Online Gambling Laws in Different Countries

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India, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa do not let playing online gambling games except for a few local operators. However, there are a lot of countries around the world where this industry is legal and regulated. Each state has specific laws about the regulation of online gambling. This article intends to give the audience information about online gambling laws in different countries. Some countries allow gambling under strict rules, while others do not enforce restrictive laws. You will get information about fundamental gambling laws in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and xxx in this article. 

US Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling has been different throughout the United States. In general, US online gambling laws limit playing any kind of gambling game. In some states, certain games such as poker or blackjack are lawful, but other casino games are not entirely legal. Majority states apply laws that completely restrict both land-based and internet gambling. US states such as Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey are the ones that do not consider gambling games illegal. Each of them regulates internet gambling with specific online gambling laws. In 2013, these states became the first three states that legalized online gambling and signed it into law.

Nevada Online Gambling Laws

Nevada was one of the first states in the United States of America to legalize online casino games in June 2013 fully. The state is also popular for one of its cities, Las Vegas, where gambling is highly popular. The major online gambling types in Nevada are sportsbooks, off-track betting, poker, and daily fantasy sports. Sports bets are available both on the internet and mobile apps. There are certain online gambling laws. One of the significant rules is that at the time of the wager, the device should be in Nevada. This rule is also applicable to poker games. The gambler should be within the borders of Nevada when placing a bet.  

Delaware Online Gambling

Gambling is a huge and thriving industry in Delaware, considering that the size of the state is not very big. Delaware offers a much wider variety of gambling games than other states except Nevada. Online gambling also has many forms, and the most popular gambling websites are TVG and TwinSpires. Delaware was the first US state that made online gambling legal. It also has several online gambling laws where sites that offer online slots and other casino games provide full-service betting. The primary law indicates that any game, which is compatible with the public interest, is appropriate. It means that Delaware authorizes any kind of online gambling game that includes large scale and multi-game tournaments.

New Jersey Gambling 

New Jersey was the third state that legalized online poker in 2013 after Delaware and Nevada. But it was the second state in the nation that regulated casino games. There are three major forms of legal online gambling in New Jersey. Horse racing, online poker, and grey-area: daily fantasy sports are these three types. One of the most significant US online gambling laws is also valid in New Jersey. Online poker and other casino games are available to people who are located within the state. Player location and verification should make sure to protect against identity theft and underage gambling. 

UK Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling is entirely legal in the United Kingdom. It is regulated by the Gambling Commission established by the Gambling Act 2005. The commission controls casino games, sports betting, online poker, bingo, and lottery games. One of the primary online gambling laws is regarding permission certificate. If you want to offer online gambling games to the people, you need to acquire an online gambling license granted by the commission. It ensures a large variety of secure and licensed gambling websites where people can play thousands of casino games. The United Kingdom does not illegalize online gambling but provides a safe environment both for gamblers and operators. The country has a clear framework for online gambling process. You can play whatever game you want without any worries. Being older than 18 and having an internet connection is enough. 

France Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling is a legal segment of the market in France since 2005. The country has made a number of alterations to online gambling laws that concern internet casinos, poker, and sportsbook websites. In 2009, France government decided to open the national gambling market to other European countries legally. The Gambling Act of 2010 made a big change in gambling legislation and ended the government’s monopoly over the industry. Since then, online gambling continues its growth and tries to decrease the number of restrictions on online casino games.

Although it was invented in the 17th century in France, gamblers cannot play roulette online today. Some online slots and popular chance casino games are also restricted because lawmakers consider them too addictive. Games like online poker, sports betting, and horse racing betting is completely legal as approved by the French Gambling Act. As opposed to slot games, the abovementioned games require knowledge and skills to play and win.

Germany Online Gambling Laws

There are sixteen Federal States in Germany, and each of them has its own online gambling laws. It is a great concern for most people that there is not a common regulation every state can follow. Germany has a very complicated history regarding online gambling, and up to ten years ago, the industry was not even regulated. In 2008, the government made a significant change, and online gambling operations were banned with the German Interstate Treaty. All types of online betting, including casino games, lotteries, and sports betting, became illegal and offered only offline. The restrictions intended to protect gamblers from addictions, frauds, and any other crime caused by gambling. 

However, the treaty created some problems as it was violating the European Union rules about online gambling. In 2010, The European Court of Justice decided that the German online gambling industry should be monopolized. This decision was important for gaming to be more liberal. As the original form of the Interstate Treaty was too harsh, a new amendment was added in 2012. It allowed each state to decide its own regulations about online gambling with the control of the federal government. 

As a result, one of the states, Schleswig-Holstein, issued fifty licenses for online casino slots and poker websites. After a year, the state changed its decision and enforced the treaty again. It was impossible to withdraw the issue of an online gambling license, and they stayed in force till 2018. Therefore, it is accurate to claim that online gambling laws are quite complicated in Germany.


In conclusion, all countries have different online gambling laws and regulations. Although they differ in a broader sense, the fundamental rules about casino gaming are quite similar. In the article, you got information about laws in countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. It is evident that each state has a Gambling Act that regulates all kinds of online gambling forms. Some gambling games are illegal, prohibited, or strictly regulated in different countries. However, these four countries allow their citizens to enjoy several online gambling games to some extent. 

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