Dogecoin Casino: Guide On the New Gaming Phenomenon

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Crypto gaming has become even more popular as the market grew tremendously in the past few months. Especially in April of 2021, most of the cryptocurrencies hit their all-time highs, which sparked interest in them from the general public. Crypto casinos are not new to the business, and they have been around for roughly seven years by now. However, in the last two to three years, people just realized how advantageous it is to play in crypto gaming houses rather than the traditional ones. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in circulation is the DOGE, and this article will discuss the best dogecoin casino games that you can find on the internet. Before that, let us define the term for those who are not really into the crypto world.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin casino

To put it into perspective, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013. The initial aim of developing this cryptocurrency was to make fun of the industrial mania and the crypto takeover at the time. Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus are the developers of DogeCoin. 

They used the popular Shiba Inu breed’s face as their logo, and at the time, this was a very popular meme. Little do they and almost everybody who is aware of the coin know that this meme coin will become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world after a few years. In 2021 alone, the value of the DogeCoin increased by 5000 percent. 

Right now, one Dogecoin is worth around 3 cents, and it is likely to increase even more in the next few years. Sweepstakes owners invested in this phenomenon and came up with dogecoin casino platforms where players can register and play the best rsweeps games while making transactions with Dogecoin. 

If you are curious about the type of games that you can play on dogecoin gambling websites, you are on the right page. In the following paragraphs, we will dive into the best online slots that you can play with Dogecoin. So, without further ado, let’s start the top list. 

Cleo’s Heart

If you are into Egyptian themes in online slots, then Cleo’s Heart is the perfect option for you. The game has a very promising future not only because it has the crypto version but also for the fact that it features a high number of reels, rows, and efficient bonus rounds. 

Net Game developed this slot game back in 2018. All you need to do to access the game is to enter the dogecoin casino, where you can find Cleo’s Heart and make a deposit. After making the initial deposit, you can press the spin button to start the fun. 

The Best Features of the DogeCoin Casino Slot That You Need to Know About

dogecoin gambling

The exciting features, as well as the adorable interface, is what every slot player can enjoy while playing this game. There are five reels and up to five rows in the game. Besides that, players will get a chance to bet on as many as 576 different pay lines. So, as you can see, the winning potential of the game is high, and you need to make the right decisions to cash out the main prize. 

The minimum bet in the game can be made by only wagering 1 cent. On the other hand, the highest het that you can put up is 10 dollars per every active line. The Payout Rate of the game is 96.32 percent which is well above the average. 

There are different types of bonuses that you can earn through Cleo’s Heart. Notable examples are no deposit cash and free spin bonuses. To activate the no deposit bonus, all you need to do is register at the dogecoin casino, and you will earn up to 25 dollars. 

When it comes to free spins, they are rewarded as you combine three or more identical symbols on the same reel. Speaking of the symbols, there are a variety of interesting characters that you will see on the reels. Eye of Horus, Sacred Key, the Pharaoh, and Egyptian God figures are just some of the examples. 

The game offers a high payout rate in combination with low volatility. This equation can build your bankroll very quickly if you get on a lucky streak. So, if you do not want to miss the fun and simply enter the dogecoin casino platforms and enjoy Cleo’s Heart slot machine

Space Rocks

Up until the point where everyone can make a trip to space, this slot can work as a great alternative. By tuning in to the Space Rocks, you will not only participate in an exciting journey, but also you will have a chance to earn real money in the doge casino. If you have ambitions towards discovering this uncharted territory, then you should try this game out as soon as possible. 

It was released back in June of 2019, and since then, it became one of the firm favorites of the online slot machine players. There are five reels and three rows in addition to the ten fixed paylines. The simplistic gameplay and adventurous interface add more entertainment value to the game. 

The highest jackpot that you can generate while playing this dogecoin casino game is 825 times the initial deposit. It is a low variance slot that features a 96.2 percent Return to the Player Rate. Unfortunately, there is no extra bonus round in the Space Rocks. However, you do not have to have them. Instead you will have several fantastic opportunities for cash payout during the actual gameplay. 

The dark background syncs perfectly with the bright crystals that are popping on the reels. Depending on the type of the symbol, you will earn different amounts according to their particular coin value. It is a simple yet very entertaining dogecoin casino slot that you can play whenever you are bored.

Red Hot Chili 7s

Red Hot Chili 7s is a classic slot machine game that you can play on dogecoin casino platforms with ease. The old-school vibe and intriguing features in the game will definitely mesmerize you. The game was designed by Net Game and launched in September of 2019. 

It is compatible with different operating systems. Besides, you can enjoy the Red Hot Chili 7s with both your mobile phone and desktop computer. As we already mentioned, it is an old-school type of slot. Which is why there are only three reels and three rows. 

Alongside that, you will have five active pay lines. On each line, players can bet from 2 up to 15 dollars. The RTP of the slot is 96.27 percent. The features like multiplying wilds or exploding scatter will definitely increase your chances at the major jackpots. In order to hit those prizes, you need to create a combination of matching symbols on the same reel. 

Speaking of the symbols, all the icons in the game will remind you of old-school video slot machines back in the day. There are card values and seven colorful icons that you need to check out in the dogecoin casino game. Overall it is a unique classic slot that features modern video slot bonuses and fast-paced action. 

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