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Microgaming is recognized as the leader of the entertainment market in the field of Internet gambling. Slots from the above-mentioned gambling software are familiar to fans of excitement from across the globe. Among the top developments of this company are Playboy, Hellboy, Jurassic Park gaming machines. This developer was involved in the launch of the first casinos on the Web, so due to its vast experience Microgaming has become one of the best software providers in the online gambling industry. To date, several online casinos have in their arsenal new items and recognized hits from Microgaming, which include not only gaming slots but also poker, bets, live games.

The headquarters of the company is located on the Isle of Man (United Kingdom). This well-known and one of the most extensive online casino software offers a wide range of modern slot machines with games for every taste, provides professional technical support.

Modern technologies allow you to enjoy the game, feel the excitement and joy of victory, without leaving home. Hundreds of players who have become members of the online casino which uses this software make large and small bets and receive winnings while sitting at the monitors of their computers. With an exciting game, you can entertain yourself on the road. Now, most of the online casino sites contain more than a hundred video slots perfect in quality.

The casinos with games for gambling 2019

The Internet has opened a new and exciting world of gambling for casino fans and is constantly gaining momentum because the number of online players is growing every day. Nevertheless, there are still many references to the hottest gambling corners of the world in popular culture. They compose songs about them and even make films, thereby organizing a good public relations company.

Microgaming is a legendary game supplier. It is the first company to start creating machines online and present them to the world’s first online casino. It is also famous for its progressive big wins and record wins. All these and many other advantages have brought its reputation and success in the gaming world.

This gambling software is a huge, respected company with a long history, which largely succeeded, but also gave way to a number of key positions to competitors. Online gambling software games are available in almost all well-known online casinos and are in steady demand. The manufacturer’s portfolio is huge and very diverse. At the moment, the company’s software is considered one of the most popular and the leader of the slot-building.

Special features of the manufacturer


  1. At the moment, this gambling software works not only in the field of the casino but also affects poker, sports betting, bingo, and other essential areas. The developer’s portfolio includes more than 850 games, a significant part of which are slot machines. More than 350 pieces are available on mobile devices.
  2. More than 450 brands use the developer’s games on their resources, including, of course, hundreds of online casinos. In particular, contracts with the company were made by monsters such as Video Slots, Royal Panda, and Casumo. Monsters, of course, in the best sense of the word. The most reliable, most high-tech, and large establishments with an impeccable reputation.

What makes Microgaming different from the rest?

There is a very clear distinction between classical and modern (released in 2014 and later) slots by the number of paylines. If the senior development of 10-25, then in modern – 243. This is a kind of “fashion”, the market demand, which the company has delicately felt and brought to life.

The developments of this online gambling software are “long cycle” slots. That is, the “non-winning” series can last long enough, but as soon as the gambler starts to win, the amount can be quite impressive.

Volatility is higher than that of other developers. This means that the chances of a serious win are higher.

In their study, the experts evaluated the sites according to the following criteria: functionality, quality of customer service, and a valid slot promotion program. In each of the best casinos that hit the top, there are:

  • spectacular design;
  • multilanguage;
  • support for multiple payment systems and currencies;
  • easy navigation;
  • high-quality gaming software;
  • games with live dealers.

The manufacturer’s work in numbers:

  • 850+ unique online games
  • 1200 variants and versions of popular slot machines and board games
  • 350+ mobile games
  • the biggest bingo of the manufacturer is £ 5.88 million
  • the largest jackpot in the history of the slot machine is 6.37 million euros
  • Guinness Book of Records for winning the largest jackpot of all time was – 13.2 million pounds for 25 spins

This above-mentioned online casino software owns the largest progressive jackpot gaming network of automata, which to date has already paid out more than 800 million euros. The company organized the first million jackpot slots tournament.

Slot machines

The main motto of the developer’s team is that they create games for them to play, which means that the developer tries to make the graphics of the highest level and offers the latest storylines – the first thing that attracts the attention of players.

The number of slot machines exceeds 500. You can find them all in various casinos around the world, as well as in those that work exclusively on the software. Among them, you will find a lot of simple and classic games, especially at the dawn of their creativity.

The most distinctive differences between Microgaming slots and machines developed by other manufacturers are:

  • The difference between classic and new slots (released in 2014 and later). The newest games are different on the pay line. There are 243 ways to win (in every way). At some point (in 2015), the company began to develop slot machines.
  • Many slots have a long gain cycle. In other words, you may lose hundreds of spins over the top, but when you start to win, the amount will be higher.
  • Typically, the behavior of its slots can be divided into five: “no pay,” “winnings go back and forth”, “pay with two scatter symbols”, “no bonus”, and “big win”.

However, the latest developments are based on world-famous comics, movies, stories, and legends.

Board games


Microgaming never focused exclusively on slot machines. Therefore, their portfolio will find interesting products for themselves and those who prefer games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker. You can find a lot of their varieties (more than 100), starting from the classic ones and ending with their own innovations from the provider, in online casinos in Europe and America.

Special attention deserves poker, given the achievements in the development of this particular game. On the basis of software holds tournaments around the world. All versions of poker are translated into more than 30 languages ​​of the world.


At all times, gambling was very popular among the population. New types of games were almost always invented, old ones developed and all of them were actively spreading around the globe, and today gambling can be found not only in the real world but also in the virtual one. For example, the network has a lot of sites where you can find great gaming machines of various kinds. Slot machines of Microgaming at the moment are the most popular types of gambling, as they are more accessible to the population and very simple to use.



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