Keno is an online lottery game and if you are eager to play this slot game as a lottery lover and win big prizes at the same time select The Keno in Riversweeps!. The players have a chance of opportunity to win various awards by choosing the numbers.  If you want to win a life-changing amount of prizes, then The Keno is just for you which is currently available in Riversweeps. With the help of Keno, you may enjoy various drawings every time in the lottery game and increase your earnings by winning from every drawn series of number.

Playing Keno

The structure of the game is so easy and suitable for everyone. Even you are a beginner in casino games; if you know how to play a lottery game, then it will not be difficult for you.  There are 15 drawings for each player, and each of them owns various prizes. When you start the game, you will see the sweepstakes in the number of 20 which are between 1-80. The results will be on the screen as soon as you correctly choose any match.  After these matches, you will get a lot of wins as well as prizes. The number of hits you get in this casino game help you to win the bigger bonuses than ever. There are ten spots that if you achieve to match them all, the progressive jackpot is waiting for you.