5 Easy Rules of Video Slot Machine Games

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Flashing lights, jingling bells, and spinning reels and the likelihood of hitting a big jackpot at the click of a button have turned video slot machine games into the most popular game among gamblers. Both in the land-based casinos and online casinos and can you blame them?

The slots are awesome!

Most players are familiar with the traditional three-reel slot machine which requires players to get three symbols aligned in the middle row to become winners. As cool as that may sound, online slots or video slots as they are also known are many times more fun. Will explain why. Firstly, whereas the traditional slot comes with only three reels, most video slot machines have about five. With these, your chances of winning increase beyond the middle row. With video slots, you can win at the top, or bottom row. It doesn’t end there; the video casinos took winning to a whole different level.

You can even win zigzag, “Tetris” style, or diagonal. It all depends on the kind of online slot you are paying. Because the winning combination differs from one online slot to another, due to this, many new players may find it difficult getting how slots work online. So that a look at how these fantastic game s work and some basic rules to observe to win.

How video slot machine games work

As stated earlier, interesting online slots are a derivative of the original three-reel slots. Therefore they share some of their basic gameplays. As such, video slot machine games are also straightforward to play. You only need to follow a couple of steps and off you go. In a nutshell, you insert your cash into the video bill validator, select the number of paylines to play and the number of coins to bet per line. After which you click the spin button to send those video reels spinning.

Straightforward right?

Yes, but some may say video slot machines are never really that simple. And there is some truth to this. Below you’ll find a breakdown of some essential facts to know about before you go off to spin those video slots.

  • As with machine slots with real reels, a random number generator (RNG) decides the result displayed on online slots.
  • The user-friendly graphics displayed on your monitor is a representation of the background workings of the RNG.
  • Almost every video slot casino features bonus events on their slot games as a major attraction.
  • Video slot machines place relatively less payback on the main game as compared to real slots.
  •   Video slot casinos have an edge in the game since the winner may take home less than their true odds in some cases.

With these few facts in mind, you can now approach video slots with confidence, but before that, a look at some basic rules governing slot games online.

Basic slot rules

Slot rules have a little problem. Anytime you attempt to explain them to a new gambler; their only reply is an understanding smile. I mean, how hard can they be right? What could be the usefulness of a guide to slot game rules? It is merely a bet, spin, and repeat game. Until you finish your bank anyway… right?

Guess again!

The classic slot has its basic rules that the average Joe can understand. Likewise, video slot games also have their unique tactics and play techniques. It’s for this reason that it’s a big mistake to start hitting spin before you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic rules of online slot games. In most cases, players find disappointment and empty bankrolls. So play video slot machines the right way by following the rules of the game below.

Rule 1

Understand the aim of the game. Before you dive into any video slot casino, you need to keep your winning edge at the back of your mind. So as much as you might be carried away by those delicious looking fruits on the screen, always remember. You need to get a particular sequence of symbols aligned on at least one of your bet paylines.

Rules 2

Adjust the bet amount to suit your payroll and overall budget. It’s easy to overlook this critical rule, and most players do. Assuming you are new to video slot machines games and in need to try out some popular slot games, keep in mind that the minimum allowed bet ranges from $0.10 to $1. You can make adjustments within this range. Therefore avoid the rookie mistake of living the bet at the default figure.

Rules 3

Know the winning paylines. Paylines are the rows (however direction counts)designated to count as winning combinations. They vary for each game and can either be several paylines options. However, you need to bear in mind that the more paylines you select, the more bet you need to place.

Many times, rookies would sit to play slots, hit spin, get their symbols aligned a row and still denied a win. If you’ve ever been in this situation, it’s easily avoidable. Select multiple playlines to win combo and improve your strategy.

Rule 4

Know your bonus symbols – how they work and what they stand for. Formerly, gems and fruits dominated video slot games. Today’s video slot casinos have included nearly any object as a symbol and so the need for new strategies. Some symbols are standard, but there are special symbols that you can’t afford to ignore. These are bonus symbols, and you want to be on the lookout for these.

In all, there are four groups of bonus symbols in video slot machine games. Each group has a specific bonus feature that it triggers. The various groups are as follows.

  • Scatter Symbols

These are symbols that always distinguish themselves based on the kind of online slot. As a slot player, you want to take a particular interest in these since they pay the highest. Usually, you would need to symbols in a row on your paylines to win. But if you can get a scatter symbol, it sets off a bonus feature automatically. Features like bonus rounds and spins are some of the goodies that the scatter symbol brings.

  • Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is simply the ‘joker card’ in slot games. In slot games, you can substitute the wild symbol for any other symbol during gameplay. Which might be just what you need when you have a payline with one symbol out of place.

  • Expanding Wilds

Apart from the fact that the expanding wild symbol works like the wild symbol, it also has another unique feature. With this symbol, your wild can extend all the way across the full column of the reel. In short, it takes your winning beyond one payline. Into different rows.

  • Stacked Wilds

Theses symbols are in several ways similar to the expanding wilds. But with a little difference. Instead of a single symbol, these are stacked on top of each other in decks of 2,3 or more. They significantly increase your likelihood of getting a winning combination on different rows and paylines in any online casino.

Rule 5

Stay on the lookout for bonus games. A better portion of video slot machine games includes bonus games. These are mini-levels embedded into the main game. You trigger them when you get certain combinations. But ultimately they are decided by the rules of the video slot casino. Often, the bonus games have higher wins and payouts than the main game. Aim of the game

Wrap up

The RNG determines the overall results and end combination in every slot game including internet sweepstakes games you play at home. However, we can all agree that video slot machine games are more exciting and keep getting more exciting. Therefore it is necessary to know the basic rules that govern their play before attempting to play. With these rules, you start on the right foot. Your wins and jackpots await you!

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