Overview of Videoslots In Online Gambling [2022 Review]

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Many years back, no one predicted that videoslots would play a fundamental role in the casino industry. It was on the market long before it began to pick up steam in the 1990s when reputable gambling software providers saw its potential. 

When it comes to slot machines, they stem from three-reel mechanical games. But most of the land-based casino slots use video screens. In terms of online, of course, all the games are played on video.

This guide will take an in-depth review of videoslots and its impact over the years in the casino industry.

Let’s begin.

Why Players Rejected Videoslots In the Beginning

Most people play videoslots more than video poker, blackjack, reel slots, and other casino games out there in the U.S. There’s a broad perception that nothing in the universe is random, at least those above the quantum level. 

But the Random Number Generator (RNG) is quite close to beating that notion because players can’t seem to find a pattern. And the percentages for the long-term are those from the outcomes that occur randomly.

Here are some of the reasons players didn’t like about the videoslots:

  • The images had low-resolution and had unattractive screens. The images were also flat. 
  • The games were cheap imitations of mechanical slots as it had three video reels.
  • Nothing distinguished the game from others. No animation, bonuses, and sound effects were part of the game.
  • Players had no trust in the computers back then. They thought the operators rigged the video results against them.

Both the mechanical slots and video slots were random and computerized. But back then, before home computers became popular, there were not many tech-savvies. However, in the 1990s, video slots gained popularity, but many things had to occur to end the player’s dislike for the game.

Relevant Moments In The Rise Of VideoSlots


The following are the critical moments in history that the game started to become famous, and players began to see the real potential.


Fortune Coin Company launched its video slot in 1975. The first-ever to use the video screen was the slot machine. 


Si Redd, the founder of SIRCOMA, promoted the first-ever video poker game, after its enrolment by SIRCOMA. The first casino game players enjoyed and became the pioneer through which other video games broke through was the video poker.

Later, the company changed its name from SIRCOMA to the now known International Game Technology (IGT), the global leader in the manufacturing of slots.


Bally Technologies launched the Bally Game Maker, the first casino machine to integrate numerous games on the same device. The well-known games were video poker and blackjack.

The Mid-1990s

A company in Australia, Aristocrat Technologies, invented games that had bonus events and five reels. They were not instant hits in the United States. But they began to pick momentum in Pacific Rim, which prompted the game developers in the United States to develop their videoslots that had bonuses.


It was during this time that Silicon Gaming introduced Odyssey video slot machines. Odyssey was an advanced tech phenomenon that had a massive screen, feature bonuses, and top-quality animation. It became the future of casino gaming but eventually lost its place in the casino market.


WMS Gaming came out with Reel ‘Em In which became the first largest video slot to occur in the United States. When Reel ‘Em In became a huge success, it prompted other game developers to go video with their games if they wanted to stay in business. 

Many years later, three-reel games became the most advertised slots in the U.S. However, innovations from several manufacturers assisted the video slot in building momentum.

General Review Of Videoslots

There’s been computerization of the games in videoslots. But some still spin the reels with the lever. The paylines number even differentiates as some can go beyond 100. When you activate a payline, you boost your wager, which gives you a high possibility of winning.

Regarding the themes and symbols, they are countless. Every video slot comes with its specifications. When you compare the old one-arm bandits that had lucky 7s and play cards, the current video slots are better and have plenty to offer.

Game Controls

There’s a unique place in the video slots where they set the buttons. The buttons that aid you in adjusting the credit numbers can be found in the back row. You can also find the button in the same place if the game includes a gamble feature. 

The front row buttons are used to set the number of lines, withdraw, and show more details about the game, including the paytable. Before you play the game, we recommend that you check the paytable to familiarize yourself with the winnings and high-paying symbols in case you hit a winning combination.

 You can find the conditions needed to qualify for a progressive jackpot on the paytable. Every slot game highlights a various number of lines that results in more considerable differences. For instance, a 9-payline offers more payouts than 5-payline. 

Furthermore, the 9-payline permits you to wager a high number of coins and enter significant bonus rounds, unlike 5-payline, which provides small payouts.

Casino Attraction

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One attractive feature about video slots is that you can win a considerable sum without hitting the jackpot. You can trigger small wins regularly, so basically, you can accumulate profits consistently. It’s slow, but you’ll surely add more benefits with time. 

Most players choose the slot with their favorite theme and start playing. But aside from that, there are numerous vital factors that you need to pay attention to when selecting a game slot.

There is a high number of winning combinations when it comes to video slot machines, that is, when you compare them to classic online slots. The high chance of winning combinations increases your possibility of getting a score and a payout. The feature bonus games are highly profitable.

When you get a bonus round, there’s a high probability that you’ll get your initial bet back.

Video Slot Payouts

The developers design the classic slot machines to pay out a specific amount of money at specified intervals. Even though the game is categorized as a game won by chance, you need a certain level of knowledge to be a winning player. You need to have the right playing technique to increase your winning opportunity.

It’s a widespread knowledge that contemporary video slot machines have better payment than most well-known casino slot games. That’s because the whole idea is to bring in more players by providing frequent payouts.


Most of the players’ goal when they place a bet is to win considerably. However, the slot machine games were developed to be exciting and enjoy the game for the fun of it. Online casino games are meant to be entertaining and profitable.

So playing a game which you don’t enjoy is really not worth it. Videoslots are enjoyable to play, and you can make some pretty bucks out of it as well. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the game and start playing. Just don’t forget the fun part of it.

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