The Guide That Will Inspire You to Play Keno Casino Games

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Keno is among well-known lottery casino games that customers love to play in both land-based and online gambling platforms. The game is rooted in China and created during the 19th century. Although keno casino games offer relatively lower player odds, the game has become one of the top-tiers for years. In this guide, we aim to discuss various aspects of Keno, including its rules, odds of winning, strategies, and combinations. In addition to that, we will give you some tips. So, let’s start with the benefits of playing keno casino games.


Did you know that Keno offers high jackpots for even lowriders? For those of you who are not aware of this game, surely missed some opportunities. Though, it is never too late because after you start playing Keno, you will ultimately have a shot on a 5 million dollar jackpot by only playing with a 2 dollar ticket. As we already mentioned, the style of play in this game has similarities with a regular lottery, which enables you to earn more on small investments.


Another benefit of playing Keno is that the game requires no skill from the player’s side to become a winner. This feature resembles online slots, and it is not surprising that casino players love both of these games. There are no complicated rules or strategies that you need to acquire for playing this fantastic game. Luck is the main attribute that determines the result in both regular and online keno games. It is an excellent feature for those players who do not like to think deeply about the options and want to relax and enjoy the game.

The flexibility of the game

Keno is a very flexible game for players because it provides them with a variety of options regarding the type of game that they want to play. For instance, you can choose maximum numbers on the screen which will give a chance for earning the highest jackpot. Besides that, you can also choose lower numbers on the screen to increase your winning percentage. Keep in mind that the number is the indication of the jackpot. So, the smaller the number keno you play, the lower the prize will be. 

The flexibility of the Keno does not end in numbers. You can also determine the speed of the game by choosing either a live-person or video Keno game. The slower one is live-person Keno, in which you can play one full round in five to ten minutes. Oppose to that, video game keno can help you to go through around 15 to 18 rounds in only one minute.

How Can You Play Keno Casino Games?

Keno Casino Games

The rules are straightforward, and you should not worry about anything while playing this game because it is too easy. All you need to do is to pick a number ranging from one to 80 and press buttons. After that, the system will choose 20 numbers randomly, and if those numbers match your previous number sheet, you win. The payout percentage and amount is determined through how many numbers you chose and the size of the pool. The critical question that comes up to mind about this rule is: Do you need to match all the numbers?

The answer is no because it is mathematically impossible to do that. That helps players to win more because now their chances are considerably higher. To win the jackpot, you need to guess all 9 or 10 numbers in a 9/10 ticket. Most of the time, Keno players play around 3 to 9 number tickets. 

What are the key aspects that you should know about Keno?

Before you start the game, there are certain things that you need to evaluate. Just like playing online video slots, live poker, baccarat, or any other casino game, you need to make sure that you are on the reputable website. There are both regulated and reliable casino sites on the web. That is why, to save you money and to enjoy secure gaming, you need to find the online gambling platform which has related authority licenses.

Other aspects that you need to assess carefully are the customer service, contacts, and payment options. You need to play on a platform that has various options when it comes to contacting customer service. Check the timeline of the website to see how you can reach them out while having issues with the game. If you have a specific choice regarding the deposits and withdrawals of the winnings, then you need to look for casinos that offer the preferred methods. More specifically, for keno casino games, there are various options that you can choose. To increase your chances, go with options that provide you with higher odds and ask for a lower deposit. 

What are the Keno Variations that you can use?

As we already mentioned, there are mainly two types of Keno game: live and video keno. Both of the types are fun to play, and each of them has a set of advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s find out those aspects.

Video Keno

Video keno is a fast-paced game that offers you instant chances of winning the jackpot. It is a lot like slot machines because both games are powered by RNG (Random Number Generator), which ensures that the game is determining fair results. Some of the video keno games come with bonus games. For instance, we can take the Cleopatra Keno, which has a free spin feature or Caveman Keno, which provides you with multipliers. The main advantage of playing video keno is the availability of a lower house edge. However, the fast past can create issues for you because if you play fast, you will lose fast too.

Live Keno

starting a gambling website

For those of you who visited casinos before, they will resemble this variation. The live person keno is played in the keno lounge, and this option is looking more like a bingo game. The rules are the same; you need to choose numbers and place a wager on keno cards. Each round in live Keno lasts five to ten minutes depending on the numbers of players. The main advantage that live Keno offers is the availability of larger jackpots. As the house edge and risk is higher in this one, the reward is also considerably high. The progressive Keno game can offer a jackpot of five million dollars.

There are various options regarding wagering in live Keno, and it can be too complicated for starters. That is why we recommend you to start with video keno before going to land-based casinos. With that way, you will have more time for training and practicing various winning strategies.  

Bet Types in Keno Casino Games

There are various bets that you can make in keno casino games. The straight bet is a wager that you make for specific numbers. To win with this strategy, you need to hit all the chosen numbers. In the way ticket bet style, you will have more options regarding the number choice. These tickets allow players to create a variety of combinations. If either one of them will match the final result, you will win the prize. King number bet is the kind of ticket that consists of regular variations plus an additional number. In that case, the particular number is considered a king number. While the player guesses the king number and one of the variations right, his/her reward would be more significant than regular winning. 

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