Top 7 Best Online Slots of All Time

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Slots have been the favorite of gambling lovers since the casino industry had started. Slots are very easy and fun to play. In this article, we will look at some of the best online slots of all time. While doing so, we will mention some of the criteria that make them the best. We will talk about the online slots that have broken rating records multiple times. Only saying their names is not enough. The player should understand why these games are on the list. 

Key Features of the Best Online Slots

The slot games have gone through a lot in the last two decades. As they develop, it is easier to find tips and strategies to beat them. So, year after year, they added lots of features to attract more people and become hard to beat. Some of them are more important than others. For instance, any slot game you play should have free spins, a high number of winning paylines, and extra bonuses. The winning combinations determine the difficulty level of getting the most top prize in the slot game. 

But arguably, the most crucial factor about the best slot games are their RTP. The abbreviation opens as Return to Player and affects the reputation of the game. In this list, we have considered other factors too, but RTP plays a massive role in it.


It is probably the most popular and the best slot game of all time. If you ask any critic or professional gamer, Starburst would be at least in their top-3. In online casinos, you will probably see that the game is busy, and you should wait a little to play. Why is it so? 

NetEnt has developed this brilliant game, and it says a lot about it. There are five reels and twenty paylines. RTP of the game is far above average- 96.1 percent. The low variance of the game makes it more widespread. It means that the payouts of the game are regular and there is always a room for entertainment. 

There are dozen of combos, free spins, and bonuses. The stunning graphics are another significant factor that put the game among the best slots that pay real money.

Guns N’ Roses

We go on with another game by NetEnt. They have proved their quality as a game development company, so its no wonder to see their games among the best online slots. Guns N’ Roses had been the best slot machine in 2017. There are a lot of reasons for this. The graphics and sound effects are on the top level, which are the factors that make players attached to the game. Rocking soundtrack and lucrative features of this innovative game make it a unique progressive slot for most of the players. 

When it comes to RTP, the game delivers. It is even higher than Starburst- 96.98 percent. Many critics and websites rate this game as 10/10. Wild symbols, free spins, bonus wheel, and a bonus game- you will see everything you wish in a slot game.

Wild Toro

Since its release in 2016, the game has gained unbelievable recognition. And it fully deserves the hype it gets. One of the first reasons for the success of the game has been the big payouts. That is why players rate this game so high on online platforms. 

The graphics of the game are all HD, which is not so common among the others. Best online slots games should take care of their visual effects. And Wild Toro does it brilliantly. It is a modern slot, so everything you need is in the game. 

You can play the game anywhere you have an internet connection. If you look through the best mobile slots, you may see Wild Toro there too.


When we talk about how one single factor can make the game so accessible, we should mention this game. Bonus rounds- they are probably the most for any slot game that has ever existed in the online gambling business. The game rules are straightforward, and being an adaptation of a movie has brought more popularity. The RTP is 95.81 percent that is a brilliant number for a game that has been in the market for two years. There are standard five reels and twenty paylines. 

But as we have mentioned before, the main characteristics of the game are about the bonus rounds. Once you unlock one of them, you may see the next one. So by opening five of them, you have a chance to see all bonus rounds available in the game.

Poltava- Flames of War

Being underrated does not prevent this game from being on our list. As many critics would agree, the game does not get the praise it deserves. But despite having a small fan-base in comparison with other games, it is still one of the best of all time. 

ELK Studio has developed this game, and it is exactly as creative as the other games they have developed. Graphics are HD; audio effects are stunning and top-level. The RTP is 96.04, and the soundtrack of the game is almost infectious. The paylines are double we mentioned before- 40. With five reels, you can play Poltava for hours and still enjoy it the same. That is why, when saying the best online slots, you should give this game credit. 

Hot as Hades

You can not create a list of the best online slots and neglect Microgaming. As iconic as NetEnt, they will always have an exceptional reputation in casino game development. And it is also famous for its bonus features. But it would be unfair to say that having bonus features is the only factor for their success. 

Five reels, twenty paylines, and a dozen free spins make the game a desirable one. 

The theme of the game is historical, which may draw attraction from certain kinds of people. Other than that, the graphics and sound effects are decent and make the game astonishing. 

Wolf Reels

While talking about the best slots that pay real money, we should also mention the games of Riversweeps Platinum. The brilliant theme, fantastic sound, and visual effects make the game one of the best out there. The symbols of the game are as attractive as they can be. There are four various types of winnings. Red, silver, gold, and platinum winnings are like the steps for the player on the way for the biggest prizes. The wild elements of the game may increase your chances of winnings. As Wolf Reels have all the features that should be in the best online slots, it still manages to be easy. That is why if you have not tried this game yet, there is always an opportunity.


After all, all the games we have mentioned have been among the best online slots games. They are different for their various qualities, but one thing makes them universal: high-quality. So if you have not heard about them, make sure as a gambling lover to give at least some of them a try. 

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