Which Rivers Sweepstakes Games to Play in 2022?

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Rivers sweepstakes games have become very popular in recent years. Nowadays, they are competing with real casino games at the highest level. The graphics and sound effects in those games make them a realistic choice for those who cannot access regular gambling slots. This article will discuss two of the most prolific rivers online casino slots that you can enjoy. So, let’s start. 


Starburst is among the top rivers sweepstakes games in the industry right now. With its exceptional features and popularity, we decided to mention this game on this top list. The game is fascinating for many reasons. Before getting into the detail, let us give a background story about this slot. And discover the internet gambling audience’s best features. Starburst was initially a land-based casino slot back then. As the players started to realize how good this game was, the number of gambling audiences interested in the game started to grow. The popularity among those players made Net Entertainment think about creating the online version of Starburst. 

So, they started working on the project, and in 2012, they launched the online version of the Starburst slot. As we already mentioned in the passage, there are many reasons why this game got so much attention from the massive online gambling audience. So, now we are going to cover those reasons one by one. There are five reels and three rows in these amazing rivers online casino games. In addition to that, players will get a chance to bet on as many as 20 different paylines. While playing the Starburst slot machine game, many surprises are waiting for you. All of those paylines are fixed. That means players cannot adjust the active line numbers. So, they have to play all of them at once to enjoy the game. Another reason why this game got so much popularity is its low volatility. 

The volatility of the Starbursts Rivers Sweepstakes Game

Rivers sweepstakes

Let’s quickly break down what volatility means for those of you who do not know these terms. And talk about why it is essential from the player’s standpoint. Slot volatility or variance is a measuring aspect that determines how often a particular casino game would payout. There are three types of online slots according to their volatility. Those are high, low, and medium volatility slots. The high volatility slots tend to pay out frequently. However, the prizes you can earn by playing those games are considerably lesser. Compared with those you can earn by playing medium or low volatility slot machines, it is easy to see the difference. 

Medium variance means that the frequency is higher than the high volatility but less than the low variance slot machines. Mainly, progressive jackpot slots have low volatility. As you might guess by now, these online slots are not paying out frequently. However, whenever they do, the rewards are worth it. Because the jackpots are higher and with high risks, players can take advantage of high stakes. So, Starburst is a low volatility slot that offers excellent cash rewards. High rollers who are eager to earn the biggest jackpots in the market. If we consider the number of rows and reels and available symbols, it should not be hard for you to feel realistic wins while playing the starburst rivers sweepstakes slot machine game

High Return to Player Rate

In addition to its low variance, the game is also popular because of its high Return to Player Percentage. The RTP of the Starburst is considered to be among the top online casino slots, which stand at 96.4 percent. On average, chance-based games like video slots do not offer these types of high return to player rates. So, it is a chance and opportunity for you that you cannot miss. If you are looking for some high action and colorful screenplay, you are ideal for you as a player. 

Design and Interface of the Starburst

The game is mainly designed with a classic layout as the land-based casino slot machine inspires it. However, that should not be a big concern for modern players because the vibrant colors and intense animations in the Starburst are enough to appeal to both the younger and older generation of online gambling players. There are many exciting features that you can find on this rivers online casino slot machine. Some of them include free spins, re-spins, expanding wilds, and so on. 

The expanding wilds feature is a unique feature that Net Entertainment brought to the industry by developing this casino game. A player’s main goal to trigger this feature is to get at least two wild symbols in the middle of the particular reel. As the player could manage to do that, the wild symbols will expand, and they will cover four slots on the reels. That will instantly double up your winning amounts as the wild symbols are one of the two highest paying characters in this game, just like any other slot machine. The overall symbols are portrayed as stars, diamonds, and various colorful crystals. The highest paying symbol is the blue diamond, while the shining star is considered the scatter symbol of the game. Through utilizing the best features of the scatter symbol, players can earn great rewards., 

Exceptional Features of the Symbols 

Rivers sweepstakes

In this game, unlike many other slots, it can be used as substitutions for all the other symbols except wilds. So, imagine that you get two yellow crystals and one start on the reel, particularly. In that case, the scatter will show its effect and substitute for the missing symbol. That will instantly work out in your favor as you will manage to complete a winning combination that consists of three identical characters. If you want to enjoy these features alongside many more exciting tools that the game offers, you need to check out Starburst. 

It would not be that hard for you to enjoy these types of games from Net Entertainment because this brand powers thousands of online casinos from all over the globe. By finding a reliable online casino rivers sweepstakes platform in your local area, you can easily access these types of games. With its high jackpots and unique features, Starburst waits for reckless players to come and get the prizes that they deserve. 

Age of Asgard Rivers Sweepstakes Game

Age of Asgard is another online casino slot and one of the best rivers sweepstakes games that we included on the list. The game is developed and launched by one of the fan-favorite online gambling developers- Yggdrasil Gaming. Since its initial release, fans loved the idea of incorporating Marvel Superheroes and those storylines into the slot machine concept. There are five reels and changing the number of rows in this casino game. Depending on your preference and betting strategy, the number of rows can be between three and six. 

It is among the modern rivers sweepstakes games that offer freedom and various choices for players to make. You can adjust available 50 pay lines whenever you want while playing this casino slot machine game in addition to its high number of pay lines. The game also allows you to bet from as low as 0.2 up to 20 dollars per line. So, this feature of the Age of Asgard River sweepstakes game allows you to have a realistic shot at the available prizes. 

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