What Do You Need To Start an Internet Cafe in 2022?

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Internet cafe software has always been considered one of the profitable areas of business and especially now when online sweepstakes are becoming a passion for many people all over the world. While looking for some ways to start an internet cafe business, you may face several difficulties regarding the relevance of the proposed advice. Therefore, you should take into account some requirements and details to have a successful and interesting internet cafe. 

Loyalty Programs

As internet cafe software is considered a highly-competitive one in today’s market, you should research your competitors and find out their mistakes and weaknesses. To keep your customers entirely satisfied, you should always have continuous efforts to make your players feel safe and happy at the same time. By meeting the needs and expectations of your customers,  you will keep them coming back as well as attract new ones.

You can offer various loyalty programs with different rewards, and surprise your customers with the provided opportunities and generosity of your online casino software. Measured as one of the frequently used loyalty and retention programs, Frequent Player Points is considered both as an initiative to get a bonus point and feel appreciated for being loyal. Another method used is a program for VIP players, aimed to save high spenders with some attractive offers. Apart from this, seasonal events may also have some proposes for the festive time like any championship, tournament, or even Christmas.

Importance of Design when you start an internet cafe

To start an internet cafe is accompanied by high risk like in any other independent project. Therefore, to avoid such thoughts and achieve success in the gambling industry, you need to have great patience and pay attention to several factors. You should not forget the importance of visual perception and devote enough time to the appearance and design of your product. The colors, fonts, and number of images must be represented in the same style not to annoy the players. It should include an attractive and functional interface, convenient navigation, along with the simplest form of registration, and a high level of security. 

Security Matters

Engaging in internet cafe business can be quick and accessible anywhere if you choose the right software company which will help you to realize that. However, the strength and perseverance that you put into creating your business may be wasted due to the possible spam or fraud. For instance, the bonuses offered by any casino can become a case for additional earnings of suspicious users. That is why in most of the online casinos, bonuses are gained after the registration or first deposit. To avoid such cases, you can look for specialists who produce specialized protective systems, or any other methods to detect potential fraud. 

As known, to make deposits or withdraw money from an online casino, players use individual payment systems. Experts claim that to satisfy customers’ needs and convenience, it is crucial to add as many payment systems as possible so that a customer could find the method that he/she uses precisely on your website. Therefore, to achieve functional status, it is essential to have a qualified payment system to avoid the failure of obtained reputation.

A team behind

Another crucial mark for the internet cafe business is to have a polite customer service team offered to your customers. The team needs to consist of professional specialists knowing answers to all possible questions related to the work of online casinos. Moreover, the questions about payment transfers, withdrawals, and deposits should be answered in the first turn and in a professional way as well. However, in case if a customer receives unqualified respond or advice, or even feels the rudeness in the manners of the support team, he/she will never come back again. Therefore, to have a friendly attitude of the professionals with their appropriate answers toward the players, makes them feel appreciated and leaves a good impression about the friendly environment.

Variety of games and testing strategies

To attract your players, you need to have a great number of games offered by your internet cafe software. The reason is that all the favorite games of your customers should be included in the list of games so that he/she does not look for another place to play that game. For the users, to choose the most suitable online casino game, there exist two virtual game modes such as demo and real. The second option is crazier in terms of bringing adrenaline, and money simultaneously. But the demo version considered an excellent method to learn something new without paying for it.

All kinds of casino games open in a demonstrative, free version. How can it be useful? In fact, to every one, since it completely repeats the real money mode of the game. Then, what is the difference? The fact that money for betting in demo mode is from the casino. Thus, the user can try all the slot games without spending any money. Using test versions of devices, the customer can implement various types of strategies in order to see their potential to win in a real mode. This is a great way to find the best fitting online casino game, among others.


After the implementation stages of your business project, you should not get relaxed right away. If the resource does not continue to develop and expand its product range, then you can very quickly lose your players leaving to new sites offering new trends.

Successful online casinos always have regular marketing research and innovations, such as VR or Live-casinos and improvements to popular products. All this requires an enormous expenditure of resources and constant work. Consistent passive profits in the field of online casinos is more a myth than a reality. That is why you need a healthy attitude toward your goals in the sphere of internet cafe business.


In order to attract the maximum number of customers, it is important to advertise an online casino through all available channels, including SMM and SEO-optimization, an active advertising campaign, newspapers, e-mail distribution, etc. Your main goal is to position the new gambling project as a trustworthy business. Advertising costs should be initially taken into account in the business plan, and saving on them is not worthy since 50% of success depends on competent marketing.

Necessary documents when you start an internet cafe

While dividing your spendings for the start an internet cafe, you should include the buying of a license in this list as well. To continue your internet cafe business, and to make a profit, you should register your software by some documents and purchase a license to operate in a country where you are going to start your business.

Now licenses are issued by more than 80 states, mostly traditional offshore or special economic zones, but there are also “ordinary” states loyal to this business. They can conduct online activities completely officially, paying taxes on it. Without a license, the possibility of a company is significantly limited, and besides, most business partners and software companies prefer to cooperate with a fully legalized business.

The choice of an organization providing an online casino license depends on the following features: usual taxes and costs for the purchase and renewal of a license, level of security, and the conditions that the authorities impose upon registering casinos which are much more robust in  Europe in contrast to Latin America or Asia.

For instance, at prestigious Malta, a member of the EU, Gibraltar with direct processing of cards or Panama with a tax-free regime and a European lottery license, the prices are different and vary between 30-50 thousand dollars.

Importance of Software when you start an internet cafe

One of the first things necessary, when you start an internet cafe, is to spend a vast amount of time and attention on the selection of appropriate software for online casino. Before looking for a proper one, you should plan your budget so that you can afford a high-quality and safe online casino software. In other cases, you will have to accept reasonable offers from different online casino providers and agree to install unverified products, which may lead to errors and ask for additional money to repair afterward. While deciding which company to start working with, you better point out some aspects like the existence of the company in the market, the number of provided games, their partners, and the review of players.

Below, we introduce you to a small list of preferable online software companies chosen for a number of privileges that they have.


Owned by Maltese company Leo Vegas International, Leo Vegas operates under the license of the local Lottery and Gambling Authority. The casino offers users software of several well-known manufacturers. You can download client software or play directly on the site as well as on your mobile device. The Leo Vegas interface is available in several languages, including English, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Finnish. There are no Russian versions.

To meet the needs of a diverse online casino market, Leo Vegas offers a wide selection of casino types. The company provides a wide range of online and mobile games, live dealer games, slots, jackpots, and many more. To register at LeoVegas Casino, you must fill out a short form. Required email address, password, and contact mobile number. When registering, you need to specify whether you want to receive a new player’s bonus.


Еstablished in 1994, Microgaming currently occupies a leading position among the creators of online entertainment games. This company has revolutionized the virtual entertainment environment, creating unique slot machines, poker, bingo,  and many other ways to enjoy the game. Microgaming is one of the largest and best-known online gambling software. It has a good reputation among all other software providers due to the first development of online and mobile casino games platforms.

The provided games ideally combine stylish and high-quality design, ultra-dynamic plot, bright sound, and excellent payout options. A wide range of available games please players with the excitement and allow them to win with minimal losses.

Even though there are enough ambitious newcomers entering the market, Microgaming remains one of the most popular and widely used software in the gaming industry. Furthermore, it is not going to live the leading stages of the pedestal due to the constant monitoring of new products, studying other competitors, and analyzing customers’ behavior to fit in the interests of their customers.


Cryptologic Limited is an Irish supplier of software for online casinos, poker rooms, and bookmakers, which is one of the authoritative developers all over the world. The Cryptologic company became known and famous all over the world due to its high-quality software,  and loyalty programs used to attract new customers continually. During its existence, which lasts more than 20 years, the company has released hundreds of games of various types, making a strong impression on the users. Gaming machines, manufactured by Cryptologic, are unique by high-quality graphics, exciting plots, and engaging animation. The developer signed a contract with Marvel, which resulted in video slots such as Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Punisher.

The company also ensures that its software appears as convenient as possible for users. All casino games are in different catalogs by type and subject, which allows you to find the right machine quickly. Another aspect that helped Cryptologic to achieve its popularity is honesty and fairness in its games, which lead to the gained trust of the largest online casinos and other customers. Besides, the company’s developers create all slot machines using 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which protects user information from cheaters.


Owners of large casinos, experienced players and many others trust Playtech for a number of advantages. The list mainly contains three main points. The first one is about the original design and unusual game plot. Specifically, the company is not limiting in terms of banal plots but instead, offers some creative ones like Iron Man or Incredible Hulk. The second positive side of Playtech is high payouts when playing for money. The percentage of return of Playtech gaming machines is quite high, and on each slot, there are a lot of bonuses, bonus rounds and special symbols, which enable the player to increase his winnings many times.

Last but not least point is the safe and fair gameplay. The International Bureau Technical Systems Testing certifies all gaming machines of this developer, confirming the impossibility of changing the return percentage and affect the number of winnings. Also, you can withdraw the money in different ways. The company offers flexible conditions for players from different countries so that transactions are carried out safely and confidentially.

Riversweeps Platinium

Riversweeps Platinium is one of the excellent platforms which may suit you to provide all the necessary services for your casino business. By offering a full list of different features and functions, this high-quality casino software will satisfy the expectations of your customers. We can say that security is one of the first privileges of this company, which guarantees the reliability for the customers’ benefit. Also, a wide range of existing games is another aspect which can help you to gain more players. Apart from this, to stay innovative in this field, Riversweeps Platinium always tries to update its games and add the latest ones to the available catalog.

In case if you have of any possible queries regarding the opening and development procedure of online casino business, you may contact with the professional team of Riversweeps Platinium which is ready to help and support you 24/7.

Final Advice

All in all, we can say that it is challenging and expensive to start an internet cafe from scratch. Moreover, we tried to point out and describe the most import factors necessary to start and develop your internet cafe business to achieve success. The processes, including preparation and the launch of the project, are long-term operations that require financial and time resources. Do not regret investing in the development of your online project, because the competition in the online casino software industry is very high, and only the most enterprising gambling companies get into the leading stages.

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