Classic Slot Machines – An Overview of Classic Slots

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Today’s favorite casino game – slots- have held their popularity for more than a century. The inventor of slot machines, Charles Fey, knew mechanics. He could create a machinal miracle consisted of spinning reels and lever in 1895. He named his very first slot machine a Liberty Bell. It is not surprising that bells are still one of the standard symbols of slot games. In detail, this first slot machine was an example of classic slot machines with three reels. When a gamer pulls the lever, unlike an online slot, that was on the side of the machine, reels start spinning. You can see symbols like playing cards and a cracked bell. Eventually, the reels stop and results revealed.

If a player could land three of the liberty bell symbols, then he could win a small prize like fifty cents. This simple mechanism, classic slot, spread like wildfire and the history of traditional slot machines started. Unfortunately, Charles did not apply for a patent. Therefore, soon, many competitors appeared with his invention. However, this could also be the reason for the fast popularity of slot machines.

Fruity Classic Slot

However, soon after its invention, in 1902 many State officials banned slot games. They made it illegal to play the games that provided monetary prizes. Classic slot machines were so popular among people. Therefore, the manufacturers, including Charles and his competitors, kept the game. They made several changes to it to legalize the classic slots. One of the changes was replacing card symbols to fruits.

Additionally, instead of monetary prizes, they offered small things like candies and gums. If a gamer landed three of the same symbols, he got the prize. The fruit symbols determined the flavor of the sweets a player gained. In this way, playing a classic slot was not illegal, and it still gave thrills to players. They quickly appeared in many shops, tobacconists and salons. That is why even now slot machines are also known as fruit machines in traditional and video slots.

One-armed bandit

As explained before, the classic slot machines worked with a lever. When a player pulled the lever, reels started spinning. It also started the work of a mechanism like a clock. This clock-like mechanism timed when the reels would stop, and a combination will land. For a long time, this working process did not change. Pulling a lever helped people feel like they control the classic slots. This small piece of metal in the side of the traditional slot machines gave great satisfaction and thrilling experience to gamblers. As one arm pulled the lever, the slot machines were also known as the one-armed bandit.

Improvements of Classic Slot Machines

Subsequently, the advancement of technology affected traditional slot games. The mechanical slot machine was famous; however, it was advanced to an electromechanical machine in the ‘60s. One of the most popular slot games of that period was Bally’s “Money Honey.” A lever still started the process. But the working cycle of the game was electrical. Besides, the biggest prize moved from 50 cents to 500 coins. Later, electromechanical machines transformed into electric machines and then machines working with microprocessors. These developments in traditional slot machines made it possible to bet higher amounts and hence, enjoy the more significant payouts. As a result, the popularity of slot games expanded further. In that period and nowadays, slot games are preferred pastime activities as much as the online slots and sweepstakes games.

Introduction of RNG

RNG or random number generator made slot machines even more famous. This function simulates like real reels are spinning. After, it generates a random combination. With the usage of RNG, one-armed bandit machines soon expired as none needed a lever to start the mechanism. It is enough to push the spin button to start the game. This improvement ensured manufacturers could now create slot machines with any theme they want. They could even increase payout lines and introduce progressive jackpots. For progressive jackpots, all classic slot-machines could be integrated into a land-based casino. The limitless jackpot that grows with every wager attracted much attention. It is not surprising that nowadays, slot machines cover more than 70% of casinos, including online slots.

Online Slot- 90s’ Miracle

Classic slot machines have an extensive history of development with the introduction of many different functions and technological advancement. However, one cannot deny that the most significant improvement or change in slot machine history was the development of an online casino. They started appearing in the ‘90s, and it is not unexpected that online slots were the most exciting part of mobile casinos. With the development of a casino in the online environment, now, people need not get out of their comfort. They can play wherever and whenever they want. There is not any function or feature that traditional slot machines offer, and online slot do not. Even more, online slots provide better visuals, sounds, and colors. The only problem was that some players hesitated for the fairness of the online slots. However, if you choose a licensed online casino, like Riversweeps, you could have ensured their reliability.

Bigger Prizes

With the introduction of online slots, the number of people who hit the highest jackpot increased. The reason was that more people could access progressive jackpots. The internet allowed more gamers from all around the world to play in real money online casino games. As a result, the frequency of hitting and the amount of jackpot increased with an online slot. This feature was a dream that classic slot machines could not realize. Also, online slots offered a chance to play with low bets such as one cent which attracted more and more players. The possibilities of online casinos, different from traditional slot machines, are so vast like multi-reel, multi-pay line versions of slot machines. These features guaranteed the popularity and success of slot machines even in the 21st century. 

Types of Slot Games

Throughout its history, from Classic Slot machines to online slots, slot games changed a lot. Many different types of those games emerged. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed among the hundreds of options in online casino providers. However, it is essential to know your kind of game. In this way, you can ensure you get the best experience from a slot game. In this section, we share some types of slot games with you. As a result, next time, when you visit a casino, whether brick or online, you will know what to play.

Three Reel Excitement- A Classic Slot

You already know how classic clot machines emerged. Classic slots offer you the simple slot game experience. If you want to play a simple game and win, then you can choose this type of slot. It does not offer any extra features, bonus rounds, risk games, or scatter symbols. No other functionality is going to interrupt your gambling experience. Some loyal gamblers think that the overly-extensive features of today’s slots changed the feeling that the game offers. Those players do not like modern designs, animations, or 3D visuals in slot games. They want to feel the retro atmosphere while playing a slot game. If you agree with them, then you can choose Classic slots.

Multi-payline Slots

Usually, in classic slot machines there are only one payline. This payline is located in the middle of the reels. You can only earn a prize if you land a combination of this payline. However, multi-payline slots offer you a better function. Here, you have many paylines up to 100. You can bet for many of them. The decision to wager is all yours. Some players say it is more advisable if you bet small amounts to each payline. Then you can have a higher chance to win. However, a small bet means your payoff will also be little. However, if you bet more, you can get great prizes. To some gamblers, many paylines seem challenging and overwhelming to control. However, extra patience and more attention will contribute to the laws of multi-payline slots with prizes.

Video Slots

With the development of technology, video slots entered our lives in the ‘70s. No more mechanical processes controlled the game. “Fortune Coin” was the first video slot game. Video slots start playing by pushing a button. Then digital reels spin on the screen. This type of slots allows for more lines, higher wager, and more sophisticated graphics. Bonus games, free rounds, and spins, progressive jackpots were possible with video slots. It is not surprising that video slots gained colossal popularity as soon as they were designed. These popular slot games provide many futures that Classic Slot machines do not. Till now, video slots turned gambling into the billions worth of industry. It is all thanks to new gaming features, bonus factors, and breathtaking visuals that video slots provided. 

Progressive Slots

One of the mind-blowing types of slot games is progressive slots. In these slot games, the jackpot amount gets more prominent as more people play the game. Initially, the jackpot amount summed in one machine. However, as technology progressed, many slot machines could be integrated. Now, some part of wager is pooling in a commonplace from different games. Players of different locations or even countries can play progressive jackpot together. As you understand, there is no limit for the jackpot amount. Imagine the players globally. There are millions of them. The internet enables us to create a jackpot from many of their games. Progressive jackpots produced unimaginable amounts of prizes. Today, there exist many gamblers that earned millions of dollars by playing an online slot. 

3D Slots

What is impossible in Slot games? With advanced technology, there is no feature that a slot game cannot provide. If you think there is no other improvement that can be applied to slots, you are wrong. Developers now create 3D slots with three-dimensional characters and even with storylines. There exist a fierce competition in designs. Competitors push the boundaries in creative thinking. Now you can observe symbols move on reels or jump outside them. Also, you can notice some cartoons and other animations. Some slot games even include your favorite characters from the TV series or movies. Developers create games to the tastes of everyone. From every gender, including romance, action, adventure, you can play a slot game. Three-dimensional games offer you more excitement. They make online slots more attractive. It is a pity that generally, classic slot machines do not include these improvements.

Which one is better: Classic Slots vs. Modern Slots

Slot games come a long way since they were first invented by, allegedly, Charles Fey. The introduction of online slots ensured that gamblers could access internet casino games whenever they want. They do not have to travel anywhere to be able to play. All they need to do is sign in with their account details to the casino. They can use any device or operating system. Compatibility to any platform ensures the slow speed of the internet or other technical issues will not interrupt the gambling experience.

Gambling companies are now able to develop online slots with many different themes. These themes can include various cultures, tv series, or even aliens. New casino game development is more comfortable, faster, and cheaper. Thus, casino owners do not worry about physical space in an online environment. Therefore, they can add as many games as they wish. As a result, in online casinos, you can access both classic slots and modern slots. Which one you prefer is your free will, but here we will discuss some points. 

Better Design

As we said, now, it is possible to create many different themes. Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or loyal to Spanish culture, you can find a slot game with your preferred theme. Besides, graphics and visuals are much better in modern online slots than in classic slots. The type of symbols also varies. In modern slots, you can find a symbol of any kind like cars, zombies, or precious stones. There is no need to mention that gambling software providers create new symbols with great care. They can sometimes add animations to the game or design bright, attractive symbols. However, in classic slot machines, symbols are usually fruits, bars, 7s or playing cards. They also have less graphic details and looks somehow dull. 

Higher Winnings

We should not also ignore that on video slots you can have many pay lines in classic slots, the number of pay lines can be as low as one and as high as five. However, in modern slot games, the amount can rise to 1000. The winning combinations do not need to land in horizontal in recent games. In fact, some of them have diagonal or matrix type of paylines and combinations. This feature makes your odds better, and you can win great prizes in casino slots. Besides, you can have access to mini-games once you land specific winning combinations. Mini-games can earn you extra bonuses or multiply your winnings. These games add more excitement to slot gaming. Classic slot machines lack this function. 

Reel numbers also vary. Usually, slot machines have three reels, and sometimes, five. However, modern ones can have seven, nine, or more with the help of multi-screen games. There is a myth about the number of reels, too. Some people believe that there is a high probability of winning with five-reel games. However, it is just one of the false beliefs and not always valid. When a game has five reels, it also has many numbers of symbols. Therefore, landing the same symbols and winning can be challenging. The probability of winning with three reels and five reels are just the same. As a result, we cannot claim that increasing the reel number will help you win more. However, they surely guarantee more excitement.


You can argue about higher winnings as it is generally a matter of chance. You can also oppose that classic games have better designs. One thing you will definitely agree with us is the comfort that modern slots brought. Starting from the most straightforward feature, you do not need to leave your place. You do not need to wear fancy clothes or waste your time on the way. Besides, land-based casinos can also be illegal in your country, which will put you in real danger. Another convenient factor is payment options.

In brick casinos, mostly you need to bring cash. Sometimes they also accept credit cards in big casinos. However, in online casinos, you can use any payment. These types can include electronic wallets, bitcoins, vouchers, etc. Also, you should not worry about the security of your account. Casino software solutions ensure safety by encoding your details. None can be able to get your details. No need to worry about fraud. All you need to do is enjoying the games on your device. 

How to Choose? 

As we said before, the number of reels does not increase your odds. Therefore, claiming that you win higher prizes with it can be wrong. However, we also cannot deny that you will have access to bonus games and special features like multiplying with modern slots. There exist many players that are loyal to their classic slot machines and prefer pressing a real button. They can also like playing in land-based casinos. Others may like classic slots, but still, enjoy clicking a spin button in online casino games. 

You should also not forget the privacy benefit of playing in an online casino. None will know your identity unless you want so. We understand that in many countries, gambling can be illegal or perceived as a bad trait. If you do not want to deal with these problems and enjoy your pastime, you should go ahead with an online slot. 

We cannot say which choice you should make. Tastes are different, and you can enjoy playing both video slots and classic ones. It is all a matter of taste. If you want to have something simple, without mini-games that interrupt your game or bonus features, you choose classic games. More excitement lovers can choose video slots that offer unusual sounds, animations, and eye-catching graphics. 

But what is the benefit of technology if you do not use it? Slot games are now accessible in all online casinos. Any game including the ones offered by classic slot machines is at your fingertips. All you need to do is enter the online casino and enjoy every moment of slot games of Riversweeps. No identity problem, payment issues, or commuting. Playing slot games have never been so much easy. 

How to Win Slot Games?

Slot games have simple rules. Both classic slot machines and modern online slots work somehow in a similar way. All you need to do is push a spin button and watch symbols land on your reels. Slot games are chance games, and some people say there is no way to find for winning a slot game. However, we claim that there are several tactics to increase your odds while playing the slots. You might play the game earn the prizes. Alternatively, you might like slots for their attractive designs. You can prefer them to have a fun pastime. No matter your reason for playing, winning a prize will be a cherry to your ice cream. Therefore, if you follow some of the guides mentioned below, there is a high probability that you will leave the game with winnings. Ensure the fun time and high earnings with our simple tricks. 

1. Choose the Right Classic Slot Machines

There are several factors to define before you choose a slot machine or a slot game. One of those factors is a return to a player. It is a percentage of initial wager that you can earn back by playing slots. If this rate is high, then you will have a higher chance of winning. In classic slot machines, it can be challenging to know the RTP of the slot game. You have one solution to it. Try to be friends with loyal gamblers of casinos and learn about the winning rate of slots. However, if you play in online casinos, you can easily find a return to a player by searching. Generally, it is better to play slot games with the highest return to plays.

Another element to look for is the variance of the game. It is also known as volatility. This factor defines the risk level of the online slot. If the slot has high volatility, your risk is considerable. When the risk is high, your return is also high. It means you will win rarely, but when you do, you get great prizes.

On the other hand, if you play a low variance game, then you will win frequently. However, the prizes would not be huge. In online gambling, you can access information on volatility on search engines and game settings. However, the volatility of classic slot machines is hard to find. Here, again, we help you. You can play several times, and then you will know the frequency and winning amount of slot games. In online casinos, you can even play with free spins and get the needed information. 

2. Take a Risk

A risk-return tradeoff is not only applicable in economics. It is also true for slot games. If you take a high risk, you can also get a higher return. As mentioned before, high risk means high volatility. You will earn not frequently, but your earnings can be huge. Besides, it hols for paylines. If there exist many pay lines, try to make maximum bets at least for some of them. You can understand that a classic slot or online slot will not make you a multi-millionaire for betting cents to paylines. Only by increasing your wager, you can make your odds better.

Also, developers design some slot games in a way that bonus features are accessible with high bets. It means you will not be able to enjoy bonus features if you do not bet the maximum. We also understand that you might not want to take the risk. You can be a player to have fun. We will not pressure you to take risks then. You should decide what type of player you are. 

3.Set Your Limits

If you are risk-lover, you should probably consider the second piece of advice more. However, if you are risk-averse, it is better to set limits. There exist some misconceptions or false behaviors of gamblers. They might think that after they lost many times, they will win. This might be not true for all cases. Besides, if you do not have enough budget to cover the losses, it is better to establish your boundaries before the game. You need to find your upper and lower limits. Lower limit indicates when you will leave the game if you start losing. It will ensure you do not lose more than you allocated for slot games. Besides, you should also set an upper limit. After you won, you should stop playing and take your prizes before losing. 


Slot games have maintained their popularity since 1885. The types and features of the slot machines changed a lot during this period. New elements like bonus features, different symbols, risk games, or progressive jackpots were added to create a more attractive versions of classic slot machines. The Classic slot differs from today’s online slot in a number of ways. We cannot ensure which one is better. However, we can create a platform where you can access all types of slot games instantly. Riversweeps Platinium, with its rich game library, provides a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy online slot games. Do not waste your time on the decision making or selection process. Enter our online casino and experience various types of slots. 

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