How Do You Play Sweepstakes Slots? 2021 Updated

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In a world where everybody and everything moves at a fast pace, yearning for money, we all need a pause. Sweepstakes are a great idea if you want to have fun and earn some cash. These riversweeps sweepstakes games are easy to play, and they don’t require a lot of knowledge. That’s why almost 50% percent of gambling profits, both online and land-based, come from riversweeps slots. Sweepstakes slots are top-rated nowadays, and you can choose from several categories, some games, including our favorite movies and artists. If you aren’t really familiar with riversweeps sweepstakes games of chance or gambling in general, you came to the right place. In this article, we are going to guide you through the simple steps of playing riversweeps slots. You’ll see how easy it is to earn money and have a great time as well.

Sweepstakes Legality

If you want to play sweepstakes games, you have to do it responsibly. You should check if the chosen online casino or internet cafe is authorized and has an online gambling license. Every gambling business is under law regulations, and most of the time, those are very strict. There are tens of cases when ventures work illegally, and the clients end up getting scammed. Legal casinos make sure they state this thing and display other authorizations on their websites or in the location.

Make sure you check these details, and if you didn’t spot anything, you could always go online. A lot of players leave their reviews and guidelines on forums and specialized websites. Read their opinions and follow their advice. Because there is real money involved, always take precautions, and gamble in a safe environment. These forums are full of experienced players who are willing to help you in becoming a better player. Besides that, by reading reviews you can reduce the margin of error of choosing the wrong platform to enjoy sweepstakes slot machines.

When Did It Start?

As you will see later, we will take a glimpse of river slots sweepstakes mechanics and how does it work. The principles are not that complicated because they didn’t change much since they were first manufactured in the late 1800s. They were first used in markets, to dispense gum or candy. Later on, they adopted these machines for casinos, and most times, they were used by women. They were easy to play and useful while their spouses were gambling at table games like poker. Because of this feature, they became more and more popular, and everyone started playing river sweepstakes slots. Nowadays, there are over one million slot machines in the United States alone without including online platforms.

However, they are still heavily regulated by law, so they are not available in every region. Online casinos win the battle in today’s world because they are all legally approved and certified. Even though river sweepstakes slots have higher house edges than regular casino table games, they win at gaming experiences because they are more fun and exciting. Ever since the beginning, River slots sweepstakes machines were brightly colored and designed to attract people. As time went on and technology evolved, producers added neon lighting and transitioned to video games.

The new river sweeps slots games came with unique graphics, sound effects, and more exciting storylines. The river sweeps slots industry never stopped to disappoint and always gave people what they wanted. High-quality and safety are two words that speak loudly for this industry, and that’s why people never stop coming back. Besides, riverslots sweepstakes slots don’t wager a lot of money, and sometimes just a handful of coins is enough. Out of bare minimum, people cashed out incredible jackpots that even made history. This aspect and the adrenaline rush these games give are essential when speaking about riverslots sweepstakes slots.

Sweepstakes Slots Mechanics

Before offering gambling tips, we will explain how these machines work. The mechanism is quite simple, and even if technology advanced, the principles are the same. We are talking about the random number generator, which is the core of slot games. In the past, it used to be activated by metal reels and metal stops when the players were pushing the start button. Nowadays, a computer controls the whole terminal and what we see on the screen.

However, the one that decides our faith is still the random number generator or RNG for short. It relies on a mathematical algorithm that chooses between hundreds of number combinations. This system can’t be broken or rigged. However, if you want to know your winning chances, you can check another the best sweepstakes parameter: the return to player percentage. The RTP states how much money you can get out after one round.

However, you should know the machine wagers the cash from a specific period. Theoretically, if you bet one dollar chances are you can win one hundred. Usually, each parlor states the games RTP, as a guideline. You will also find the term volatility linked to the return to player percentage. Low volatility refers to sweepstakes slots that payout less but very fast. If you want to play high volatility games, you need a bigger budget and more patience. They don’t pay out as fast, but they pay out more money. 

How to Play

Most sweepstakes slots require pennies and nickels, so you should have some change to start. However, some slots can go up to 100$ dollars bets with a quarter per spin, so make sure you decide on a game and a budget. Some sweepstakes slots start only on real money, but there are also video games that require credits. For example, you can get 100 credits with just one dollar or even more. These credits can last around ten spins, depending on the game, the slots software, and the place you gamble. Starting a slot game is not a hard job at all. There’s a currency acceptor where you slide the coins or bills. Shortly after, the screen will display how many credits you have. After that, you have to push the button or pull the handle to spin the reels. 

On video slots, you get to select the number of paylines you want to play. Usually, slots hold a minimum of five payout lines, so choose wisely. After deciding, you can only win on your selected tracks. However, most slot machines have a single payout line, highlighted with bright colors or even individual lights. You need a particular combination of symbols on the line to win. You can deposit money by utilizing those paylines. The paylines can be fixed and flexible depending on the type of sweepstakes slot machines that you are playing. Fixed paylines in sweepstakes games means that players can change the number of active lines neither at the start nor during the game. Flexible paylines as you might guess are the ones that allow players to utilize paylines and use their own depositing strategies to get to the desired results.


In today’s gambling industry, there are thousands of slot games available for you, and all of them are different. They stand out through their graphics, animations, sound effects, and background themes. Therefore, most games have different symbols and gaming elements, sometimes branded with our favorite movies or cartoons. However, the winning philosophy stays the same. We all know the classic sweepstakes slots, with cherries and sevens as central elements so we will take that one as an example. For a winning payline, you should have the payline stacked with symbols. Three sevens can win you the jackpot, but only together with some cherries or double gold bars. Each element will give you some credit, and cherry can give you ten credits while a golden bar can raise you to 60 credits. This is a simple version because video slots have evolved, so they have more exciting surprises for their users. 

Video slots can hold up to 50 paylines, so when the reels start spinning, they will go in different directions at the same time. They can run in zig-zag, in a V shape, up and down or even diagonally. However, players don’t mind this aspect. It makes the game more fun, and also you get more chances for a bonus symbol. Bonus symbols come in the forms of Scatters and Wilds, where each has different tasks. The Wild will replace other symbols on your payout line, so it increases your winning chances. It can turn a cherry into a seven and take you closer to the jackpot. At the same time, the Scatter symbols are gate openers for many bonus opportunities. Sweepstakes slots are famous for their excellent bonuses. Keep on reading to find out more slots bonus information!

Sweepstakes Slots Bonuses

As we already mentioned, these bonuses pop-up on our screen when activated by a Scatter symbol or other game characters. Some games have different layouts or carry famous movies as their storylines. In this case, some of those special characters can give you free spins, multiply your credit, or just give you some great tips. Most online casino software companies choose to introduce these characters for extra fun. Most of the times, they come in state-of-the-art 3D graphic form, with a great speech. They can help you along the way, they can give you tips, or they can just keep you company.

More often than not, the characters strongly relate to the storyline and play a symbolic role as well. Before starting a game, check it online to see the exact function of the characters and how to activate it. Sometimes, it takes certain moves or element combinations to trigger the characters. However, the Scatter remains the best bonus option for every passionate gambler out there. If you start playing slots, you will see a lot of free spins and bonus rounds. You can also get built-in bonus games, which are great winning tools. These games are very easy to play and reward you with extra credits or some more free spins.

Most likely, you will stumble upon earlier slots mini versions or simple puzzles. However, players prefer free spins. They show up very often and out of simple combinations. Also, some online gambling sites reward you with free spins for daily entries and other things like that. Any high slots gambler will tell you to keep an eye on these bonuses and use them wisely. Always remember that slots are games of chance, so if you get extra-rounds, it means you get an extra winning chance.  

Payment Options

Knowing how to pay and where to pay for casino slots is an essential step that most people forget about. Your finances, even though you don’t invest that much when gambling, is still relevant and you should keep them safe. When entering a land-based casino or signing up on an online gambling platform, read their payment policy first. Usually, there you can find all the information you need and more. You should check if the company requires deposits or not, and if they start at a certain amount. Also, some games require a minimum or a maximum bet. This feature means that you can win the jackpot only if you bet over a specific value.

Other slots require a minimum bet that you can’t start the game without. However, if you already own some money, the withdrawal process is more critical for you. A reliable website or company will offer you multiple payment solutions. For example, you can choose between different banks and currency. Recently, cryptocurrency is a payment option as well, so make sure you have these benefits too. Remember that safe payment is a top priority for any river slots sweepstakes software developer out there, so if you spot something wrong, you should choose another provider. 


In conclusion, sweepstakes slots are not hard to play and accessible to everyone. You can find popular slots everywhere you go, divided by category and bet limits. No matter if they are land-based or on online platforms, there’s a wide variety you can choose from. Besides, sweepstakes software developers improve their products very often; therefore, you can enjoy so many things. For example, you can try virtual reality slots or games that have state-of-the-art graphics and sound effects. Some online casino websites shifted to cryptocurrency lately, so if you were interested in that, this option is rather standard in slots.

Moneywise, you can choose from different banks, currencies, and payment policies. Right now, the online casino industry allows more freedom and more options to its clients. The gaming giants put safety first and improve their firewalls every day. Let’s not forget that riversweeps slots require real money to start. Another significant aspect of slots is that you don’t need a high budget and anyone can afford it. No matter if one game is better or more exciting than the other, you will still insert the same number of coins. Sure, as we already mentioned, some machines pay out more and hold bigger jackpots.

However, you can trace them with a bit of research. We previously stated some tips, like checking out the return to player percentage, but there are more quick tricks awaiting. The good news is that all of these clues are right in front of you. You don’t need to scam or cheat, and you just need to focus on the details, like the free spins. Bonuses are great for multiplying bets and profits. Riversweeps slots offer amazing gaming experiences together with impressive jackpots. Find the nearest internet cafe or check an online casino to convince yourself. 

About Riversweeps Platinium 

If you ever wondered about sweepstakes slots software providers or who is behind this industry, we will show you our pick: Riversweeps Platinium. This company specializes in gambling software, slots, games development, and internet cafe consulting. If you are an investor, Riversweeps Platinium can offer you high-quality full services and even more. The company sets an example through its history, good reviews, and seriosity. Because they provide complete business and management solutions as well as slots, they are an excellent partner. They will be with you along the way, from the very first step.

Also, they offer full 24/7 technical support, so if you ever need help, they will cater to you in a second. Teaming up with a professional is very important in the gambling industry, land-based or online. You need to know what works and what doesn’t, what games you should pick and which options are vital for your business. Riversweeps Platinium works closely with experts, so all of their games are legally approved, high-quality, and safe. Besides, they come with innovations and handy options for the players. For example, you get a recovery and autosave option.

Technical Support

If something happens while you are playing, there’s no need to worry about your game. Everything is under control. Also, if you want to continue the rest of the game at home, you can do that as well. Riversweeps Platinium has an autosave option that allows you to play the same game from anywhere you are without losing your progress. And even if you want to start a new game, all of their sweepstakes slots are mobile device friendly, so you can play them from your phone and get the same high-quality. Choose Riversweeps Platinium as your partner and discover many other benefits! 

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