How To Open an Online Casino in USA, 2022

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If you want to open an online casino in the U.S.A., there are some things you need to know about. The online gambling industry checks in around 50$ million dollars every year and the numbers are still growing. If you are an investor, this is a profitable business idea. You have a lot of business options and ways to open your firm. However, you should expect plenty of competitors. The online gambling business is profitable, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to establish your name. But, if you open an online casino, be aware of all the updates. This industry is famous for its way of keeping up with technology innovations. If you want to be successful, you need to offer most of the updates available online.

Nevertheless, you can choose preset online casino templates and then customize them. Although they lack the originality feature, they are still profitable. In this article, we are going to explore the United States online casino industry and how to open a business in 2019. Also, we will explain the built-in online casino preferences and their advantages.

Legal licensing

This is the first step in opening an online casino, especially in America. Gambling regulations differ from state to state, so make sure you ask professional help when doing this. There are a lot of restrictions, so you need to know what you can and can’t do. We need to specify that you can’t get a working license on the United States territory. Therefore, you have two options: foreign countries or European countries. Each of these choices has different patterns, and various jurisdictions so choose wisely. Reputable online casino franchises got their licenses in Malta or Antigua island. The good thing about this fact is that you have a lot of options. Select one that fits your budget comes in time and has excellent reviews. Typically, it takes between six months and one year to obtain an online casino license.

Next, you want your business idea to become a legal thing. You need to register your company and open a bank account. Following, you have to make agreements with multiple payment system providers. After doing this operation, you are good to go in legal terms. However, you should consider working with a professional consultant. If these are your first steps in the online casino industry, someone needs to guide you and explain potential pros and cons. If you want to save time, white label casinos are always at hand. We will talk about this alternative later on. 


Now that your online casino company has a license and is officially legal let’s make it come to life. From now on, every step you make as an investor is essential for your business’s future. We are talking about security, design, customized settings, game variety, and so on. Luckily, online casino software developers can take care of this. Always do your research and try to read a bit about the leaders of the online gambling business. You need to know what suits you and your budget and what quality you expect. Famous software providers charge a bit more usually, but their services never disappoint. As we mentioned earlier, the software you choose needs to come with an impressive game portfolio.

What are the key aspects?

This means that it has to have a lot of games that range from sweepstakes slot games to table games. However, the gaming platform and its settings are crucial. You need a user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation. Investors should think of themselves as well. The software you pick has to come with some management features as well. We are talking about online business so that you will get your profits and marketing data from the online world as well. The right software should have the following features: a content management system – creates digital content. Management systems for each essential casino part: players, bonuses, and the actual game. Everything needs separate management and separate business tools. Nevertheless, there’s a payment system management tool, an anti-fraud system, and a reporting engine. Most online casinos work with affiliate companies, so you need a management platform for them as well.

Also, you need to remember that this type of business needs continuous updating. Therefore, your gambling site requires a technical support feature for its clients. Also, you need to make sure that you work on a reliable platform that handles this many updates.


You made up your mind and chose a reliable sweepstakes software provider. This means that you are ready to jump in the online gambling waters. But, beware of the sharks! This industry holds so many names and franchises. As a business owner, study your competition first. Look at the online casino leaders and see what they offer and what the reviews say. Look at their website design and identify their marketing strategy. As a new-comer on the market, studying your competition is the best thing to do. That’s how you can come up with an original marketing plan that has it all or is one step ahead of everyone.

Study the leading companies and their take on branding, advertisement, and promotions. These features are vital at the beginning of your online casino. You need to raise awareness and bring as many players on your website as you can. By using a smart marketing strategy that targets brand development, this action will be so much easier. 

If you represent a brick and mortar casino with no online presence, think of your existing customers. Come up with V.I.P. packages and big rewards on your online casino. Customer service is vital, so rewarding your loyal clients with bonuses, will only increase your online reach.

Working with professionals

The final step regarding marketing is contacting a marketing professional. As we already stated, branding and advertisement are crucial factors at the beginning of an online casino. You need to attract customers, and you need to know how to do that. Therefore, contact specialized companies. They will help you with SEO planning, email marketing, and media resources. These companies will provide the right business solutions and will tell you which company you should take as a partner and so on. After finalizing this step, you can start thinking about real promotion tools. For example, you can start thinking of your bonus policy and if you want to have a loyalty club or not. At this point, you can also make the final procedures with your software provider. Set the definitive agreements and start customizing features.

The budget for opening an online casino 

Knowing how much you want to spend on your future venture is essential. That’s how you choose most of your partners, software, and other tools. You should separate your budget into two. One part of the money should go on licensing, software and branding and the other one on the website itself. Plan this budget before opening the online casino and plan it for at least one year ahead.  You need to be aware that the cost will be higher than expected. However, you need to invest to reach a lot of players. As a start-up, you need to save money for advertising and promotions because these activities are vital. Pre-opening expenses go on set-ups and pre-marketing actions.

Most of your payment will go on licenses and software products. After you open the online casino, you will mostly spend money on marketing and staff. You need to keep your customers entertained and come up with new things always. Therefore, never give up on promotion tools and branding solutions. Other expenses go on support and maintenance and casino games providers. As an investor, always check for the best price/quality ratio and do your research very well. Ask for professional advice if you are not sure of your purchase. Like in any other industry, the online casino world has its scammers too. Choose wisely to avoid such risks.

How to open an online casino

After you set up all the details, you are ready to begin the online casino. It usually takes up to the three months until the software developer sets up everything. This includes website design, games, and other custom features and settings. Opening an online casino depends on the license as well. You can have the platform ready, but you might still have to wait for your permission. While professionals are working, investors can take care of some things as well. There’s always a legal part of the business, which usually requires documents. As a business owner, you should make sure you have all the papers, copies, and documents filed and organized. Besides, keeping in touch with your business partners is always a good idea.

Checking on your online casino software developers or web-designer comes in handy in the end. You can give out feedback and useful tips and reviews. Always remember that this is your company, and you sho ideas should be ultimately expressed. Working with authorized companies will only make the final product high-quality.

Active marketing

If you’ve done your research well, you will see that the best online casinos have smart marketing strategies. It is not about who has the most games or the most partners and so on. Sure, variety is always welcome and attracts a lot of players, but you need to know how to package it. The most popular online casinos of 2019, didn’t offer more than fifty games. What they did provide was a user-friendly interface. Easy to use with a simple but attractive design. Most software developers know that design is vital because it attracts players. However, there are some strategies behind it, most of them approaching the player’s psychology.

Opening an online casino takes a lot of hard work, especially in today’s industry. In 2019, making your online casino famous can seem harder than ever. The competition is fierce, and it is tough to earn the right spot as a new-comer. Therefore, we will list the most important marketing features. Don’t miss checking them off of your list!

Marketing in three steps

First of all, think of what you want to target. Of course, you can approach all kinds of gamblers, but the online casino industry allows you to choose. For example, online slots are the most popular games available. You can focus only on online slot games and offer more of these games compared to others. You can attract gamblers by setting all-around high bonuses or jackpots. Everybody wants to win in an online casino so that you can exploit that aspect. Because we’ve talked about games, choose the best providers. Even if you don’t have that many games, ensure that all of them are high-quality and interesting. Add a dash of creativity and originality, and your customers will come back for sure.

Importance of Promotions

Second of all, make sure people know about your online casino. Use promotions and online advertising to let people know that you will open an online casino. After you launch the website, you can use SEO, online advertising, and banners to keep the business going.

Lastly, take care of your clients. After you open the online casino, make sure it works smoothly. Reward your clients and ensure that they enjoy their gaming experiences. In case of any issues, provide a 24/7 technical support line. Ensure that your staff replies fast and that they offer excellent customer service. Also, the players should navigate easily on your website and understand every setting. Provide help and F.A.Q. Sections and even demo versions for some games. Meeting your customer’s needs and requirements is crucial. Keep on fulfilling their needs, and you’ll see your business skyrocketing.


At the beginning of this article, we mentioned some ready online casino options. We were talking about white label casinos and turnkey online casinos. These are built-in options and you buy them like an off-the-shelf product. These are not the best business options because they lack originality. However, they save you a lot of time and money. You shouldn’t ignore the fact that you still need to take care of some issues. Marketing, setting payment systems, and other such activities are still your job. But, if you choose these online casino alternatives, you don’t have to worry about the license. White label and turnkey casinos are already licensed.

Exploring White Label Casino Features

White label online casinos are top-rated nowadays. They come from leading software companies so you shouldn’t worry about quality. These products are tested over and over and perfected to operate correctly. Some providers can customize some features to make it look more original. Even if you opt for this choice, you still need to do some research. Marketing goes the same as for regular online casinos. You need to study the market and select what category you focus on. Select relevant games and then hope that you made the right choice. If you open a white label online casino, you may need to invest more in branding and promotion.

Turnkey online casinos are similar to white label casinos. The software producers do everything from scratch, according to your wishes. You need to keep a close relationship with your partners if you want your product to turn out best. The online casino provider implements the entire business. As an investor, you receive full control of the administrator panel. Therefore, you control the company only after it launches. It is a good alternative, but it is quite expensive, and it takes more time than white-label online casinos.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to start an online gambling platform because there are many things which needs to be into place in order to realize your business idea. In this article we discover most of them and hopefully it will help you to build your platform from scratch. You need to think about attractive brand name, the software provider, the games that you will offer, your marketing strategy and more. After only completing these steps, you would be able to build a great platform that players from all over the world can enjoy.

Riversweeps Platinium

Investors that want to open an online casino need trustworthy partners. We mentioned earlier that most of the required steps need professional assistance. Our pick is Riversweeps Platinium. This company offers excellent marketing solutions and software products. They let experience talk for them, so they already know that customer service is vital. Therefore, they are always supporting their customers, and they provide a 24/7 technical support line. RiversRiweeps Platinium provides a recovery option. This means that if anything wrong happens, you won’t lose your business data, and players can continue their games normally.

Besides, this online casino software company has a multicurrency feature, cashback feature and is available on any mobile device. Also, our clients can personalize most of our products. Design, gaming, or management features are always adaptable to our client’s wishes and needs. Ultimately, Riversweeps Platinium provides a full control administrator panel for the investors. Everything works on full capacity and ensured security. Open an online casino with Riversweeps Platinium.

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