Top Biggest Online Slots Wins

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Slot games are one of the most entertaining casino game types. They are simple yet so exciting because of the huge prizes that you win in these games. It is no coincidence that most of the biggest casino wins in online casino history are recorded in online slots. Players like to play online slots for real money, and they are getting back high stakes as a reward. After the introduction of progressive slots, players are more focused on getting the jackpot instead of playing low volatility slot games. Progressive jackpots are one of the types of online slots that are increasing every time someone deposits on a slot game. It gradually increases, and the final form of mega jackpots can go up as high as twenty million dollars. Let’s look at the most significant wins that are recorded in progressive online casino slots.

Online Progressive Jackpots

Online casinos are improving each year. Progressive jackpots are an essential factor that affected the rise of online slots. The recorded Guinness Record for the highest online slot game win is equal to thirteen point two million pounds. This record belongs to two thousand fifteen. Guinness recorder was a man from Great Britain named Jon Heywood. He was playing Mega Moolah gambling slot at that time, and suddenly in the later rounds of progressive jackpot slot, he won the game. There are several cases like this in the history of slot games. For instance, in two thousand ten and anonymous Australian players wan ten point four Australian dollars on the Bat-Man Dark Knight slot game. This game became very popular after the guy won the jackpot; however, it was canceled due to the licensing issues in later years.

Poker Star Casino online slots

Several online casino platforms are focusing on progressive slots to match the demand of the players. For instance, two years ago, Poker Star Casino announced that they are going to launch online casino jackpots that will have a starting price of one million dollars. Suddenly they became trendy, and in over four months, Poker Star made twelve people millionaire while progressive slot machine of their casino cashed out approximately twenty-three million dollars during that period. The latest winner in that casino was seventy-two years old man named Anchor. Anchor won around three million dollars while playing millionaires top online slots.

Biggest Online Slots winners in the United Kingdom

Throughout the years, the United Kingdom’s online casino business became very popular because of the progressive jackpot wins in the country. For instance, in two thousand sixteen, an ordinary casino player Jonathan won fourteen million pounds in a progressive slot game. The story of Jonathan is fascinating because he started the game with only twenty-five cents and improved his results in each of the next rounds.

 Many online slots players got inspired by his story, and the demand for top online slots increased rapidly. Two years later, an anonymous player from Great Britain recorded a massive amount of nineteen million euro jackpot win. That player was using Grand Mondial Casino for his gambling adventures, and Mega Moolah was his favorite slot game. The lucky player almost won twenty million euros in with just depositing zero-point fifty cents to each of the winning pay lines. Casino slots like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune became famous after these winning results. On his fourth bet, Neil from Aberdeen managed to win seven million euros in just four turns. Neil was also playing famous progressive slot game Mega Fortune, and an initial bet of four euros made him a millionaire in just a few clicks.

Biggest Slot Winner in Finland

Finland is a country that is best known for its beautiful northern lights and icy beauty. If you did not know, online gambling is another aspect that they are highly capable of. It is no surprise that we have many online slots winners from Finland. The biggest slot win that has ever been recorded in Finland happened in two thousand thirteen. In two thousand thirteen, a lucky Finnish player takes his chances on a famous progressive slot game- Mega Fortune. He started from depositing quarter cents on each of the winning pay lines and slowly increased the deposit. After the sixth spin, he increased the wager to five euros. He knew that raising the stakes will improve your chances of winning. However, the thing which he did not know was that he would be the first man in Finland who will win a massive progressive jackpot of seventeen million euros. 

Most significant online slots win of Germany

Playing online slots for real money is risky, but it is exhilarating. Many players around the globe are taking the challenge of becoming the biggest winner of online casino slots. Online casino players in Germany are very active regarding progressive slots and their ultimate rewards. The highest amount that German players got till now was three point five million dollars from Mega Fortune. Mike started the game with as low as zero-point five-cent deposits. As soon as he got confidence in himself, he put two euros on each winning pay line. As a result, he won three point five million euros.

Other lucky winners from all around the world

Massive wins in top online slots are no coincidence. Casino slots are one of the most generous gambling games in the industry, and many people took their turn on getting the best out of these slots. In two thousand twelve, an anonymous player from Norway recorded the highest win for his country while playing Mega Fortune. That person won eleven million dollars on just a few spins. Another lucky winner of online slots was from Sweden; Alex managed to earn seven point six million dollars while playing in Unibet. He was playing Hall of Gods, and suddenly, in the later rounds, he won the progressive jackpot of that game.

How can you improve your winning percentage in progressive online slots?

It is a known fact that in progressive online slots for real money, betting is a significant factor that somehow affects your overall results. Pay-out rates of the online slots are changing according to the bet amounts. For instance, imagine an online slot game that puts a max bet amount at four dollars. In that case, you need to put four dollars as an initial deposit. If you play the max, there is a high chance that pay-out rates of the online casino slot machine will increase.

Playing small can cost you a lot of money than you think in online slots. For instance, if you are paying a quarter of the dollar to the slot game that has a maximum bet of one dollar, then the results will not satisfy you. With that quarter dollar, you will win one thousand dollars if you hit the jackpot. However, that result could be even millions of dollars if you played the right way.

Every year many players from all around the globe are celebrating considerable wins in online slots. If you are a fan of casino games and want to be one of those lucky players, starting from free mode games, master it, and then try your chances at online slots for real money games. Hopefully, these stories will inspire you to become one of the most prolific slot game players.

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