Traditional slots vs Inferno slot: what is your style?

inferno slot

Historically, slot games were known as a second-class gambling game in the past. Usually, in fancy casinos, slot players did not receive the same treatment as the ones table-players enjoyed. However, nowadays, the reputation of these games has transformed. In fact, more than 75% of the revenue that casinos generate comes from a slot game, whether a traditional or Inferno slot. More than half of new players who visit casinos for the first time prefer starting from slot games. This is because the game is simple to play. All you need to do is put a coin/set your bet and pull the lever/ push the spin button. They do not need to study overwhelming rules of table games and enjoy shiny, colourful visuals and catchy sounds of slot machines. Who does not like the sound of jingling coins when winning combination is landed? 

Slot games have an extensive history through which various types of slots emerged. Nowadays, you can play a classic, progressive, multi-line, multi-reel, online, video, and Inferno slot. Those types have different features, and sometimes it might seem challenging to choose the one that fits your interest the best. In this article, you can learn about different types with a particular focus on an Inferno slot. Besides, some tricks about winning the slots will be shared, so that you gain great prizes, too. 

History of Slot Machines

Let’s start by getting acquainted with the slot machine history and processes. The first coin-operated slot machine was designed in San Francisco in 1894. Traditionally, slot machines are devices to play a slot game and win prizes. For this, you need to drop a token or some coins and pull the handle. Then you will see several spinning reels with different symbols on them. Famous symbols are in the form of fruits, cards, or numbers. Traditional slots’ retro style is easily noticeable as you can always see delicious fruit visuals and words like a jackpot. Slot machines were sometimes banned in several countries. However, after World War II, many countries, including France, raised bans on slot machines as governments needed more taxes. Traditional machines attracted gamers with its sounds of spinning reels, catchy, colorful symbols, and jangle of cash prizes. 

Video Slots

The history of video slots started in 1975. What was different is that it does video slot machines did not have physical reels, and thus, people were skeptical about them. However, soon, the game becomes wide-spread, and it marked the beginning of a new era in slot machine history. Besides, video slots are more attractive than traditional ones because of jackpots. As the network has grown, more games are played, and jackpots accumulate. That is the reason why slot machines outweighed any other gambling game in the beginning of the 90’s. 

Online Games of Inferno Slot

The most critical breakthrough in slot machine history happened in 1996 when multi-line machines were invented. The new features ensured more bets on lines, thus, increased the probability of winning. In online games, there exist several pay lines, and if you bet on all of them, you will have more opportunities to land winning combinations. Despite the fact that people liked pulling a lever and watching reels spinning, the new system of online games gained instant popularity. Instead of a lever, players push the spin button and watch symbols land on the reels.  Though online slot machine games emerged and became extremely famous, traditional machines did not lose their popularity. 

Slot Types

The first slot machines are considered to be mechanical, and they changed a lot over time. Classic slots consist of three reels, and the maximum number of pay lines is only five. Video slots have different versions. The most basic one has only three reels, that is why it is the most similar one to mechanical slot machines. In addition, five-reel slot is more wide-spread version and desirable by the gamers. The reason is that there are more winning combinations, bonuses, and jackpots. As the number of reels increase, the chance of winning also rises. Although seven or nine reels offer higher prizes, they are usually complicated to understand as paylines can be horizontal or diagonal.

Modern slot machines offer a variety of features which makes games more engaging. Risk games are one of those features. If you win in the risk game such as guessing the color of the card, you can multiply your winning. Besides, if you land a scatter symbol, you can get free spins, bonuses, or cash prizes. In addition, a wild symbol can substitute any other symbol. 

Progressive Inferno Slot

Progressive Slots usually attract more players as a jackpot is steadily increasing. The way it works is that every time some amount is allocated from a bet. These subtracted parts are added to the number of jackpots. As many gamers prefer this type of slots, the jackpot keeps increasing. However, you should know that the higher the jackpot becomes, the less chance exists to land it. This is one of the strategies of game developers. When the jackpot is considerable, it lands rarely. However, when it is in a small amount, the frequency of landing increases. 

Inferno Slot

Inferno Slot turns up the heat to advance the slot game experience. Do not worry; you do not need to be satan to be able to play with the fire. Inferno slot with its simple gaming mechanisms puts all traditional slot symbols on fire and earns the highest profits for you. When you hear the word ‘Inferno’, you think game developers heated the game with new features, symbols, bonuses that offer unbelievable gains; however, in terms of the design of the game, it is quite simple. As the retro theme is the dominant style of the game, it does not involve much animation. Simply designed fruit symbols will take bring you a retro feeling of gambling.

Besides, the game with five reels and five pay lines do not really add many extra features. Therefore, if you are a punter who likes to experience the vintage feeling of mechanical slot machines with fewer bonus features and more basic spinning games, you will be addicted to Inferno slot. 

Despite the design might seem not so attractive, it definitely compensates for increasing the probability of winning. 

More about Inferno Slot

While you sacrifice catchy animations and bonuses which make your adrenalin rush, you get much more possibility for prizes. You can earn decent cash prizes with an Inferno Slot.  Think about the lowest paying symbol, which is cherries. If you land just two of them, your bet will be backed. In addition, five cherries or plums, oranges will multiply your bet with 40. Does it sound like much? If it does, you will be thrilled with the payouts of other symbols. Bells and grapes will multiply the bet 100 times, and the fascinating one, stars will make your stake 2000x more valuable when five align.  Basically, if you punt 10000 and land five stars, you will leave the game with a fortune- 20 million credits. 

Infeno Slot Bonuses

As said before, Inferno slots do not offer many bonuses, and it is regarded as a basic slot game. You will not be able to get free spins or scorching bonuses. However, it sprinkles some bonus features like Crown Jewels.  With Crown Jewels, you will be the king of hell. Basically, this symbol is a Scatter symbol. Wherever in the reels, you notice them, you will get awards in different amounts. Three, four, and five of them will multiply your wager by 2,10,50 times, respectively. Another feature is a risk game. If the heat temperature is not enough for you, you can heat it by playing a risk game, which depends entirely on your luck.

After landing a winning combination, you can guess the color of the card. You have only a 0.5 probability of winning as a card can be black or red. However; if you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled. Besides, you will get another attempt to guess again up to five times. The risky part of the game is that if you pick the wrong color, obviously, you will lose all your stake. 

How to Win?

People play slots to have a fun time and to earn prizes. Some people claim that they just want to have engaging time as there is no way to be a winner in gambling. However, if you know some strategies beforehand, you will be able to earn cash prizes. It does not matter whether you prefer a traditional or Inferno slot; all slot players need to follow basic tricks to get the most benefit from the gaming experience. 

1.Know your game.

One of the features that you should know about the game is RTP. Return to Pay percentage is usually varying between 80-95%. In simple words, this ratio shows how many percentages of your bet you get back in the long run. Of course, this information can be challenging to access. However, sometimes, players get private information and share this valuable information on online sites. The higher the ratio, the more chances of winning you have. Besides, you should always analyze paytable, so that you know what to expect from winning combinations. 

2.Prefer slots with low jackpots

Some games use high payout jackpots as a promotional tool to attract more players. Although this looks very promising, you should know that it will be too difficult to hit the jackpot. When slots offer lower jackpots, their frequency of landing increases. 

3.Punt the maximum amount

This is also one of the gaming strategies that will ensure jackpots. As you already know, an Inferno Slot has fewer jackpots and bonuses. Therefore, some developers set gaming rules in a way that only when you bet the maximum value, you will have a chance to land a jackpot. Besides, when you punt maximum, you will be able to participate in the progressive prize.

4. Play in busy locations

Believe it or not, slots with a high probability of winning are located in a place where many people visit. This is because when you win, the slot machine will be very loudly announcing it, so the jingles of coins will attract more players.

5. Cash management

Before starting playing an Inferno slot to a traditional one, plan your betting size, maximum and minimum limits. Maximum limit shows at what point of winning you will leave the game. The minimum limit indicates when you will stop if you start losing money. These strategies ensure that you will not risk all your wealth in slot games. However, it is always advised to pocket all the winnings you get, and if you lose, do not chase it. Remember, the more important reason for playing slots should be spending fun time than making money.

These tricks will be helpful to you while playing the game. But you should also keep in mind that there is no way to trick the slots, whether traditional or Inferno slot. You might see some people selling small devices to affect reels, or any other idea like that, do not believe them. You will only lose your money to those charlatans, and you can be arrested for attempting a criminal action.

Avoid Mistakes

You might choose your type of game and studied the tricks for winning. However, if you are prone to mistakes, you will decrease your chances of winning. First and foremost, you should not believe in some myths. Some people think that after they lose many times, a big jackpot will hit. Of course, this depends on your chance, too, but there does not exist such a rule or strategy in the game. If you start losing more than your minimum limit, just leave the game. In addition, traditional or Inferno slot, both depend on random luck. You cannot expect to become rich just by playing the game several times. It might occur that after hundreds of rounds, you only lose, but your friend wins from the first game.

Try to think about slot games more like a fun way to spend your free time, instead of aiming to win great cash prizes. Lastly, do not underestimate or overestimate yourself. It would be wise if you always check the game rules, pay tables, meanings of symbols before starting the game. Try not to view slot game as a basic spin and win. Besides, do not let fancy bonuses to attract you because what is more important is the winning combinations and payouts. If you follow these tricks and avoid making mistakes, you sure will increase your chances of winning while you enjoy every moment of slot games.

Choose Your Side: Traditional or Inferno Slot?

Some traditional games offer catchy visuals, colorful, animated symbols, shining background, and smooth music to keep them on their seats. Surprisingly, Inferno Slot is entirely different from traditional slot games. It only offers basic symbols, and playing it is very simple. However, it compensates for those catchy animations with its huge payouts. Players who care more about winning than enjoying the shiny designs will be addictive to Inferno. Besides, as said before, slots with high jackpots have less frequency of landing them. Inferno slot has an enormous jackpot feature. Therefore, you might have a low chance of having a jackpot in your reels. 

Inferno Slot in Riversweeps Platinium

No matter what is your side, you can always find the most entertaining and slot games in Riversweeps Platinium. Slot games in retro themes or with modern visuals, with low or high jackpots, with or without bonus features- every type of the slot you wish is made available by Riversweeps. You can virtually travel to Spain, stand among the public who enjoy watching matador enraging a bull. A game with symbols like red cape or dancer, catchy colors, and 40 paylines will keep you on the edge of the seat for a considerably long time. On the other, you can travel more to the North and enjoy the Northern Lights with symbols, such as polar bear, explorer or compass.

The risk game, wild and scatter symbols offered by this game will lock you to the game instantly. Besides, female members who are more interested in a stylish lifestyle will definitely prefer our Diamond Shots. With its simple rules and shiny design, you will ensure gaining cash prizes while enjoying every moment of spinning reels. Whether you are an Inferno Slot lover or a traditional one, Riversweeps games will offer a variety of games, so that you can find the most suitable one for you. 

How to win at the Inferno slot: probabilities, secrets, strategies


According to scholars, gambling has an ancient history. It covers a huge part of humanity. We come to this conclusion from the evidence. To entertain people, various gambling machines started to appear in the casinos. One of them was the slot machines. These machines are also called as a fruit machine in the British language. You can simply call them a slot. They are basically based on a chance. Therefore they perform a game of chance. The most spread game is inferno slot among gamblers in casinos. Actually, if you have an online casino which has well-developed software provided by Company Riversweeps, your customers can play more games. It is not mandatory to play this slot game in the casinos. You can make use of a inferno slot machine online, too.

How to describe it?


This game differs from other games with unique sound. Especially, when you get a bonus, you will hear a ring voice. Additionally whenever you get a jump or in the other name “Jackpot Jump” you get a notification. After the Jackpot Jump Bonus is completed, you will hear the voice like a school bell. On the other hand, the main thing in this game is to get the cash from that machine. The principal matter is in involving of matching symbols. Those symbols can be dissimilar ones such as letters, fruits, famous people, and different kinds of shapes, etc.


They are in different color and you can distinguish them from one another. There are many combinations of symbols for victory. They appear on the machine. If there is another screen, the result is shown on that screen. You can get credits from the machine considering there is the combination. This credit can be cash or free spins, for example. One of the common features of today’s slot machines is that they give a free spin. Even they advertise this for attracting people. Rules of game identify this matching. This feature let the gambler spin the reels of the machine. No doubt this spin is without charge.

Which part does slot machine have?


We can talk much about the history of gambling. But now it is time to describe the slot machine. Inferno slot consists of three reels at least. However, the number of reels can be more. While describing it, its name is also interesting. As this device comprises a lot of slots, its name is taken from this fact. Those slots are for putting and taking coins. To activate the machine you have to insert the cash into the slot of it. Reels rotate each time when a gambler presses a button or thrusts a lever machine. Slot machines have another additional feature. They can distinguish the payment methods such as a token, cash and so on. These machines have an important role in the casino business because the income of casinos is provided seventy percent by inferno slot machines.

How to get a victory at this game?

Here we will share with you some detailed strategies and experienced recommendations so that you will have more chance to get the result that you want at this game.

  • Play the game with a rate of fewer than fifty credits per spin. Many people start pursuing the main prize immediately. But instead of winning they lose money.
  • Do not forget that, the behavior of slots is not consistent. If you press the maximum bet button, then you can stop an undesirable series of spins. You can do this for the same stakes.
  • You will get paid according to the current currency. This is the same at inferno slot machine online.
  • In order to get the main prize which is 200,000 credits, the maximum rate is required. This rate cannot be less than 100,000 credits.
  • While playing, it is a normal situation to lose some amount of the deposit. But do not run away immediately, because you can forfeit the chance to get a big jackpot!
  • Pay attention to the color of closed cards. Odds will increase the chance of victory.
  • In “Pick One” part while some people say that it is dangerous to pick corners, but just know that taking corners sometimes gives good results.
  • Some testers claim that you can find good picks on the jackpot symbols before the bonus.
  • This slot machine has eight characters. Losing prize will be less as combinations are in the standard way for victory.

What about our company?


Riversweeps is the most reliable and secure company. It provides casino software for internet cafes, online café business, and sweepstakes cafes because the main substance in casino business is defining the right software for users. The playing people have to enjoy so that they will desire to be present one more time. So how could we attract them? The answer is very simple. No one can resist to high quality, loud and various sound effects, and Full-HD graphics. You can get a hundred percent satisfied customers with advanced software of Riversweeps. On the other hand, the service list of this company will amaze you as it has a team which consists of professional experts. Riversweeps has put its difference with its long-time experience and supereminence. Riversweeps offers these services:

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  • Experienced Online Casino Software – Nowadays many people do not go to the casinos. They gamble at their home. You might ask “How is this possible?”. Undoubtedly with the help of Online Casino Software! At present gamblers use jackpot inferno slot machine online. They play it everywhere such as at home, on the bus, at work, and so on. So you have to purchase this software to achieve this result while making more money.

What about online sweepstakes and bitcoin?


Other than jackpot inferno slot machine online, we have perfect solutions for them:

  • Sweepstakes software of Riversweeps is the best solution to those who have sweepstake business. With this software, you will control your everyday transactions smoothly. You can find any type of games according to your sweepstakes business. The best side is that there is no need for certification for gaming.
  • As we know, Bitcoin has existed since 2009. Although it is quite new if we compare it with other means, you have to know that we have quite secure payment methods. Therefore Riversweeps suggest a lot of casino games where payment and deposit can be done with bitcoin if the customer wants.


There are different kinds of symbols. In those signs, you can obviously observe gathering people who hold different cards, stones and so on in their hands. Scientists inform that the first gambling games emerged in China. They were rudimentary chance games that were described on tiles. Moving forward different gambling games continued to rise such as rolling dices, betting on animals and so on. But pass happened from these small games to the big casinos in the seventeenth century in Italy. Slot machines have been called one-armed bandits, too. The reason was that their main jobs were to empty the pockets of the player.