Types of Online Slots and How To Win Playing Them

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Nowadays, the online casino has become a popular entertainment for thousands of gamblers all over the world. Accordingly, due to the high development in the field of software providing online casinos, there exist different types of online slots. Players can enjoy the thematic diversity, different methods of payments, original graphics, ease of use, etc. However, to have both material and moral satisfaction, gamers should analyze several aspects related to the slot types. Individually, to evolve a competent strategy and achieve the desired result players should take into account various rules existing in the game, the probability of winning, the number of reels, and some other points. Further, we are going to discuss some of the main categories and types of online slots in today’s society.

How did online slots appear?

We can say that the computer era of slot machines began in the early 1980s when Sircoma has developed a video poker slot that has become a sensation in the gambling industry. In the beginning, the players were suspicious of the slot games, since they could not fully trust the rotation of the reels that they did not see. Soon, when the video slots gained popularity, these fears just disappeared. The history of online slots goes back to 1994 when the state of Antigua and Barbuda signed the Caribbean Free Trade Agreement. According to this document, the companies from all over the world were able to open online casinos legally. Later, the first online casino under the name of Gaming club was opened in 1995.

Online casino providers quickly developed different types of online slot games for hundreds of various sites. Today, you can find an uncountable number of slot machines with progressive and straight slots offered on more than 2000 online casino sites. Hundreds of online casino sites and their users prefer slot machines for the excitement and joy provided by the games. The first slot machines were significantly different from today’s slot machines. However, the main idea of the game itself remained unchanged. According to online casino statistics of gambling companies, online slots are one of the most popular games of the players due to the simple rules and a process of excitement.

Types of online slots

The developers of online slots make machines with a different number of reels; however, the most common devices include three, five, seven, and nine. Therefore, depending on the number of reels, the gaming machine has certain capabilities. We can emphasize that the first category includes classic slots with three reels. Classic slot games are those with three reels. These types of online slots are always vivid representatives of the “one-armed bandits” who were the first to win gambling players around the world. In most of the cases, they are played by professional players as they explain it by the nostalgic feeling they have during the gameplay. Moreover, types of online slots that have more than three reels are considered multi-drums.


Let’s continue with the five-reel slots, which are highlighted as the most popular ones. They have original features in the game and usually have a large number of different bonuses for players. They have more active lines (50-100) compared to classic devices. Apart from this, five-reel slots offer free spins, additional rounds, the possibility of increasing your prize pool as a bonus option. Many popular slot machines belong to such types of online slots, since the probability of winning in them is very high. Slot games for seven reels are played in the same way as in any other slot machine. Then the only thing you need to do is select the size of the bet, press the spin button, and repeat the first two steps until your desired result.

Mostly, seven-reel slots have only seven paylines and, as a rule, they lack detailed graphics, videos or animations, which are one of the main signs of their 5-reel counterparts. However, such games offer multiplayer, free spins, or bonus symbols, which increase the number of credits won when the winning combination coincides. In a word, even if winning in such slots may be easier, the game process itself is enough complicated. 9-reel slots appeared recently in the world of online casino and, in fact, look like regular three-reel slots (classic). Only the symbols in them rotate independently of each other, and the paylines are located in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. Also, models with nine reels can be included in the progressive jackpot system. Different bonuses and payments are progressive that allow players to gain more than they expect.

Payout table

Most types of online slots have a unique payout table where you can see all possible symbols and symbol combinations. Using this table, a player can quickly determine the value of tokens and the number of winnings if they coincide. Typically, the payout table can be found in the “Help” section. It is also worth considering that each type of online slot machine has its unique payout table; each symbol in this table will have its value. Depending on the model of the slot, the payout table may contain a regular payout and other paylines scheme.

Classic models of slot machines, for example, with three reels and one pay line, have only one regular payout option. Using this table, the player can see how much money he can win by collecting one specific combination in one spin. There are slots with extra payouts that can give out several winning combinations in one spin. These are more advanced versions of slot machines with five or more reels. There exist combinations of symbols with extra payments which can consist of various combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, and also line up in the form of a “V” or a zigzag. To conclude, these are the primary examples of a payout table using which we tried to explain the main idea of their existence.

3D slots

A reputable casino always strives to provide a realistic and exciting gaming atmosphere. High-quality games characterize most platforms in terms of graphics and animation. The goal of modern technology is pleasant and fast gameplay, which allows you to play games with excellent 3D animation without any technical errors. Thus, 3D slot games are appropriate to have a feeling of playing with real slot machines in a casino than virtual ones. These types of online slots have more complex graphics and detailed rendering.

During their development, various 3D technologies were used to create a distinctive, dynamic atmosphere and enhance the sense of reality in an online casino. Even though the first 3D slots were presented to users in the online field since 2013, they began to appear in real gaming halls too. There is not that much difference between ordinary and 3d slots except some bright and specular graphics. Therefore, we can emphasize that players who prefer to get not only moral and material satisfaction, but also aesthetic pleasure from the game are certainly going to like 3D slots.

Main things to consider

In general, the slot industry is developing very dynamically, and it is simply impossible to list all the online slots within one article. In any case, when choosing the next online slot, we recommend you to pay more attention to the math and the payout table. Try to concentrate on your primary goal, which is the chance of a big win.

Payout percentage

Payout percentage or, in scientific terms, the mathematical expectation of winning is one of the first things you should consider. What is the payout percentage? It is a specific part of the total amount of bets in the slot. That is guaranteed to be returned to players in the form of wins. As you understand, the higher this percentage, the better for you. There are different payout percentages offered by online casino games. However, the most generous slot machines offer players 95-98% of payouts, but there are models with an indicator below 90%.


Another essential characteristic necessary while engaging in online slots is the dispersion. This concept came to gambling from higher mathematics, and again, shows some payout percentage. In a word, this is the degree of risk when playing in a particular type of online slot. But in contrast to payout percentage, the lower the dispersion, the more often it will delight players with small payouts. Today, we divide all types of online slots into three categories of dispersion: low, medium, and high. The most popular are slot machines with medium performance, as they are an intermediate option between low and high dispersion slots. 

Demo mode

Most online casinos offer an opportunity to play slot machines in a demo mode. Thus, you can design this or that model free of charge. However, try not to trust the demos so much. Software providers themselves admit that from time to time they use another random number generator. It is to demonstrate all its capabilities in a short time. Additionally, if you connect your slot machine to the network with a single growing jackpot, the dispersion indicators for this slot are considered extremely high.

On the other hand, if you like to take significant risks and are not limited in funds, then a progressive jackpot slot machine is what you need. When choosing between high-dispersion and low-dispersion slots, the main thing is to understand your ultimate goal and act accordingly. To begin, we recommend you to turn your attention to the side of slot machines with small dispersion. Playing these types of online slots is super exciting and rewarding. You will not only be able to stretch the fun but also get a chance to earn some money. Again, if you can afford a large number of spins at maximum bets and like to take risks, then progressive jackpot slots is the best option for you.

Strategies to win playing online slots

Some slot machines have a fixed maximum payout, while others have progressive jackpots. This means that there is an installed counter which increases the jackpot amount. This happens after each game session, without paying any winnings. Thus, the more people play, the more the jackpot will grow. Due to possible high return, progressive games may seem most attractive. However, their vast drawback is the interconnectedness between themselves. Since all people strive to get huge jackpot, there are less chances to win in a progressive game. This applies not only to the jackpot itself but also to smaller wins. Consequently, it is more profitable to stick to games with a fixed maximum payout. To increase your chances of winning in the short term, we suggest you to choose the games with smallest jackpots. After doing so, it becomes easier for you to win and leave the casino as a winner.

Blank back and One game 

For a strategy that we call “Blank back,” the system is quite simple and does not shift the advantage scales towards the player. We strongly recommend that players who find it challenging to take limits and stop in anytime during the game take a closer look at this system. This method is a proven way to get away from the game on time without draining all your savings. Experienced gamblers advice setting their limit for empty spins within 7-15. A smaller number will force you to change slots too quick, and a larger number will increase the risk of losing money. Remember that the method or algorithm is not a guarantee of winning, but some solution which lets to control personal funds, and make the game more disciplined.

The second one, “One game” is a system where the player selects the most exciting type of online slots. Then he bets to the maximum from the first spin. In case of luck, you can continue to play on this slot machine for the money you won. Or you may pick up the winnings. Here, the decision is up to the player, but you cannot play on your money on this slot anymore. If you have some lost credits from the first spin, you have to change the slot. Everyone can lose nevertheless the type of online slots you play. But the main thing in the game is to be able to stop in time.

Take long sessions

Only playing in a long session you can expose all of the games main points including bonus games and secret features. The longer you play, the better you can predict the behavior of a machine. The main game, free spins, risk game, and different types of bonus games are all parts of the game algorithm. There are certain secrets of the slots. Each of the parts of the algorithm has its percentage of winning spins. Manufacturers publicly indicate this data very rarely, but it is obvious that winnings in free spins and bonuses are always more significant than in the main game. Therefore, if you have not had large winnings and bonus games for a long time, you need to wait for them and take your revenge.

Set some limits

Never start a game without a well thought out loss limit. Consider the amount you can afford to lose and never lose sight of it. Moreover, do not take extra money with you, as you can run your hand into your wallet after losing. If you win, you should gradually increase your bet, but in case of losses, try to reduce them immediately. Just keep your balance, and everything will flow as you expected. Thus, to outwit the online slots, you must complete the game session as soon as your bankroll increases by 20-25% relative to the initial amount. With a long game, the casino will always win. Slot machines work with a principle to make a profit from the players.

Use our tips

It is well-known that gambling is for having a good amount of free time. The same notion applies to online slots as well. Although winning a jackpot can change people’s lives, you should focus on the experience of enjoying the game. At the final stage, we advise you to research additional information. For example, reading reviews which usually show the key points of the game. However, before choosing any types of online slots to play, take these tips into account. Your chances of winning money will definitely increase.

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