Best Trusted Online Casino Sites in 2022

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Some people love gambling because it feels exciting. You can feel how adrenaline rushes as soon as you make a bet and wait for the results. Others like casinos for getting great prizes that can change their lives. There is one more type of player who likes betting games, but they do not have enough time to go to a casino. It is also possible that they do not have any casinos nearby. The best solution for this problem is trusted online casino sites where gamers can access hundreds of engaging games instantly.

Nowadays you can enjoy gambling sites from all over the world. While there exist many different casino software providers of online gambling, it is not easy to choose a trusted one for your thrilling pastime. You might experience hassles during this process. Therefore, this article aids you in your choice of a trusted online casino by creating a list of the best ones in 2019.

Types of Online Casino Sites

Before searching for trusted online casino sites, there is some information to get familiar. This process includes details of types of casinos and features that make a casino more reliable. Therefore, in this section, I want you to understand the differences between various types of top online casinos. It is essential for selecting the most suitable one for your preferences. 

No-download Casinos

This type is also called Instant play. As its name suggests, all you need to do is register and start playing. You do not need to download any apps or use additional software to access games. In addition, you can access the casino anywhere, through any device. Having an internet connection, an account, and a web browser are enough for you to enjoy gambling. But the benefits of No-download do not end here. Another feature of Instant play is that you will not sacrifice any space from your hard drive. This feature will avoid cluttering in your system, which leads to faster loading times. Besides, games in these casinos are compatible with different platforms of operating systems, like Windows or Linux. 

In the past, Instant Play casinos had low-quality visuals, and it had a slow loading time. However, with the help of flash technology, no-download games are as good as others. Furthermore, this technology ensures that you can use any web browser to access the online casino. Gamers using No-download Casinos should pay more attention to their Flash technology. Some online casino providers need software like Adobe Flash Player. To have smooth operations and run games seamlessly, you should always update your flash player. 

Downloadable Casinos

Even from the name, the difference between no-download and downloadable casinos is understandable. For accessing the games of this type of sites, you need first to install special software to their computers. Then through your account, you can play many different games. In fact, downloadable casinos were more widespread. When online casinos appeared during the ’90s, this type of casinos was famous. The reason for that was slow internet speed. Therefore, slow loading time restrained the usage of Instant Plays.

Besides, some of the casino games are not compatible with flash technology. As a result, download casinos offer a wider variety of games compared to no-download casinos. It might be the most significant advantage of them, as there exist many downsides. As you need to install a special application, it takes some space in your hard disk. Unfortunately, the size even gets larger as new games appear in the library. If you think that new games are added monthly, you will have a considerable space loss after several months. Another disadvantage is that sometimes, these online casino sites might be created only for one system, like Windows. Then, you will not be able to use whatever device you wish to enjoy the gaming experience.  

Mobile Online Casinos

The third type of online casinos is the mix of previously mentioned types. When technology-enhanced, and smartphones became smart, fast- working, developers noticed a massive opportunity in mobile games. The good side of mobile casinos for online gambling business is that gamers can access it wherever and whenever you want. Besides, smartphones are light and easy to carry. You will feel like you are carrying a game box in your pocket which you can use when you wish.  As mentioned before it is a mix of no-download and downloadable casinos. It means you can either install an app or use a web browser to enjoy the gaming experience.

Usually, those apps are compatible with the two most famous operating systems, which are Android and IOS platforms. You can install the apps by using the app store on your mobile phone or by visiting the web page of the online casino. However, if you do not want to download the app and forego some storage space, you can use a web-browser. In addition, you can consider that mobile versions are safer, which makes it a trusted online casino. Some experts claim that our desktop computers are prone to viruses. However, until that date, no Android or IOS smartphone had issues with viruses or Trojans. Therefore, if you are afraid that your personal or financial information might be leaked, it is better to use mobile devices. 

Features of Trusted Online Casino

Before playing a game in online casino sites, it is always advisable to do research beforehand. If you get enough information about the reliability of the casino, you will not face any problems related to payments, bonuses, or customer service. However, the first thing you need to know is what makes a casino reliable. Here, we give you some tips on features that you should pay close attention to. Try to get as much information as possible about the below-mentioned characteristics to make the right decision. 


When you enter a brick casino, you feel safe if a third party regulates them. This process is just the same for online casinos, too. This regulatory body ensures the integrity and reliability of casino operations. Besides, if a casino is regulated, it should guarantee that they treat all players fairly. Licensing also leads to better customer service. When you have any disputes or issues with an online casino, the third party will be involved to solve it. 

Wide Variety of Games 

The second thing that you should be interested in is checking the game selections of top online casinos. If they offer similar types of games, there is a high probability that you will be bored after some time. Changing your online casino is a challenging work as you need to undergo a research process again. It is always better to find a good one and stick to it. You will save a lot of time and energy if you do so. Therefore, you need a rich game library that has updates each month. Try to choose online casino sites which offer a table game, classic and Inferno slot, poker, etc. Having many different types of betting games is a strong side of any trusted online casino. 


Another essential factor to consider is the payment options. Before choosing a trusted online casino, it is a good idea to find which payment options a casino accepts. If they do not have your preferred choice on the list, you can contact and ask representatives. Besides, they can also advise you about the most suitable solution applicable to your country. You should also check if your payment method supports all transactions. For example, sometimes, they can support deposits but not withdrawals. 

You should also pay attention to the fees. It is better if there occurs no fee when you make deposits. In addition, some payment methods offer your cash rebates around 5-15% when you put deposits. A wide range of supported payment methods makes online casino sites more reliable. However, they should also encrypt and encode your transaction. By doing so, you can protect your payment details and finances. 

Customer Service

Customer care might be a critical factor for a trusted online casino, but it usually gets the least attention. Some online casino sites definitely ignore customer service. When you contact them, they answer you ambiguously or ignore your problem. No need to mention that an online casino business gain profits by entertaining customers. Therefore, customer care should have the highest priority. Some online casinos do utilize customer services. They offer you various contact lines and answers your questions in a detailed way. Besides, you can also contact support agents who have extensive knowledge of casino games. If you want an online casino that you can rely undoubtedly upon, you should find the one with excellent customer support. 


If you have never played online casino, you can be not sure whether to move from brick casinos or not. That is why online casino sites offer different bonuses for you. They try to stimulate your usage with bonuses such as no required deposits for the first game or cash reloads. Generally, they use these bonus features as a promotional tool to attract more customers. However, before accepting any bonuses, you should thoroughly analyze the terms and conditions. These articles should be clear and easy to understand. 

Another essential side of a trusted online casino is the loyalty scheme used. It means you get some points every time you make a bet and play an online casino games. Usually, as soon as you have an account in the system, you are involved in loyalty progress. The more you bet, the more points you receive. Later, you can exchange these points to bonuses, prizes, and cash.


The most important feature of any trusted online casino is a successful software provider. Any online casino needs software providers to run their games. There exist many developers who are ready to license their games. Consider checking with which online casino software developers the online casino sites work. If they are using one of the famous and high-quality providers, then you will enjoy excellent graphics, catchy sounds, and smooth activities. Games will have a user-friendly interface that you will be able to navigate easily.

Moreover, some software providers develop several game types, including No-download and downloadable ones. In this case, you can use whatever device you wish to access the games. In addition, you will not face any issues in operations. Besides, learn whether they are using any proprietary software or not. If they do, they will be able to create new games that are special to that online casino. So, you will enjoy the unique gaming experience all the time.

Best Trusted Online Casino Sites

As you understand, there exist many different factors to consider before choosing an online casino. If you feel overwhelmed with all those features, here we suggest you a list of trusted casinos. However, you should keep in mind that the list is not in order; they are organized randomly, and each of them provides you with reliable services. 

Riversweeps Platinium

As we said the first thing that makes an online casino trusted is the Software Provider they use. We ensure that any casino using the software provided by Riversweeps Platinium will have reliable operations. The benefits that Riversweeps Platinium offer is wast. Firstly, a recovery option will be an asset for you. If the game is stopped due to any technical issues, your game will continue from the point where it stopped. Second, payment options include different currencies and denominations. We also encrypt your account details, so there is no risk of any third party accessing it.

The games offered by Riversweeps are compatible with any type of devices, such as computers with Windows or Sony. Moreover, you can personalize your account in terms of pictures or colors. What is even more exciting is that if you lose a game, you will be able to get one-fourth of your initial deposit. With a casino software providers like Riversweeps, you will enjoy all the features of a trusted online casino, that are not offered by any other online casino site. 


One of the most famous and trusted online casino sites is Mr. Green. If you look at their reviews in specialized forums, you will notice the high ratings given by actual clients. Mr. Green is a mobile online casino site, and it offers you both Instant play and downloadable apps. You can either use your web browser or install apps, specially developed for IOS and Android. Compatibility is one of the most robust features of Mr.Green. Besides, you can also access a rich game library, which is updated every month. All the games are bug-free and without any error. You can play different types of casino games, including slots, wheel-of-fortune, etc. Besides, they also work with the best online casino software developers, namely Microgaming. You can access their most preferred casino games, like Game of Thrones or Mermaid Millions. Overall, clients give positive feedback about Mr.Green about their trustworthiness.

Another popular and reliable casino site is The industry leader Mansion Gaming created this online casino site in addition to their brick casinos. Though the same games they offer are in an Asian theme and addresses the needs of Asian people, nowadays, the online casino is available to the global community. The main reason why it is in one of the trusted online casino sites is the licenses they acquired.

Different from many other online casino sites, acquired two licenses; one from UK commission for gambling and another from Gibraltar. As a result, you ensure that you will have the least security issues. Even if you do have, those third parties will help you to solve them. Besides, they have a certificate from eCogra which tested all the games. They guarantee that all games are transparent. No need to mention that this site offers you hundreds of entertaining games of different types. Table games, slots, and live ones… You can find any game that you wish in 


Some people call Wunderino a Magic casino. We are not sure about the Magic part, but we can ensure that it is a trusted online casino. Wunderino has mobile apps to download and enjoy games. You can only get their apps from their website. Those apps are compatible with Android and IOS platforms. Besides, their operations run fast and smoothly, so you do not need to wait for loading. They also offer a lot of bonuses and free spins. In addition, the app provides you with more than a hundred games in the type of slot games, roulettes, etc. With Wunderino, you will access games when you want and enjoy fast loading. Choosing this casino among many online casino sites would be a great choice.

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