Are Progressive Jackpot Slots Really Worth Trying?

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Progressive jackpot slots are the game to play if you want to have the chance to win a jackpot that might completely alter your life. You won’t ever earn several hundred thousand playing blackjack or roulette, let’s face it. Simply said, the payments aren’t high enough.

This page’s objective is to describe progressive jackpot slots, how they work, and why you would be interested in playing them. Additionally, we’ve provided explanations of some of the more well-known progressive jackpots accessible. 

The jackpots on these games may become much greater than those on conventional slot machine games since just a little portion of each stake is used to “fuel” the jackpot.

1. What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Because the jackpot reward in these games grows with every wager made until it is won, they are known as progressive slots. Progressive jackpots can automatically payout if they reach a set level in some cases, but the majority are uncapped and can theoretically increase in size until a winner is found.

Only the enormous jackpots identify progressive jackpot slots from all other types of slots. While some slots are specifically designed to be progressives, others are just modified versions of already-existing games that are linked to a jackpot network.

However, gaming companies and casinos sought to give greater prizes without investing their own money. A clever game designer realized that larger prize amounts would result from allowing players to contribute to the jackpots through a process known as stake contribution. These would draw additional players, and those players would fund increasing prizes, and so on.

In short, this invention amounts to a lottery-style scenario in which millions of participants each donate a small amount to make one of you a billionaire.

2. How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

progressive jackpot slots

It’s time to go inside and discover how exactly progressive jackpot slots work. In a nutshell, each time you make a real money wager on one of these slots, a portion of your stake goes toward the jackpot pool. Until victory, this continues.

There is, however, a little bit more to it than that. These incredible awards are made possible by the cooperative efforts of several important factors. Below, we’ve listed them.

2.1 The involvement

A small percentage of each wager you place is deducted and placed in a different pot, which is used to fund the jackpot or jackpots. Play any Red Tiger slot machine with the Daily Jackpots function, and around 3% of your stake will go into the jackpot pool, compared to approximately 2.3% for IGT’s MegaJackpots.

2.2 The plant

Why doesn’t the jackpot start at zero, and what happens when someone wins it? Nobody would play a slot machine with a prize of £0 or £10, therefore, progressive jackpots must start someplace.

2.3 The reward

A progressive jackpot is only one that increases as it is wagered until it is won. The million-pound progressives receive all the limelight, but there are other types of progressive slots that have prizes as low as one thousand dollars.

The average jackpot prize paid out by IGT’s MegaJackpots games is £846,000, and one is won (again, on average) every 10 weeks.

3. How To Win The Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Progressive jackpots have no certainties, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. Bankroll control is the most crucial casino advice you must always remember. Never spend more money than you have available. You shouldn’t spend all of your money attempting to win the jackpot, even if it’s $10 million. Our recommendation is to just use 5% of your bankroll when you sit down.

In actuality, a range of 2% to 3% is preferable. Therefore, the most you should wager in a game is $50 if your bankroll is $1,000. Each stake should then be a tiny portion of that $50. With this cautious approach, you can weather the highs and lows of playing internet casino games. Additionally, in principle, you have a greater chance of winning a progressive jackpot slots the longer you play.

The second piece of advice is time. Timed jackpots and daily drops are intended to land before specific times. Let’s imagine you are aware that a jackpot will be awarded once per hour. Ten minutes remain in the hour, and it hasn’t yet plummeted. 

You have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot now than you had at the beginning of the hour, according to logic. Although it isn’t a flawless plan, this is another weapon you can use.

4. How To Play The Progressive Jackpot Slots Via App

progressive jackpot slots

Feeling fortunate yet far from a casino? Then you must quickly satisfy your need for slot machines. Even though you could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the closest casino, you can still watch the slots spin and hope for a lucky bounce.

You need a strong Internet connection and a trustworthy casino gaming website to get started playing progressive jackpot slots online. Although it’s very easy, you should look around for a reliable site with a decent reputation. Once you choose one, you may transform your Android cell phones into a variety of Android slot machines. The latest technology is available right now.

Each day, thousands of players participate , raising the potential earnings to exceptionally high levels. Mega Joker and Mega Fortune are the two most played Netent Progressive Jackpots slots.

A reliable Internet connection and a reputable casino gaming website are all you need to start playing slots online. Despite the fact that it’s fairly simple, you should search for a reputable website with a good reputation. You can convert your Android smartphones into a variety of Android slot machines once you’ve made your choice. The most recent technology is currently accessible.

5. Best Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Who among us who enjoy playing slots hasn’t fantasized about hitting one of those eye-popping large progressive jackpots? You may literally win millions of pounds, dollars, or euros with one spin.

It is true that there is a far lesser likelihood of landing the jackpot than there are of winning the lottery. But you never know, do you? After all, we’ve all heard tales of people whose lives were changed forever by a tiny bit of a few pounds!

Continue reading to learn about the best progressive jackpot slots online you can play right now:

5.1 Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Slots

One of the best progressive jackpot slots online ever is called Moolah. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most distinctive progressive slots games available online and that a large number of its jackpot winners have been selected at random. Since the jackpot round is renowned for being genuine, many players play slots in the hopes of initiating it. This sweepstakes game is really realistic. The jackpot winners from all walks of life who have received life-altering sums of money serve as evidence for this.

The Mega Moolah themes are cleverly made to fit many people and even occasions, like the Christmas theme, which is ideal at this time of year. Depending on how much you bet, all 25 pay lines and the five reels can be triggered simultaneously. You do not have to lose a lot of money if you are still unsure of the game because you may bet as low as £0.01.

There’s no need to dive into complicated systems before trying your luck. Moolah games are popular for their ease of use. Checking out the structure:

  • There are just 5 reels and 6 symbols on them, all of which are representations of creatures found in Africa.
  • The lion is the king of all animals in these mega jackpot slots as well, since 5 of them will award you 15K coins, and it can also act as a true “wild” symbol that may substitute for any other symbol to help you out in your positions. Additionally, if three or more monkeys appear on the screen, there is a possibility to spin without using any money. You will receive more spins the more monkeys you have.

5.2 Fluffy Favorites Progressive Jackpot Slots

Fluffy Favorites is one of the best  Microgaming online casino progressive jackpots which is visually pleasing because of how colorful and brilliant it is. This particular slot machine is one of several that has five reels and twenty-five distinct pay lines. But first, let’s analyze what makes it so well-liked by both bingo sites and players:

  • All of the insignia are adorably cute animals, including a dragon, giraffes, turtles, pandas, clownfish, and many more plush animals.
  • Players have some degree of control over how many lines and how much money is wagered overall on each spin, which allows for some degree of gameplay customization.
  • The game can be played automatically for a certain number of turns or up until a bonus is unlocked.
  • The crane claw is a symbol for scatters. They can be utilized to boost payouts for winning combos, but their primary purpose is to trigger the bonus game.

The popularity of this progressive jackpot slots game resulted in the creation of its follow-up, Fluffy Too. Players’ favorite characters travel to the beach for some fluffy fun in this game.

5.3 Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slots

progressive jackpot slots

Some of the greatest progressive jackpot prizes available are found on WoF progressive jackpot slot machines. The jackpot on the 25-cent machines starts at $200,000 and increases over time. Before being won, the prize usually climbs above $500,000.

The prize on the $1 and $5 slots starts at $1 million. The jackpot of a WoF machine is connected to all other machines in Nevada that provide a progressive jackpot at the same stakes. Every time the jackpot is won, the sums on all machines are reset to their (still very high) beginning values.

Players must wager the maximum number of credits every spin in order to be eligible for a progressive jackpot on these machines. The 25-cent machines’ maximum credits are three, whereas the $1 and $5 machines’ maximum credits are two.

Although not all WoF progressive jackpot slots feature this prize, it has unquestionably established itself as a brand pillar.

6. Final Words

That finishes the comprehensive guide to progressive jackpot slots. You are now aware of what progressive slots are and what their largest prize is. Obviously, there aren’t very good chances of hitting a progressive jackpot; else, we’d all be millionaires. But it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you know the game to play and which online casino to pick for your bets, the possibilities increase even more. Time to spin and succeed!



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