Best Bitcoin Casino Software Providers

bitcoin casino software
bitcoin casino software

If you are keen on playing online gambling games and would like to use Bitcoin as a method of payment, you have to figure out which online casino bitcoin is worthy of your time and cash. Bitcoin appears to take over the world for cryptocurrencies and is the most common digital currency right now. Large companies are accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment now more than ever. They allow and accept Bitcoin payments. But let’s concentrate on suppliers of applications promoting Bitcoin as a form of payment. They produce games that makes it possible to play in real money version. The most significant thing about it is that transactions can be processed through your mobile device. Although there are several examples of Bitcoin Casino Software providers, some have overshadowed the others, proclaiming the top spots to be the strongest in business. 

We have therefore mentioned these providers to offer you a rundown of the specific features they provided. We also mentioned what specific Bitcoin casinos they provided with their software. Almost all of the Bitcoin casino software providers listed here are selling their games to certified bitcoin online casino. Most casinos have also approved their underlying banking systems from companies including PlayTech and SoftSwiss. But we focus entirely on the players for this report. NetEnt, Endorphina, and BetSoft slot machine software are amongst the sector’s most well-known. In introducing completely new formats in the gaming industry, these businesses have changed the dynamics of digital slots. For example, NetEnt has licensed Motorhead, Guns N Roses, and Jimi Hendrix labels to create a series of reggae-themed games under a trio named “NetEnt Rocks.”

Why should you care about the quality of bitcoin casino software?

Before reading this article, you may not have given a damn about bitcoin casino software. Indeed, you might assume that gaming sessions are going to be enjoyable as long as you find an online platform with an extensive collection of games. That’s not always the case, however. In reality, providers are dependent on the quality of gambling games. A casino can deliver lots of games. But if these games are hard to follow, are old, and start to crash on you, you won’t experience gaming of the highest quality. And if you don’t enjoy the games offered, you’re not likely to enjoy the casino as a whole.

List of best bitcoin casino software providers

bitcoin casino software


When talking about the suppliers of Bitcoin casino software, Playfors is one of the most reputed ones. It develops high-quality and beautiful gaming services and products that meet the gaming needs of everyone. The online gaming software provider is driven by technological advancement. It aims to conquer the mobile market by extending its client base. It certainly offers one of the best experiences in the gaming sector with its reasonably priced yet high-quality products. No question Playfors is, by far, one of the sector’s most respected and admired BTC casino software suppliers. Bitoomba is the most popular Bitcoin casino operated by this bitcoin casino software.


UltraPlay is one of the world’s leading providers of bitcoin casino software. It is known for developing an outstanding turn-key iGaming kit. The kit basically has everything you need to build a complete portal for gaming. In addition, it provides software solutions for the lottery, online casino bitcoin, and sports betting websites. UltraPlay recently joined this sphere by providing well-known Bitcoin gaming websites, Peerbet and Bit777 Casino, due to the popularity of casinos recognizing bitcoins.


Introduced in 2008, this online gambling software provides one-of-a-kind software solution, popular gambling games, modern functionalities, gaming license assistance, and more. And as Bitcoin conquered online casino networks, they made the decision to provide Bitcoin Casino Software as well. Although this company is renowned for its high-quality software innovation, it sells fewer casino games than other gaming legends. Softswiss often provides its consumers bitcoins as a method of payment. Bitcoin Casino 24 and Betcoin Sports are the most famous gaming portals that use software solutions by Softswiss.


Regarded as the “world’s biggest online gaming software,’ PlayTech has been acknowledged for supplying loads of bitcoin online casinos with gaming software. PlayTech joined the market in 1999, and it has been offering leading gaming apps, including Sports Betting, Poker, Casino, and others in this sphere ever since. Apart from quality and outstanding functionality, a wide variety of slot games delivered is another standout this company can brag about. Although it has never directly built Bitcoin casino software, BC Casino, one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos, still uses their code.

Some important features of top bitcoin casino software providers

bitcoin casino software

Variety of games: Accept it— as much as you’d like to play the same game for hours, you’re going to get sick of it. And you’d like to find something else, something worthwhile to play when that happens. So be sure to look at their games library when looking at casino software suppliers. Having more titles with different themes shows that the developer is considering a wide variety of target audiences.

Take care of audio and visual components: Undoubtedly, a significant part of your game priorities is the audio and visual aspects of gameplay. Whether the game has 2D, 3D, or VR graphics, you’d like to play with smooth visuals. In addition, theme music should not interrupt your game experience, but should instead help you enjoy it more. Combine these two well-done components, and you’ve got an exciting game.

User-friendly interface: Winning a jackpot reward in a match might not be straightforward, but your gambling sessions should be as difficulty-free as possible. Search for gaming technology suppliers that have easy-to-navigate buttons. These games should contain information pages that show you how to use game functions.

Fairness of the game: Casino software utilizes random number generators (RNGs) to spontaneously and equally generate all game results. But among all apps, is that reality? Please search for certification from third-party companies such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs to enable you to play with the sense of security. Such regulatory bodies are enforcing stringent rules to make sure that the providers do not abuse your earnings. Specific organizations routinely review technology to ensure game-makers are still meeting a set of standards. But you’ll find the term “possibly decent” in Bitcoin casinos. With this method, you will make sure that the game’s result is random and equal.


You can note that not all Bitcoin casinos sell games from leading software developers when checking out casino apps. Many of these Bitcoin casinos were developing their in-house configuration utility. It not only allows them to save money but also offers them greater control over how customers handle their gambling slots.

The unfortunate thing is that proprietary software has a reputation for poor quality. While that might be the case with in-house apps, some games improve smooth visuals, short loading times, and customer-friendly interfaces from Bitcoin casinos such as CoinRoyale and CryptoGames. It’s just a question of finding the right place to invest. Although looking for casinos that provide an extensive collection of games is common, you also need to take into account the reliability of your gambling sessions. Make sure that your code is safe and reliable when selecting a casino, not to mention rational.

However, while leading bitcoin casino software suppliers have the functionality mentioned above, it does not mean that you should overlook other smaller game-providers. Trying different games from various providers is undoubtedly worth it. Who knows, you could find the game you can enjoy for hours from a lesser-known provider.

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino in 2019

Bitcoin Casino

Being viewed as only virtual-world cash and not being lawfully perceived as real cash by any state on the planet is the greatest bit of leeway of Bitcoin. Utilizing it as cash for your club and accepting stores just in Bitcoins can imply that your gaming site can keep running without requiring a gambling club permit (a gambling club permit costs at least 10,000$) since you won’t experience any real cash betting exercises. At the end of the day, you will never exchange any real cash or products on the off chance that you are utilizing Bitcoin as your gambling club money. The law overseeing betting includes banks and credit card, processors. Bitcoin casino clubs does not utilize any of those things. It additionally does not meet the meaning of cash in any of the existing laws.

Using Bitcoins inside your club site would resemble enabling individuals to store “Universe of Warcraft” Gold or “Second Life” Linden dollars into your club and bet them, which is consummately legitimate. The estimation of Bitcoins is likewise not directed by an expert or by any bank. The whole system impacts the cost of Bitcoin, insofar as individuals are as yet exchanging it. Its prominence is developing each day, and this is encouraged by how simple anyone can make a Bitcoin wallet and get Bitcoins in it.

Why should you use Bitcoin casino clubs for gambling purposes?


One of the preferred position of utilizing Bitcoins, for both gambling club proprietors and players would be the outrageous security that Bitcoin gives. Since this is untraceable money, there’s no chance to get for other individuals to know where the installment originates from. Accordingly, outsiders can’t get to your own and money related data. Additionally, no credit card chargebacks or discounts will be any of your worries. Bitcoin casino exchanges are non-refundable and are not the subject of any chargebacks. With Bitcoin casino clubs, the security of your players is wholly guaranteed. That is the motivation behind why numerous individuals may want to trade their cash to Bitcoins and play at a Bitcoin casino club.

Finally, the most appealing advantage you can get from having a Bitcoin casino is the short hanging tight time for record stores and withdrawals. His record will in a split second be given the sum equivalent to the estimation of Bitcoins sent, without you doing anything. Withdrawals can likewise be computerized. After endorsement, you will see a pending status in the management board that will expect you to check it and click the complete button. The minute you do that, the assets will be sent to the crypto address given by the client. Running a Bitcoin casino is a self-supporting business. It will fundamentally keep running without anyone else’s input, and you need to advance it.

In December 2017, Bitcoin had achieved its most astounding value and went over 20,000$. From that point forward, its esteem varied; however, this enlightens us regarding the tremendous potential that a digital currency can have. Bitcoin is the first, however unquestionably not the last digital money to get over the 20,000$ achievement.

Legal aspects of the Bitcoin casino

To comprehend the legitimateness of Bitcoin betting, there are some significant viewpoints that we need to specify. First of all, no particular laws are referencing that offering to players the choice to bet Bitcoins requires a betting permit or that this kind of business is unlawful. Secondly, there are no particular laws that perceive Bitcoin as having real cash esteem. All betting establishments governate just over actual cash betting exercises. Thirdly, all the Bitcoin exchanges are private, and the reason for how you acquired them can’t be back-followed. It would be inconceivable for anyone to demonstrate how you received your Bitcoins.

Moreover, the security of Bitcoin exchanges is a two-way street, so players are additionally ensured if they live in a state where betting is illicit, and they use Bitcoins for betting. For the present, in the USA, online genuine cash betting is prohibited; however, Bitcoin betting isn’t regulated, and it is in the dark area (there are no laws that notice that it is either legitimate or unlawful) Do you need a betting permit? The appropriate response is no. All your club exchanges happen in the blockchain and the cash enter no financial balance. Hence they don’t enter the domain of any lawful ward,so at that point you won’t require a betting permit.

All things being equal, we urge every one of our readers to begin a Bitcoin betting site with or without a permit. However, if their business will prosper they ought to get an offshore betting permit and proclaim their salary there while trading the Bitcoins to real cash and their ledgers. The expenses for a betting permit are around 10,000$, and you can acquire it in under a month.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casino clubs


Positive sides


No betting permit required (see the Legality area above). You will set aside time and cash. The least expensive betting permit costs 10,000$, and you need half a month to get it.


No lawful expert is consistently going to presume you for doing unlawful things; no real cash is included on your site. Having a Bitcoin casino resembles offering and betting choices in an online casino game, for example, World of Warcraft, where no genuine cash is included.


It is difficult to follow the source of your Bitcoin pay since all the Bitcoin exchanges are private.


You don’t need to manage credit card chargebacks, because Bitcoin exchanges are non-refundable.


Fast and straightforward developing showcasing, because of the low challenge among crypto coin fueled gambling clubs.


Bitcoin offers full security to you and your players for each Bitcoin exchange. It’s not possible for anyone to follow a Bitcoin installment!


You will utilize cash that has an increasing value on the trade market with every day that passes. Bitcoin bounced from 600$ to over 20,000$ in under a year.


Many countries of the world, including the USA, don’t permit web-based betting. Utilizing Bitcoins would enable you to acknowledge players from everywhere throughout the world. Especially, those states, since authorities do not perceive Bitcoins as real cash by any focal specialist, and betting happens just when you use real money. As of late, Bitcoin casino clubs have been filled by players from the USA.


Bitcoins are not exposed to tax assessment, implying that if you get Bitcoins, you don’t have to pay any corporate or personal charges. So, if you need to spend your Bitcoins on administrations or online products that can be purchased straightforwardly with Bitcoins, at that point, you will spare a decent amount of cash. Be that as it may, in individual states, if you trade the Bitcoins to real money, at that point you should pay income tax to the government and different charges, following your lawful commitments.



The time required to purchase Bitcoins with real cash has diminished by a great deal over the most recent couple of years. This is because the Bitcoin notoriety has expanded particularly of late. Buying Bitcoins has never been simpler. It is currently only 2-minute employment, and there are even physical ATMs where you can deposit real cash, and they give you Bitcoins in your advanced wallet in almost no time. If that is unimaginable, at that point, enables you to meet with people from your nation and offer your Bitcoin to them. Credit Card and Bank Transfer techniques are accessible, with numerous legitimate sites offering this administration.

What are the uses of the Bitcoins?

After you get the Bitcoins from the players, you can trade the Bitcoins to real cash utilizing any Bitcoin trade organization, for example,,, or you can exchange with people using and get your money through Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram. There are likewise numerous sites that enable you to pay with Bitcoin, for the most part, because of the no-tax approach that Bitcoin offers. The conceivable outcomes and advantages of Bitcoins are interminable. You can likewise choose to keep your Bitcoins and trust that their cost will increment and exchange them sometime in the not too distant future or use them on other Bitcoin locales to buy products. A video instructional exercise can be added to your site to enable players to see how to get or how to purchase Bitcoins.

Reciprocal to that, you can enlist a help group to show each player how to buy Bitcoins. The most effective method to pull in players is showcasing your Bitcoin Casino. The way to progress for any online casino software is by advertising, so having a decent system, to begin with, will play a noteworthy actuality in how your benefits will increase.

Which regions should you target?

Bitcoin Casino

With Bitcoin fame having expanded massively in a previous couple of months, the vast number of alternatives that can be accomplished with this crypto coin became interminable. In nations where betting is illegal, Bitcoin club turned into the absolute most visited Bitcoin related sites. This is actually the good news for players that couldn’t encounter web-based betting previously. Players from the USA, Canada or the Asian countries found a source of stimulation in all Bitcoin casino clubs, so these domains appeal to only a couple of large markets to abuse for all gambling club administrators. This is a significant fact while thinking about which geological area to target while doing advertising for your online casino.


The dispatch of your Bitcoin casino is the most foreseen occasion and to guarantee that everything works out as expected, you, the entrepreneur has an equivalent obligation as much as your product supplier. Once you have set up everything appropriately, from acquiring the permit to arranging all the legitimate conventions you can order your software. The product supplier will take about three months for setting up the site, recreations and custom settings that you require. As an entrepreneur on the off chance that you give acceptable criticism to every one of the inquiries by architects and software engineers so that you can expect a quicker rollout process.

Pulling in new players

To promote your Bitcoin casino club, your showcasing should cover various territories, and not only one. First, you should persuade players that go to your online casino for the very first time, to deposit money. Such a thing should be possible by putting enormous noticeable standards with special deposit codes. Having high payouts and making new guests see that different players experienced tremendous successes at your gambling club can demonstrate to be a pivotal move. One method for doing this is to have a platform with the top victors on your Bitcoin casino softwares. Remunerating players with free chips or reward free spins on Bitcoin-related forums will most likely pull in some new players that may very well need to evaluate your advertising.

Strategies such as giving an information exchange reward where players get a bonus the moment they join on your site and dependability reward for players who hold returning and spending a great deal on your site are only a portion of the approaches to draw in and hold your clients. Steadfastness programs, advancements for rare occasions and leading season related incidents are comprehensive approaches to keep your clients returning and keeping them locked in.

Notwithstanding, the most significant thing is to recall that your clients are on your site since they need a smooth online casino software. Make a special effort to give that by giving well-ordered approaches to explore their way around on the site and holding mystery to zero. On the off chance that your clients have inquiries, ensure that you have a 24×7 active and well-disposed client care emotionally supportive network setup. Keep in mind, toward the day’s end; individuals return for an encounter, not for an item.

Create an excellent budgetary plan for your Bitcoin casino

The best-laid plans can fail horrendously without a financial limit. As a start-up, you need to comprehend that you ‘ll need to design your procedure uniquely in contrast to an organization that is as of now settled as a brand. You should calculate your expenses sometime before you establish your Bitcoin casino and you need a spending plan for at any rate the first year of activity. The spending needs to separate the costs included at first just as the ordinary expenses of things to come. This sort of money related to arranging to remember the present and the future will guarantee that the online casino business has a more prominent shot of achievement and advancing to the following dimension. Remember that as a start-up, you should spend more contrasted with a setup organization as you’ll need to endeavor to gain the certainty of players.

This probably won’t be the situation for a land-based organization that has an effectively settled base of steadfast clients.


Bitcoin Casino

In a small network, where rivalry is tight, yet not huge, notoriety assumes a critical job. An apparent “probably reasonable” flag or a declaration that validates the fairness of your online gambling club will make players have a sense of security when choosing to make a deposit.


You as an investor in the bitcoin casinos should not disregard promotions on Bitcoin-related sites. You should do as such even if the expenses for such advertising methodologies may be a little over the normal. One could use the bulletin to offer new rewards to existing players and advise them about new games. Try to use public statements to tell everyone about your advancements and who hit the bonanzas as of late.

Social media platforms

It is a technique that is vital for advancing any online casino business. Managing an up-to-date Facebook page, sharing extra codes by means of Twitter, making competition occasions for players to join should keep your locale glad and with more want towards betting. You could also share recordings from players that won your big stakes on Vimeo or YouTube (to persuade them to do such, you can give an additional reward to whoever wins the bonanza and records it in a video document).

Offering new substance

Offering better approaches for stimulation to your players is likewise significant. This should be possible by providing them with free chips, reward free twists dependent on their steadfastness, daily login rewards, VIP programs, and new games. New amusements and new substance will continually bring back old players that may very well need to evaluate the latest designs. Keep in mind that this an essential method for keeping up your Bitcoin casino club at high rankings.

How To Open a Blockchain Casino in 2019

blockchain casino

Blockchain technology is slowly making progress, and it is gradually becoming present in every technology.  Starting in 2018, a new type of online casino emerged: blockchain casino. This type of technology comes in the gambling world at the right time. The online gambling community is facing privacy issues lately, meaning that players are upset with the fact that the winning results, payouts and such kind of data are hidden or partly hidden from them. Blockchain casinos have the potential of saving the situation and even more so, improving it.  This type of online casino is trending this year as well, and it seems like a good investment for anyone interested in opening an online blockchain casino.

The good news though, is that you can create your blockchain casino start-up and it doesn’t require a lot of time or a big budget. In this article, we are going to guide you through the whole blockchain casino concept starting from explaining how blockchain technology works, how to open a blockchain casino and ultimately we will present its advantages compared to regular online casinos.

Blockchain Technology

For the first time in internet history, users can transfer data privately to each other.  Blockchain technology is actually behind the cryptocurrency craze, and it will become the backbone of many other important industries in the near future, for example, blockchain casinos. In the blockchain, a public database stores the digital information, and the web looks like the name suggests, a chain of blocks. From this perspective, our blocks are the actual data; one block can stock around 1 MB of information divides into three pieces. The first piece of information stores transactions data, like the time, date, or amount of money.

The second block registers information about the people participating in the transfer. Not to worry, blockchain doesn’t use any personal information. The users receive something called “digital signature,” which acts as a username. The third and final block in the chain is the one holding information about blocks themselves. Blockchain technology uses a code-named hash that allows us to tell the difference between blocks.

To make this easier, we are going to take as an example, a simple online shoe purchase. The first block tells you when you bought the shoes and how much did they cost. The second one identifies you as the buyer, along with the place you purchased the shoes from. Let’s say that you saw something else on that shoe website and you want to buy that as well.

Final block

The third block is the one telling the difference between your two purchases even though they hold the same information, and that is because every block has its own hash. Continuing with the same example, we are going to explain how blockchain actually works.  As a wannabe blockchain casino owner, you need to remember this information and then take it to a larger scale transaction wise. The good thing about blockchain technology is that its philosophy never changes and its advantages will not alter.

How does blockchain work

blockchain casino

For a block to store new data, it needs something to save. Therefore the blockchain process starts when a transaction occurs. Afterward, your purchase gets verified by a network of thousands of computers spread around the whole world, taking less than a few seconds. This action means that this network confirms your shoe purchase and if the information matches, it validates it. After validation, the three pieces of information we talked about earlier, are stored under one block with your digital signature on it and its own code.  This storage action is the green light for the block to become part of the chain, and for you that you got yourself a new pair of shoes.

Your information is available for everyone in the blockchain, but no one can connect to the actual computer network. The connection is not possible because of the copies every computer creates in the blockchain, meaning that if a hacker wants to break in, it has to go through every single information and reproduction of information in the chain. To sum it up, blockchain technology is very smart yet simple, keeping some data available to the public but doing it in a safe environment. With this said,  blockchain casinos seem like an excellent idea so far because of the safety issues and the easy to manage platform required.

Blockchain Casinos

Blockchain casinos use blockchain technology, meaning they don’t require a host or a central control board, and it is typically safer than other online casinos. Besides, the information is available to the public, so this is probably the most appropriate online gambling option of all times. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, blockchain casinos are also cheaper than traditional online casinos because they don’t require additional transaction verification or other tools like this.

In blockchain casinos, everything related to money transfers and transactions falls on the data stocking blocks, and it is more reliable because it uses cryptocurrency. With digital currency involved,  players get more payment options because they can transfer money to any bank in any currency and other types of online casinos do not offer them this option. When gambling in a blockchain casino, you don’t need to worry about the tracing of your money. Blockchain casinos keep anonymity when handling cryptocurrency transactions, this being a feature that online casinos do not poses.

Benefits of Blockchain Casinos

blockchain casino

Anyone interested in opening a blockchain casino knows at least the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. To highlight blockchain casinos, we are going to run a comparison between them and regular online casinos.

Blockchain ensures transparency

We all know the saying “the house always wins,” and sometimes this leads to scams. Online gamblers have proven fraud cases before coming from the online casino houses, and right now, the lack of transparency keeps users away. Blockchain casinos are all about openness and availability to their clients. Owners don’t need to worry about trust issues or scam presumptions coming from their customers.

Fraud prevention

As much as the gambling world develops, the frauds related to gambling grow too. Online casino frauds make headlines nowadays because of the amount of money stolen but also because of their techniques.  Hackers can easily hack into the casinos’ servers or defraud operators when making transactions. Blockchain casinos run on a distributed ledger, so it is impossible to hack or manipulate the system. When a player wins at a blockchain casino, the casino calculates and transfers the winnings into his account immediately. Therefore, blockchain casinos provide secure ways of money transactions and keep their players safe.


We are going to approach this subject from a business point of view. In regular casinos, players have limited payment options. Besides, because real money is involved, there is a need for deposits or withdrawal fees and so on. In bitcoin casino, none of these issues exist because of the cryptocurrency use, meaning fewer costs for managers. Digital currency doesn’t depend on any bank or payment service; therefore, it doesn’t need to respect law regulations which is another big plus in countries like the United States, where the government makes efforts to stop the online gambling industry expansion.


As we already stated, blockchain casinos don’t trace transactions. In traditional online casinos, users need to submit for a lot of information and even documents to open an account. This process takes some and more than often. It is annoying for gamblers and they tend to look for other gaming platforms. As a business owner, you want everyone to reach you, especially in the beginning. Blockchain casinos operate faster and don’t require personal information, leaving players to enjoy their gaming experience without any worries or concerns.


While regular online casinos are frowned upon by regional officials, blockchain casinos don’t fall into that category. These casinos use cryptocurrency, making it available from everywhere in the world if you have a good internet connection. Also, in traditional online casinos, the withdrawal of the winnings can take up to 3-4 days sometimes and makes players exposed to frauds. Blockchain casinos transfer money right away in a safe environment, filling the needs of both the players and the owners.

House Edge Costs

House Edge Costs refer to the percentage of money taken from players by online casino houses to ensure their profit and to keep their business going. Blockchain casinos are cutting down a lot on this house edge cost because they don’t require a lot of employees, transaction costs, taxes or merchant services. Blockchain gambling sites are backed up by a computer network; this means that as an owner, you will gain profit in a fair way without talking extra payments or taxes from your customers.


Blockchain casinos allow you to become a member of the platform. Blockchain technology provides a secure decentralized structure that lets anyone become an active part of the business. As a player, you can fund the casino and get a percent of the business profit in return, kind of like a shareholder. On the same page, blockchain casinos can develop their tokens for their gaming platforms, and wannabe shareholders must acquire an amount of those digital coins. Therefore, blockchain offers a lot of liberty for entrepreneurs, and also, it allows them to develop their business as time passes. With a little creativity and the right skills, your blockchain casino can easily reach the top of online gambling platforms.

Opening a blockchain casino 101

blockchain casino

Many ways allow you to open a blockchain casino business, and it depends on how much you know about blockchain technology and what is your investment capital. Even if you want to open the casino independently, or you want professional to do it for you, there are a few key points that you always have to go through. Analyzing the blockchain market and coming up with a business plan, registering and obtaining a license, getting a site development plan, purchasing the blockchain online casino software and selecting the games you want to have on the platform are the main things to do. After checking these tasks off your list, you can finally launch your blockchain casino website and promote it.  

White label blockchain casino

This works by the white label method, you buy the actual domain and brand it yourself. This option saves time because the product is pre-established, so it has a license, games, and a payment system included. The manager needs to check the software features and if a trustworthy company develops it. All is left to do in this situation is designing the website and creating a player-friendly interface. The disadvantages behind this type of blockchain casino are the monthly fees and that the software already integrates into the casino platform so basically the buyer depends on the seller in this case.

Turnkey Casino

If you are eager to start your new blockchain casino business, then this is the deal for you. Turnkey casino websites come with everything included from a license, site, and layout to slot games, and so on. Your future customers expect high-quality products and an efficient platform, so when choosing this option, make sure you have the right contractor. Research any reviews or other information about your provider to make sure that your future blockchain casino is going to be a hit.



Presumably, the online gambling industry will make around 100$ dollars per year soon. With new gaming trends emerging every year and with updates and developments that we never expected from online casinos, it is sure to say that everything is possible. Blockchain casinos are among those unexpected turns of the gambling world because they are total game-changers. These platforms use cryptocurrency, and this is one of the first new characteristics in an online casino. This feature comes in handy to speed up the payment process, to enforce the security and protect players from frauds and scams. It is a known fact that online casinos are a primary target for hackers because most casinos are using cheap software that has little to no firewall protection.

Besides, online gambling sites are the victims’ of final law regulations. In the United States, the license fees for an online casino are so high that most entrepreneurs give up. But with blockchain casinos, you don’t need to worry about the government and what it says, and you can ensure top quality services and gaming experiences at substantially lowered costs compared to traditional online casinos.

Blockchain casinos are still under the development and are still considered a new thing in this industry. They emerged two years ago, and as predictors say, there is no stopping them in the following years.  As technology advances, blockchain casinos will advance too and will gradually include other updates and features to their platforms. In the same time, this type of online casino will raise more and more awareness on the business market.

What does it offer?

Blockchain casinos offer many benefits for entrepreneurs that choose to venture in this industry. The initial investment is not that big, and if the purchased online casino software is reliable and comes from a top producer, the owner looks at huge profits. Also, if you are a tech enthusiast, you can start a blockchain casino business from scratch. The concept behind blockchain is rather simple and easy to understand so all there s left to do so is to throw in original branding and design to the platform. It is safe to say that blockchain casinos are the next big thing in the online gambling world, so anyone interested in this area should shoot their shot right now, no matter if you want to manage a platform like this or just enjoy what it has to offer.

Blockchain Powered By RiverSweeps Platinium

If you want to start a blockchain casino, RiverSweeps Platinium has got you covered. Our company provides online casino software with the best price-quality ratio you can find on the market. If you are planning to open a blockchain casino, then you need our services. We like to make our clients happy, that’s why our software comes with edge-cutting technology, full HD graphics and fantastic sound effects that will surely surprise your customers. Besides, RiverSweeps Platinium software comes with a recovery option and enforced security, making it the best choice for a blockchain casino. We present the full-package software you were looking for, so feel free to contact us, our team can’t wait to help you.

Crypto Casino

crypto casino

One of the first forms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, was in online gambling clubs. It’s easily movable and pseudonymous nature made it a perfect installment technique for online club. At first, most of the crypto casino and online gambling brands solely used Bitcoin as a currency. But today numerous brand names in the internet gaming industry have included bitcoin. Therefore, the availability of digital currency betting destinations is more noteworthy now than at any other time.

What are crypto gambling clubs?

Bitcoin is the most mainstream computerized money or digital currency. A couple of online gambling clubs execute just in bitcoins, while others offer bitcoin as mean of exchange, as well as exchanges in customary monetary forms like USD. There are developing quantities of bitcoin casino and online betting clubs which offer betting and cash-based recreations in bitcoin money. Bitcoin club work from everywhere throughout the globe; however, they should be liable to neighborhood laws. Through bitcoin exchanges, these gambling clubs offer a wide assortment of alternatives for players to wager their bitcoin cash on.

How do crypto casinos work?

The bitcoin casino software stays at the core of any web-based betting or gaming business, and same remains constant for online gambling clubs. Most prevalent crypto casinos with large client bases run their online casino software, created alone. Other littler players use bought or leased variants, which might someone can tweak by adding a couple of one of a kind highlights to the game. The software directs and runs the game, with insignificant human mediation. For diversions requiring every single human player, the software assumes the job of the table vendor, really directing the play. Because of an excellent idea of their business, crypto casino clubs face the test if persuading the clients about the reasonableness of their tasks.

Most crypto casinos endeavor to build up trust by straightforwardly uncovering how their online casino software calculations work. For the rest, it’s to a higher degree a distributed reference that works or the uniqueness of their offering in the gambling club amusements.

Background of cryptocurrency usage in online casinos

crypto casino

In the early periods of online Bitcoin betting, the essential choices concentrated on dice and other simple games. This made it more convenient for administrators to work, players to take an interest, and for agile developments, if a site chose to, or was compelled to, shut down. After dice, other essential web-based betting gateways began to operate. A considerable lot of these would work just inside a program, offering simplified games like blackjack and roulette. It didn’t take long, in any case, for this digital currency casinos to develop into certain web-based gaming brands.  

There are presently several distinctive online bitcoin casino and gaming brands that concentrate their potential only on digital currencies. Most of these locales, with a couple of exceptional cases, don’t accept any form of fiat money, whether it is USD, Pounds or something else. There are likewise many famous locales, as Bovada (an early adopter to cryptographic forms of payment as an installment technique), that had just utilized fiat money for stores and withdrawals, yet today direct quite a bit of their business in cryptos like the Bitcoins.

Crypto money vs. real money in the crypto casino and online gambling

Digital money gives various advantages to administrators and players alike. The speed and security of exchanges are altogether better when servers utilize cryptos for banking. All things considered, the security can, as a rule, be used for swindling players, accounts being hacked, and generally hindering reactions. In the event that you felt that an online club had conned you previously, you could debate the installment with your bank, regardless of whether you played at a controlled gambling club or an offshore webpage. When you store assets with a crypto installment strategy, you are confiding in the current administrator to treat you just. Once crypto is sent, it is gone, and this ought to be the first and essential thought for any online crypto players. The speed and security of cryptos likewise make payouts considerably more convenient.

Rather than holding up weeks or months to be paid by paper money check, cash outs at the online crypto casino are as a rule paid out in a couple of hours. This is a standout amongst the most alluring advantages to imminent players. While quick payments are an advantage for players and administrators alike, the stealth idea of these installments can prompt inconvenience. Be cautious at whatever point you are making or utilizing your records at any online bitcoin casino.

The dimensions of security shift from property to property. If you leave your file likely to being gotten to by an outsider, you risk your assets being pulled back to the wrong wallet. A few clubs offer 2 Factor Authentication as well as different methods for adding extra security to your record, and it is advisable that you use these choices to help guarantee that your assets remain safe and sound.

How crypto casino and online gambling brands operate around the world

Internet betting, since its beginning, has been inconsistent in the United States all in all. The US Government has made endless endeavors to either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way to get rid of the crypto casino.  In 2004, they succeeded in dividing a significant part of the business, constraining numerous once great brands to either deny US players or to shut the business down completely. The appearance of cryptos has made web-based betting substantially more feasible than it has been in years for US natives.

Regardless of the more prominent accessibility, many crypto casino and online gambling brands have just gone back and forth from the US territory. In some cases, it is an administrator who does not have any desire to risk conceivably engaging the United States later on, and in different examples, it is a bitcoin casino software supplier who wouldn’t like to endanger its remaining in traded on an open market in the UK. There is a sizable point of reference with regards to the hazards engaged with offering internet betting to US players. The hazards are bound to happen regardless of whether USD is utilized or not, and this has frightened numerous suppliers from taking part.

Differences in acknowledgement of crypto casinos in the US and UK

If you are in the US and try to join a site that does not acknowledge people in the US, you will probably be warned before you get further than the main page. All that being said, the US bitcoin casino and online gambling business stay delicate, and players should comprehend the dangers.

In the UK, the acknowledgment of cryptos has been and likely will keep on being, affected by the regulated idea of the market. In contrast to the US, where just a couple of states regulates the crypto casino and online betting business, the government controls the whole of the UK market. These organizations must follow rigid rules which limit their capacity to utilize any installment techniques (like cryptographic forms of money) at their properties. UK players still have the alternative to play with cryptos, yet they will, for the most part, be at foreign brands, in this way losing the assurances that a regulated market would give.

Most of the world, other than the US and UK, will have simple access to the various crypto casino and online casino software. However, if the administrator or game suppliers prohibit your specific nation, you won’t be able to access the webpage. Other than that, practically all crypto casino and web-based betting sites will be available to you. The administrative condition for cryptos is continually varying. So, this is probably not going to remain constant for a long time.

Different versions of crypto gambling

crypto casino

The advancement of cryptographic forms of money in internet betting has come almost full circle. While sports wagering isn’t as promptly accessible as different types of betting, most of the crypto casino and online gambling clubs are garbled from different brands that have existed for over ten years. From exemplary gambling club staples like roulette, slot games, baccarat, and blackjack to increasingly current innovation like Live Dealer wagering, online gambling clubs that acknowledge cryptocurrencies offer almost everything you can imagine.

Gambling club games such as slot games, table games, video poker, and many others are the most convenient ones to find. You can’t find an online crypto casino website that doesn’t have conventional gambling club amusements to look over. While poker or sports might be harder to play utilizing digital currencies, standard club gaming is anything but difficult to find, regardless of whether you live in the United States, the UK, or somewhere else. Dice games cover only a little bit of the market in general. The headway in contributions from full online gambling clubs has substantially decreased the intrigue of these major platforms.

Cryptocurrencies in poker, sports betting and live dealer

Poker is the most popular game for gambling clubs, while a great deal of other intriguing diversions, lotteries and different varieties of well-known games exist and keep on getting developed. Even top-level live casino suppliers are currently energetic about players who need to utilize bitcoin to bet with live vendors. Live dealer gaming might be one of the most excellent versions of crypto betting. Poker is another all-time intriguing form of online crypto casino and gaming brands. Numerous locales currently offer poker, yet since it needs a minimum amount to be best, the choices are not as reliable as they are in business sectors like the UK, where Party Poker, PokerStars, etc. overwhelm the business.

Poker has additionally been the subject of debate in the US, which hasn’t helped it gain acknowledgment. Sports are a delicate and uncontrollable factor theme in web-based betting. Offering sports wagering to US natives is particularly dangerous, even when contrasted with offering ordinary crypto casino amusements. In that capacity, the alternatives for online crypto sports wagering have been generally constrained, at any rate outside of Bitcoin explicitly. But various destinations have started including more significant market top altcoins making crypto sports wagering. The reason behind this is to make the sportsbetting more functional than it was at the beginning of Bitcoin web-based betting.  

Different cryptocurrencies accepted by the crypto casino industry

crypto casino

There is no uncertainty that Bitcoin is still way ahead of competitors with regards to its share of cryptographic forms of money in the crypto casino industry. It’s easy utilization, acceptance, and public brand image among players and administrators alike are substantially higher than the nearest contenders. Regardless of whether you store with non-Bitcoin money, all things considered, the administrator will process your payouts in BTC.

The digital money space is generally a little market top coin, has been noticeable in the crypto casino market. Every one of these coins, as well as different coins like Monero, are acknowledged at many brands. These altcoins first started being offered at crypto casino market in around mid-2015 and have expanded its market share since. As huge top coins hit the market, as BCH, they also have been included as installment techniques. It is a conviction that these coins will increment in acknowledgment at crypto gambling clubs.

Why crypto gambling clubs are picking up fame

Secrecy remains the most significant preferred position for bitcoin casino clients. Most bitcoin gambling club locales offer zero exchange charges with great free day by day exchanges. Conventional cash-based gambling clubs, on the other hand, have set breaking points and exchange expenses. The advanced online nature of this business empowers universal access and simple accessibility of players in huge numbers, nonstop. Since internet games are, to a great extent past the domain and control of experts, casinos have made redos to numerous web-based games with changes in the standards of the game.

Challenges for the government to regulate crypto casino and online betting sites

Conventional online gambling clubs operating with customary monetary standards have characterized guidelines. Installments in traditional monetary standards empower following and distinguishing singular players, as well as gambling clubs’ administrators. It isn’t the situation with crypto gambling clubs. Since cryptocurrency exchanges are totally digital, review and confirmation turn into a test. For example, in an online card game, what is the evidence that the cards have been rearranged and circulated decently?

Moreover, if the crypto casino keeps the anonymity of the player because the person pays namelessly through digital money, reasonable strategic policies become further faulty. A great deal of crypto gambling clubs requires insignificant client subtleties frequently restricted to just email and login-name, no age confirmation, no area check, or any other information. Many states around the globe prohibit gambling, and crypto gambling clubs make it further hard to manage and control it at a worldwide dimension. All the above operational techniques demonstrate a test for experts, as another parallel economy is in creation. Albeit computerized cash-based frameworks might be referred to for their points of interest, web-based betting is without a doubt a test at many dimensions.


Moreover, if the crypto casino keeps the anonymity of the player because the person pays namelessly through digital money, reasonable strategic policies become further faulty. A great deal of crypto gambling clubs requires insignificant client subtleties frequently restricted to just email and login-name, no age confirmation, no area check, or any other information. Many states around the globe prohibit gambling, and crypto gambling clubs make it further hard to manage and control it at a worldwide dimension. All the above operational techniques demonstrate a test for experts, as another parallel economy is in creation. Albeit computerized cash-based frameworks might be referred to for their points of interest, web-based betting is without a doubt a test at many dimensions.

Legal perspectives on crypto casinos

Because of the idea of bitcoin exchanges and difficulties recorded above, running bitcoin casino is unlawful in the US. Players join a large portion of the legitimately known bitcoin gambling clubs outside of the US. Interested clients from everywhere throughout the world, including a noteworthy client base from the US as well, execute on these crypto casinos anonymously, representing a significant test for experts to regularize, control and sanction the exchanges. Absence of public data on such secrecy-based business represents a test to collect the sort of information that authorities would need to enforce rules.

All in all, crypto casino and online gambling brands, regardless of whether dependent on customary money exchanges or unknown computerized cash exchanges, has dependably been a discussed subject on moral grounds. Add to it the multifaceted nature of cryptocurrency exchanges, and the activities of the crypto clubs become further testing. While it is thrilling to find ways of easy income making alternatives, clients should remember the legal viewpoints, risks, and difficulties.

Can I open my own bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is independent of banks and any other external regulators. The transaction history is publicly available; that is, the algorithm of Bitcoin and all actions performed with it are open. The transaction history in the Bitcoin system is called “blockchain.” Now a new trend is formed in modern online gambling called bitcoin casino. Increasingly, owners of gambling sites in the network in addition to supporting real-world currencies are turning to cryptocurrency solutions. And here Bitcoin holds the leading position, as one of the most popular virtual currencies today. If you are looking for them to open this type of casino pay attention to this article which we believe will assist you to realize your dream. But for this purpose, you should follow some steps and get introduced with the essential information.

What is Bitcoin, and how is it related to the casino?


bitcoin casino


Bitcoin is connected to the casino very closely. You could even say that Bitcoin is one of the engines of progress in this area. The casino is now actively promoting the idea of ​​bitcoin wallets to the masses, demonstrating the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Therefore, the creation of this type of casino can bring you a good income, a perfect one.


Is there any software for bitcoin gambling establishment?

Of course, have! Many large providers several years ago picked up this idea and started writing a script of a casino of bitcoin. Some have their platform. Microgaming company, Amatic, Playtech company have long been offering customers to introduce games for bitcoin institutions. One of these games in 2014 brought casino revenue of $ 11 million.

Since this type of casinos has become a profitable gambling business, an offer of special software has appeared on the market. Several leading developers are ready to offer their customers high-quality cryptocurrency solutions.


There are two ways to open a casino with the ability to bet on bitcoins:


  1. Buy a Bitcoin casino script and integrate it on your online casino site. Thus, players can access bets not only in conventional currencies (the set of currencies depends on the region of the online site), but also bets on bitcoins.
  2. Buy Bitcoin casino – full-fledged software and integrate it on a new site specially designed for this purpose. As a result, you get a casino, transactions in which are carried out only in cryptocurrency.


According to experts, both ways are working and promising. Cryptocurrency is a unique means of payment, which has clear advantages over other types of currencies. It becomes a factor that attracts visitors.


Follow the legal procedures


bitcoin casino


For online casinos to function in a legal field, you must register a company and obtain the appropriate licenses. After solving legal issues, several technical problems will be overcome – the creation of a gambling resource, the integration of games, etc.


Who are casino customers on bitcoin?

Online casinos, in which bitcoins are used as the only payment system, have several competitive advantages and attract a large number of progressive users. Some features need to be taken into account when launching an online casino on Bitcoin. Solvent, wealthy people who love excitement or programmers, economists are customers.

What is the main benefit of the casino of bitcoin?

The answer to this question is simple- confidentiality. Disclosure of personal data of players is wholly excluded. Bitcoin betting provides absolute secrecy, which is an essential criterion for choosing a website for many players. Not all users would like to spread information about themselves and their winnings.

For betting on bitcoins do not need to enter any personal data – just an email address and code number.

In conclusion

The continuously changing world is bringing new business ideas like Bitcoin casinos. If you are looking the answer of question can o open my casino on bitcoin? Of course, it is possible on condition that you follow the requirements above-stated.


The costs of starting a bitcoin casino

bitcoin casino

Before online casinos emerged, people had limited to land-based casinos. However, after online casinos came into existence, players could play games across the globe. On the other hand, online casinos brought the inherent risk such as financial transaction with itself. bitcoin online gambling has become a solution to these problems. Riversweeps offers bitcoin casino software for those who are interested in this topic. To gain insight, contact us.


Although many people are afraid of using bitcoin money because of unawareness, we want to tell those people who are in this condition; there is nothing to be scared. In a traditional casino, you use standard money like dollars, euros and so on, but in bitcoin one you use bitcoins. Those bitcoins are for purchasing credits. The operator sets the price per loan, and that price cannot bypass one Satoshi. People in business have to buy such reliable bitcoin casino software that customers of theirs have to trust those companies or online casinos. But do not worry, if you buy that software you will gain that trust of your consumers.

About Costs


bitcoin casino


It is both complicated and quite interesting theme to negotiate. There are many required factors to take into account, and there are many things to think about them. However, we are going to discuss a few important points here:

Software – Choosing the right software is the most crucial part of bitcoin online gambling. Here is the main problem is to find a company which will offer you an optimized and reasonable price. But you know, those software providers who sell the cheaper product sucks! So how will you find a good company that you can count on it and buy the services or products from it? If you intend to serve various functionalities to your consumers, choose us. This company is in this sector for a while, and with its job that they have done, and support and care that they have shown to their customers, are always applauded by those, who bought the software and other services.


This company also sells these:

  • Excellent Internet Cafe Software
  • Trustworthy Online Casino Software
  • The most preferred Sweepstakes Software
  • Different kinds of Games


Bitcoin Casino software of Riversweeps always has special features that only this company suggest them to their clients. For example:

  • We offer fairness in our software which gets searched by most players.
  • Withdrawals are the integral property of the software, and for gamblers, this feature has a unique role for them in vital situations.
  • Since gamers make a certain amount of deposit here, security and safety are the important points here.
  • Every single player is fond of special bitcoin bonuses that Riversweeps provides this for you to get more customers in a short period.


Other factors


bitcoin casino


Business Plan – While starting online bitcoin business, everything looks perfect in the distance. But the thing that you have to be aware of is that there is fierce competition here that a few businessmen can survive. No other businessmen feel like someone else to come up to this business and spoil their effort entirely or pull their existing customers from them. So, when you start to this way, know that they will attack you to destroy your business. Therefore, you have to have a business plan! When you buy software, you might gain information and get some advice from the company that you are going to choose from it. As we mentioned above, Riversweeps might help you with this subject. Do not hesitate and contact them.

Staff – If you desire a bright work, then you have to hire several employees, for example, a hundred people might be. Most of the personnel will be IT administrators and technical support workers since all the business is on IT.


This kind of bitcoin casino will cost $500, 000 or more if we become honest with you. However, we want to help you. As we said above, select our company and we will offer you its well-developed software which has an optimized price.

Why Are Bitcoin Casinos So Popular?

bitcoin casino

Bitcoin is the form of currency that is used in casinos nowadays. Up to know there have been many other cryptocurrency forms, but not all of them were used famous like Bitcoin. So it turned to be extremely popular and used in bitcoin casino in the gaming business. It is useful for transferring the money or funds from one destination to another. With the help of bitcoins now it is possible to play any casino games in online gaming platforms. This cryptocurrency has rapidly changed the trend of online casinos, and in recent years it is much more prevalent among players. After using bitcoins in casinos, it has become the most preferred type of currency by casino fans in the gambling industry. That is why now every player like to use bitcoins in the casinos because it is much profitable as well. When the price of it increases, it is possible to purchase different cryptocurrencies.


Advantages of cryptocurrency


bitcoin casino


People prefer bitcoins for many reasons. One of the most important ones is safe. It is because there is no need to share private information of customer in these casinos. That is why the system is secure, so people prefer them. There is no requirement from casino players to use their any data for registration of the account. This process depends on the player if he wants to share without any demand by the casino; he is welcome to do. In another case, the transaction will be anonymously between two parts. It is one of the advantageous of using cryptocurrency in a bitcoin casino.

Another essential factor about this digital currency is that it doesn’t use the assistance of the third party. Due to this, all the regulations made by only two parts which are the online platform and customer. So nobody can get access to the bitcoin account of the casino fan. Privacy is secure without any interruption.

The other benefit that people take from the use of cryptocurrencies in a bitcoin casino is the fees which are at a low level. So anyone can afford the transactions. It is available for many people because of these features as well as fast regulation processes.


Payment with bitcoins


bitcoin casino


Before the payment systems of casinos were different as every other process of gambling. Such as people had to go to the real casinos for making a bet. Now, there are plenty of online casinos available in the industry. So it is possible to place a chance with real money casino slots from anywhere you want with comfort. The use of digital currency is the safest way to make the payment in the casino. Because this is the most secure way to pay, it doesn’t have any restrictions in the majority of countries. So, people who want to use bitcoins may take benefit it gives them from any country without any limitation.

They need to have a BTC wallet to purchase the services in a bitcoin casino. In any other online platform when you make the payment, you should wait for at least two days for processing because of the extended registration and other regulations. But, in casinos where you pay with digital currency, your BTC wallet is the only thing you use. It will be your identification which helps to make all the payment and withdrawals with it. Therefore, this way of instant payment system will assist you to enjoy your funds or wins you got from winning casino games. It seems the use of bitcoins in gambling will increase significantly, even the rapid growth of utilization seen in recent years as well. So anyone who doubts payment methods in casinos can quickly adapt this system due to its safety.

How profitable is investing in a bitcoin casino solution?

bitcoin casino

Online casinos and cryptocurrencies are two of the most popular interest areas in today’s world. The main reason for this popularity is, of course, the money. Bitcoin casino is considered to be an excellent business idea because it is based on two major profitable interest areas which are cryptocurrencies and gambling. But the question is how beneficial is to invest in bitcoin online casino solutions? This post will mainly focus on that issue while showing both advantages and disadvantages sides of this business which will help you define whether bitcoin online casino is a profitable business idea or not.

Overview of the case


bitcoin casino


  According to experts bitcoin online casino, it seems like a successful business idea for about five to seven years. The reason for this notion is that both online gambling, casino business, and cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and highly invested areas of interest. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this idea and define whether it is profitable or not to invest in this bitcoin online casino.

Advantageous sides

   Many experienced people in this field think that investing in the casino is always a good idea if you have the right tools to do so. The main issue is to find a reputable casino which you would like to invest and make bitcoin casino solutions. If you do not find a reputable casino, there is a high chance that you will lose your cryptocurrency as well as your money. Most of the players earn bitcoins from just campaign bonuses, commenting and other accessible places. That is the reason why they are always ready to spend it easily in online casinos. The main advantage of this type of investment is the rise of cryptocurrencies in this era. Bitcoins are becoming more and more invested cryptocurrency type, and if you mix these two ideas in the same business, most probably you will succeed and not regret it after all.  



bitcoin casino


Anonymity is another advantageous side of bitcoin online casinos. As we well know, bitcoins are transferred through e-wallets, and this makes it safe for users. There is no personal data or personal ID, Password details in e-wallets. Thus, anonymity makes this more reliable for future players, and you do need to worry about regulators’ control and other stuff.

Financial Security


bitcoin casino


 There is a huge demand for bitcoin casino solutions in today’s world because technology is getting bigger and bigger by new inventions. As technology evolves, hackers and scammers are increasing in number. Bitcoin can be stolen from your e-wallets by those scammers because there is no personal information there, and it is hard to prove the fact that the owner took it or not. As well as anonymity is the advantage of this business idea, financial security is a disadvantage. If you invest in solutions to these types of issues regarding bitcoins and casino business, you will not regret it in spite of this type of disadvantageous sides of the business. The main problem is to turn the disadvantages to your advantage and sell your product.


 Bitcoin casino solutions can also be hazardous thus not a compelling idea for investors. You need to consider the house edge factor in online casinos and try to invest in the bankroll casinos. In the long run, you will get profit if you use house edge option to your advantage, but in the short term, it will be useful for you. All in all, it is getting harder by each day to find promising projects that are profitable so try to make sure that you are investing in a good plan; so, in the end, you will not regret it.

Cheapest Bitcoin Casino Software solution to start online casino


Bitcoin money can be an option for various purposes, for example, online lotteries, gambling games, casino games, and so on in casinos. What makes this possible is the proper software. Bitcoin Casino Software is widely applied in casinos nowadays. If you are interested in Bitcoin Casino Software, you can buy it with the cheapest price from the most reliable company Riversweeps.

Before we start, let us answer an important question which is what a bitcoin is. Bitcoin is founded in 2009 as the first virtual currency. It is completely decentralized. Bitcoin is getting popularity by time passing and this helps the flourishment of the new economy. Bitcoin is sometimes called as digital currency or a crypto-currency. It also contributes to gambling, different lotteries. Bitcoin gambling has a great role in the arising of bitcoin casinos. What differentiates bitcoin, is the digital wallet and that holds the bitcoins. You can send it over the internet. At this time a digital signature authorizes transactions. Some casinos make a transaction in bitcoins, but some use bitcoin as an alternative choice depending on the customer. Although bitcoin is meant to local laws, it is used over the globe.


Why do I have to open an online Bitcoin Casino?


Online casinos are familiar to us. If you contemplate about opening bitcoin casino, but you are not sure about it, do not get worried. We will give you some reasons and encourage you to do that. So let us get started:

  • Launching a bitcoin casino is easier than doing a traditional one. Why is that? Here is the reason, when you open an online bitcoin casino, all you do will be finding the cheapest Bitcoin Casino Software, buying it, and running your website. However, it must be hard to manage the traditional casino, control employees and so on. At this point, we can give you a small advice. If you have already a website and looking for qualified software at a reasonable price, rush to company Riversweeps without thinking. Riversweeps always cares about its clients and tries giving them the best services with the cheap payment.
  • There is no need to get a gambling license. This saves both time and money.
  • Since real money is not required on the website, no one will pay attention to you for being engaged in unlawful activities.
  • Transactions in bitcoin are private.
  • For bitcoins, you will not pay any tax.

What are the best advantages of Bitcoin in the casino business?

First of all, Bitcoin provides anonymity on transactions. Second, many bitcoin casinos give you unlimited transactions. These transactions are free and daily, but traditional casinos put fees on transactions and limits. Third, in traditional casinos, you cannot modify the rules of the game. This is illegal. But in bitcoin casinos, you are free to make some tweaks in the games. Fourth, there are some predefined rules on payment in traditional casinos. For example, gamers, table dealers, and operators can be tracked. However, this is not the case in bitcoin casinos. Fifth, no one would love to ruin his or her privacy by giving so much information to casinos. Unfortunately, this situation is in the traditional casinos. But you do not have worry about it in bitcoin casinos because they require minimum data about you such as email and login name or username. Some countries do not allow gambling. Many of those countries ban them. But it is quite hard to control bitcoin casinos all over the world. So everyone can play the game in bitcoin casinos.

What makes Riversweeps different?


Company Riversweeps proposes Bitcoin Casino with its Bitcoin Casino Software because it is an online gambling platform. This company suggests you various online games which are continuously updated. With this secure software, you can preserve your privacy while playing and winning jackpots. You could find them in Riversweeps Platinum. All you have to do is to indicate a source of payment. This is used for getting cash. We have to make a note that there is no requirement for your age verification, where you live, your job, and so on to show. These are the features of our software for bitcoin gambling:

  • No cheating – just be certain that you will not see any unfair thing while playing. This applies to both you and the operator. Fairness comes first in Riversweeps.
  • Security – registration process is held naturally. While doing that you will not see any difficulty. At first, you have to register. Then make a deposit. The amount of money is absolutely up to you. That is it! After this process, you may go on and play.
  • Withdrawals and winning – once you saw everything went perfectly and you got quite an amount of money you wanted, you can withdraw at any time you want! Is not it cool?! You could come across this easy and fast feature in only Riversweeps.
  • The biggest advantage of Riversweeps is its special bonuses. Just be sure that you will not find one single company offering this except Riversweeps. Exclusive awards are waiting for their owners in Riversweeps!

What does Riversweep Bitcoin Casino offer?



There are many advantages of bitcoin gambling. We are a hundred percent sure that you will be enthusiastic about purchasing the Bitcoin Casino Software of Riversweeps.

  1. Privacy – your private data will not be shared if you prefer Riversweeps. The slot machines of this company make you feel comfortable. This freedom is not present at other standard conventional gambling. All the gamers pay the deposit before starting the game. After that, you will get joy the game by bitcoin. You do not have to fear about fraud if you trust Riversweeps.
  2. Active Audience – those people who are fond of the edge-cutting technologies choose bitcoin casinos. The reason is that the most preferable feature of bitcoin is cryptocurrency. Especially gamblers from IT who have a passion for virtual currency will be the first ones to be engaged with bitcoin gambling.
  3. Exciting Opportunities – In bitcoin there are plenty of chances to win. All you need to do is being uncomplaining one. Key is not to run directly onto the main awards or big jackpots.
  4. Since Bitcoin is newer relatively, you maybe hesitate to play games in bitcoin casinos. But if you are in the area of Riversweeps, then there is no need to think about it. Come and win!

How can it attract gamblers?


A great strategy is a key point in any business. This is the same for online business, too. For this fact, there are some requirements to go ahead. Let us look at them briefly:

  1.    Using advertisement – here the main thing is to make players visit your casino. To do that you can use different posters, banners with appealing offers such as bonuses, free spins if there are slot games and so on. The thing is gaining a deposit from players here. You can also use a website advertisement. This variant is the most powerful one assuming people spend too much time on the internet.
  2.     Show winners – this is another way to get more player. You can display them on your website so that people will start to trust you. Create social media accounts and update them every day. In this way, you will promote your business.
  3.     Software – in online bitcoin business it is impossible to go on without Bitcoin Casino Software.