Why do you need to Buy Online Casino Platform?

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Have you ever thought about buying an online casino? Do you believe that it is a profitable business? Let’s find out. Most people believe that the online gambling business is out of reach, and only the ones who have thousands of dollars can open and operate such entities. We are here to clarify all the aspects and show you why you need to buy an online casino. First of all, keep in mind that purchasing an online casino and running this business is a lot easier than starting it from scratch. You immediately eliminate many expenses while you decide to buy an online casino. The critical point is the opportunity in this case. Even if at the start of your business you may lag a little bit and it can be hard to adapt though, you will not be disappointed after seeing the results in the long run. Why? Because the online casino is a growing market.

A Growing Market

For more than two decades the online casino industry has been growing. We can see that the worth of the sector doubles up after a few years. For instance, the gambling industry’s value was 25 billion dollars in 2011. By 2018 according to the research and calculations, the number went as high as to 51 billion dollars. The online sector constituted more than 41 billion dollars of this amount. So, what does that mean? It means that no matter how many new online gambling platforms enter, the industry still expands, and the online casino market becomes more prominent and stronger. If you decide to buy an online casino, the best place is the ones where emerging markets are located. Europe is the right choice, but you need to keep in mind that most of Europe is dominated by online casino sites from the United Kingdom.

So, that means one of the critical places where you need to go for buying an online casino in the United Kingdom. While doing your market research and searching for available online casinos, you will notice that in the last ten years, online gambling was legalized in many countries across Europe and South America. Those countries slowly start to warm up to online gaming. For example, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, Mexica, are just a few. You would not be limited to only customers from those countries where you buy and operate an online casino. For instance, Colombia is the first South American country that legalized both online gambling and betting. Though, many Colombians are still using foreign casino brands and enjoy their gaming library.

Many Welcoming Countries

Unlike ten years ago, states from all over the world are trying to attract gambling sites to their country. It is considerably cheaper in countries like Curacao and Malta. In Malta, if you buy an online casino, it will be effortless for you to register your online casino portal. The registration fee in this country is equal to 10.000 euros. There is an application fee as well, which can cost up to 2350 euros. Besides that, you need to pay 8000 euros to Malta as an annual fee annually. If you miss any of these payments, your business will get closed.

In Curacao, you can buy an online casino and operate it successfully because it is one of the cheapest places. There are a lot of established gambling websites in this country, so it will take you a few days to find a great online casino platform and buy it. The application fee for purchasing a gambling site in Curacao is equal to 2000 euros. Besides this, you also need to pay 1500 euros annually to keep your business alive.

The place where you buy Online Casino Matters

The country where you decide to buy an online casino is vital. As you can see from prices, taxes, fees, and qualities of online casinos, there are various options on the table. All around the world, there are more than fifty countries that allow online gambling and where you can find your future business platform. It would be best if you focused on the countries where the online gambling policies are flexible and support this business. So, you can make a profit quickly as soon as you get your online casino and start working. After you establish a successful platform in that country, you can expand the brand and operate this online casino website globally.

Online Casino software for Sale is Affordable

The biggest challenge for new casino owners is to pay for leasing gambling games. It is better to note that online casino software for sale is affordable if you decide to renew the existing software. You can use the old one as well, but it is not recommended. It would be better if you search for products that have both high quality and reasonable price. License from the online casino providers will cost you from 5000 dollars up to 50,000 dollars.

You need to know that casino players like to play popular games or at least the ones that have the same gameplay rules or graphics with those. That is why; you should pay for famous casino games such as online gambling slots, live poker, baccarat, keno, bingo, and more. While you buy an online casino, there is no need to rush and make silly mistakes regarding casino software and games.

Complete Gaming Package Cost

You can start with a few popular gambling games, and as soon as you get profit, you can invest in your business and grow. A complete package that includes high-quality online casino games and many variations of them will cost you approximately 20,000 dollars. You can decrease this cost as well by partnering with less popular online casino software providers. The cost of casino games, as well as gambling software, is relatively lower when you buy it from those types of providers. You can get many customers because of the wide variety of games that are available and also keep your expenses low by doing that.

The House Edge

The most loyal friend of the online casino operator is the house edge. Every month you can attract new players by employing great marketing tactics and professional management services. Some of the players might win huge cash though not all of them would be that lucky. So, if you buy an online casino, there is a high chance that you will be better off as a result of the house edge. House edge is a matter that keeps you in the business and helps you to grow as well. Let’s briefly explain the meaning of the term for the audience who is not familiar with it.

A house edge means the percentage of the cash that you earn whether players win or lose the gambling games. In technical terms, it is more complicated than that, but we do need to go that deep. All you need to do is that house edge assures that in the long run odds stack in casino’s favor. Several casino games have lower house edge percentages. For example, for casino slots, it stands at 1.24 percent, and for blackjack, it is equal to 0.28 percent. Some of the higher house edge examples are accordingly: Keno- 25 percent, Baccarat: 14.47 percent.

Final Thoughts

The online gambling business has never been more accessible and more prominent than it is today. It is worth more than 50 million dollars as per the sources mentioned earlier. It is an excellent chance for you to enter the business and earn money. To do that, you need to buy an online casino, establish your business, and build up a brand new online casino. 

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