Video Slots Online Casino – Top Richest Jackpot Winners

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Casino games are fun, especially when they are played in online casino portals. Slots are one of the vital gaming types of online casinos. They are getting popular because of their simplicity and huge rewards that they are giving. Video slots online casino games paying out millions of dollars each year. Progressiveness is a significant factor for collecting those considerable jackpots in online casinos. This post aims to cover video slots online casino game’s highest winners and elaborate on their successful gaming experience. 

New Zealand Casino Player Gets 10 Billion Jackpots 

On Friday, seventeen of June 2016, a lucky player from New Zealand Rawiri Pou recorded one of the highest wins in the history of his country. Before that game, Rawiri was playing hard for Jackpots, but till that time, luck was not on his side. He was mainly playing Mega Moolah progressive video slots online casino games at the time. Rawiri was a believer, and he gave hope to many players from all around the world by winning 10 points one billion New Zealand dollars. It costs around seven points for millions of American dollars. One night, Rawiri Pou became a billionaire. In a post-game interview, he said that I still cannot believe that this is real.

Australian Player Wins 10.423,233 Dollars in Video Slots Online Casino

Eight of April 2016 was going as usual until an anonymous Australian casino player won a massive amount of ten billion dollars in video slots online casino. The identity of the person was kept as a secret, though; the media found out some details about the lucky player. He was fond of Dark Knight Slot, according to the media reports. His dedication is paid off in two thousand sixteen when luck comes down to his way at spin palace video slots online casino. 

Greek Online Casino Player Cashes Out 6.3 Million Euro Jackpot

In March of 2009, Georgios.M was playing his favorite progressive slot game in river belle online casino. Georgios has always been in contact with casinos. His background shows that Georgios was working in a land-based casino as a slot jockey for over ten years. He mastered the game and decided to put effort into winning the highest jackpot. He aimed to deliver the best results, though Georgios could not believe that a particular day will come sooner than later for him. In two thousand nine, he earned an enormous amount of six point three million euros. His entire life had changed in a split second when video slot online casino machine showed matching symbols. 

Swedish Player Earns 7.6 Million Euros in Video Slots

In February of two thousand twelve, Svenska Spel was playing an online casino slot as usual. However, unusual results happen that day because she won the highest jackpot of unibet online casino of all time. The payout percentage and all odds were against Svenska, though the dream became a reality. She earned seven point six million euros in just several minutes of playing time. She was playing Hall of Gods at that time, and till now, she states that this game is bringing her luck. 

8 Million Jackpots Win on iPad

On twenty-eight of august, two thousand sixteen, D.P won one of the most massive progressive jackpots of all time. She was playing with a mobile phone at the time when she won a prize worth over eight point seven million dollars. Video slots real money games are played vastly because these many people are enjoying the wins. The player wanted to stay anonymous after getting her money, but the experts stated that she is a female. Besides, An interesting fact about this player is that she was playing in zodiac video slots online casino, which allows only small bets. By wagering only five euros, the player won the progressive jackpot of eight million dollars

Swedish Player Gets 8.57 Million Euros in Video slot Online Casino

On twenty -eighth of November, two thousand fifteen, a thirty years old video slot player, Alexander cashed out an enormous amount of eight point five million euros. Alexander was playing Mega Moolah from Net Entertainment, and he was very disappointed that over five years, he never got a chance at the progressive jackpot. In two thousand fifteen, finally, he managed to win one of the highest rewards of all time. Mega Moolah is famous for its progressive jackpots just like Alexander there are many video slots online casino players that are enjoying offers from that game. 

Insomnia Helps a Player to Earn 11.7 Million Euros

On twenty-four September of two thousand eleven, a young man from Norway played a progressive video slot that changed his life. The story of this player is fascinating because he won this jackpot by chance. The man had sleep deprivation, and because of that, he decided to play some casino games before falling asleep. He opened Mega Fortune video slots real money game and went right back at progressive slot round. Fortunately, after several rounds, the game finished. The reason for that was one lucky player who won the highest jackpot of that video slot game. To this day, the record of this man is on the books as one of the most top prizes wins in any video casino game.

The Lucky Winner from the United Kingdom

On October sixth of two thousand fifteen, a British Soldier won one of the highest jackpots in the history of online casinos. Jonathan Heywood was twenty-six years old soldier at that time, and he was living in Cheshire, UK. While playing video slots online casino game, he deposited twenty-five pounds for twenty pay lines in bet way casino. The record-breaking amount that Jonathan earned at that round was seventeen point two dollars. He wagered high and took a risk on this one, but the results were more than satisfactory for the young man. 

Highest Progressive Slot Win of All Time

In January’s twenties of two thousand thirteen, a man from Finland made the bet of his life. He was playing the Mega Fortune progressive video slot game and was wagering lower amounts till the end. In every spin, P.A. deposited only twenty-five cents for each pay line. The earned money was approximately twenty-four million dollars. By playing video slots real money games, the man changed his future life thanks to the online casino game.  

What are Progressive Jackpots?

A progressive jackpot is one of the video slot features that can grow until some lucky player wins it. The amount of progressive jackpot is increases every time players continue to play slot games. It is collected from players’ losses, and some portion of that amount adds up to the main prize. There are three times of progressive jackpots that are minor, mega, and major and grand. In some online casinos, there is a feature that enables different slot games to contribute to one major progressive jackpot, and by doing so, they are assuring that wins will worth millions of dollars

 As you can see from the article, many people who dedicated themselves to video slots online casino games earned huge rewards. It is not simple, nor it is easy, you need to be lucky for making that much money on several rounds of video slots. However, luck is not the only factor because; you need to play first so that you will get a chance at winning. If you are a passionate video slot player, who inspired form these stories, check out the online casinos and start playing gambling slots

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