Online Casino Games for Real Money in 2021

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Casinos have been one of the most famous entertainment sectors for the people for a long time. Gambling centers accept millions of guests annually in the world. Today, people do not have to visit a particular country or city for playing casino games. Game development companies create online casinos for gamblers and gather all casino games in one platform. But, what factor focuses on the interest of players on casino games? Because gambling has one significant difference from all other sports. Other games give fun times to people in their leisure. However, in casinos, they can both entertain themselves and earn some money. There are several types of online casino games. So, how do they work and what are the ways to make money from gambling? In this article, we will mention some online casino games for real money and analyze how to earn money from them.

Different online casino games for real money

Gambling slots are one of the most played games among online casinos. These games have gained the interest of players since the first establishment of casinos in the world. Slot games differ according to their iconic design, payment value, spinning cost, etc. Anyway, all of them have similar and straightforward playing rules. You choose your total bidding value for one slot. You should spin the reels for experiencing one full game. Each spin has different prices depending on the niche. You purchase coins in exchange of real money to spin the reels. The game pays you money out if you will bring a winning combination in the display. Overall winning combinations changes from 4-8 up to 200-300 in one slot game.

Classic slot machines: This is the initial, old-style structure of online casino games for real money. It has the same gameplay with mechanical slot machines in casino houses. Therefore, winning combinations are also straightforward. Although traditional slots generally have three reels, there also exist 5-reels and 7-reels machines. The possible winning combination is fewer because of its mechanical structure. However, classic slot lovers are quite a lot.

Video slot machines: In recent times, internet sweepstakes cafe games have also adapted modern systems in their structure. As a result, slot machines have moved into electron versions which differ with a few features from classic slots. The main change is the amount of winning combination. Thanks to the electron algorithm, some combinations also give out money which is not in the same row. This advantage increases winnings up to two hundred bundles. Some video slots also have additional risk game after spinning. It let you double, even quartile your winning. So, video slot machines could be suitable online casino games for real money if you want to earn good deals.

How to win in online casino games for real money

As we mentioned above, casinos have separate branches in itself. Some of them are very strategical and force players to think carefully, but others are mostly chance games. Anyway, all of them have some tricks to earn good deals. We will mention some of the most popular slot games you would prefer if you want to make real money.

Magic 81 

If you like to play traditional slot games, then Magic 81 would be a perfect choice for you. It is one of the best casino games for real money. The game is a fruit slot and has a classic slot machine structure. You can guess from its name that there are 81 winning combinations you could get. The game has four reels. If you want to playa game with lots of free plays and additional bonus features, then Magic 81 may not be the best choice for you. The reason is that as we have mentioned earlier, the game has a simple structure. If you like to play a game with lots of bonuses, then you need to switch to other online casino games for real money. 

As you already know, there is nothing complicated in the rules and structure of Magic 81. Initially, you need to choose a betting amount for a single spin. In the next step, you will press the play button and start your spinning. You can bet coins starting from 40 in Magic 81 and increase the betting amount during your plays. But we recommend you to be strategic while selecting the betting amount.

For getting sweepstakes prizes from the game, you need to get at least three of the symbols in one row. If you manage to hit one of the fruits including oranges, plums, lemons, cherries in one row you will get 1x profit from Magic 81. 1x advantage is the lowest prize amount you could get from the game. If you hit four bars in one row, then you will get a chance to gain 2x profit. On the other hand, four fruit symbols will give you 4x benefit. 

Magic 81 symbols

There are additional symbols in the game, such as watermelon, Seven icons, and grape, which brings you high winnings. For example, you can earn 40 times of your winnings if you hit four grapes in one row. Or magic 81 will give you 60 times of your benefit if you hit four watermelons on a row. Even in the case of Seven icons in one row, you will gain 160 times of your profit. As you can see, despite its easiness and simple rules, there is a high chance that you could earn profitable earnings from magic 81.  

The essential symbol in all sweepstakes games is the Wild symbol. In this game Magic, 81 logo is the Wild symbol, which brings you the best prices. When you hit Magic 81 symbol with two fruits, it is the same as the three fruit symbols in a row. Put differently, from three symbols case; Magic 81 creates a multiplier effect. For example, if you win 4x earnings from the game with Magic 81, you will get 8x profit. 

How to win Magic 81?

We have mentioned that Magic 81 has simple and straightforward rules. You could easily play the game without spending so much time learning how to play it. However, simple online casino games for real money come with their drawbacks. Straightforward internet casino games like Magic 81 provides fewer possibilities for winning. Therefore, you need to be careful and have focus on playing the game. Otherwise, you can lose your money. But there are several methodologies you can benefit from maximizing your profit while playing Magic 81. 

Initially, we would like to mention the concept of volatility. Paying rate in Magic 81 is high in contrast to other casino games for real money. As it has simple rules, the winning price is also low and challenging. It affects the decision-making process while betting money. You will take a lot of risks if you decide to bet a lot of money on Magic 81. If you want to maximize your winning, you could bet less money. For example, you can start your betting from 0.20 and increase it to 1. In the case of the low betting amount, you will increase your chances of winning. That strategy is the most used one among internet cafe sweepstake players, and we recommend you to decide on your betting amount based on it. 

The next strategy we would like to mention is about the number of spins. Online casino games for real money pay special attention to the number of turns. As you increase the spins while playing at the same time, you increase your chances of winning. Therefore, we recommend that you start your spins with a low bet so that you could play as many games as possible. The recommended number of turns in each set is 450. 

Buffalo Thunder

The next game we want to talk about is Buffalo Thunder by Riversweeps. Buffalo Thunder is one of the best online casino games for real money. The game also provides a high return for its players. With a high return percentage, Buffalo Thunders has become the favorite game for gambling lovers. We could mention several reasons why that game has gained so much success in the online gambling business. We have mentioned the first reason already, which is about the high return percentage. Secondly, the game offers low volatility for players. It means that you will earn money in one spin of every five turns. At the same time, there is a high percentage of RTP in Magic 81. It means you could get a specific rate of your initial betting money in case of lost game. You will get at least 4 or 5 winning combinations in 50 spins.

While playing Buffalo Thunder, you could get 50 different winning combinations. Its design and color choices will amaze you. Additionally, the game offers you different valley animal symbols. For example, you will see vultures, lizards, and buffalos while playing the game. At the same time, there will be different numbers and characters which will create possibilities for earning more profit. However, the most profitable and paying symbol in the game is buffalos. There is an additional symbol which represents the bonus spins. That symbol is a colorful buffalo. Once you hit those colorful buffalos in one, you will get four times of the betting amount. At the same time, you will earn an additional five free plays as a bonus. 

Several Tips for Buffalo Thunder players

We could mention several online casino tricks for you to increase your chances of winning while playing Buffalo Thunder. As you may already know Buffalo Thunder has high RTP and low volatility, which means you could start with the highest betting amount for each spin. But we recommend you to start with lower betting to guarantee more earnings. It is better for checking the winning performance of a slot machine. If you keep winning, you can increase your betting amount.

Moreover, players could choose several line combinations while playing. Depending on your playing strategy, you may select 10, 5, 20, 1, 0r 40 winning lines. Of course, the best choice would be choosing the maximum paying line.

Wild Respin

If you are tired of traditional online casino games for real money and want to play a game with a colorful design, we offer you Wild Respin. Wild Respin is different from other types of online slots because of its structure. The game offers you two types of gameplay. The first one is a traditional game. Initially, you choose the betting money, decide on a combination of numbers, and as a final step, press the start button to test your luck. As a result of the game, you may hit winning combination or not. If you get the winning combination in the end, then you could switch to the second part of the Wild Respin. 

The second part of gameplay is about decision making. In that step, you may choose to receive the winning amount, or you may continue playing to maximize your profit. If you decide to continue playing the second part of the game will start for you. Wild Respin call that part a risk game and offers you 25% of possibility for winning. That part is about choosing a color for a card suit. If you guess the color correctly, you will be able to get two or four times of our previous winning. As we have mentioned, it is a risky but enjoyable part to play. Because of its excitement, the game has become one of the most demanded and most played online casino games for real money among gambling lovers. 

50 Lions

We want to continue with another famous and exciting game, which is 50 Lions. With its simple structure and rules, the game is one of the most played video slots of 2019. You could get the number of winning combinations from its name. The game provides winning based on 50 winning combinations. You will see different safari animals, including zebras, wildflowers, lion, giraffe, and many others. At the same time, there are card letters, landscape cards, and people icons to provide you more chances for winning. 

In 50 lion you could get earning once you hit two same cards in one row. Leon symbol is the most paying card in the game. Other symbols help you to increase your profit. Wild character symbol is Diamond, and it creates a connection between the same symbols. In the case of wildflower symbol, you will get both earning and ten free spins. Because of its simple rules and a high chance of winning, 50 lions is another game that gambling lovers prefer playing. 


If you want to play a game with traditional design and symbols, we highly recommend your Columbus video slot. The game offers five reels and ten payline combinations for its players. Therefore, winning in Columbus game could be tricky for players. However, players will get lots of free spins during the play, which will make playing more enjoyable and exciting. The essential symbol in the game is Columbus. You get the Columbus symbol once you hit the five jackpot five characters in one row. There are additional essential symbols other than the Columbus, including necklace, Queen Isabella, and sextant, which provides lots of bonuses for players. Additionally, if you manage to hit three ship symbols in one row, you will get ten free plays.

Wild Diamonds

Wild Diamonds is another famous fruit game which gained popularity in 2019. The game has a simple design and provides five reels for its players. All kinds of players can easily play Wild Diamonds as the betting amount in each spin starts from just one coin. Therefore, the game also suitable for low budget players. The most paying symbol in the game is Diamond, which costs 2 million coins. At the same time, Diamond is the wild symbol in the game which substitutes all other symbols.

We are sure that Wild Symbols will amaze you with its colorful and straightforward design. You will see lots of fruit symbols while playing, including lemons, oranges, grapes, cherries, watermelons, and others. As we have mentioned the highest paying character is Diamond. Other than Diamond symbol 7 and bar symbols also bring lots of bonuses and free plays for you. However, fruit symbols pay lower than the characters mentioned above. To win more in the game player needs to hit the same token in one row. Generally speaking, Wild Diamonds is one of the great examples of online casino games for real money, which has become the most played traditional online slot in 2019. We are sure that Wild Symbol is capable of bringing a unique game experience for slot game lovers. 

Riversweeps Platinum

Riversweeps Platinum is a casino software and game development company that is located in Los Angeles, California. The brand had great success during the last decade and powered many online gambling platforms. The products of Riversweeps Platinum are categorized into two sides: software and games. The casino software models of the company include sweepstakes, online casino, bitcoin casino, and internet cafe software. The online casino games for real money is another branch they specialize in. The game variety is key for Riversweeps’ success as they offer full packages that include online slots, cards, and table games.

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