Slot Machine Games Online: Famous & Interesting Facts

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slot machine games online

As one of the most popular casino games, gambling slots took the industry by storm in recent years. There are thousands of people around the world who are fond of slot machine games online. To meet that audience’s needs and effectively execute their business plans, casino game operators and developers are working nonstop. Every year we experience a new type of slot machine game with improved features and functions. In this guide, we will try to find out some interesting facts about slot machine games online that most of the players are not aware of. So, let’s start!

The reason behind the growing popularity of slot machine games online

Multiple factors added their share of growth to online slot machines. Let’s look at the history of gambling in the US and discover possibilities that led to this massive growth. The economy of the US during both the Reagan and Bush-era has some similarities. In both cases, the government cut federal funding during the days of the recession. They thought of the ways to generate revenue without directly increasing the taxes, and the result was legalizing and taxing online gambling activities. The combination of modern technology and legalization for online gambling activities allow slot machine games to prosper. As a result, currently, slot machines are the number one source of revenue for online casino operators.


As we already mentioned, the US government legalized online gambling in most states to get a quick revenue without increasing taxes. What about slot machines? In 2000, slot machine games online were only legal in 31 states. Since then, the number of states that legalized these amazing games reached 41. Some states partially legalized these activities and are on the verge of full legalization. Casino operators in most of the states have acquired sweepstakes slot machines instead of regular ones to protect themselves from the jurisdiction. In states where it is illegal to play online slots, you can find unregulated slot machines too. Gaming enthusiasts cannot live without their favorite casino game, so it is expected that the US government will legalize slots in most of the states in the following years. 

Do really slot machines go hot or cold?

One of the most popular fallacies about online gambling slots is that they go hot or cold. Most people believe in this myth and play accordingly while trying to create winning strategies in case the slot machine goes hot. The idea behind this thought is straightforward. Those people think that if the slot machine game pays out frequently, it has a tendency that the machine will go hot and payout even more. Alternatively, in case if the slot machine is not paying out for quite some time, then it is unlikely that it will work in the next several rounds because it went “cold.”

What is Reality?

slot machine games online

The reality about online slots is that they deal with random numbers, and both good and bad luck for players will take its turns eventually if you win multiple slot game rounds in a while playing in the same game that does not necessarily mean that you will win in the next round too. Probability is not working as most of those players think. Let’s put it directly with this example. Imagine that you are playing a slot machine, and the probability of winning a massive jackpot is equal to 1 in 1000. Whether or not you will win it in this spin, will not affect the results of the next one. The previous result cannot affect future results; that is why every round of slot machines is called an independent trial.

Another reason why this is only the myth is the Random Number Generator system. As you may probably know, modern casino slots work through online casino software, which provides them with RNG. This system is making sure that the generated numbers are random. They produce a random number per second, and each number has equivalent symbols that appear on the reels. That is why, it is almost impossible to guess the next combination of RNG and to know on which reel or pay line, the winning symbols will line up.

Slot machine games online work in the same way as their land-based counterparts.

It is no secret that brick and mortar games from old school land-based casinos are not looking or feeling the same as the modern slot games that you play now. Though, they are actually very similar in nature. From the results to entertainment, they have very identical sides, and the only drastic difference is the technology that changes the way how you access those games. Both of the games played through device screens and used the same kind of Random Number Generator systems to acquire random results and avoid competitive advantage for any player.

It is a matter of choice for people to go with either one of them. Nowadays, most people prefer online casinos because they think that it is a more secure and convenient way of playing casino slots. Though, there are thousands of people who want to experience the real atmosphere of casinos and prefer going to land-based platforms. 

Does winning strategies actually work in slot machine games online?

You will encounter thousands of so-called “slot experts” who argue that they find out how to beat slot machines. You may get some tips from experienced players; there is no denying about that. However, that is pretty much because none of those views or strategies can make you a winner with a randomized system that slots have. You cannot believe those people and certainly not spend your hard-earned money with those tactics.

online casino games

Keep in mind that the reels and symbols are just a demonstration that attracts customers. In reality, the results are only based on the RNG that is placed inside the slot machine system. The winning strategies and all that stuff might work in the 1970s, where the randomization was not at its peak. However, it is almost impossible for someone to guess the expected results in modern slot machines. You can spend your time while thinking about strategies that can help you to increase the winning percentage. For instance, those strategies may involve paying on every win line or making the highest bets on each reel, etc. Rather than that, there is no scientifically proven way of beating slots.

Slot Machines = Skinner Boxes

There is a huge similarity between slot machines and skinner boxes. It is about their nature and the action that the person takes towards these games. For those of you who are unaware of the skinner boxes, let’s quickly go through that. B.F. Skinner was a behavioral scientist who created the skinner boxes method. With this method, Skinner was trying to see whether or not the consistent rewards decrease motivation in animals. He used the boxes that gave out periodic rewards to animals. Then, Skinner was comparing the results with the boxes that gave out consistent rewards.

The results were clear. Animals were more motivated to open the boxes from which they get periodic or unexpected rewards. Slot machine games online are just like those boxes. Imagine that you are winning every time you press the spin button. Would you be motivated to play another round? Or would you lose interest in these games? I guess we all are on the same page regarding the answers. The interesting part is that slot machine developers know this too, and they utilize Time on Device (TOD) metric which ensures that slot machines payout periodically. 

Final Thoughts

As you learn more about slot machine games online facts, I am sure you get more interested in them. Online casinos are one of the major adult entertainment industries that grow at a fast pace. We love casino slots and as the new features come, they become even more exciting to play. Whether you rely on your chance or try to come up with winning strategies, try to enjoy the moment and the rest will come sooner than later.

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