What is Double Down Blackjack and How to Use It?

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Blackjack is among the top online casino gaming genres that are widely known as one of the best table card games. I am sure that most of you have heard about blackjack or played it before. But how many of you know about the double down blackjack and a winning strategy that can give you an edge over the competition. I guess, not many and therefore, we decided to come up with this article where we will elaborate on this winning strategy and share our thoughts on when to double down in blackjack, which hands are applicable for this strategy, and so on. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

What is Double Down Blackjack?

There are a few betting strategies that are time-tested, and when done right, they can positively change your gaming experience. Double down blackjack or doubling down on your bets is among those strategies. So, what does it mean? 

Doubling down in blackjack or other table games means that the player will ultimately increase their initial bet by 100 percent in the next round. Whenever a player does so, they should continue to play after they pick up one more additional card. 

It is a very confident play that should be mastered perfectly. Otherwise, you might lose a lot while meaninglessly doubling down on each round. You must be confident in your hand and analyze the game and the actions of other players to conclude that this is the right time to double down blackjack. 

For those of you who are new to this gaming genre and this strategy, below we will break down the exact scenarios and particular hands that might indicate if it is a good or bad move to double down on the bet. 

When Do You Need to Double Down in Blackjack? 

Knowing when you need to double down on blackjack is crucial for long-term success as a card player. By identifying the cases where it is reasonable to utilize this strategy, you can get massive profits. Of course, in blackjack, there will be times when you feel like it is best to play it safe. However, there are also times where taking risks is inevitable. At that point, you need to know that timing and balance is the key to success. So, when do you need to double down blackjack?

There are three critical instances that could trigger the double down for a player. The first one is 

#1 When the Total Value of your Hand is Equal to 11


At this point in the game, if you have a total value of 11 in hand, there is a strong chance that the remaining card that the dealer will give to you will complete your hand to 21. Thus, even if it turns out to be an 8 or 9 regardless of the suit, you will still have a massive advantage over other players. So, whenever you face this situation, try your luck at doubling down the overall bet.

#2 When The Total Value of Your Hand is Soft 16-18

Double down blackjack

This is another crucial scenario that forces you to think quickly before making the decision to double down blackjack or not. In this case, it is advisable to analyze the previously drawn cards. Then,  see if you could guess the value of the next card that the dealer will draw. 

By calculating the likelihood of getting a small value card, you can make sure that you will win the overall prize by doubling down on this bet. For those of you who are not really into blackjack, the soft 16 or 17 means that you have an ace and other cards in hand. With a single card like 3 of diamonds or 2 of clubs, you can improve your hand. In addition to that, you can also win the game by having a soft 18. 

#3 When the Total Value of Your Hand is Equal to Hard 9 or 10

Which Hand is A Hard 9 or 10?

A hard hand is the opposite of a soft hand, and this means that the player has no Ace in their hand. Just like in the previous scenario, you need to evaluate the next card that the dealer will pick. If it is a low card, you can improve your hard drastically. Whenever you have a hard nine or hard ten hands in an online casino game like poker, it is advisable to take a risk and go for the double down blackjack. 

When Should You Not Double Down Blackjack? 

Just like knowing the best time to double down is a great winning strategy, avoiding the circumstances where it is not a good idea to double down blackjack in online casinos is essential as well. So, when should you not double down? 

You Should Not Double Down When the Dealer Shows Any suit of Ace.

This is an obvious one for most players who are into the riverslot sweepstakes games, and the reasoning behind this is that the chance of hitting the blackjack is too high. While doing so, you cannot beat the dealer by simply taking this offer and doubling down on your current bet. 

When You Get Anything above 11

This is a similar case to the previous one. If it is too risky to double down. There is a high chance that the dealer will get all the chips at the end. So, it is better to wait with your current hand and take action in the following rounds. 

So, as you can see, doubling down does not necessarily mean taking the risk all the time. You need to apply this betting strategy only in cases where you are an obvious frontrunner to win it all. 

How to Double Down in Land-Based and Online Sweepstakes Platforms? 

Double down blackjack

There is a clear distinction when it comes to double down blackjack in land-based and online sweepstakes parlors. As you learn when you need to use this strategy and when you should not, the next thing is to learn how to do it properly. In online casino websites, the process is very clear, and regardless of your experience level, you can learn to press certain buttons and make a bet in a matter of a few seconds. 

However, in land-based river sweepstakes parlors, it is a little bit complicated. For example, in table card games, you have your initial bets on the table. Depending on the number of chips that you stack up until that point, you need to put the same amount of chips right next to the initial bet. While doing so, you will let the dealer know that you are going to double down. 

Another way to activate the double down blackjack is to point your finger at the dealer and show him the one sign. They will understand that you will need one card, and you will double down on the bet. 


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