6 Types of Slot Games

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Slot games have been advancing right from the classic three-reel games to cutting edge 3D slots. The graphics, designs, and sound effects of last launched slots offer players unforgettable gaming experience. On the other hand, players are expected to have basic knowledge about the different types of slot games for better gaming experience. This basic knowledge will help you choose the perfect type of slot game for your needs. For helping you to find out your way in the gaming universe, we will introduce and clarify six types of slot games that you would probably encounter.

#1 – Classic Three-Reel Slot Games

If you have ever visited an online casino website or land-based casino, you have probably encountered the name, three-reel slots. Three-reel slots or classic casino slots emerged at the end of the 20th century, and since then, they could keep their popularity. If you enjoy playing more straightforward games, then three-reel slots should be your game choice. The structure of these online slots is based on three turning reels. They consist of one payline, which mainly offers a little amount of reward. It is obvious that jackpots of classic slots are also poor. It usually changes between $100 to $1,000. However, the simplicity and ease features of three-reel slots have made them favorite of most players. Although five-reel or seven-reel online slots have prevailed classic slot games, they maintain the traditional structure of three-reel slot machines. Nevertheless, players will find more diversity and joy in five-reel or seven-reel casino games.

#2 – 5-Reel Slot Machines

As distinct from the classic 3-reel slot machines, nowadays, game developers prefer to design slot games for PC, which typically have five reels. The games which have more reels which enable developers to set up more symbols, bet lines, and winning combinations. Five-reel slots typically consist of from 10 to 50 bet lines. Even, some of them which have been launched recently offer more than 50 paylines. Having more bet lines lets users put higher bets and get more payoff. More precisely, more reels mean harder gaming, more costs, and a larger payout. 

At the same time, these online slots provide players with more sophisticated and smooth gaming experience through advanced graphics or sounds effects. Another advantage that 5 online reel slots include is bonuses, free games, and jackpots opportunities. They enable users who play slot games for real money to enjoy a more realistic gaming environment while making more earnings. 

#3 – Multi Payline Slots

As mentioned above, classic slot games provide players with only one bet line. In other words, if players hit the three same symbols on the one line, they will win. Nonetheless, playing seven online reel slots with multiple bet lines has become a more common situation in the last few years. Gamers who play slot games for real money usually prefer multi payline slots, which present more potential to get higher wins. Unfortunately, not all multi payline slots can provide users with this feature. Nevertheless, the ones who have this capacity will multiply your gain to twice, treble, or X 10. 

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is related to the number of pay lines. More precisely, an increasing number of bet lines is also rising the level of the risk for gamers. However, in the case of winning, they will get more amount of money in return. For instance, if you decide to play 20 bet lines slot, you will have more chances to gain a higher payoff.

#4 – Progressive Slots

Just like other online slots, progressive slots also offer players an opportunity to gain profit. Yet, they have one more feature which differentiates them from other online slot games – a jackpot. The number of the jackpot is fixed regardless of the slot game. Nevertheless, progressives increase when players turn the reels each time. Indeed, when you play more on them, you will have more chances to get higher jackpot. How will it occur? Each time you start to play the game, you put a certain amount of bet.

Then, the slot takes out a particular portion of the bet and attaches to the jackpot till you hit it. The rate of the portion can modify depending on the slot machine. The highest amount that some of the games offers is 15%. Then, what happens when you win? The game resets the amount of jackpot with a new one. Then, it keeps going to rise until you hit the jackpot again and win.

#5 – Video Slot Games

Video slots usually differ from other slot games for PC for their advanced features. We can mention limpid visuals and delightful storylines that emerge through charming design, creative themes, and matching sound effects. Video slots are entirely distinct from the classic slot games, especially since they may even offer up to 1025 winning opportunities. These games also include a variety of incredible symbols that fascinate users into the themes of the slot. 

Additionally, video slot games are typically extremely profitable based on different secret bonus prizes. These prizes mainly include wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters, and free spins. Just as progressive slots, online video slots provide users with bigger jackpots for raising their chances of gaining more money. Slot games such as Gladiators of Rome, Twisted Pays, Dark Thirst, and much more can be an example for the video slots which provide players with higher jackpots. 

#6 – 3D Slot Games

We should be thankful for the technological advancement for bringing more effectual gaming devices. With the support of these devices, game developers could design 3D online slots. These games are between the most advanced and most desired types in the gaming world. As you have already assumed, these games appear with complex and advanced three-dimensional graphical interfaces. These interfaces allow users to feel as lifelike when they play 3D slot games. Most of the 3D slot games begin with a great intro video to help you to understand the storyline of the game. 

Besides, the sound effects of 3D slot games also differ from other slots through their smooth coherence with game themes and effects. Additionally, just as video slots, they also provide users with a lot of rewarding opportunities such as multipliers, wilds, bonus rounds, scatters, and free spins. Popular slot games such as Pinocchio, Gonzo’s Quest, EggoMatic, and Enchanted will let you experience the best 3D gaming adventure.


In conclusion, slot games have a lengthy and interesting background and history. Most people evaluate them as an engaging output of the industrial revolution. To this day, game designers have developed numerous types of slot games with numberless dynamic features. The best decision is just to select the slot which complies with your gaming taste. Keep in mind that regardless of the type, the most important thing in the gaming world is to entertain. 

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