot games. It proves the possibility of winning fantastic numbers, and you can be one of these lucky people. The only way is to follow these steps to find the most optimal slot game and apply playing strategies to your game experience. Go and start searching now!

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