Internet Casino Games: Top Fun Slots to Play at Riversweeps

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Gambling online has turned into an indispensable pastime for many people around the planet in recent years. Today playing various internet gambling games means more than a method of gaining profits to gamers. For them, it is more likely a lifestyle or, a way to escape from the difficulties of daily life. Internet casino games allow users to live their dreams visually, to spend their time enjoyable, and put some cash aside for their life insurance. It is a big addiction for most people with the highest payout possibilities. 

Great Selection of Internet Casino Games 

To put aside the money aspect, the other reason why online gambling is popular is the multiple varieties of games. Thanks to the constant enlarging rich portfolio of the gambling market, all players can find more than one internet casino games to suit their tastes. 

When it comes to the popularity of games, online slots always keep leading in the casino gambling venues. With a wide selection, exciting storylines, lifelike animations, delightful design, and well-chosen sounds, online gambling slots have mighty power to hook up the gamers to the screen all the time. There are more than hundreds of online casino slots in existence. However, only a few of those can be genuinely considered as widespread and trendy. 

Therefore, it can be a little bit challenging for the gamblers to find the best slot to play for a long time. However, there is nothing to worry about; with this blog, you will get over the process without a hitch. If you don’t want to waste your time searching or experimenting with various games that are good for nothing, read on and get benefit from our guidance. 

Top Fun Casino Slots to Play at Riversweeps

In this topic, we will provide you a few of the most popular internet casino games that you may play at Riversweeps. These guides contain all the required information that gamers could wish to know about games. 

Here are our top fun casino slots game list:

  1. Hook a Duck 
  2. SteamPunk Keno 15
  3. Riches of East

Hook a Duck Casino Slot

internet casino games

Have you ever hooked a duck? It sounds creepy, but also funny at the same time. Hook a Duck slot is one of the most exciting and most amusing online slots provided by Riversweeps Platinium. The game includes five reels and five rows. As you may understand from the title, in general, the design of the slot game is based on the main character- duck.

Gamblers can find multiple beneficial features in this slot game. These features include opportunities such as the possibility of winning the jackpot, bonus rounds, bonus spins, scatter games, and others. 

The significant icons of the Hook a Duck casino game are several fruits like cherries, grapes, and other symbols, including the bar icon, the bell, and the yellow duck. The sound of the game is a Scatter symbol of the game, and it will allow you to win multiple huge prizes. By matching the main character of the game, in other words, yellow duck, you will gain free spin chances. Return to the player rate of the slot is 96 %, which means you will likely win more.

Many of us used to play with duck toys while taking baths in our childhood times. Therefore, this game will let you get nostalgic vibes, and remember the old priceless memories. 

SteamPunk Keno 15 Casino Slot

SteamPunk Keno 15 is another exciting and innovative casino slot offered by Riversweeps. With its unique theme, the game is a favorite among newcomers and pros. Because of its steampunk style, it differs from other versions of keno games. It is one of the casino slot games of the company that highly impresses its players. The reason for the significant impact of the slot is its enchanting design, harmonized color palette, appealing background music, and various useful bonuses.  

All in all, the design in the SteamPunk Keno 15 is very colorful and vivid. Players can see many different objects on the main screen of the online casino slot machine. The predominant color in the video slot game is brown. The color of the numbers ranges from green to red. For example, while playing, you can see numbers in various colors such as grey, green, yellow, red, and others. 

SteamPunk Keno 15 is a simple game with easy to handle rules. The slot game includes eighty numbers to choose from among them. When starting the game, you will see the numbers (from one to eighty) on the left side of the casino game’s screen. You can also notice the win columns on the right side of the number bar. Besides, below the columns of the game, there is also a level tab in SteamPunk Keno 15. With this tab, players can see the level that they are playing on. 

How to Play at SteamPunk Keno 15 Casino Game?

While starting the game, the first thing a gamer needs to do is to mark any card he/she wants. It must be a minimum of one, but less than fifteen numbers between one and eighty during one round of the game. After choosing the numbers which you want to bet on, you have to select the amount of bet and then click the button “Start”. Based on RNG, there will be chosen twenty numbers during the rounds of keno. If you got lucky enough, the number of cards that you have decided before would be between these twenty numbers, and you will win some rewards. 

Riches of East Casino Slot

online casinos business

Do you want to get lost in the mysteries of an authentic oriental tale? With its five reels, ten paylines, Riches of East video slot will take you on a trip full of enjoyment that will hook you on the screen for a long while. You will find yourself in the visual world of a blessed place-Middle East full of fabulous legends and rich myths, including the special one about a magic lamp. Riches of East casino slot has beautiful graphics, with multiple 3D-like symbols, and lifelike animated characters with a background view of an Arabian city. 

Symbols of The Casino Slot Game 

While playing gamblers can notice ten regular symbols, including a flying carpet, a monkey, a donkey, four golden playing card symbols, a diamond, Aladdin, and his beloved. The Scatter symbol of the casino slot is a red parrot. Landing at least 3 Scatter symbols any place on the reels, will allow them to launch 12 Free Spins. The magic lamp of the Genie substitutes all regular symbols as a Wild symbol of the game. Besides, in the free spins mode, the magic lamp symbol can upgrade other basic symbols and ensures higher wins to the gamblers.


People who don’t play internet casino games might think that gambling is just all about winning. However, various studies show that these things aren’t just about gaining more income. The process itself, the fun spending time is considered more valuable for gambling gamers. In other words, gamers are buying entertainment. As a result, none of the players will endure playing boring games simply because of money. If you are also one of those players who want to indulge yourself with delightful gambling games for some time, take a look at the high-quality, attractive casino slots provided by Riversweeps Platinium. Due to the astonishing and exciting themed games, you will get addicted too soon with no awareness. While playing amusing internet casino games on the site, hooking to the screen is a guarantee. In addition to the fun time, you will also fill your pocket with the bucks. 

Riversweeps Platinum

Riversweeps Platinum is one of the prolific casino software and internet casino games provider. All the above mentioned slot games are designed by this brand. There are more variations of the games in the casino software package that you can get from Riversweeps Platinum. The priority of this company is customer satisfaction and it is not hard to spot that by just analyzing the products and their high quality. Riversweeps Platinum is customer friendly and responsive brand that is ready to help you on every complication that you might face regarding the software or games.

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