5 Casino Slot Machine Software Myths Debunked

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Casino slot machine software

Decades ago, math-savvy players used to get the upper hand on slot machines. But it all came to an end when Inge Telnaes received the U.S. patent for developing a computerized way of identifying the slot machine’s results. When they officially implemented the system, players never trusted the casino slot machine software again. 

From then on, there was an incredible rise of myths on how a computer machine can determine a winning result, and how a player can overcome the odds and come out as a winner. Some myths on casino slot machine software have a logical basis but wrong. Others are just outright ridiculous.

We’ll go through the popular myths about casino slot machine software and give you the fiction and facts about them. But before we get into the myths, here’s a fact about the Inge Telnaes computerized slot method.

Let’s get into it.

Telnaes Patent: The Basis Of All Casino Slot Machine Software

The computerized system Telnaes patented became popularly referred to as the virtual reel system. The reason was quite simple and genius. Due to the system, the results from the slot machine were not dependent on the physical reels. But instead, a computerized number was attributed to every result of the reel.

Also, each low-paying result got several numbers, which consists of the jackpot symbols. Every number was then coded into a game chip together with an RNG. The RNG will run through all the numbers at the speed of light continually. So when you pull the handle or press the spin button, the device will randomly generate a single number in the program.  

Now, it’s possible to manipulate the numbers allocated to each reel or symbol in the sweepstakes software. With that, the developers could calculate the payback percentages according to the ability of a computer to simulate millions of spins, theoretically.

So even if you’re a math-savvy, it would be impossible for you to determine which symbol it’ll land on. You could count the symbols, but it would be a waste of time, even if you took a look at the paytable.

And here’s why.

While you count the symbols, the RNG will select the result and send a signal to the stepper slots to halt the reels. The reels will then show the result which the RNG chose randomly.

Here are the five myths and the facts behind them.

Myth 1:

Someone hits the jackpot on the slot machine you used a few moments ago, so you would’ve won the jackpot if you had kept on playing.


The myth may be the most widespread assumption on slot machines. Of course, it’s not true. According to the explanation given above on Telnaes patent, it’s impossible because of the RNG. The RNG keeps on working even when players are not using the slot machine.

When you click the button to spin, the RNG takes several number combos in a split second. It would not be possible to win the jackpot even if you continued playing. From the time you stood up and took four steps, the RNG had run through millions of combinations.

Myth 2:

Casino slot machine software

It’s possible to find the winning odds by counting every wheel symbol.


No, you can’t. The RNG has a number for every spin. That means there can be thousands of virtual stops on every wheel, although only a few symbols are present for you to see. For example, let’s take a three-reel slot machine. Each reel has 20 symbols, with one being the jackpot symbol.

According to the myth, It’s logical to assume that 20 multiplies three equals 8,000, is the probability of you hitting the jackpot. In other words, you have one in every 8,000 to hit the jackpot. Even though it looks logical, it’s not the fact. 

The fact is that the slot machine is programmed to stop somewhere around 256. When you multiply 256 by three, you get a total of 16,777,216. So you can’t win by counting the wheel on the symbol. It doesn’t work.

Myth 3:

The casino can decide to turn on a switch to make the slots challenging to win. That is, if many players are winning or if there are too many people in the casino. They switch it to normal on slow business days.


The payback switch is one of the consistent myths on casino online casino software, gaining popularity by the day. The fact is that there’s no one behind a computer screen with a switch button with the intent of altering the slot machine paybacks.

Here’s what happens. Slot producers show their casino slot machine software in prototypes to regulatory bodies. If they accept the prototype, they order numerous slot machines. They usually choose from six percentage programs for payback available, provided by the manufacturers.

The percentage programs for the payback is coded into the slot game chip at the facility. These are done by programmers who have figured out the returns theoretically, by running numerous computer simulations that expands for seven years of playing the game.

The chips get approved by recognized regulatory bodies who also run the same computer simulations. The reason is to make sure of the theoretical percentage for payback. The casino receives them, and the slot machine game chips are installed into the slot machine.

When they install the chip, it stays in the slot machine forever. However, they can change it if the slot machine is not gaining profit. But that will require the regulatory bodies to verify before they make the changes. In practical terms, some casinos will change all the casino games, rather than the payback percentage. That is, if the game is not bringing in a profit.

According to the current regulations, if you want to change the payback percentages, you will have to open the slot machines and switch old chips with new ones. Also, you have to inform the regulators before you change the chips, so that they can be there and monitor your activities. Some casinos don’t have the resources, and time to do that.

Myth 4:

newest slot machine games

If a slot machine has not paid out for a while, then it’s bound to hit the jackpot big time.


It’s not right, and there’s no way to find out if a slot machine is bound to hit soon. Every spin occurs randomly, and does not keep records of what took place previously. Many people have followed the myth and lost vast sums of money. Don’t play the slot machine based on the myth. It never works.

Myth 5:

If the reels move, it means the slot machine is about to payout. Also, the temperature of the coins can affect the payout of the slot machine.


It’s a ridiculous myth. The purpose of the reel is to display the results obtained by the computer. It doesn’t matter whether the reels wiggle, move, or sing; the result will always be the same.

Also, the temperature does not affect the slot machine. So whether the coin is hot or cold, it won’t affect the outcome.


The myths surrounding the casino slot machine software can be harmful to your finances. Numerous people have lost vast sums of money due to the myths outlined in this article, and many more. You should always do your research when you’re unsure if it’s a myth or facts.

Remember that some myths can be logical, but if you don’t take caution, you can be in a financial hole. Always be on high alert for myths and play safe.

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