Internet Cafe Software

Internet cafe software is required to fulfill the daily tasks of any cyber internet cafe. It is essential to control your internet cafe and monitor all the computers in your location. You may have a lot of computers in your cafe that it would be almost impossible to manage without advanced internet cafe software. When using our software, all of your computers in the internet cafe will be connected to the cashier station. The cashier will be able to control every computer using only one. The exchange between the cashier and customers are done by manual cash in/out. Every one of your customers will pay your cashier an amount of money they desire. The cashier opens an account for the customer and deposits the money in there. One customer can use not one but several computers using only one account. If you are also offering prizes for the games played, the software will help you there as well.

Software Features

If you are running an internet sweepstakes cafe, the software will allow the customers to make deposits by cash and play online slot games at home or on the way to work. Not everyone has time to spend hours at internet sweepstakes cafes, so you should also provide mobile sweepstakes apps. This will enable your customers to play your games when they are at home, on a train, at a boring party or out of town. It will ensure that cash is regularly coming to your internet cafe regardless of how much time your customers have to play the games. Again, this would be only possible with advanced software which will allow you to receive money from your customers at your location. The cashier will deposit this money into their account and give them a code which they can then use to log in their games.

Use our software on similar business models

It does not matter what you are running, whether it is a library, cyber cafe, internet cafe or a community center. If you have a bunch of computers that need managing and monitoring, this is the software for your business. This type of software will help you control every computer, monitor their operations and make sure no one violates your internet cafe codes.

Additional software components

Riversweeps Platinium has designed the best software for internet cafes and businesses, and it comes with a lot of features. For instance, you can return the deposited money to your customer and close his computer if he wishes to leave earlier than planned. This will satisfy your customers, as they can have the freedom of choosing when they want to leave regardless of the money they have deposited. Also, it is possible to transfer the deposits from one account to another via the request of the account owner. There are a lot more features in our internet cafe software; however, we can cover so many on this page. If you are looking for opening an internet cafe, feel free to call us and ask questions. Our professional team will provide you with the answers and give you a piece of detailed information about our product.

Restrictions and limitations of use

Restricting access to computers is also an option. If you notice that something is wrong, somebody is not complying with internet cafe codes. You may instantly limit access to one or many of your cafe’s computers even when the deposit has not been entirely spent. After solving the issue, you can remove the restriction of the computer and continue as before. Our online casino software comes with different useful security features. It includes client USB read/write request. No one will be able to insert a flash drive into one of your computers, install something on your computer using the disk or transfer files from the hard drive of the computer to flash drive without your permission. Inserting a flash drive and opening it without permission might lead to security problems as someone might use it to interfere with your software. Cheap or pirated software is always prone to get hacked. Thus, it is critical to get an advanced internet cafe software which will be tough enough to resist hackers.

Effortless ordering method

If you are offering your customers some drinks and snacks, the software will make your job easier and simplify the ordering and tracking process. Customers may order something, such as snacks or energy drinks using their computers. You will receive instant notification about the order and get ready to deliver it. The software will take the order into account and deduct it from the deposit. This internet cafe software will also allow you to restrict access to certain places in your computers. It may include the Control Panel of Windows. Having it open for everyone is not a safe practice, as it allows the users to delete or modify your computers games or programs. They can and will use that option for their advantage which is something you don’t want. Thus, it is vital to get original quality software for your internet cafe. It is advised to restrict access to local drives, and system keys such as ctrl+alt+del. Such key combinations may end application tasks of your computers or even reboot them. These sorts of accessibility issues always cause problems and interferences with the normal operation of internet cafes.

Why is this software so important?

Internet cafe software, as shown above, is an essential aspect of a successful internet cafe whether it is an internet sweepstakes cafe, library, cyber cafe or a community place. As long as you have a certain number of computers for public use, it is crucial to managing them all correctly. Otherwise, it may lead to negative consequences which is something you don’t want. Riversweeps Platinium Sweepstakes Software provider offers the best product in the market at a reasonable price. Investing in a quality internet cafe software is essential, as it will significantly benefit you in the long run. Keeping your business at its best shape, making sure everything is safe and secure is our primary responsibility, and we approach this loyally so you can rely on our software and support to help you manage your internet cafe. We have lots of knowledge and years of experience in developing and maintaining internet cafe software. Therefore we confidently put our products in front of us and advise them to our customers.


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