Double Down In Blackjack: How to Maximize it?

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Blackjack is a popular game in the gambling industry. There are a lot of interesting facts that you need to know about this table card game. Betting styles is one of those issues, and therefore, we decided to come up with this article and discuss one of the best betting tactics in the game, which is double down in blackjack

Today we want to discover what it is all about, how you may use it, when to use it and how it may affect your blackjack earnings.

1. What does double down mean in Blackjack?

The double-down concept in blackjack is straightforward to grasp, but it is not always so simple to play effectively. It’s a blackjack strategy for putting more money into play when you believe your hand is strong. However, you run the danger of losing more than you would have if you had played your hand normally.

When you play this card game, you are dealt two cards and only see the dealer’s upcard. After assessing the dealer’s relative strength in comparison to your cards, you may determine how to play the hand.

Standing and doing no additional action is the most common move, followed by striking and obtaining a third card. If your two cards have the same value, you can divide them and play them as separate hands. However, you have the opportunity to double down in blackjack if you believe your hand is strong or if the dealer appears to be weak.

Simply double your first stake to do so. So, if you stake $5 to begin the hand, you must contribute another $5 to acquire your following card. Hopefully, you are now in a stronger position, and your hand either defeats the dealer or causes the dealer to bust.

2. Blackjack Double Down Rules

double down in blackjack

When it comes to doubling down, the principles are very straightforward. To begin, with a few exceptions, doubling down is the same across most versions and casinos. However, after obtaining their first two cards, the player can usually double down in blackjack. If they determine that the circumstance is favorable, they only need to put a bet next to their previous wager.

They will receive an extra card in return. The cost of doubling down is equal to the size of the opening bet, so if you stake one chip, you must spend another chip to double down.

We should also include the discard after double rule, which states that there may be times when you desire to give up the hand after a double down. If this option is available, you can recover a portion of your initial bet. Most blackjack players, however, seldom take this option, but if you find yourself in a circumstance where you would want to, it is useful knowing that it exists.

Take your time and read the doubling down regulations at your favorite internet cafe casino. This is due to the fact that double down regulations differ from one casino to the next. They have strict guidelines on when a player may and cannot double down. Reading the general terms and conditions of a casino also helps you to enjoy useful and secure playing on websites with free online gambling sites.

When you double down in most casinos, both live and online, you will receive only one extra card. That is your final total, regardless of its worth. However, some online casinos will enable you to double down, draw a third card, and then draw another. Check the regulations at the table before you play, as always, so you know what to anticipate.

3. When to Double Down in Blackjack?

There is just one moment in a blackjack internet casino game when you can double down – immediately after your first two cards are dealt.

There are three groupings of hands where you should double down on your original wager at this time. You can’t go broke in any of them, and you’re more likely to win the hand than the dealer.

We propose putting the blackjack double down wager three times:

1. When your cards add up to 11.

This is because you have a great possibility of hitting 21, and even if you don’t, you’re likely to obtain a score close to it.

2. Having a soft 16, 17, or 18 (this means that you have a card plus an ace).

In this situation, you should normally only double down in blackjack if the dealer has a lesser card.

You could be tempted to stay where you are, especially with a soft 18, but there is a good possibility that you can improve your hand with a single card.

3. When you have a hard 9 or 10 (a “hard” hand is one that lacks an ace).

Only when the dealer is presenting a low card, once again. You’ll be in good condition versus the dealer if you obtain a decently high card.

Please keep in mind that when you double down, things will not always go your way. However, if utilized correctly, the strategy will enhance your gains over time.

4. How often do you double down in blackjack?

double down in blackjack

A player cannot hit and then choose to double down; the double down option is available only after the dealer has delivered the first two cards, at which point the player must select whether or not to go for the double down. The possibility to double down is only available at this stage in the hand.

Doubling too aggressively is an uncommon problem that seldom appears at the blackjack tables. The only time I see this mistake is when players double on Soft hands when they should hit or stand. Even yet, the difference in profit or loss between doubling down and not doubling down is so minimal that it hardly qualifies as a mistake.

5. Blackjack Double Down Strategy

With these added tips and methods, you’ll know when to double down and when to remain with your first bet:

When you’re ready to take the risk, just put a stack of chips (the same amount as your initial bet) next to your existing stake to indicate your intention to double down. Avoid piling fresh chips on top of the original amount since this may be interpreted as tampering with your stake. Keep in mind that your double down stake must always equal your initial wager amount.

Most players, especially those who are new at blackjack online, should virtually always double down in blackjack when they have an 11.

After splitting, you are usually not permitted to double down in blackjack.

When you obtain two cards of the same value, you can split them into two different hands and receive two new cards from the dealer. Some internet casinos may permit it, but most land-based casinos will not.

After hitting, you cannot double down in blackjack. Hitting means taking another card. Doubling down is only permitted after the first two cards have been dealt.

6. When should you always double down?

double down in blackjack

In a nutshell, now is the moment to double down in the following situations:

  • When you are dealt a total of 9, double down if the dealer’s upcard is between 2 and 6. (any card below 7, not including the Ace). This must be a hard 9, which means there is no Ace in your hand. Thus, the possible combinations are 2-7, 4-5, or 3-6. It’s preferable to stand if you have an A-8 (a soft 9), regardless of what the dealer reveals.
  • If you hold an Ace and a 5, 6, or 7 for a ‘soft’ total of 16 to 18, and the dealer presents a card from 2 to 6, you should double your wager. It is preferable to merely hit with an Ace and a lesser card (2 to 4), as you are less likely to end up with a high hand.
  • A hard ten or eleven puts you in a strong position – that is, any two cards, excluding an ace, that make ten or eleven. If the dealer’s total is smaller, it’s time to double down in blackjack.

7. Conclusion

Blackjack is a well-known casino game. It has a high RTP %, which contributes to its appeal. There are several blackjack tactics. The double down is a common maneuver. It’s a risky strategy, but when executed well, it may net you a lot of real money. 

However, because it is a game versus a dealer, numerous outcomes are possible. Not all of them are advantageous to your game. The information provided above should help you understand when it is appropriate to double down in blackjack and when it is not. Best of luck!

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