Top 10 Video Slot Games in 2021

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If you ever searched for video slot games, you probably noticed that there are millions of games available on the internet. The number of people who is a fan of playing them increases day by day. That is why companies keep designing and introducing new ones. When it comes to online video slot games, many people turn to blogs and articles for advice. It is because everyone wants to make their time worth spending, and it is not easy to find the best option out of many. Most of the time, users are facing some difficulties in the process of finding a perfect game, and they spend more time to search for it rather than playing it. For that reason, this article will provide you with top video slot games, and help you to make an easy choice. 

Video Slot Games

Video slot games are very trendy today, and the reason probably is that it is a perfect way of keeping yourself amused. And if you are lucky, you have a chance of winning, too. Nowadays, there are millions of different slot machines to play, anything and everything from classic fruit machines to amazing slots with new features, graphics, and sound effects. 

For the beginners who do know what video slot games are and how these games work, we encourage you to keep reading to get an understanding of online gambling business. In these games, there are typically three or five wheels with full of symbols which have different values. Player bet a particular amount of money for each line and start spinning and waiting for matching results. 

More about video slots

Depending on your winning combination these machines offer you alternative features and additional rounds. It happens either you won or just unexpectedly, which gives the gamer motivation and excitement at the same time. What other features does online casino business offers? Another essential thing about online casino is volatility. It provides information about how often and how much a slot pays out and help you to keep track of it. So what is the difference between high and low volatility? High volatility means whenever you win the prize will be significant. However, it is not a high possibility that you can win very often. In contrary to that, low volatility offers you to win very often and reduces the risk of losing, but if you win the prizes will be smaller. Each has its advantages, and the choice is yours. 

There are lots of video slot games available on the online gambling platforms, and it is not possible to play all of them and be successful. Even though it is good to have a lot of options to choose depending on your taste, to win, you need time, attention, and strategies for online casino games. Therefore, this article will give you a limited list of games which are the best in 2019 till now. This list is updated often with the most popular and latest slot games, so make sure you get updated information regularly. 

Top online slot games to enter

Fireball Keno 

The list starts with a fantastic choice for the ones who like to play with numbers and predict them. The Fireball Keno is one of the joyful games, which makes think strategically and play wisely. This game is all about numbers. The numbers start from 1 to 80, and the user has to sign a ticket with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 numbers. Then you can see ten randomly drawn Keno balls on the Winning Box. When the player chooses numbers and hit the quantity, he or she wins. 

Most people find Fireball Keno thrilling and outstanding, and this kind of video slot games could be an excellent choice for online casinos and internet cafes, as well. Fireball Keno might be everything you expect from an online game if you are good with numbers, want to rule while playing, and enjoy thinking deeply. It is also an incredible option for people who are looking for Online Internet Cafe Games. If all these features still do not satisfy you enough, keep reading our article because we have other things to say about Fireball Keno. It provides gamers with a fantastic chance to win more and more prizes and bonuses, which encourages continuing the game and gain as much as possible. If you want to play and win, do not miss this outstanding chance and give Fireball Keno a try. 

Rich Life

If you are seeking for having fun, we found an incredible option for you! Rich Life slot machine is an excellent chance to enjoy fully and feel the excitement. It is designed in a way that both inexperienced and professional can play easily. Rich Life introduces you secrets of getting rich in an online way and cheers you up by giving a positive and amusing message. We can say it has low volatility because it makes earning profit very easy and regularly so creates no high risk of losing. It is a high-quality gambling game which promises outstanding productivity and does not put any restriction.

Rich Life is a five-reel thirty line game, and its symbols exist on one, three, and five reels. We would recommend you to play it for free online rather than playing it on real bets. Moreover, Rich Life will draw your attention with its bright color choices, beautiful music, and graphics.

All you need for Rich Life is a computer and access to the internet. If you want to find an easy way to enjoy without putting any extraordinary efforts, then try to play the Rich Life slot game. Once you start to play it, you are not going to regret. 

Hot as Devil

Hot as Devil is one of the recently launched video slot games designed and introduced by Riversweeps Platinium. It is an online casino platform with approximately more than 100 games which offers players chances of winning a lot of bonuses and free rounds. You probably noticed from its name Hot as Devil has Hell theme and it is designed in a way that looks like a real-life machine.

There are five reels, and it has all lines pay from left to right, and it starts with the left reel and pays to the right on consecutive reels. Furthermore, dysfunction causes all the plays and pays become invalid. Other than that Hot as Devil provides users with additional spins and prizes throughout the game. 

There is also a symbol named HOT FREE SPINS which means if it appears more than two times repeatedly, the player will get the free spin. Moreover, it has an auto-spin function which gives the requested number of auto-spins. The users can cancel auto-spin mode any time they want by just clicking the “stop” button. For detailed information and visual demonstration, we recommend you to visit the official website and watch the actual gameplay video. More importantly, while having a good time with Hot as Devil, you have great possibilities to win a lot of prizes. So whenever you have free time, do not forget to give it a try. 

Totally wild 

Are you a fan of nature and love to travel through the jungle? If yes, Totally Wild is totally the most appropriate game for you. Our great gaming machine Totally Wild’s has the main character that is considered the king of this jungle – the magnificent Jaguar. Thanks to the Totally Wild because now you can feel like you are in the Amazon jungle whenever you want. All you need to do is just starting the game. This machine is ready to provide you with the most memorable adventures, indescribable emotions, and most significantly huge gains on bets. While you begin to play it for money and prize you are going to catch the atmosphere. Its mystic and dark look will attract you immediately. 

Do not forget to play in the bonus round, because you can make massive profits there. These rounds are not tricky; just by following the waterfall which fell along with distributed symbols you can go to the additional round. You will have fifteen free spins. In general, in Totally Wild there are 20 lines and five reels, but the player has to select the ones that will give him or her wealth. Then you should choose a bet, after that, click on Start and let the adventure begin! 

Vegas Vacation

Casino player especially, retro lovers this recommendation is for you. Vegas Vacation has a retro-styled design, and it has many gamblers from 70s TV Shows. The Vegas Vacation is one of the most fascinating online casino games with a lot of symbols. There are a lot of main characters such as the robbers, police, and dogs, and they are considered symbols of the game. Other than that, you will have free spins, various bonus rounds, wild symbols, and prizes.

Although Vegas Vacation has twenty pay lines, you have an opportunity to increase it till forty with the help of free rounds. In other word, it has any features that gamers can expect from video slot games. All you need to win the highest award in Vegas Vacation is to find the robber as a Wild Symbol. Play wisely, and you may find available bonuses on spins, as well. But how is it possible to find those bonuses? There are different ways like digging for items and playing with dice. 

Shining princess 

If you still like fairytales and trying to find something related to their magical world, Shining Princess is designed for you. It is about the Middle Kingdom fairytales. You can enjoy the stories while winning amazing prizes. Shining Princess has the main character, in other words, the heroine – Princess will be with you throughout the game, standing on the left side of reels during all rounds. The symbols of the Shining Princess are statuettes, coins, and oriental talismans. The most important symbol here is the Golden Tiger and brings you bonuses. Other than theme, it will also attract you with its bright colors and graphic designs. In an easy word, if 4 of this symbol fill the whole 1st drum, then you will get two times spinning chance. 

There is also a Fish sign in the Shining Princess which makes random combinations, and when three combination drops at the same time, you will get 12 free spins. Do not miss this incredible chance of winning and having fun in the magical world. 

Ocean Monster

Next game in our list is known for its fascinating ocean design, and underwater themed called Ocean Monster. It is one of the best video slot games related to fish haunting introduced by Riversweeps Platinium. If you like unique music and sound effects, Ocean Monster is totally for you. The best thing about Ocean Monster is that you do not need to be a professional to win prizes there. There are three main characters: fish; crocodiles; and dragons. Those characters are turning into bonuses and double spins during the play, which is a fantastic feature that attracts users most. As an every casino lover if you want to win the jackpots, you better pick the word letters. Wouldn’t it be great to increase your bank account while having fun? Try to escape from daily routines and stress, throw the dice, and do not miss the opportunity to experience Ocean Monster

Hot Chance 

If you are retro casino lover, Hot Chance is the best choice for you. It offers five pay lines with changing a considerable amount of prize and comes with 3×3 reels. Hot Chance is all about high volatility, which means when you win, you win big. As classic retro slot machines, its symbols are fruits and stars mainly. Hot Chance offers you bonuses to double your winnings. One of the unique bonuses is The Hot Chance Feature. If you use it, you will get an opportunity to raise your chance of winning three times more.

The Hot Chance provides you with the ability to get 32, 00,000 with coins, which means increases your prizes till eight times more than your own. There is another excellent feature named Flaming Fortune. When flames and symbols combine Flaming Fortunes activates, and you get a chance to win awards such as coins which comes with the maximum amount of 400,000 depending on the kind of chosen symbol. 

The best thing about Hot Chance is that you do not need to have a computer to play it. It is available on mobile phones and considered mobile casino, too. So whenever you feel like you need to get out of the real world, have some fun and adrenaline, feel free to check the Hot Chance. 

Gold Records

We have something here for Elvis Presley fans, too, because the theme of the Gold Records is all about famous American talent Elvis Presley. It has characters like a pink Cadillac, Elvis himself, his boots, glasses, and other nine ordinary characters. So how does this work? It has five reels, and to win, you need to have chains of more than three images on the line. There will be demonstrated two separate areas. One of them is the control panel, and the other one is drums. On the first one, you will be able to control line numbers as well as the size of the bets. That’s because they are not fixed and then start the game. There are ten lines, and If the combination begins from the left side, it means it is to your benefit. 

When you get the prize Gold record will invite you to play the double game which is a bit risky. There will be two choices for you: either you have to choose a red or black card. If you select the correct cart your prize will be doubled, if not, then you would lose all the money. 

Lobster Party

Like Ocean Monster, Lobster Party is one of the most popular slot games related to fish hunting. The game was first introduced by Riversweeps Platinium. It offers the player to catch different kinds of sea creatures, especially lobsters and get prizes simultaneously. The design, adjustable sound, and music effects, and quality color combination will help you enjoy the atmosphere. Lobster Party’s fun starts right from the start. 

You will enjoy more and have less stress and adrenaline while playing Lobster Party. Because, you will not face the risk of losing a tremendous amount of money. The maximum amount is five hundred for one spin, and you can raise or decrease it whenever you want. There are twenty paylines and five reels, which mean you have more chance to get the winning combination. All you need to do is to match symbols on the same paylines. If you are on your lucky day, you could win the 250000 times more than you bet. It is the maximum amount of prize. 

Lobster Party is impressive because it also lets you experience the features before you download it. Thus you have a chance to try it for free on the website without spending any money. Do not miss this chance and catch some lobsters to earn huge prizes and have fun. 

In this article, we gave a list of the most popular video slot games in 2019. We chose the best-reviewed and favorite games out of many. Some of them are for fun and others for earning a massive amount of awards. Make sure you find something matching with your requirements and taste. 

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