Difference between Virtual Casino Slots and Regular Slots

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It is also a belief that slot games found its origin on poker casino games. So for several years, slot games receive multiple customers every day. Now, the question is where do people prefer to play slots? Is it online or offline? It is a well-known fact that slot games are incredibly entertaining and fun to play. But are they better played online or offline? Indeed, virtual casino games are growing in popularity and acquiring more customer base. But they have several differences. So to know more about the difference between Virtual Casino Slots and Regular Slots, some points are given below. They will help you to choose which one you would prefer.

Accessibility in Virtual Casino Slots

Regular Slots

In terms of accessibility, regular slot machines sometimes lack behind. Though it is straightforward to go to a casino and play on a slots machine. But the machine should be free and available for the customer. That doesn’t happen all the time as casinos receive a lot of customers who want to play slots. So, you might have to wait until it’s your turn. More than half of the gamblers who go to play casino games for money prefer slots. So the regular slots can take some of your precious time in waiting.

However, if you find the machine free, you have to put on your bet and pull the lever so that the reel can spin. That is the real point of excitement in the game when you are waiting for the symbol that you have put your bet on. If the symbols appearing on the pay lines match with the paytable, the gamblers win the game.

Virtual Slots

While playing slot games online, the process is the same as it is in an offline game. Players get a wide variety of themes in the online mode. The only difference and best part about virtual casino slots are that you can play it anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in your pajamas at your home or you are traveling, you can play the game.

The only requirement for the game is mobile internet connectivity. Due to its easy accessibility, more and more gamblers are choosing to play the slots in the online mode.

Frequency of Games

Regular slots

Land-based casinos have limited floor space. So they cannot offer a variety of slot games. Games that generate lesser revenue than the average are removed and replaced with a new one. So there are chances that one of your favorite games might get eliminated too if it doesn’t manage to grab many players.

Virtual Slots

Virtual casino slots do not require any floor space or machine cases. They offer more varieties of games and understanding online slot machines is easier too. The games give enough time to people to find their audience or satisfy a few players who are more interested in the specific match ignored by others.

The Game of Coins

Regular Slots

Under regular slots game, the player submits the coins to the slot machine and then start playing the game. 96% of the players who play slots offline like to have man-to-machine interaction. They also prefer the physical environment of the casino to get the exotic feel of playing. And the entertainment level is considered to be high when you are physically present at a land-based casino.

Virtual Slots

Another difference in virtual casino slots is that you need to transfer the deposit amount to the casino game that you have chosen to play. After the completion of the online transactions, you can start playing the game. One can see the deposit as credits that you have transferred to your game account to play the game. After entering the number of credits you want to use, pull the lever. The symbols will start spinning. Now find out if you win the game.

The Jackpot

Regular Slots

The regular slots have progressive jackpots linked in the whole casino, so the players have a chance of winning a big jackpot if they bet it right. There was a software engineer from Los Angeles who won a big jackpot recorded to date. He won a big $39,710,826 and that too by only paying $3 per spin.

Virtual Slots

Millions of people in the whole world play slot games online to try their luck. They wish to win the big jackpot, which of course, happens in rare cases. However, if a player is lucky in picking the winning slot machine, he/she can succeed in winning millions of their currency in the virtual casino games. Jon Heywood is one such example. He earned a progressive jackpot worth $13.2 million and that too with a minor 35p per spin.

5 Reel

Regular Slots

People develop modern slots games with five spinning reels. They make the slot games more entertaining and exciting for the players. That also improves your chances of winning the game and jackpot. The player also gets to multiply their pay line by earning bonuses. Although different themes are available even in the offline mode, under the land-based casinos, the themes will be limited.

Virtual Slots

Under the virtual casino slots, there are no limitations over the themes. Virtual slots also come with five spinning reels, which are very popular amongst the gambling community. The virtual slots show animations when winning symbols appear on the pay line. You get to see several types of themes and videos when you are playing video slots online. And the best thing about the online slots is that you can play whenever you want to and choose any of the given themes. With a variety of themes available, the virtual slots prove to be better than the regular ones.

3D Designs and Graphics

Regular Slots

Unfortunately, regular slots lack behind in providing 3D effects and designs that look extremely good and attractive. In this field, they lack behind in the past.

Virtual Slots

Virtual casino slots have attractive and enchanting 3D designs and effects. They take players into the future by their amazing results that run on advanced technology. The compelling designs bring a new appearance and standard in the game. The graphics are available in various themes and encapture the minds of players. They contribute a lot in retaining the players so that they don’t lose their interest in the game.

Payback Percentage

Regular Slots

Now, the question is who will become the winner. It is a belief that offline casinos have loose slot games. If they pay-out, the amount is more than 100 percent. Although an average offline casino has a percentage of 90-95 percent.

Virtual Slots

Most of the virtual casino slots follow the offline ones. So they follow the same pattern in their pay-out rates and odds. However, an average virtual casino will have a pay-out percentage of about 99 percent. So both online and offline slots are very close in this domain, and the difference is only about a few cents.


Regular Slots and virtual casino slots, both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. They have minor differences. As people are different, so their choices are different too. They can choose either of them according to their preferences. However, if you are interested in trying slot machines for the first time, you can start with the virtual slots as they are more comfortable. You can start with a list of online slots that are best for beginners.

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