Why You Should Invest In a Custom Slot Machine?

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Slot machines have come a long way in terms of their accessibility and features. Currently, there are over a thousand online casinos that are operating worldwide. The problem is not online casino availability; the problem is that online casinos are all offering the same services and games. This similarity among online casinos has caused gamblers to look elsewhere to spend their time and money. Therefore, casino owners are looking for a new product and excitement that they can bring to the casino arena to attract gamblers. Of course, not everyone can be Steve Jobs and revolutionize the gambling industry overnight. What you can do as a casino owner is to create a custom slot machine. What is a customized slot machine? 

Custom slot machines give the casino owner an advantage to customize their slot games and services. By designing a slot machine, you have an opportunity for a variety of things. Let’s discover the possibilities in detail.

Custom slot machine: the essentials

Custom slot machine software allows you to design a slot machine of your liking. By developing a custom-built slot machine, you can easily advertise your product and attract many gamblers. Additionally, you have the upper hand in terms of gambler satisfaction when compared to other online casinos. The new slot machine game will cause a lot of attraction and attention. This will help your online casino business grow. Here are the essentials of a custom-built slot machine you should know about.

Custom Animation Advantage

Having the same old regular slot games have caused many gamblers to look at other gambling games and services. By building your own custom slot game, you can quickly solve this problem. Spice things up a bit and add 2D or 3D animations, wild soundtracks, themes, and a good storyline, this will shift things for the better. Remember having high definition quality games are a must.

Unique design

Design a slot machine in a way that will be fun and exciting for the gamblers. For instance, adding famous people, cars, exotic animals, and other trending things will grab your gambler’s attention. There are many same old fruit slot machines on the market. It is advisable to stay away from fruit slot machines unless you are thinking of providing fruits that not a single slot machine has. 

Tunes and Melody

Provide your games with catchy tunes and melodies. Including music can also be an option. The General purpose of designing a slot machine is adding features that do not exist in other online casinos. So, provide a soundtrack in your slot machines that do not exist in other online casinos.


custom slot machine

Casino games must be modern. Meaning your customized slot machine must-have games that have a modern look and feel. With rich and stylish themes.

Device Support

Your customized slot machine must be able to support smart devices such as PCs, laptops, and Smartphones. 

The Services

Just like in regular slot machines, your custom slot machine must provide the same or more significant services. Gamblers are looking for new features in online slot games. They are tired of the same old games and services. Here are some services that you must include in your customized slot machine to attract new gamblers and gain their loyalty. 


Supporting your gamblers and your games with a 24/7 live support feature will show how much you appreciate your gamblers.


Your customized slot machine must have a secure and smooth connection between the casino software provider and your online casino. This is possible if the software provider has stable and secure game data servers.

Updates and Security

The secure connection between your online casino and your software provider means your slot games will have constant updates that will bring security and new features to your customized slot machine.

Bonuses for your gamblers

Just like in any regular slot machine software, your customized slot machine software must include bonus features for your players. Bonuses are the building blocks of loyalty and respect for you gamblers. Including bonuses will enable both of these factors. 

Promotions for your gamblers

Every business practice has a form of advertising. Promotions are what keeps the business reputation high, and the users happy. Promote your players with gifts with each achievement they make in your customized slot machine slot game.

Gamblers Account

Your customized slot machine must have the account creation feature; this enables your gamblers to keep their data safe and secure. Additionally, they share information about themselves, which can significantly benefit you in terms of advertising. 

Payment systems

Your gamblers must have the novelty of many e-payments systems that are readily available for them. Payment systems such as Paypal, Visa, Maestro, Zimpler, Skrill, eCheck, and Neteller are all a must for your customized slot machine. 

How customizable can a slot machine be?

custom slot machine

In order to answer this question, we must first understand the “process of customized slot machine creation.” 

Firstly, you must choose a reliable software provider for the job, and one of the most reliable software providers is Riversweeps. This software provider has been in the business for a long time, and has created many successful custom-built slot machines. The company has many advantages over other software providers when it comes to customized slot machine creation. 

After creating your customized slot machine with Riversweeps, your software will be supported as long as your online casino is functional. Your custom-built slot software will get the necessary updates that are essential to its functioning. The game, security, and service updates are also included in the package. 

Currently, Riversweeps can provide internet cafe software, online casino software, sweepstake software, and bitcoin casino software. If you choose Riversweeps as your software provider, your customized slot machine will come with a variety of features, for instance:

  • You have the option of selecting your themes, gameplay, and game mode.
  • You can also choose your soundtrack, music, and melody
  • Games can come with custom reels, rows, and return to player ratio
  • Games can have custom bonus and promotion systems

Advertising Advantages

Creating a customized slot machine means having the upper-hand in terms of advertising among other online casino businesses. You can easily advertise your product with your set of new and custom features and games that you have brought to the casino industry. You will attract new customers and will satisfy your loyal customers.

The best way to advertise would be through affiliation and using major advertisement search engines like google. This will generate a lot of gamblers to your customized slot machine games. You will also have the opportunity of advertising and public relations campaigns. Here is a list of advertising advantages

  • Attracting new gamblers.
  • Your gamblers will spread the word.
  • Your customized slot machine will generate more revenue.
  • You can opt for a quality content writing business like Webzool, which will advertise your online casino.
  • You have the upper-advantage in terms of promoting through social networks since you are using a customized slot machine. 

The essential requirements

When it comes to critical requirements, there aren’t any. As a matter of fact, regular slot machine software is no different from a custom slot software in terms of rules and regulations.

What is required, however, is choosing a reliable software provider for the job, and as mentioned before, the best choice would be Riversweeps software developer. They have a plethora of services and games which can help you in deciding your customized slot machine software games. Currently, Riversweeps has over 50 games to take advantage of, and the game database keeps growing daily.

In conclusion

There are two kinds of opportunistic business people: the ones that take risks, and the ones that don’t. If you are looking to excel in the online casino business, creating a custom slot machine is a good idea by designing a slot machine that has never been seen or heard of. In order, words take risks and develop a slot machine. Taking risks is what an opportunistic business person should do in the online casino business. Online casino software developers have a lot in store for those who are looking to excel!

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