Wild Lions


Wild Lions is an exciting 3D game. Lion is the king of the wild world, and you feel all energy through the game. When you enter the game, you will feel yourself in a real wild environment. Lion is the leading role of the game. In Wild Lion, Simulator 3D Game lion dominates the game. Also, you control the lion which tries to survive in the wild environment as soon as possible. The game seems like real hunting and when the lion catches animals like hippo, giraffe or elephant you get reward point. While you search for fierce animals the radar set shows you where to go and what you will face.

Playing Wild Lions

The player also controls the speed and direction of the lion. By picking up animals you higher the scores. Scores are changing depending on the fierce animals the gamer catch. So as many elephants and giraffe you catch you will get more ratings. In the wilderness environment, the gamer feels himself/herself like in the Sahara desert. With the natural sound effect and the roar of the lion, the game becomes more attentive. It is like hunting in nature. Superb 3D graphics make you feel the king of the game. The best side of the game is that the game full of animals to fight, like perissodactyl, elephant, hippo and so on. The Wild Lion consists of thirty quest levels which make the game breathtaking. So play the game and experience everything by yourself.