Roulette Games For Sale – What You Should Know Before Playing?

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Today, you may find countless types of online casino games. Among all of the available options, one of the most simple and favorite ones are roulette games for sale. Gamblers highlight that those who have never played online games, can start with roulette. They claim that online versions of regular roulettes are no less exciting and have almost the same rules. Still, there are some moments that you better know before you indulge yourself in those games. Therefore, to help you quickly get adapted to the roulette games for sale, we listed out the essential features necessary to know before playing.


For engaging in a successful online casino game, it is vital to consider the bets, the chances of winning, and other points. Therefore, we can say that to consciously play roulette games for sale; you have to know what type of bets exist. Mainly, there are two types of bets which are inside (internal) and outside (external). Let us look at each of them in more detail.

Inside bets (internal) stand for bets on specific numbers located on the playing field in the form of a table. We can highlight several bets related to this type. Firstly, straight is a bet on a specific number where the payout on it is 35:1. Secondly, split is a bet in two adjacent numbers at once to receive a payout with a coefficient of 17:1. If, during a straight bet, you put the chip precisely on the number, here you should put it on the border of two adjacent numbers. Then comes a street bet, which is a bet on three numbers located in one row. Here, you have to place the chip between internal and external areas of betting. The coefficient of payout for a street bet is 11:1.

In addition, there is a corner bet which stands for a bet on four adjacent numbers at the same time. While playing slot machine games for sale, you should locate the chip at the intersection point of all four cells. In this case, the payout ratio is 8:1. Another exciting bet related to internal bets is called six-line (line bet). In fact, this is two street bets at once. So, the six-line is a bet on two adjacent rows. Here, you place the chip at the intersection of two rows to get a payout with a coefficient of 5:1.

Outside bets (external)

roulette games for sale

One of the popular bets related to external ones is either a category of Red or Black bet. Accordingly, a red is a bet on all red numbers, and a black one is a bet on all black numbers with a payout coefficient of 1:1. To make any of these bets, you should put a chip either on the red or black sector of the table. Then comes a bet on any even or odd sector with a payout coefficient of 1:1. Correspondingly, a user should place a chip on the cell with an even designation to make an even bet, and on the odd designated cell for the odd bet. Also, there is a column bet, which is a bet on 12 numbers in any of the columns with a payout coefficient of 2:1. 

The interesting point is that a player can combine bets. For instance, a user can bet on red, black, and even at the same time. By doing so, you can increase your chances of winning.

Famous strategies

The existing strategies of the roulette games for sale can surprise you with their variety. We can emphasize several strategies, including Donald, Martingale, Makarov, Garcia, etc. Firstly, the majority of the players prefer Martingale’s approach as they consider it to be the most win-win. How does it work? Here, the user starts with making small bets, which doubles with each loss until the next winning bet. Also, Donald’s strategy is another popular among all existing ones. Using this strategy, players choose a fixed bet size, and when they win, reduce it by exactly the same amount. However, still, there is a negative side to this strategy. It says that you should have an amount significantly exceeding the size of the fixed bet by 3,000 times.

What else?

Next, we would like to describe Alexander Makarov’s strategy. Here, after you bet on your favorite number, you start the roulette several times until it wins. The maximum number of available starts is 36. In case if you win, you get your win in the amount of 35 to 1. However, when you lose, you repeat betting on the same number without any changes. The system of Garcia is suitable for active players who prefer quick bets. The betting method is quite simple – 1$ , 3$ & 7$. Here, players can use any equal bets to place them on each rotation of the wheel, except for the first.

For instance, if the first spin is red, we bet $1 on the opposite black color. In case if this bet wins, a new sequence begins, and we bet on red. But in fact, if the bet loses, then we bet $3 on black, not red. The same continues till the last bet.

As you see, there are quite enough strategies and ways to play roulette games for sale. Still, we advise you to use your personal thoughts and experience. Also, keep trying new strategies and ways to find out the most appropriate one for your custom slot machine.

Some advice for players

roulette games for sale

Keep in mind that online casinos, including roulette games for sale, use random number generators to control the integrity of the gameplay. Apart from this, there exist some licenses confirming the honesty of the bitcoin gambling sites. Therefore, make sure to choose an online casino that offers all these opportunities to have a safe environment for playing your favorite roulette games for sale.

Also, we advise you to gain some experience playing free/demo versions. So, look for reputable casinos that have such an option to practice before playing for real money. Later, when you feel that you are ready to start playing for money, make a deposit using one of the reliable payment methods. You can be absolutely sure about the security of reputable bitcoin gambling sites because they use encrypted payment processing systems. Besides, you can read reviews made by other players and decide which bets to make. However, do not lose hope in case you lose, as the roulette games for sale are based on luck. The only thing we can recommend here is to perceive the whole process as an entertainment and not a new way of gaining money or a profession.

Tips of roulette games for sale for beginners

It is well known that the roulette games for sale have simple rules. However, there are various game systems, tricky methods, and even little secrets. One of the first important things to know before starting a game is that the casino itself is always in the win. Therefore, even if you feel fortunate, it is very crucial to stop on time before losing all your winnings. So, every professional player knows the importance of leaving the bitcoin casino with the most favorable result for you. Also, we recommend new gamblers not to play American roulette. We can explain it by the fact that the wheel of American roulette has an additional zero cell, which is 00. It means that your chances to win become reduced, which is not in the players’ interests.

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