Ten Myths About Slot Machine Games

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Unlike the past, slot machine games today have almost replaced traditional casino games. If you’ve ever had a chance to visit a casino, you would agree that people are on the lookout for something new. Board games and the like have all become passe. Slot machine games are the next big thing in gambling because they have something new to offer every time. 

Unfortunately, there are myths that turn people away from gambling games. When you come across these “myths,” it’s important that you see through some of the biased views. The chances are that they could just be losing players venting their frustration. If you want to win and enjoy slot games, you should take it all in without being bogged down with rumors. Even slot machine games online or pc ones are full of these myths. 

We’ve made it our mission to destroy some of these myths plaguing gamblers. Let’s crack some of these wide open! 

#1 Do not leave your place, otherwise slot machine will award someone else

If you’ve heard this one, it’s best ignored. Slot machines have a special mechanism inside them called Random Number Generator. It creates thousands of combinations in just microseconds. It does not matter whether you left or stayed in front of a slot machine; these combinations will form continuously. When you pull the handle, it is a chance to pick winning symbols, nothing else. So you can drink and talk to your friends while playing slot machine games. 

#2 Specific times not good to play

Another myth that is popular among gamblers is the belief in a specific time, which is more favorable. This again is patently wrong. Slot machines are not able to calculate a specific time to give higher or slower payout rates. You might also hear about that a particular casino giving 99% payout percentage at weekends. It is just false information. There is nothing like this. Slot machine games have a fixed payout percentage that is determined beforehand. The chip inside the slot cannot change it another time.

#3 Now it is time to win since nobody has still won

Remember that nobody has a different chance to win. Slot machine games give the same chance to all players. Maybe someone has better luck than you. Even though a slot machine has not paid out for a long time, it is unclear that you will win or not. It is like being at the right place, at the right time to pick the winning combinations on the screen.

#4 Find a friend who is a master at math

Some people think that slot games can be beaten if you know math very well. It is impossible to count or calculate winning or losing combinations. As there are millions of combinations that a slot machine creates. For example, if you play a slot machine with four reels. When you pull the handle, you will a handful of symbols on the screen. Actually, Random Number Generator creates a number for every spin. You see 10 symbols on every wheel. It means that every 10 symbols should be multiplied four times, meaning that 10X10X10X10. As you see, in our example, there are 10,000 combinations showing your chance is 1/10,000 to win. 

#5 Handle is more lucky than button

Some people say that it is better to pull a handle rather than to push a button. However, it is not true. It is unimportant how you spin: whether pushing a button or pulling a handle. It is just a preference of gamblers. To provide a random winning, slot machine games are designed with Random Number Generator. So don’t worry about a button or handle! 

#6 Coins affect your winning chance

Even there are some myths about the temperature of coins. While some people say that old coins reduce your winning chance, others think differently. All of these thoughts are completely wrong. As the name refers, slot machines are just machines, but nothing else. They don’t have any emotion or feeling. It does not matter whether you old cold, hot, new or old coins while playing a slot machine game. 

#7 Someone has won a jackpot that will not appear again

There are some false rumours that if a person gains a jackpot, nobody can win it again. People always like to exaggerate situations that they can consider difficult. There is no reason for that a slot machine will not payout a jackpot next times. It depends on determining winning combinations. Maybe you can win two jackpots in a row, or lose up to the end. 

#8 Casinos modify slot machines when they want

This myth is an expensive one because the chip inside a slot machine is not cheap. Slot machines and chips are made at factories. When casinos want to purchase a slot machine, they can just decide which payout percentage is better for them. Casinos cannot do anything to slot machines. In order to tighten or loosen a slot machine, casinos should change the chip. For this, a new chip should be bought from the factory. How can a casino change the chip, while you playing a slot machine game?

#9 Casino workers know loosen slot machines

When you visit a casino to play slot machine games for the first time, your friends or someone else can say that you need to ask a cocktail waitress. It is impossible that a casino worker knows this. Since if casino works had known loose slots beforehand, they would play and win for themselves, but nothing for you. They will just get your money to say the place of “loose slots” to you. There is no any idea or tip to know which slot machines are better to win money.

#10 Club cards prevent your winning

Some people think that playing with your club card is possible to reduce your chance to win money. Their assumption is based on a myth that casinos don’t want people to win less, but spend much. It is a false premise. Since slot machines have the automatic mechanism based on RNG, casinos cannot do change online slot software

Although these myths are more common among gamblers, there are also some false rumours about slot machine games for PC. Let’s review some of widespread myths about slot machine games online!

Myths about slot machine games online 

Casinos can easily fix slot machine games for PC or online

There is a common myth that online slot machines are easily fixed by casinos. The “logic” behind this rumour is that casinos want to gain much more money. However, casinos always gain money from gamblers regardless of slot machine games. All slot machines including land-based and slot machines online have the house edge to provide a casino to win. 

Manual spinning reduces your winning chance

If you hear about that playing with autoplay is better than clicking the spin, it is best to ignore. Regardless of ways of spinning reels, random number generator of slot machine games for PC is not able to reduce your payout percentage, or winning chance. Therefore, which way of spinning reels is comfortable for you, play with it. 

Having a bonus means less total gains

As land-based slot machines, online slot machines are not capable of knowing whether you play with a bonus or not. When you play online slot machine games with a bonus, the payout percentage will always remain the same. 

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