Best Real Money Online Casino Games, 2022

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As the online gambling industry develops, companies are creating more real money online casino games. It is difficult for players to choose the best. Therefore, they waste a lot of time searching for the right game to play. Also, It is difficult to find online casino providers that you can trust. Therefore, our goal here is to provide you guidance to find reliable and the best real money online casino games. Here in this article, we are presenting the best online casino games you can play for real money. With our detailed list finding high-quality real money, online casino games will not be challenging anymore.

We have prepared the game list based on the popularity of sports among gambling lovers. You can randomly select one game from the list and start playing immediately, or you can read the whole article to get detailed information about each game. Thousands of players love playing these games because of the ‘games’ secure and enjoyable gaming experience. You can also trust the security and reliability level of each game described below. 

It is difficult to find the best online casino game, as there are lots of options. For that, you need to have excellent research and analytical skills. But if you do not have time for searching, do not worry, we have done it for you. Follow the article and meet with the best real money online casino games of the industry. 


The wildlife of Africa has been an inspiration for a lot of games. Africa is also one of these games. While playing it, you will feel the atmosphere of Africa. Theme and the symbols in the game will help you to make a virtual journey to Africa. You will see several animals, including a king lion and the game, which is all about Africa’s nature. At the same time, you will be able to earn a lot of money while playing. The game has simple rules as you can click the Spin button and start playing within seconds. Before giving you all the details about the game, note that there is an info button available and you can always refer to that button to gain more information about more information. Also, you can watch the video about Africa and learn how to play it. 

The casino slot has five reels and provides nine prize lines. To start the game press the Spin button and wait until the winning combination to arrive. The graphic design of the game is about flora and fauna of Africa, which is exciting. Color choices and symbols tell a lot about the unique culture and atmosphere of Africa. Tokens are in the form of high mountains, baobab trees, buffalo. Together with African symbols, there are also different card symbols. There are both manual and auto-play. The lion symbol here plays an essential role as it participates in the forming of prize combinations and replacing the missing mark. The second important symbol in the game is the scatter. Scatter is an essential symbol because by collecting at least three spreads, you could gain free spins. You can unlock free spins using the totem icon in the game. 


Bananas is an exciting game provided by Riversweeps Platinium. Its interesting image choices and graphics made the game favorite among players. It offers simple rules and is easy to learn. You will have a 3- reel gambler with one payline. When you initially enter Bananas, its exciting and funny design will amaze you. Its fantastic model could make you think that Bananas is simple. Many gambling players take this game very seriously as it offers a wide variety of prizes. Despite its colorful and funny symbols make the game enjoyable to play. You will see the logos as fruit while playing. We are sure that you will feel the real casino experience from this online casino software. Behind the game, there are blue sky and ocean, palm trees as the background symbol. With Bananas, you will feel yourself in one of the Caribbean tourist destinations.    

If you love playing real money online casino games with a colorful design, then Bananas will be the right choice for you. You can see from the front page screen that banana is the main symbol in the game. You will enjoy this game by playing with it and his different friends in the Bahamas. It will be easy to get a lot of prizes by finding bananas and other fruits. There are also additional Wild Bonuses when you see it you will get the Free Game Feature. There are a lot of opportunities to win the prize in Bananas. You will increase your awards by finding fruit symbols. You can even double then while exploring Bananas friends. We are sure that you will enjoy Bananas while winning prizes in Riversweeps Platinium. 

El Toro

We are continuing with one of the most popular real money online casino games called El Toro. From its first image, you could observe the originality of the game. Its design, images, and theme prove that it is one of the best real money online casino games of Riversweeps Platinium.  Besides its fantastic design game has a lot of surprises for its players. The most beautiful part of the play is its simplicity. You will observe this simplicity from both its design and rules. This simplicity is the real factor that makes players love El Toro. 

In the game, symbols are not appearing randomly. Each drum can hold several images at the end of each spin. But you will see them as one identical sign. Also, there is a scarlet rose which represents the scatter. Note that you can hit scatters only in the first, third, or fifth compartments of the reel. You will get winning from El Toro only if you hit the spread in the odd reels. In this way, you will reach the bonus games. The bonus game includes fifteen free spins. Like previous internet casino games, there are also manual and auto-play modes. If you have difficulty while learning its rules you can refer to the youtube video. 

Rich Life

If you are searching for games where you can both have fun and earn prizes, then we are glad to offer you Rich Life. The game is the best way to feel the adrenaline while collecting different prizes.  It is one of the most played the real money online casino games that both novice and professional users can play easily. Thanks to its strong technical background, it will be easy to win awards from the Rich Life without risking a lot of money. This high-quality game will amaze you, and you will feel no restriction while collecting your awards. 

It has thirty lines with five reels. There are interesting symbols in the game, which helps you to maximize your profit. They only exist in first, third, and fifth reels.  The game will attract your attention with its excellent graphics and perfect sound effects. It will be an ideal game for you if you want to earn prizes without any effort while having fun. We are sure that you will not regret the time you have spent for Rich Life. 

Fireball Keno

Fireball Keno is excellent for players that love playing with numbers. The superb game by Riversweeps Platinium is a popular one among gambling game players. Before mentioning details about the game, we want to say that Fireball Keno contains numbers and if you’re going to get a prize from the game you need to focus on the game while playing. You start the game by marking the tickets between 2 and 10 with numbers from one to eighty. Then Winning Box in the game displays the random numbers. If you manage to hit the same names, then you win. To win the game, you need to develop a good strategy. 

There are different buttons in the game, including one bet, Quick Pick, Clear Card, and max bet. You can click these buttons to change the flow of the game. For example, the Quick Pick button helps you to collect the numbers automatically. On the other hand, Clear Card is to remove all names in your pocket. While playing Fireball Keno, you will have a lot of chances to earn more prizes and maximize your profits. Fireball Keno is also an excellent choice for online casinos and interactive clubs because most people find it amazing and exciting. It is also an excellent choice for players who prefer real money online casino games. It is a time-proven game, and we are sure that you will have a fantastic time while playing Fireball Keno. 

Reel Rider

Now we are continuing with one of the entertaining real money online casino games called Reel Rider. If you want to spend a time full of adrenaline, then Riversweeps Platinium offers you Reel Rider. Riversweeps Platinium is a newly established platform that gives you more than one hundred exciting real money online casino games. Reel Rider is one of these games that are here to help you to earn prizes and spend an excellent time. But we want to mention that spending amazing time is not the only thing that you will gain while Reel Rider. It also has different prizes for players as well. 

The game has an Arizona theme and contains symbols like motorcycle wheel, beer, light, and similar items. Because of its graphic design, you will feel the real atmosphere of Arizona. Also, the window element in the game will make you feel like you are playing in the real machine. Reel Rider has simple rules; there are fifty lines, and you will observe all combinations of similar symbols (motorcycle wheel, beer, lighter, except the scatter). There are also special symbols. For example, Wild symbol replace all other symbols except the scatter. When you manage to hit more than three scatters, then you will gain ten free games. 

Additionally, when you get three fire symbols in the first, third, and fifth lines, then it will trigger the Fire Wheel bonus. To sum up, Reel Rider has gained massive attention from gambling lovers. If you want to play Reel Rider and spend an excellent time you are more than welcome. 

Riches of East

If you are ready to experience the accurate oriental tale, then we are offering you, Riches of East, by Riversweeps Platinium. In Riches of East color symbols, an abundance of luxury, and magic is waiting for you. It is evident from the first image that there is a magician with its staff, and he is waiting for you to tell you about the richness of its city. The theme of Riches of East has similarity with the tale of Aladdin: the symbols in the game is the same with characters of the story. The carpet, prince, princess, donkey, and their combination will bring you the best money prizes of Riversweeps Platinium.

In the game, there are ten lines with five reels. As all previous real money online casino games, Riches of East also has autoplay mode. You can easily adjust the bet amount by clicking -/+ signs next to the auto-play mode. You will spend an enjoyable time and also win while playing Riches of East. 

Gold Records

Now we are presenting a game dedicated to Elvis Presley. Gold Records provide five reels, and you get winnings from the active lines. In other words, for winning in the game, you need to hit identical images in the active lines. There are two game screens available: drums and control panel. In the control panel section, you can change the bet amount, switch to auto-play mode, control the number of lines. Generally, the game offers ten active lines, but you can change it. You can quickly adjust both the number of lines and the bet size. Total bet multiplied by the payout ratio will give your final winning. 

Rules of Gold Records

We want to mention that the game is risky, but if you’re going to earn more, you need to take the risk. Therefore, we propose you to play the double game. In this game, you need to choose red or black color. If you manage to choose the right color, then you will double the winning prize. But in case you fail to find it correctly, you will lose the money. There are nine ordinary characters. Five of them are similar to the playing cards. The rest are as following: Elvis glasses, boots, Elvis Presley himself, and a pink Cadillac. There is one special symbol in the Gold Records which combines the scatter and wild card functionalities.

You can get this symbol regardless of the location on reels. When three, four, or five of this image appears on the reels, then you get the free spins. Also, while using your free spins, one special symbol could appear. The game chooses this expanding symbol before the free spins start. You can take advantage of this symbol to win even more awards. 

Indian Spirit – Real money online casino game

If you want to enter a mystic and the brave world, then you can play Indian Spirit. There are a lot of players that consider this game as funny, yet according to some of them, the set is strict and requires attention. History and culture of America will add additional joy to the game, and you will feel the real Indian spirit while playing. It consists of 5 reels with 20 paylines. While playing, you will observe many different symbols. Each of them is colorful and represents American culture. All emblems, including canoes and campfires which are less valuable, attract the attention of players and are eye-catching. One of the useful symbols in the game is chief, and if you find five of them, you will increase the prize by 1000x.

At the same time, you can double your award by finding coins. The game presents many symbols, and their combination plays a unique role in the winnings. With its dark background design and Indian theme, the game has managed to attract many real money online casino games players. Twenty paylines will help you compensate for your losses during the game. Wild symbol works like in other games; with this symbol, you can replace other symbols. Also, when you catch three scatters, you will get ten more free spins. We highly recommend the Indian Spirit, and we believe that you will enjoy the game a lot while playing it on Riversweeps Platinium. 

Final Thoughts

As we go through various features and specialties of these casino slots, you become more aware of the quality of real money online casino games. If you would like to experience them, all you need to do is either entering an online casino platform that is powered by Riversweeps Platinum or buying our extensive software product. It is a great opportunity that one should not take for granted. Visit our website and enjoy the best real money slots on the web.

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