Top Internet Sweepstakes Games in 2022

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If you have ever played a game online, you probably observed that there are many internet sweepstakes games available for players. As more people choose, online games, companies are developing more and more games. As a result, it creates a lot of game options for users. Most of the gamers spend a lot of time searching for the game to play. They could not decide on the play because of the vast amount of options. Therefore, this article will provide you top internet sweepstakes games for you to play. You can easily play them online from your home. 

Sweepstakes games are easy to play for most of the gamers. The only equipment you need for playing sweepstakes is an internet connection, a computer, and sweepstakes to enter. As you can see, coming and plating sweepstakes are inexpensive and do not require to travel. But the most crucial step here is to choose the right sweepstakes to play. You probably think that most sweepstakes are similar. You enter the game and play; if you are lucky, you win if not you play the game again. However, you need to know that each sweepstake game has its characteristics. You need to develop unique strategies to win the slot. 


Many people use sweepstakes and contest words in the same context. Sweepstakes usually work based on luck. In other words, internet sweepstakes games choose the winner randomly. Note that winning based on chance does not mean you do not need any strategy or method for winning. In the contest, the case is different. You need to demonstrate some skill for getting the prize or for winning. For example, you can win the award because of the best essay or photograph. Usually, several judges in contests decide the winner based on the demonstration of skills. However, in sweepstakes, if you are lucky, you will get the prize. Online sweepstakes games are easy to play, but there is a high demand for them. Because of this reason, your chances for winning could below. Therefore, you need to choose the sweepstake game attentively and develop a methodology for winning.

There exist a lot of sweepstakes available at any time, and you cannot play them all. Having a lot of options is a good indication. However, searching for good internet sweepstakes games can be a long process. To be successful in the game, you need to spend sufficient time for playing and focus on the game. How can you choose the right match among thousands of selections within a short time? You can use the following guide to ease the process as we are providing the best internet sweepstakes games list. 

There are a lot of sweepstakes options for you, and each has different characteristics. Some of them offer great rewards, yet others are just for fun. Initially, you need to decide on the main reasons you want to play sweepstakes. Next, you can refer to our list and choose between the best internet sweepstakes games. 

Top internet sweepstakes games to enter

internet sweepstakes games

Before reading the rest of the article, decide what you expect from the sweepstake you would choose. For example, you can select the sweepstake that offers you a lot of sweepstakes prizes. On the other hand, you may think that if you are going to win it should be a big prize. Therefore, you can choose the sweepstakes which offer you big awards. Whatever you have in your mind, this guide will help you a lot while selecting the best sweepstakes. The following sweepstakes are the best in the industry, and each has different functionalities. Some of them are better because of the prizes, and some provide a better chance of winning. Check out these internet sweepstakes games and start playing immediately. 

Buffalo Thunder

We are starting with one of the best games called Buffalo Thunder. The game is so exciting that it can make you addicted once you play it. There are several reasons why gambling lovers prefer and enjoy playing this game. It offers different kinds of prizes for you. We are sure that you will enjoy the game a lot while getting additional free games that come as a bonus to your account. 

In the game, you can win prizes while observing both white and black buffaloes. Another way to get the award is by matching squashed lizards and shadowy vultures. As we have mentioned, you can get bonus games from the Buffalo Thunder. Some of these slot games include Wild Thundering Buffalo, Free Spins, and Scattered Totem Buffalo. 

While playing, you will start getting prizes once you hit the letter or number symbols. You will get the reward when you collect 150 coins. There are also other ways you could get bonuses. After collecting up to 200 coins for finding squashed lizards, you will get different awards. While playing Buffalo Thunder, you can observe two kinds of buffalo. The first one is one and the second one is black. It is easy to collect up to 400 coins by hitting matching ones of either buffalo symbols. The game is also the best option for its flexibility. Thanks to its different options of stakes its very suitable for each budget and game style. 

Wolf Reels

The game by Riversweeps Platinium is an excellent option for gamers who enjoy playing video games. It could seem similar to other games, but it also provides additional unique functionalities as well. Color choices, design, and sound effects are several functionalities that make Wolf Reels unique game. A lot of different awards offer the best gaming experience for its players. You can get four types of winning from Wolf Reels. It includes red, silver, gold, platinum. Each time you enter the upper level, you get more awards and prizes. As you can see, Wolf Reels help you to get more rewards and earn as much as you can.  

Wolf Reels is the perfect game for players from different budgets and game tastes. The company also offers hundreds of different games, yet this game is one of the most profitable and enjoyable games. For playing this fantastic game, you need to install it beforehand. At the same time game has simple rules. You need to be quick for collecting bonuses and enjoying your prizes. While playing, you will never see the same background. Its simplicity and excellent graphics make Wolf Reels more exciting for players. The player gets rewards when he manages to hit the button and collect the bonuses. You can also stop the game and continue later. You can also increase your gifts when you hit the Wild symbol. 

White Buffalo

Usually, sweepstakes software providers use mysterious animals in their internet sweepstakes games to offer unique gaming experiences to their customers. One of these games is White Buffalo, which tells you about another animal called White Bison. The animal is sacred among North American Indians. According to them, it has some magical properties and is the symbol of richness. Therefore, it could be lucky for you to bet for White Bison. While playing the game, you will observe white bison, mountain sheep, deer, mice, and other animal symbols. As stated in its name, you can get more bonuses and prizes from the white bison symbol. 

When you start the game first, you need to choose the line number from lines by clicking the line button. You can select lines starting from 1 till 25. Then you set bet amount by clicking -/+ and selecting a number between 1 and 30, which indicates the coin size. After that, you can start the game by clicking the Spin button. There is also a view button where you can click and review the rules of the game. Here you can view the roles of each character, necessary conditions for getting bonuses, etc. 

Reel Rider

We are continuing with another excellent Riversweeps Platinium game called Reel Rider. If you want to select a game with a lot of entertainment, joy, and bonuses, then this game is totally for you. This game is one of the favorites over the world. While playing, you will see Arizona themed design and the symbols like beer and motorcycle wheel. The design of the game will make you feel in the Arizona atmosphere. Let’s now look at the rules of the game. 

In the game, there are fifty lines, and you have different combinations of symbols, including beer, wheel, and et. You can get bonuses only from the selected lines. There is also one symbol called Wild, which substitutes all other symbols. You can get different awards from the Reel Rider, including bonuses, free games, and prizes. Additionally, if you manage to hit the Fire Wheel symbols in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines, it will activate the Fire Wheel bonus. As a result, you will get fifty credits. To sum up, Reel Rider has gained a lot of attention from online gambling lovers. If you also want to have a fun and exciting time, you are more than welcome. 

Hot as Devil

Hot as Devil is another product by Riversweeps Platinium where players gain a lot of prizes and wins. With its hell themed design you will feel like you are playing at the real game machine. Its perfect sound effects, design choice, will make you thrilled while enjoying your free plays and awards. You can quickly learn the rules of the game. It has five reels where lines pay from left to right. It starts with the left reel and then settles to the right one. You will gain a lot of free plays and different prizes during the game.

Moreover, there is a symbol called Hot Free Spin, and if you hit that symbol more than twice continuously, you will gain a free spin. Hot as Devil has two kinds of turns, including manual and auto-spin. You can use auto-spin mode without any limit. If you want to stop auto-spin and switch to the manual one, there is also a Stop button available. You can visit our official website and watch the video about Hot as Devil. There are great game choices on the site as well. Riversweeps Platinium is an online platform and offers 100 gambling games. It has different games from different contents, including online casino software, internet cafes, betting shops, etc. they have both traditional and newly developed internet sweepstakes games like Hot as Devil. 

Fireball Keno

If you love playing with numbers, then Fireball Keno is an excellent option for you. It is another game by Riversweeps Platinium, which is popular among players. But before starting the game, we would like to mention that there are lots of numbers and you need to be attentive for getting bonuses. You begin the game by marking tickets (with minimum 2 and maximum 10) with numbers between 1 and 80. Then Winning Box displays ten random numbers. If you hit quantity with the numbers you choose, then you win. As you can see, the game requires you to have a focus and a good strategy. 

The game has different buttons such as one bet, Clear Card, Quick Pick, and a max bet. You can use Quick Pick to collect the numbers automatically. At the same time, you can remove all the selected numbers with Clear Card. As you continue playing Fireball Keno, you will have more chances to get more bonuses and awards. It is mainly and an excellent choice for online internet sweepstakes cafe. Fireball Keno is a time-proven game and became irreplaceable for players. We are sure that you will spend your time with joy, entertainment, and a lot of fun while playing the Fireball Keno.


If you are a lottery lover, then we have good news for you. Keno is an excellent game by Riversweeps Platinium, which offers a lot of different prizes for you. If you want to play online lottery and win prizes at the same time, then this game is definitely for you. You will have a chance to gain awards based on the numbers you choose while playing. You can quickly increase your winnings with every selection you pick in each drawn.  

If you love to play lottery games, then this game will be easy and fun for you. Keno has simple rules and structure so that even if you are not familiar with online casino games, you will quickly learn how to play it. In the game, each player has 15 drawings, and each of them has different prizes. Initially, you will see the sweepstakes between 1 and 80. After you find matches, you will get awards for that. As you increase the number of games while playing, you will get more bonuses and bigger prizes. If you can match ten spots with your drawing, then you will get the jackpot. 

Tiki Island

We are continuing with another favorite of game lovers called Tiki Island. With its original graphics, sound effects, images you will feel like you are playing with the real machine. Like previous internet sweepstakes games, you can play Tiki Island easily from your comfortable home while drinking your favorite drink. You do not need to feel the noisiness and crowd in the live casinos to play this game. Whether you are playing the game in winter or summer season, you will feel the summer spirit from the competition. 

Rules of the game are so simple that you can quickly gain a lot of prizes and bonuses. You will see five reels, and each contains four rows, which create 20 pay-lines. Before starting the game, you need to choose the coin amount by clicking -/+ below the Coin Size button. Another advantage of play is about being a multiline game. You can select up to 20 pay-line to bet. There is one symbol which is a trigger, and it substitutes all other symbols except scatters. You can get the highest prize from only selected lines, and your scatter wins also will add to the award. Entering the game is so easy, and once you have created your account in the Riversweeps Platinium, you can enter the game within seconds. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have introduced the top internet sweepstakes games for you to play in 2019. As you can see there are a variety of options when it comes to sweepstakes. One thing fans love most about these games is their authenticity. Just like these games, other slots and table games from Riversweeps Platinum are fun. If you would like to try them, enter our website, and become familiar with those exciting games.  

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